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With the 2013 NBA Draft right around the corner, we profile the ACC's top draft prospects and highlight some of the greatest plays of their career. Check out Maryland big man Alex Len as we showcase his memorable career. ** First Round Pick of the Phoenix Suns**
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Official Highlights 2013 NBA Draft | Alex Len - Maryland | ACCDigitalNetwork






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Hitman X
Hitman X Hace un año
One of the most misleading videos in the history of ESvid
Matt Wallace
Matt Wallace Hace 8 meses
How? He killed it for the Hawks this year and shot over 40% from three after the all star break on a good number of attempts. Suns just made him look bad because they suck.
Alvaro Cardoso
Alvaro Cardoso Hace un año
Im a Suns fan, I came here after watching Deandre Ayton highlights.. I'm sad now.
Lazy Sunday
Lazy Sunday Hace un año
Alvaro Cardoso pues sí amigo, yo exactamente igual. En estos vídeos parece un fuera de serie. Pero creo que el caso de Ayton será diferente es mucho mejor que Len a su edad. Aquí parece que sólo hace dunks.
Eric John
Eric John Hace 3 años
This guy is a natural but he's wasting his talents in Arizona.
CwellATL Hace 8 meses
Jack Goff lol you were wrong
Jack Goff
Jack Goff Hace 2 años
MrSwal hahah what talent? Hes complete dog shit. He wont even be in the league next season
Maryland Hace 4 años
Of course we win!
exodus21v20 Hace 6 años
I can't believe Alex got picked so high in the draft. The bottom line is that his resume did not deserve such a pick. Yeah, he's really tall, but he usually was not a dominant presence in the paint during his two years at Maryland. Yeah, I know he has some amazing highlights ... I especially liked his dunk over Plumlee. Jordan Williams was a much more dominant and consistent player, and he's been a bench warmer in the NBA. Alex should have stayed in school and developed his game 1 more year
PatriotsNation12 Hace 6 años
This kid is going to be a future All-Star if his defense improves.. Mark my words people.. If this kid improves his defense, he will make a couple of All-Star appearances.
JM CC23 Hace 11 meses
Jack Goff to early to tell bro. He is reviving his career right now
Jack Goff
Jack Goff Hace 2 años
PatriotsNation12 I marked your words. Hes a bust
2snowbory9 Hace 6 años
Clemson sucks
depan55 Hace 6 años
How can they run ads on these videos? This is a clear example on how college athletes are directly profited off of.
Kyle Williams
Kyle Williams Hace 6 años
This guy can shoot 3's too! Wow, he's got skill. 7 ft 1, 255 pounds, gonna be hard to stop him. Suns got it good with Len, and hope he succeeds.
Jack Goff
Jack Goff Hace 2 años
Kyle Williams hes garbage
AJVersatility19 Hace 6 años
That's gonna be a small and bullied backcourt. I like Goran, but for match up and defensive purposes they better bring him off the bench and seek a much bigger SG.
alarcon5242 Hace 6 años
i feel you but they should trade dragic and have archie goodwin in at sg, he is a talent!!
So Wong
So Wong Hace 6 años
Hope the sun get the first pick next year and pick andrew wiggins future of the sun: PG; Bledsol SG: Dragic SF: wiggins PF: Morris C: Len perfect
lietuvis131 Hace 6 años
Ukranian Power !
Alphazombie Hace 6 años
As a Maryland fan, I was sad to see him leave but the Suns got one hell of a pick in this guy. His skills are in his offense, but he has the size to make up for his lack of defensive expertise. Len has a mid-range shot and an excellent triple-threat move. If he's able to develop his back-to-the-basket game a tad more, he could be up there as one of the most offensively skilled 5s in the league.
bikepeddlar6 Hace 6 años
Go suns!
Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones Hace 6 años
No, I predict he'll be a bust as well
Urwah Arifin
Urwah Arifin Hace 6 años
Yeww alex len! Beasting. Peace from Australia
dave whalen
dave whalen Hace 6 años
Go work on them post moves with Hakeem the dream and some other hall of famers! This guy could be a dominate big man.
dave whalen
dave whalen Hace 6 años
Man as someone that lives in Phoenix, that is great to see someone with no connections to the area that just appreciates my team. Good to see that we have out of the area support.
zyxwut321 Hace 6 años
I know he had to go this year but it would've been nice to see him stay another year at Maryland and refine his game a little further and likely take Maryland to the Final Four. If he would've had a monster year this upcoming season like he was capable of he would've been the first pick in next year's draft. Best pure center prospect in many years. Hopefully he can find a way to translate his talents to today's NBA in a consistent manner and not underachieve. It's not a center's league anymore.
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee78 Hace 6 años
Suns got so dam lucky to get len,he will change them for tha better
Roman Szemeczko Jr.
Roman Szemeczko Jr. Hace 6 años
Deante W
Deante W Hace 6 años
I like aaron gordon more than wiggins i think wiggins wont b as great as everyone think but he will b good tho
Сергей Иванов
Alex Len is from Ukraine, and I am proud that I was born with him in the same country!
Kyle Hace 6 años
Alex Len plays exactly like Jonas Valaciunas!
Brian06forever Hace 6 años
Inconsistent now, but form is perfect - Should be a good shooter in a few years
sanaph Hace 6 años
laysrayslays Hace 6 años
Len and Bledsoe with Dragic, Gortat, and Scola. Wow they can dominate inside games. Seriously they can play the type of games that Indiana pacers played last year. Beasley, Len, Gortat, Scola play posts. All they need is 3p shooters. Sign Danny Green or somebody like that.
Mukbangles Hace 6 años
Hell yeah.. We bleed orange!
UnaltroEgitto Hace 6 años
Long live the Suns! I'm a true fan living overseas, I'm italian and I support the Suns since I was little. Don't ask me why, as far as I remember I've always played basketball and loved the Suns. I lived the K.J. era, the Barkley era, the Kidd era, I loved the Nash-D'Antoni era and I'm still here, passionate as I could ever be, rooting for these colors. Welcome to Planet Orange, Alex.
usixc2010 Hace 6 años
athletic big man who runs the floor...sounds good for the Suns
Suns baby seems like a good pick up
E Bel
E Bel Hace 6 años
Well that was boring
Inyourfacewow1 Hace 6 años
You have to look at what he does to get the dunks. The drive, the follow up, the pick and roll, the rebound, the positioning, and the foot work after catching the ball. Noel is a better defensive player at this point, but Len's offensive game and overall potential is just much better. Neither of them are gonna have an instant impact IMO.
Kidd Trunks
Kidd Trunks Hace 6 años
Have you ever heard of BLAKE GRIFFIN?
Blake Fetty
Blake Fetty Hace 6 años
Just because we have differing opinions about how to improve the team doesn't mean we aren't "fans"... it usually just means we're being realistic... The higher-ups at the Suns threw the team down the toilet in order to save money and held on to other players when they should have been traded years ago. Then we made bad picks, and we continue to do so. Optimism is a good thing, but if it's not based in reality, it is worthless to the team. Constructive criticism is the way to go.
Jared Wilson
Jared Wilson Hace 6 años
He has no defensive highlights I like nerlens Noel
djquag84 Hace 6 años
Yao Ming couldn't play for shit after his stress fracture problems started. This kid has them at age 20 and we're expecting great things? Absolute waste of a pick, made even worse when you take into account that McLemore was available. McD is going to lose a lot of credibility over drafting a guy for being tall and "quick" instead of for being a good basketball player. Out of the league in three.
sayhitoarmen Hace 6 años
I see quickness, agility, stroke, spacing, smarts and finally, the best player in the nba draft this year.
0401412740 Hace 6 años
Beasley Peaked in college
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee78 Hace 6 años
Len's highlights are friggin amazing,my suns picked good
Lorenzo Zazueta
Lorenzo Zazueta Hace 6 años
Jackie Alvarez- being a true fan means you can criticize a pick. Not just be happy with everything the organization does. Sorry but we wont know how good this pick will be for at least a couple of years. But i tend to agree with those who think we could have picked a more "well-rounded" player. Personally i was hoping to see them take McLemore. Cheers.
