Official Peet Montzingo TikTok Compilation Video 1

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The official Peet Montzingo compilation video (Part 1)!



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8 jul 2020






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putcha siris
putcha siris Hace un año
Did anyone ever tell your mother how beautiful she looks? She really is very beautiful
Regina saddoris
Regina saddoris Hace 2 meses
@Keyee M. I discovered that on one of his earlier videos. But thank you I didn't know when I posted the original comment. I was thinking he'd passed since you never see him and not many mentions made of him.
Keyee M.
Keyee M. Hace 2 meses
@Regina saddoris His dad's alive.
Alice_and_friends Hace 2 meses
@Anupamathankachy Ap ikr
Bridgett Haney
Bridgett Haney Hace un año
My favorite mother son duo.
Hydrogen bond
Hydrogen bond Hace 7 meses
Krafty Krisha
Krafty Krisha Hace 8 meses
Me too
Veena Srivastava
Veena Srivastava Hace 10 meses
Mine too!
u_sammy7 Hace 10 meses
Mee tooo
Saad Sajid
Saad Sajid Hace 10 meses
Sem ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
Allyson H
Allyson H Hace un año
I love that when they swapped clothes the mom had her feet out of the knee holes in the pants :D killing me!
Tat2d_Barbi_420 Hace 7 meses
Yess! 😂😂 I noticed that too & just died laughing
Charli Gill
Charli Gill Hace 7 meses
I didn’t notice gotta rewatch now!
Adriana Avila
Adriana Avila Hace un año
That’s funny! I didn’t notice that but rewound and watched again
Emily Evans
Emily Evans Hace un año
Omg that's great. I hadn't noticed!
Jaza Hace un año
•stormy equestrian•
Not only is he a tall person in a family of dwarfs but he’s a super prominent redhead in a family of brunettes!
•stormy equestrian•
🐎Star Stables Lemke🐎
😂😂😂 I was not expecting you to be here hi Reagan ✌🏻😂😂😂
Hayliee Michelle
Hayliee Michelle Hace 9 meses
@D W lol his mom apparently didn't want to play that lottery twice 😅
D W Hace 10 meses
@•stormy equestrian• Yup. His older sister and older brother are both adopted. 🥰
•stormy equestrian•
Wow he’s the only biological kid? Genetics are strange man
Andru Hace un año
So if the family doesn't have the dwarf condition They're bloody tall as hell I mean look at peet-
Di Andie
Di Andie Hace 3 meses
@Derek Handson He did a video and said all his dad's brothers are really tall.
Penguin Hace 11 meses
Im taller than my parents bro
Jasmin F
Jasmin F Hace 11 meses
@Calmo Omlac i could be wrong maybe if he have a child maybe it will go like that sometimes things skip...
MOA FIGHTING Hace un año
He's 6'4
Calmo Omlac
Calmo Omlac Hace un año
@Derek Handson Everybody has the gene. It's just not always active.
Hera305 Hace 10 meses
The relationship he has with his mom is so heartwarming honestly, his mom is so loving and he’s such a good son ❤️
Avena Xu
Avena Xu Hace un año
Just by watching this you can tell how much this guy loves his mother and vice versa :") it warms my heart looking at every smile exchange between these two 💖❤️
Karen Kimberli Neverland
Si, es hermoso 🌺💕
Louie G
Louie G Hace un año
Well put. They are love.
Dana Ondráčková
Dana Ondráčková Hace un año
This is such a lovely family but it actually looks like a tv soap opera, where they did not put one little guy in a country of big ones, but the exact opposite. Her house looks so absolutely amazing and she is lovely, her son and daughter and everyone in the household looks absolutely amazing and must be ton of fun! It must be so hillarious when he shows up at family dinner where everyone is little but he is sitting there like that Human raised by elves in that christmas movie and nobody bats an eye :D
Dana Ondráčková
Dana Ondráčková Hace un año
@Derek Handson thanks, we dont know that movie that much here in middle europe :D
Derek Handson
Derek Handson Hace un año
It's called Elf
Kaitlin Ski
Kaitlin Ski Hace un año
"That's cheating!" "No it's not!" 😁😁😁😁😁😁 I love this family
Doireann Musgrave
Doireann Musgrave Hace 8 meses
I’m hooked. I love watching the kind of love you two share. Lost my mom at just 20
MoaisNotmyname Hace un año
I had the silliest smile the entire time I was watching this. Thank you sooo much to both of you for being so hilarious and wholesome!
