Old school Chinese gangsters vs. rich kid thugs | Clip from 'Mr. Six' starring Kris Wu

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The wealthy young ringleader of a streetracing gang (Kris Wu) has kidnapped the old kingpin's son. Somebody's going to pay.
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About Mr. Six:
For decades, respected kingpin Mr. Six has ruled the streets of Beijing-but when his son starts a feud with the young leader of a drag-racing gang, the aging gangster discovers that his old school rules tricks aren’t going to fly in this new underworld.

Kris Wu 吴亦凡
Feng Xiaogang 馮小剛
Li Yifeng 李易峰
Zhang Hanyu 張涵予
Guan Hu
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Mr. Six 老炮儿 | AsianCrush

Cine y animación

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4 dic 2018

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Comentarios 2 135
eagle 17 hakami
eagle 17 hakami Hace 59 minutos
Pointless video
Ro Dutch
Ro Dutch Hace 3 días
where can i find the full movie
thank god its Friday!
lmao don’t come for kris wu this is a movie ✨
Dean Loviu
Dean Loviu Hace 3 días
Where is full movie???
Ariel Segieda
Ariel Segieda Hace 5 días
Justin? is that you?
E. B. C.
E. B. C. Hace 6 días
This looks like a great movie.
kuanlimputera Hace 6 días
Communist Mao cunt are pretending their life on korean pop style.
VLorenzoStone Hace 6 días
Name the movie please?
ceeya Gao
ceeya Gao Hace 8 días
Kris the film was very good and I saw his progress. I hope he keeps trying. I love him forever.
P i
P i Hace 8 días
*Spoiled pricks*
втѕ. ѕυgα
втѕ. ѕυgα Hace 9 días
what tittle ?
James Ricker
James Ricker Hace 9 días
Beware of an old man in a business where most people die young
Baylee Parten
Baylee Parten Hace 10 días
You know they aren't a real gang if mob fight rules have to be explained.
Morgan Bourke
Morgan Bourke Hace 10 días
Blonde kid could be a King of Fighters character 😂
Tito Soedjapto
Tito Soedjapto Hace 11 días
what Is the title.?
赵是 Hace 11 días
Old gangsters against kid gaysters
Louise Mikhael
Louise Mikhael Hace 13 días
What is the name of movie??
Jade Dagger
Jade Dagger Hace 13 días
Both pussy. John wick is real gangsta in all movies
shameless 101
shameless 101 Hace 14 días
He makes that face like the world is over. Just take it to Maaco's get the special good as new "
Mohammad Rahanjamian
Mohammad Rahanjamian Hace 14 días
bullshit video with no ending
죽현김 Hace 14 días
I'm a simple guy. I see Kris Wu in the thumbnail, I instantly click
Adelaide Segreti
Adelaide Segreti Hace 4 días
Same. 💀 Even if I've already seen it.
Salymini 255
Salymini 255 Hace 15 días
What is the name of the movie guys....
Jeremy Hace 15 días
Where's the fight? CLICK BAIT BULLSHIT
a11abubeck Hace 15 días
Wtf there wasn’t any fighting???
The One
The One Hace 15 días
If you haven't learnt humility by age 50, then what happens to you is on you. In other news, it's rare to see a gay gangster, like the blonde dude in the trench coat. Most metrosexual so-called "thug" ever.
Ryan Titus
Ryan Titus Hace 16 días
Yo...so what happens.......
that bug is a beauty.
Neath Hace 17 días
Muhammad Aliffhaiqal
Muhammad Aliffhaiqal Hace 17 días
what name this movie ?
Fredy R. Orellana
Fredy R. Orellana Hace 17 días
What's the name of the movie?
Mustafa Hace 18 días
Gay sissy toyboy in a trench coat vs Real hardened wise fathers Yea
Otaku. kid
Otaku. kid Hace 18 días
They dont fight at all this movue is a waste
Gritty Pudding
Gritty Pudding Hace 18 días
I saw the movie, its 1% finger bending 99% drama
Charles Grugin
Charles Grugin Hace 18 días
Y'all going on the Asian kids like the rich white boys of America don't look just as soft. Lol.
Varun Kelkar
Varun Kelkar Hace 19 días
I need the next part of this
Nara Nara
Nara Nara Hace 19 días
Full movie in description. Hell yea iam watching this.
Everything in Minutes - How To Lifestyle Videos