Omari Johnson
Omari Johnson Hace 6 años
uggghh. Dont remind me of Beasley. I didnt like him a whole lot out of college. Didnt see that killer instinct and with the league going more Athletic, I wasnt sure how his college fundamentals could carry him through. But he looked GREAT in college.
03ckam Hace 6 años
He tore it up in college. And I mean really tore it up. He went Number 2 in the draft and I'm sure people thought he would be great. Turns out he had a bad attitude and lousy work ethic. He's a scrub and was a huge bust. Waste of space.
03ckam Hace 6 años
Yeah no guarantee but next years draft is deep. And I mean really deep. We'll definitely be 1-7 and there will be some great players through atleast 10. Our record isn't going to be much better next year so we'll have a higher chance at getting a better pick. Like I said though, a good big man is harder to find than a good wing. We are rebuilding so you have to think long term and not just the next year or 2. Any pick has a chance of being a bust. Take Michael Beasley for example.
Boratbingbing Hace 6 años
I'm not a suns fan, but I think this guy is a good pick. He's one of the quickest big men I have ever seen. As soon as he works on a shot within 10-15 ft, he's gonna become lethal. He's quite coordinated so I think he'll improve his shot after some time. Believe me this is not a bad pick, and Noel... I don't know... Mclemore is really good too, you might be right, you already have the hammer, why get another center? But as a player Len is good, but for your team not sure.
Alex Scott
Alex Scott Hace 6 años
I have faith in Len. It was a Solid pick. He didnt have an injury like Noel's. So its okay. Better to build around a big man in my opinion.
Matthew Enriquez
Matthew Enriquez Hace 6 años
His ceiling is pau gasol. Showed glimpses of a great back to the basket game,he has a nice stroke,very athletic for his size. U need to watch ACC games to know. At this point in his career he could affect the game without the ball in his hands,his potential is undeniable. I understand the frustration of suns fans but gotta keep faith,rebuilding a team is a tough thing to accomplish,takes a while and a great mngt to orchestrate it
Omari Johnson
Omari Johnson Hace 6 años
I can live with that explanation, but i dont like it. i say you go for who can help you out now before potential. The later is why we are where we are now. With a lottery system, there is NO guarantee we land in a favorable position next year. I think this was waaay to big of a gamble.
03ckam Hace 6 años
Oh nvm. Marc Gasol is 265. Still though, Alex Len is a young dude and he'll definitely put on weight. Probably around 10 pounds but that puts him at around Marc Gasols weight and thats pretty solid.
03ckam Hace 6 años
Obviously not Shaq weight. But the era of the true center is gone. We don't have that anymore. But Alex Len isn't underweight. You look at like Marc Gasol and hes only around 250 as well. If he turns out well than he's a steal. A good big man is harder to find than a good 2 guard. McLemore would have been a great pick but the Suns weren't going to be making any noise this year anyway. Next years draft is going to be deep with some amazing talent. We can get someone then.
Omari Johnson
Omari Johnson Hace 6 años
He WILL? what kind of weight? Shaq weight or Shawn Bradley? I doubt Shaq. Look if he was the only dude available at the time, I get it. But, when Mclamore and Noel are sitting there and you take him.... something is wrong. Real wrong.
03ckam Hace 6 años
Also if you knew anything you would know that he'll put on weight.
03ckam Hace 6 años
255 is not less than most power forwards. So its you choosing to be ignorant
TheHippityhopmusic1 Hace 6 años
Highlights are way different than watching an actual game. As a person who's watched Len he can be a great player with the suns medical staff.
Alex Scott
Alex Scott Hace 6 años
255 at 7'1 is not bad for a center. He will most likely gain weight anyway. So solid pick.
Brian06forever Hace 6 años
Um ... Noel's highlights are all dunks too - And Len is the last big you should criticize for not having an outside game, he does ...
TM32 Hace 6 años
Im with u man!
