Old school Chinese gangsters vs. rich kid thugs | Clip from 'Mr. Six' starring Kris Wu

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The wealthy young ringleader of a streetracing gang (Kris Wu) has kidnapped the old kingpin's son. Somebody's going to pay.
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About Mr. Six:
For decades, respected kingpin Mr. Six has ruled the streets of Beijing-but when his son starts a feud with the young leader of a drag-racing gang, the aging gangster discovers that his old school rules tricks aren’t going to fly in this new underworld.

Kris Wu 吴亦凡
Feng Xiaogang 馮小剛
Li Yifeng 李易峰
Zhang Hanyu 張涵予
Guan Hu
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Mr. Six 老炮儿 | AsianCrush

Cine y animación

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4 dic 2018






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Comentarios 2 315
Shiden Hace un día
Old school fighter always win in the end
Van Vu
Van Vu Hace un día
This movie was so good. I have watched it about 5 times
Lutz Hace 4 días
how ended?
Ovileena Das
Ovileena Das Hace 6 días
Kris Wu, is that u?
Dote Hace 8 días
Movie name ?
FuckAllah JihadWallahShit
kris wu is a garbage. Cant sing and cant act. Stop praising a garbage like this. I am a Chinese
waRR waRR
waRR waRR Hace 9 días
I dont know him but fucking hell this Kris Wu portrays well his role of a rich kid.
cheesy Cracker
cheesy Cracker Hace 10 días
I cant watch that vid in my landd😭😭😭
Blue Brix Productions
Blue Brix Productions Hace 10 días
4:26 why does this guy have a Japanese military issued ww2 bayonet.
Мікалас Кaрыбутоў
Trophy maybe...
LilTRoberts1000 Hace 10 días
A Kpop group talks to old people about cars?
Morgan Wheeler
Morgan Wheeler Hace 11 días
The ending of the movie was so sad! 😭😭😭
acedia0ira Hace 11 días
The dude at 4:07 with two knives is pretty ripped; I wouldn't want to fuck with him
Marko Aquino
Marko Aquino Hace 12 días
Kaisr Yoshida
Kaisr Yoshida Hace 12 días
Asia has strict gun control.
Nacho Hace 12 días
so Kris Wu plays bad guys too? thats cool haha
AMexicanBoxer Hace 12 días
AHandsomeGamer Hace 12 días
Yo where the rest
Hai It's Me
Hai It's Me Hace 12 días
I mean, they all look the same, they're all Asians right? RIGHT?
The BlueDodo
The BlueDodo Hace 13 días
Kris didn't need anything from the set. That outfit and car is probably what he came in with. 😂
icant smile
icant smile Hace 13 días
i"m only here for Kris Wu😍🤣
denandra dede
denandra dede Hace 14 días
k pop style
yak rasengan
yak rasengan Hace 17 días
Title movie plsss
anthony nguyen
anthony nguyen Hace 19 días
Yo that kid is badass
Vm-i Hrahsel
Vm-i Hrahsel Hace 20 días
Came here for Kris❤️
kamu jahat21
kamu jahat21 Hace 20 días
Kalo org ini ada diindonesia dan beneran ada Beda ceritanya
supergroove Hace 23 días
arrrr errrr grrr derrrr rrrrrr
ビップレクサス Hace 23 días
While I haven't saw the whole drama, I find this clip glorified and praises rich kids. It makes a fantasy of rich kids and show that they can do anything they want. The fact is: in real life - this will *NEVER* happen. No dumbass rich kid would ever kidnap someone from Asian gangsters. (Unless they are straight up retarded.) To put this into perspective - if this does happen to reality logic and not TV Drama logic, these kids and their family would have been dead the next day and the TV Drama would end in like 30 minutes. The Triad or the Yakuza doesn't take this bullshit lightly; if they are crossed, they will do a hit on every family member regardless of the individual's wealth. Also - in reality - mafias have more political power than the wealthy ever will (we are talking about mafias with deep connections and power).
Haoran Ma
Haoran Ma Hace 23 días
Eric Martinez
Eric Martinez Hace 24 días
Man, and it is true new gangster in any country are way different than it was back in the day.
Takashi Shiro Chan
Takashi Shiro Chan Hace 24 días
There is literally nothing happen in this movie. watched the movie and had no idea what the fuck is going on and it's kinda boring as well.
Jack park
Jack park Hace 25 días
There's no fucking way a paint job costs half the price of a Ferrari. At most its 10k.
Ugyen Dorji
Ugyen Dorji Hace 25 días
Need a name of the movie
T last
T last Hace 22 días
Mr six
Platinum T
Platinum T Hace 25 días
You got a serious stern intimidating old school gangster vs a fucking kpop star
Khan Umer
Khan Umer Hace 26 días
The boys looks like women gays ugly faces
corey234ful Hace 26 días
Why is joonji-han from yakuza 6 doing here
Edward taku
Edward taku Hace 26 días
Whats the movie name ?
Azka Arsy
Azka Arsy Hace 26 días
LOL K-Pop , like be K pup..
joshua kettle
joshua kettle Hace 26 días
i didn't realize there was a gang called the modelling agency
J7N L9N W990
J7N L9N W990 Hace 26 días
Michael Harto
Michael Harto Hace 26 días
old gangsters vs kpop betas
Norman NWZ
Norman NWZ Hace 27 días
One attention to detail is the knives one of the OG was dual wielding are Japanese Type 30 Bayonets, probably war trophies from someone in his family. Or he just simply robbed them from other thugs