看電視是用小腦,主觀,dramatic。 看書是用大腦,客觀。 小腦只是個返應,不是真的在想東西。 看戲的都是擊發起小腦的肉望,肉望是腦袋裡的“屎”。
J G Hace 19 días
you know, normally I have nothing against Kris Wu.. but in this clip, I want to beat him and that sidekick of his senseless
Masoncide Hace 19 días
I see to many people in the comments saying that the antagonist is not actually threatening. I just want to create a new perspective for those out there. One of histories greatest lies in the west is that cowards are weak, witless, and powerless human beings and we can just write them off because they are worthless. However in truth, cowards are often the most brutal, uncaring, unsympathetic, resourceful monsters the world has ever known. Cowards don't think about facing their enemy head on, or debating, or granting their opponents humanity. They are often afraid that they can not convince others they are right so they would rather destroy someone than engage with them. So sure he doesn't look physically intimidating, but from the fact he has 3 exotic vehicles and the ability to call a host of men to his side in seconds... Yea he's kind of terrifying. Not because HE could do anything, but because he has enough resources to bury you, your family, your families family, and probably all of your family friends in their own back yards and there would be nothing anyone would try and do to stop him. If that is not your definition of intimidating, you have the wrong world view. I'd take on a 220, 6'5 mma fighter before I would mess with someone with this much power any and every day of the week.
Fang Qu
Fang Qu Hace 19 días
gay af
Anders Midtgaard
Anders Midtgaard Hace 20 días
Ha ha not much rich kid thug in that Justin Bieber looking kid. I take shits bigger than him :-)
Brilliant Shadows
Brilliant Shadows Hace 20 días
Rich Kid Thugs. Classic. In Russia they would be dead if they tried that against the OG Bratva old boys.
GuessWHO Hace 20 días
Cringe af
Nick-E Nicole
Nick-E Nicole Hace 20 días
00:57 ARE YOU SERIOUS!! I can't! Kris wtf!! 😩
sam .t
sam .t Hace 21 un día
so who wins the mob rush crush?
Yassa A
Yassa A Hace 21 un día
Paint job costs half the price of the car!?! Jeezus, what are that using, diamond flakes fuark
Austin Klinger
Austin Klinger Hace 21 un día
Dude why the fuck wouldnyall shownall that, and notnshow the actual seen we wanted to see, yall click bait ass mother fuckers dude i swear, unsubscribing from this bullshitnass channel
53bustos Hace 21 un día
Where's the fight scene?
Robert MacDonald
Robert MacDonald Hace 21 un día
Ohio Against The World
Ohio Against The World Hace 21 un día
nice "fight" video of a bunch of ppl standing around talking....
Blake Stafford
Blake Stafford Hace 21 un día
I thought he was a women when he first got out of the car
litrentaart Hace 21 un día
lady boys want hard pipe from old men old men use swords instead.
David Coupel
David Coupel Hace 22 días
Dude I swear I thought that was Kazuchika Okada in the thumbnail.
xMuFFiiNSs Hace 22 días
Encore perdu sur ESvid...
Pussy PaTroll
Pussy PaTroll Hace 23 días
China. = BULLSHIT.
Areostar Hace 23 días
Whats the name of this movie
Tratios Hace 23 días
I do not understand the problem, just kill all the young children and sell their cars. What am I missing?
sicboi Hace 23 días
Why do young asian boys think dressing up as little twinks make them look tough?
Inquisitve m
Inquisitve m Hace 23 días
kris is so much better as an actor than singer. he needs to quit singing and dancing.
Tony Huang
Tony Huang Hace 23 días
Stupid mechanic.
Twelve K
Twelve K Hace 23 días
I don't know why this is in my recommended but I'm finally watching it, ok ESvid?
Shriya P
Shriya P Hace 10 días
Nice job lmao If you don't know, the rich kid with dyed hair and the eyebrow thing is (was, sadly) a member of a kpop group called Exo, which may've contributed to the views on this vid idk His name is kRiS wU and currently has a solo career So if you were wondering why a random video was in ur recommended it may be bcuz of his popularity aNyWaYs sorry for all that lmao this is what happens when I'm bored hAvE a niCe dAy