Elleanor Jinner
Elleanor Jinner Hace un año
My brother in law has dwarfism and so does his mom, I showed them these videos and just love watching your tiktoks with them. Brings a smile to our faces all the time, your family is lovely!
lunakat Hace 11 meses
I love how Peet loves and respects his mom, what a beautiful family💕
harrystyles Hace 2 meses
I love the genuine relationship that you have with your mom. When children grow up they often grow farther apart from their parents or simply just can't find a lot of time to spend time together. But that isn't you guys! You two are able to laugh at each other's mistakes, make jokes, do sweet things for each other, and have this amazing relationship!!!
Terry H
Terry H Hace un año
This is so freaking cute. I end up with a stupid grin on my face everytime I see you two.
Shona S.
Shona S. Hace un año
One little guy in the world of talls always gets bullied but One tall guy in the world of little's is soo loved❤️
Suicidal Tendencies
Suicidal Tendencies Hace 9 meses
Aw my heart
Tanya Davies
Tanya Davies Hace 11 meses
Glad he's teaching us otherwise.
Jacques Tamlyn
Jacques Tamlyn Hace un año
So great her house is set up at the right height for her, I have a couple of mate’s who are little people. It’s great you have such a good relationship with your Mum. I grew up with a cousin who has an intellectual disability and I find that people who grew up with and around people with a disability are a lot more compassionate, empathetic, and understanding around any difference, (especially the guys).
lucyloub85 Hace un año
Your mum is absolutely gorgeous! 💕 And watching you two together this morning has made My day love it!
Wayne Brock
Wayne Brock Hace un año
Your Mom hasn't changed a bit, she's the only one who didn't aged at all and all you kids did.
bear necessities 17
bear necessities 17 Hace un año
I miss my little mom.. been 16yrs since she's been gone.. not a day goes by I don't miss her.. she reminds me of my mom, beautiful ladies! Cherish every minute with her..
wedemeyerr Hace un año
I'm so impressed. Your mom is a beautiful proud Jewish woman! I love it!!!!
Zulfa Asya . A
Zulfa Asya . A Hace un año
i can relate to that sneaking in early morning to eat cake, but then mom *MAGICALY* showed up right in front of me 😂😂😂😂
Jan Oniell
Jan Oniell Hace un año
This is so sweet! The love they have for each other is EPIC! And...Mom is drop dead ,movie star GORGEOUS! Peet looks very much like her! Loved the "I love you Forever" book episode! Got my nephew the same book when he turned 3yr old!
Pete Jarvis
Pete Jarvis Hace un año
You have a beautiful family, and a really fun mum. You guys cracked me up laughing with the cake sneaking scene, lol, cos I could see my mum doing that. Big love
Bijay Hembram
Bijay Hembram Hace un año
Someone should make a movie on this, this is so awesome
Kay Hace un año
I love his red hair!!! And his mom is beautiful and she looks like a fun mom with a great sense of humor!
Amiee Luongo
Amiee Luongo Hace un año
I love them!! I love how she looks at her son probably all her children. Unconditional love!! The mom is so stunning!!
‘Tiano Hace un año
Omg I love your family. You would all make an amazing TV show called “Living in a Small World”. I loved Your first video of you talking about how you were the only person in your family who wasn’t a dwarf and you thought you were the different one, that being a dwarf was the norm. I can’t imagine how much of an identity issue that must have brought. But I’m sooo happy you are showing your family to the world and how much of a “normal family” you all are. You all laugh, love, make fun of each other, like any other family. Your mom, by the way, is a true gem. What a beautiful lady. Thank you again for sharing this
Z a i n シ
Z a i n シ Hace un año
This is really adorable. I'm overwhelmed, 😢❤️. She's so loving and caring, a real example of a mother ❤️. May God bless them and help them live a happy life for a long time. Aameen.
kjvc Hace un año
Wow!!! I can't believe she carried a giant baby for 9months🥰 proud of her! She gets a scar in her belly that reminds of you everyday of her life 😂
Britt Saunders
Britt Saunders Hace un año
You are both lucky to have each other. What a wonderful mom and son! So inspiring to see such love and fun between you!
LEE PAGE Hace 7 meses
The fact that they look identical to each other
She Els
She Els Hace un año
What a grand glam vivacious Mama. How proud they are of one another. Such an honorable son.
Caticorn Purrmaid
Caticorn Purrmaid Hace un año
I love you guys! Peter so talented and your mom is so adorable. It makes sense that she makes commercials.
Bea bei
Bea bei Hace un año
This is the sweetest and loveliest duo I've seen. Hope all is well with you and your family! ❤️
salty survivor tears
your mom is literally the best! i'd give anything to have a family like yours, so much wholesome and fun energy 😭❤❤❤
Sharon Duval
Sharon Duval Hace 2 meses
I love watching y'all. Y'all make me smile every time. Any one can see that there is so much y'all have for each other. ❤️🙂
BlueRidge Bunny
BlueRidge Bunny Hace 5 meses
When I watch your videos of you and your mom it just makes me so happy. Pete, Your family really does change lives and make people smile your mother raised an amazing family!!!
