Olivia Rodrigo - drivers license (Official Video)

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Music video by Olivia Rodrigo performing drivers license. © 2021 Olivia Rodrigo, under exclusive license to Geffen Records


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7 ene 2021






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FaxProductions Hace 6 segundos
I don’t think this is good what about chief keef blowing up a 16 or tay Kay smoking next to his most wanted sign doing the race
myleys world
myleys world Hace 8 segundos
Jeswin Joseph
Jeswin Joseph Hace 12 segundos
This song will hit 1 billion
Mara Hace 15 segundos
Diana Díaz
Diana Díaz Hace 18 segundos
Nadia M
Nadia M Hace 20 segundos
If everyone seeing this comment leave a like, how much this kid could be happy 😂🥺🥺❤
Review Writer
Review Writer Hace 23 segundos
POV you here after listening to Sabrinas new song about Olivia
Claire Luganda
Claire Luganda Hace 54 segundos
the lyrics are so relatable omg-
Ansh Sharma
Ansh Sharma Hace un minuto
I feel you!!
IAM MYSTERIOUS Hace un minuto
I'm not gonna support either of them..... I mean we Don know what *really* happened betw them and we just make our conclusions.... Just after she dropped drivers license, Josh dropped his song called Lie Lie Lie... And if ur gonna say he wrote years B4 then why tf is he so quickly dropping it after Olivia's song.... Think ppl think! And when we match the lyrics.... It's like both of em are pointing each other telling smthin.... Like Josh is saying she played him or something And olivia is saying he left her or somethin... Like, just check out the lyrics.... So, stop saying it's his fault or her fault or whoevers fault..... It's *their* life, we just believe some lil evidence spotted on the camera.... But we can't say that," see that's what happened" Don't pity either of them, cuz tbh no one knows what *exactly* happened.... And Don believe everything people, it's not like they were closer to them analysing all the shit.... Leave it ppl! My opinion! 🙂
Dark Dragon
Dark Dragon Hace un minuto
I’m not sure what it is... listening to this just gives me something I feel like has been missing for too long
Evangeline Ramirez Vera
Omg i luv this song so fcking much. I REALLY FELT THAT, EVERY PART. Hope you feel better soon 💜💜 u deserve better
Jandel Ilagan
Jandel Ilagan Hace 2 minutos
Best song of 2021 ?
Lexi Simmons
Lexi Simmons Hace 2 minutos
So pretty
Farrah Price
Farrah Price Hace 2 minutos
Everyone: THIS SONG SO GOOD Me: 0:21 ~staring at the people in the back unpacking ...👁️👄👁️
John Wick
John Wick Hace 2 minutos
"I still fucking love my dog..."
Dev Patel
Dev Patel Hace 3 minutos
Mate I wrote my college essay on getting my drivers license and this comes out. They better not think I’m bandwagoning 😤🤦‍♂️
Krishna Madnani
Krishna Madnani Hace 3 minutos
Imagine if someone was really feeling like this😭
ayan miso
ayan miso Hace 4 minutos
Can we just admire how beautiful she Sanged and how relatable it is 😌
Tilauana Tonga
Tilauana Tonga Hace 6 minutos
oop she exsposed her ex
Savannah Romero
Savannah Romero Hace 7 minutos
Does that break part kind of sound like the tune to "nananana boo boo, you can't catch me" ? Or am I the only one who hears that? 😂
Jennifer Marie
Jennifer Marie Hace 7 minutos
Need acoustic version now
TWicEpiNk iN YoUr aReA
TWicEpiNk iN YoUr aReA Hace 7 minutos
Me crying over my elementary school boyfriend: 👁💧👄💧👁🤚🏼
Mara Ubhi
Mara Ubhi Hace 7 minutos
Me over here singing like I've just went through a heartbreak
Pigs Pigs
Pigs Pigs Hace 8 minutos
How- does it get better every time i listen to it- is it even real? :0
Try Guys Meme videos
Try Guys Meme videos Hace 8 minutos
so i did not cry i swear
Caseyaxx Hace 9 minutos
I don’t wanna be the blonde girl I don’t wanna be the blonde girl I don’t wanna be the blonde girl I don’t wanna be the blonde girl 🥺🥺🥺
Ilovegachalife:3 :3
Ilovegachalife:3 :3 Hace 9 minutos
Latoshia Jackson
Latoshia Jackson Hace 9 minutos