Astro Boy
Astro Boy Hace 27 días
Amateru Haute
Amateru Haute Hace 27 días
Idk about you but i'm here for Kris and hello some of you talk shit about him? Fuck u
Lannathel Hace 28 días
Tanichiro Hace 28 días
"gotta ship it from england" lol clearly this dumb cunt doesn't know Rosso Corsa paint is Italian...
Prox CQ
Prox CQ Hace 28 días
Wait wtf where is the fight? I watched all that for nothing? damn click baits.
angelo carcido
angelo carcido Hace 29 días
Dominic Doiron
Dominic Doiron Hace 29 días
Lol I would've robbed that niggas r8 so quick😂😂😂
Yuxuan Chen
Yuxuan Chen Hace un mes
Kris Wu can't act shit
trackboy17 Hace un mes
Lmao fucking Asian "superfly" over here
Jackson Hoi
Jackson Hoi Hace un mes
well they did ruin a very expensive car...
Caswell Sarita
Caswell Sarita Hace un mes
Dont mess with the OGs
hita techi
hita techi Hace un mes
When K-pop band argue with the ground crew
Lephirox Hace un mes
Advise: Don't waste two hours of your life watching this crap. >_>
정효근 Hace un mes
아 비려~~
Dylan Mijer
Dylan Mijer Hace un mes
Need for Speed Tokyo Drift
Dixie Normous
Dixie Normous Hace un mes
Asian Women are Gorgeous!
Dennis Truong
Dennis Truong Hace un mes
new rich kids will NEVER win against OG gangsters . #facts
may i have your cardnumber??
Kris wu dope af👌
偽Aison Hace un mes
kris wu is just gay fake nigga from a country that ruled by communist or nazi whatever they are same
Shania Antonio
Shania Antonio Hace un mes
Yeahhhh Krissss 😍
Jei Jei
Jei Jei Hace un mes
Kris Wu😎
Nazia Khatoon
Nazia Khatoon Hace un mes
Omg 😘😘😘kris😍😍😍
Mostafa Shglouf
Mostafa Shglouf Hace un mes
isnt the old bald guy the one from kung fu hustle? XD
lack jack
lack jack Hace un mes
The ending was ass
Close Far
Close Far Hace un mes
Kung fu hustle!!!🔥🔥🔥🙌🏾
CCC Hace un mes
张涵予帅爆了, 局气!
Bruce Leroy
Bruce Leroy Hace un mes
Old dude from Kung fu hustle.
Damian Watson
Damian Watson Hace un mes
Why do asian thugs always have a metal pipe with them at all times
The old guy's muscle is fake btw. I was kind of disappointed when I found out.
leslie alcantara
leslie alcantara Hace un mes
korean popstars vs real men
High Ranked Noob
High Ranked Noob Hace un mes
i fucking hate pussy ass pretty boy fantasy gangsta wake up asian people, dude who fights dont look like that
Development Hell
Development Hell Hace un mes
conner fox
conner fox Hace un mes
pretty good film they played it on sbs in australia
Nacho Jijon
Nacho Jijon Hace un mes
benny finnigin
benny finnigin Hace un mes
Kevin Romex
Kevin Romex Hace un mes
Shinskue Nakamura When he reaches age 40
aviato287 x
aviato287 x Hace un mes
Asian people can't ever look intimidating to me hahaha idk why I think the Fast and the Furious ruined that for me hahaha
greza Hace un mes
Wtf ! Lambo doors in an r8 ? 😂😂😂
AnarchyJesus Hace un mes
lol beijing rules? 单挑还是码架你得让人挑一个啊 哪有一上来就码的
Nicholas Dyer
Nicholas Dyer Hace un mes
Lambo does on an R8 thats........who am I kidding wtf😂
Wicks Matinik
Wicks Matinik Hace un mes
What is the tittle of this movie?
Michael Miller
Michael Miller Hace un mes
So where's the fight clip?
FingerLickin' Hace un mes
Reality) Someone who has a connection with higher rank of Chinese Red Party wins
Kossolax the Foresworn
only good commie is a dead commie.
missing Soo
missing Soo Hace un mes
I came here for galaxyfanfan 😆
Arulpragasam Hace un mes
Reminds me of Beat Takeshi's film Boiling Point
Vander Thompson
Vander Thompson Hace un mes
I want to cut the head off the rich kid and give it to his father no comments
MR 13 ..... dont fuck with me at all .. with your babel bullshit . best get over yourselves
The Queen
The Queen Hace un mes
Kris playing a bad guy when he's the opposite aww
Layla Hace un mes
Ain't that Kris Wu?
陈爱鸡肉 Hace un mes
Layla yes
free style
free style Hace un mes
Movies name?
C L Hace un mes
Kris looking mad swagy u know
Mr xx Ultimate
Mr xx Ultimate Hace un mes
People talking shit about that Kris Wu guy are clearly all fucking neckbeards, you're not one to talk about calling him a fag or whatever the fuck when he gets more pussy than you, he might not be tough but as if that was a bad thing you fucking caveman, not everyone needs to be tough, instead he has a brain.
Ariel Hernandez
Ariel Hernandez Hace un mes
Shut up, queer!
Steve Jovan
Steve Jovan Hace un mes
It’s hysterical that these children sized men are made to look like adults until you put a European into the shot. Then you know when they are wearing 36 short in suits!
I'm Shook
I'm Shook Hace un mes
The dude with the tan coat fresh asf
adelfa Tan
adelfa Tan Hace un mes
Parang galit ka bakit kris
FierceTomato TM
FierceTomato TM Hace un mes
In America this would have been a gun fight
Neko Yamero
Neko Yamero Hace un mes
Them vs the GPS let see who will win. #crows
Bennythechin Hace un mes
Never disrespect an older asian OG or you'll get bitch slapped, if ur lucky.
Kevin Wang
Kevin Wang Hace un mes
old school wins
MetalizedButt Hace un mes
in real life those kpop kids would be beaten up so badly lmfao
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