Abid Choudhury
Abid Choudhury Hace 6 años
i'm not a suns fan at all, but i have to say, i think you'll be pleasantly surprised. these are his highlights, not game tapes. if you watched him at all in college last year, he thoroughly destroyed nerlens noel and kentucky. he has good footwork and could finish with either hand. you can't say that for a lot of bigs today. if the suns were going for a big, i really think this was a really solid pick- you'll see how good he turns out a couple of years from now.
Omari Johnson
Omari Johnson Hace 6 años
Keeping the faith in every decision your team makes is not being a fan. Thats just choosing to be ignorant. I hope Len does well, but the Len pick was NOT the best pick for the Suns. Picking a guy that is a 7'1" C and weighs less than most NBA Power Forwards is not a good look at all.......
eric j
eric j Hace 6 años
Lol you do realize that when Len played Noel he absolutely destroyed him right? I agree with you on macelmore, but at the same time you cant rebuild a team around a shooting guard (unless its Kobe or Curry), but you can around a powerful center.
AD TIME Hace 6 años
He was #1 on Suns Board and there is a reason Mac and Noel dropped out of the top 5Great piece for the the Suns and excited to see him excel!.
asspants101 Hace 6 años
Jonas Valanciunas blows. he avgs 8 ppg and 6 rpg those are not top ten pick stats. Should have traded up and got Victor O or taken Noel.
Bxuptown Hace 6 años
People don't understand big men like Len come comes once in a blue moon you can always find a player like Ben M that can score if you no basketball there's not a lot of good big men and Alex Len can be great
Napo Magganas
Napo Magganas Hace 6 años
noel's highlifhts arent all dunks an blocks? cmon man......go check len's game vs kentucky
inflictedvoodoo Hace 6 años
good luck Alex!
Alex Kroll
Alex Kroll Hace 6 años
Reminds me of Roy Hibbert. Nice pick just wished the Suns picked Ben McLemore #All4Orange #GoSuns
MsBreezy41 Hace 6 años
He actually looks pretty good. Almost Amar'e ish.
alan1sauceda Hace 6 años
The Suns organization pisses me the fuck off. They're always fucking up with either picking stupid picks or trading their good picks. I honestly think I have a better chance at becoming general manager. I'm just hoping he's actually not a disappointment.
Alfonso Hace 6 años
in the 2011 nba draft Raptors fans said the same thing about Jonas Valanciunas. Look what they are telling now..
Andrew Dominguez
Andrew Dominguez Hace 6 años
Your nuts, Noel is busted in the knee already. Those other guys were unreachable. The suns need to get big and markiff and his brother suck. I remember when the suns picked a young man out of Central Michigan. And all the fans hated Thunder Dan Magerle. You will see, he's a steal.
Richard Yu
Richard Yu Hace 6 años
He had some good moves to get those dunks. Shaq's only highlights offensively were dunks or at the rim shots but he was a pretty good player.
Gfather tony
Gfather tony Hace 6 años
mclemore refused to work out with the suns at the combine. he left a bad impression on himslelf
Alex Scott
Alex Scott Hace 6 años
I can already tell this guy could be way better than gortat.
Marc Placencia
Marc Placencia Hace 6 años
We weren't getting a game changer in this draft anyways. There most likely won't be any star players out of thus class. #suckforwiggins2014
Nash4MVP2013 Hace 6 años
Victor Mena Solano
Victor Mena Solano Hace 6 años
McLemore maybe... but Suns need offense and Noel's has no offensive game
Jackie Alvarez
Jackie Alvarez Hace 6 años
I'm a Suns fan and I'm satisfied with this pick :) I'm going to keep the faith like a REAL FAN and not doubt like other fans and are hating. Be happy with what we got. Hope he proves all the doubters wrong. He has a big heart and is really excited to play for Phoenix :) I as a AZ born and a AZ fan I am happy and satisfied ! Go Suns :) that my Sun
daniel nguyen
daniel nguyen Hace 6 años
Nice pick you dork brains now where screwed again.
Greg Hunter
Greg Hunter Hace 6 años
I'm a suns fan and I like him . Athletic has a decent touch big dunks looks better than I thought. Projects to be a more athletic Hibbert if that's the case boom suns you got it right!
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