Marcia Larson
Marcia Larson Hace un año
You two are so much fun!!!! You're sure lucky to have such an awesome mom.
I am always amazed .... there are 159 dislikes to this video. I have thought about 1 hour what was so bad that these people disliked it. Couldn't come up with one thing. Peer keep up the good work. You are a ray of sunshine and positivity that people need a lot nowdays.
☆ ʙʟᴀɪʀ ᴄᴏɴsᴛᴇʟʟᴀᴛɪᴏɴs
Gosh he's so cute! But his mom is so much cuter and wholesome!
Lucio Santos
Lucio Santos Hace 7 meses
Linda união de mãe e filho Deus abençoe
revelink nation
revelink nation Hace un año
I came here from sound effecting my mom tiktoks. What a sweet and loving family. His mom is so adorable ❤
Andrew Estes
Andrew Estes Hace un año
Peet has a heart of gold and his mom is absolutely gorgeous!!
EL Hace un año
Can we just appreciate this quality relationship for a moment pls
Fabula Moeti
Fabula Moeti Hace 4 meses
Man, I wish, I wish you were part of my family! I just love your sense of fun, appreciation for each other and how freely you express your love for each other. A WONDERFUL family with great characters as an example to us all! May Father bless and keep you all safe. x Greetings from Namibia and South Africa!
Erika Miller
Erika Miller Hace 7 meses
I just love watching this family. They are so good to each other.
laswan s.
laswan s. Hace un año
Love this. Your mom is adorable. You're pretty cute yourself!
Muhammad Abdul Malik
1:49 your niece running across and not showing her face to the camera is such a mood... 😂 What a cute family u got...
J Hace 11 meses
This guy will make a great husband and father one day! And Mom a great grandma!
Honed Hobbyist
Honed Hobbyist Hace 11 meses
These 2 are so frigging awesome! Found these a while ago and really can't help but come to them when I want to have a smile on my face! Keep rocking!
Kardia Clark
Kardia Clark Hace un año
I literally just found you by chance and you are melting my heart. You are the sweetest, your mama is so so beautiful and funny and happy. I love her 😍
Sophie Hace un año
This is SO adorable
Angel Fiza
Angel Fiza Hace 7 meses
Joanna Ledbetter
Joanna Ledbetter Hace 3 meses
As a mom of 3 sons your videos are so thoughtful, emotional, funny and very sweet. Thank you 😊
Fate Tion
Fate Tion Hace un año
When his mom said "Hey google night" My google assistant automatically says, "good night sleep tight" that startled me a lit bit oh
Jann H Schott
Jann H Schott Hace 10 meses
JUST happened to me as well.
L K.C.Lifer
L K.C.Lifer Hace 9 meses
You guys make me smile whenever I watch your videos. 😃
Saif Saif
Saif Saif Hace un año
Smiling the whole time I was watching this, so heartwarming, cool and cute
NC redbird
NC redbird Hace 5 meses
Y'all are all precious!! Your family is beautiful and I really do smile and laugh watching your videos. Inspiring to say the least.
princesskaguya2000 Hace 7 meses
The baby pic!!! So cute!!! Oh I love how much they all love each other! Best thing to come out of lock down was finding this channel
•räûfáã• Hace un año
I wish I have a family like that 🥺❤️ your mom is soo sweet 😊❤️ god bless y’all 🙂❤️
Tat2d_Barbi_420 Hace 7 meses
I’m honestly not sure how I found your channel, but I am SOO GLAD I did! I absolutely love watching you & your mom together. You have such an amazing relationship.
Wendy Ireland
Wendy Ireland Hace 4 meses
You and your Mum are so much fun together and your happiness just makes my day and I'm sure everyone that sees you feels the same. Keep spreading that joy of Love .🥰❤😊❤
Preston Siegler
Preston Siegler Hace un año
What a sweet family 💕 You can tell that they love each other a lot
Mato Hace un año
After watching some of Peet’s videos. I find him and his family so sweet, it’s lovely seeing how close you guys all are!
Kiroku Jin
Kiroku Jin Hace un año
So glad ESvid recommend one of your videos to me. Your family's so sweet and adorable, I want to be adopted 😂💙
nice Hace 4 meses
Love watching this family! So much fun and so much love. ❤ makes me feel good, laugh & smile everytime I watch them. And she is just such a GORGEOUS lady! & Peet is the sweetest!
Julita Szylkiewicz
Julita Szylkiewicz Hace un año
You are all amazing!!!! I love your style and energy!!! Thank you for sharing with the world, what it means to be really loved and how to enjoying this live🍀💐
Jugemu Jugemu Go Ko no Surikire Kaijari Suigyo
If there's one thing I want people to have, it's the confidence and acceptance peet has.