Achilles Myrmidon
Achilles Myrmidon Hace 24 días
All this fuzz over some car paint? And everyone has some kind of sophisticated weapon.
Tim Gardon
Tim Gardon Hace 24 días
wow! what a waste of time
CursedBox Hace 24 días
idk what you talking but i prefer japan brutal gangsters /watch?v=g_itwx-daNg
Danger Level 10
Danger Level 10 Hace 24 días
Reminds me of Kiryu vs Rainmaker.
are you kirring mi irrriya??
William Hurst
William Hurst Hace 24 días
This is basically everything I love and hate about the PRC rolled into one video. Totally captures the respect and honor of the 'old guard' and the mediocrity and materialism of the new.
Edgaras Kulnickas
Edgaras Kulnickas Hace 24 días
wtf is this shit just waste time
Connor Murphy
Connor Murphy Hace 24 días
Why is there such negativity about appearances in this comment section?
Captain Fordo
Captain Fordo Hace 25 días
juan paulo galvan
juan paulo galvan Hace 25 días
what is the title of this movie
heavystarch100 Hace 25 días
Yup...the shittiest thing that ever happened to me was age.
Orry Boettger
Orry Boettger Hace 25 días
why the fuck is this in my "recommended videos"? fuck you youtube
Tiny P
Tiny P Hace 25 días
Waited for a fight scene - read bunch of subtitles. Cool story bro
jordanaug81 Hace 25 días
Millenial metroxexual non-binary gangsters......Old school wins
emprrah Hace 25 días
Who is this Asian chick with the hair? She's gorgeous. Need a name
Alex Ryll
Alex Ryll Hace 25 días
This surprisingly went down much more civilized than the title suggests.
UK Citizen
UK Citizen Hace 25 días
Where's the fight? I wanted to see some pensioner on millennial crime go down...... 🤔
Adalberto Fernandez
Adalberto Fernandez Hace 25 días
Thomas Griffin
Thomas Griffin Hace 26 días
This flick is garbage assholes!
Anna William
Anna William Hace 26 días
stranger Lucky
stranger Lucky Hace 26 días
half car price? hahaha
J Tanashi
J Tanashi Hace 26 días
Is that Shinsuke Nakamura? LOL
DJ S Hace 26 días
Lame ASS,Movie.
Jennifer balo
Jennifer balo Hace 26 días
Please suggest me where I can watch this movie?
Lance Clarke
Lance Clarke Hace 26 días
If they rich y they thugs
Vergil Hace 26 días
the young twat looks like lezbian
PrinceChris93 Hace 26 días
I'm supposed to believe these skinny pale morons are supposed to be bad ass
Thakor Hace 26 días
i don't understand this movie. there is another scene where the older guy says "no matter what, never hit a woman" - but hitting a whole bunch of ladyboys seems fine with him. :P
sedge 65
sedge 65 Hace 26 días
Might be cuz being a woman is natural; ladyboys are a soft, pansy perversion of men, complete with too much hair product and - apparently - lipstick Hahaha
12 Ga Shotty
12 Ga Shotty Hace 27 días
Dusek Levay
Dusek Levay Hace 27 días
Stupic chinese asses.....blond homo
mohamed said
mohamed said Hace 27 días
why this looks like the same garage in fast and furious tokyo drift
Jake Ewing
Jake Ewing Hace 27 días
That was like the most humble, respectful (sort of) opposing gang rivalry I've ever seen in a movie lol
Miyu Miyu
Miyu Miyu Hace 27 días
Good depiction of what a real mobster is compared to the shitty thugs, grunts and rich fuck boys tryin to look scary that plague our cities nowadays.
Farscape Hace 27 días
Hope those old guys destroyed those young punks.
eremia victoras
eremia victoras Hace 27 días
You all should watch the movie before comment on this video.
stranraerwal Hace 27 días
well it's very Chinese, very long and the old gangsters talk with 3 potatoes in their mouths.
UcantHide4eveR's Gaming Channel
Lil punks need to get schooled
Guardian Down
Guardian Down Hace 27 días
That's how the mafia works
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