Nusrat Jahan
Nusrat Jahan Hace un año
Why are they so cute!! Their relationship is just family goals..
Trisha Hutchinson
Trisha Hutchinson Hace un año
You guys are beautiful humans! Love your family. I wish all families were as loving as yours!
Ananya Singh
Ananya Singh Hace 4 meses
This mother son combo looks so cute together may god blesssssss them both💞
Estrella S.
Estrella S. Hace un año
You're one of the sweetest sons one can ask for!!!
Annie Williams
Annie Williams Hace 7 meses
I just love y’all. Can’t stop smiling when I watch your videos.
Toniya Stephens
Toniya Stephens Hace un año
I love them. Their relationship is a pure n happy one. Makes me miss my mom.
say my Name
say my Name Hace 7 meses
I’m in tears! I just love you and your family!! You both just glow with love and truly have a relationship some just dream of!!!!
DeadSilent87 Hace un año
These videos deserve so much more likes / views honestly its so wholesome hilarious and Creative i love how they can do Arts/Crafts this video honestly brings me happiness
H Hace 7 meses
So adorable! This relationship is such a tear jerker! And omigosh his niece is so cute!!
Dawn Claibourne
Dawn Claibourne Hace 7 meses
I don't know how anyone can think these two aren't related. Despite the disparities in height, Peet looks so much like his mom (who is absolutely gorgeous!)😍
Eli M
Eli M Hace un año
Peet you are a great son! Your mom is adorable! She must be an amazing mom to have educated an amazing son!
Jackie00h🌺 Hace 10 meses
Y'all make my heart smile 💕
Keyee M.
Keyee M. Hace 2 meses
Peet, your family seems so loving. Thank you for sharing. I'm 5'7" and my mom was way shorter than me since I was 11 years. I can't imagine what you are feeling. I just see the love. 🙂💗👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😊
Jackie Keen
Jackie Keen Hace 5 meses
Wonderful family, loving relationship, great young man, beautiful mom, love watching, thank you much love xx
Chinee May Curativo
Chinee May Curativo Hace 11 meses
Your mother might be short but she was one of the most loving mom I've seen. You are lucky, both of you
Joy Hale
Joy Hale Hace un año
ESvid recommend one video of yours to me which is you're sound effecting your mom and i watched it and search your channel. I literally love your family, reminds me of mine too. And your mom is gorgeous!!!
Christopher Keroro
Christopher Keroro Hace un año
Maybe just maybe tiktok aint that bad if it can bring something this wholesome
Starla Snape
Starla Snape Hace un año
He has a nice singing voice. He could be a tenor singer in the choir at my school.
John Collins
John Collins Hace un año
Your mother is a treasure. You both seem so awesome
Do (MxQueer)
Do (MxQueer) Hace 7 meses
I love your family so much. Your mom's beautiful! Your tiktoks always make me laugh haha
TheWriterNW Hace un año
I see a family with the biggest hearts. If every family was like this everyone would be a lot happier.
ᴇʟɪx Hace un año
Can we just appreciate how beautiful his mom is
Stefanie Elle
Stefanie Elle Hace un año
Wow. What a beautiful family. Your mom is drop dead gorgeous! Thank you for sharing this. I always am curious about how little people have to change things floors raised, things lowered. I mean. They just buy an average home and just use it. Immediately stuff needs altering. So many places are not inclusive to accommodate for different people (and is that even possible? I don’t know. Shelves at grocery stores for example. I’m average height and I can’t reach the top shelves). I love your smiles and laughter!!
Tony edge
Tony edge Hace un año
Such a wonderful relationship with your mom ❤️ Wish I could prank my mom 😂😂 she’d kill me.
Christina Hendricks
Christina Hendricks Hace 9 meses
That is so precious to have a special story and how you are always are helping mom. Thank you for sharing this
JaynelleMariee Hace un año
Your parents did a wonderful job raising you .. you are so down to earth and sweet !!
Helen Kehoe
Helen Kehoe Hace 9 meses
I love watching your videos, you two have the best relationship ever, I think you're mum is amazing, she's a little person with the biggest love and affection for all her kids ❤️❤️❤️❤️
la Muneca Muerta
la Muneca Muerta Hace 4 meses
I just love your mom 💜 I watch her like im studying for motherhood sat's. I wanna be a mom like her I really hope my son and I have a relationship like this when he gets older
I love the relationship he has with his mom!
K GB Hace un año
Awww makes me want my mom now too. Blessed you guys.
Deanna Fisher
Deanna Fisher Hace un año
Such a cute bond with mom and son.❤️My heart
Roshana Fernando
Roshana Fernando Hace 9 meses
Happy to see u treating ur mom in a good way. God bless you.
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