You said a bad word I don't care because I love this song
Ossi Hace 10 minutos
Wow 60 million views
Camila sofia Rios
Camila sofia Rios Hace 10 minutos
Moy Pal
Moy Pal Hace 10 minutos
Ashley wood
Ashley wood Hace 11 minutos
Way better then “skin” with its melody and vibe and lyrics
xxxkurinka *
xxxkurinka * Hace 9 minutos
itsthejohnm Hace 11 minutos
Proud Filipino here!
cata moon
cata moon Hace 11 minutos
2021 y habla de otra mujer, que mal
Anju Chaturvedi
Anju Chaturvedi Hace 11 minutos
Vanessa Hernandez
Vanessa Hernandez Hace 11 minutos
Sha pippin😏😔
Aidan D'souza
Aidan D'souza Hace 11 minutos
Wow 60 mill
A3 Gaming
A3 Gaming Hace 12 minutos
Don’t be rude or put hate on me but idk who she is I just heard this about my friend and Ngl Idk What the point of this song is...
Collin C
Collin C Hace 12 minutos
Imagine Conan Gray on this.
bts Hace 12 minutos
You have a vibe like Billie eilish and your voice
Fabgianna Hace 12 minutos
Can’t stop listening 😭😭❤️
valeriano calledo
valeriano calledo Hace 13 minutos
she's a star ,shes pure and talented 🥰 great song writter too
peace Hace 13 minutos
This is so good 🥺❤️
jessica smith
jessica smith Hace 13 minutos
This song is just "okay" .. not that catchy..
euthalia salomon dockery
euthalia salomon dockery Hace 14 minutos
Is it just me or I am the only one who thought that this song was about her getting her license and she was so happy about it that she wrote a song but rlly it was about something else ;-;
Haley Amsel
Haley Amsel Hace 14 minutos
Fist time listener, definitely won’t be my last
siennaxlqtte Hace 15 minutos
im worried this song is gonna get ruined by tiktok
itsthejohnm Hace 15 minutos
Just want you guys to know that she's half Filipino❤
loaf of bread
loaf of bread Hace 15 minutos
Shes literally driving on the wrong side of the road 😐😐
peace Hace 15 minutos
Yuh so pretty 🥺❤️
DuckyBear Hace 15 minutos
We could swing on a swing eating a baguette, BUT WHY DO BORING STUFF LIKE THAT WHEN THERES THE INTERNET???
Gacha Sparkle
Gacha Sparkle Hace 15 minutos
Good job on getting ur drivers license
Alexa David
Alexa David Hace 15 minutos
Okay,this song is ACTULLY amazing and ngl I didn’t take her for real but this song is an actual eye opener to her talent and her POV on heartbreak and basically just-this song is amazing.
HeyItsTJ Hace 15 minutos
This is really good. I normally stay away from pop but I was curious after hearing Sabrina made a “diss” towards her. She seems to not be shading her too, I hope they don’t beef
Bia Beatriz
Bia Beatriz Hace 16 minutos
k kim
k kim Hace 16 minutos
You gotta check out skin by sabrina
peace Hace 16 minutos
Shiela Mae Garciano
Shiela Mae Garciano Hace 16 minutos
She looks like Catriona Gray 😳
Zareyn Yamalag Oica
Zareyn Yamalag Oica Hace 16 minutos
"Cause I still fucking love you, babe" :((
100 Dahub YTJ
100 Dahub YTJ Hace 16 minutos
She just makes one song pops off not even a good song I’m a boy so should understand
lyn say Say
lyn say Say Hace 17 minutos
Fun fact:shes a half filipino ❤
Anju Chaturvedi
Anju Chaturvedi Hace 17 minutos
Melanie Chang
Melanie Chang Hace 17 minutos
Isabela Alves
Isabela Alves Hace 17 minutos
this song is so good
Melanie Chang
Melanie Chang Hace 17 minutos
I am sorry your heart was broken. My daughter heard some of your song and would like to let you know that we prayed for you. We also wanted to tell you that God loves you and Jesus, in fact he loves you so much that is why he sent Him into the world. We hope that you find someone who loves you and you love him back. One more thing we think you have a lovely voice. May God bless you.
Sandra Pavasovic
Sandra Pavasovic Hace 17 minutos
I hate the people who are now saying that the song is overrated because it passed 7 rings like it’s not her fault so stop coming for her I honestly so proud of Olivia and she deserves it sm but stop saying its overrated when it’s your fault for making so much videos about it on TikTok
Daniela Cisneros
Daniela Cisneros Hace 17 minutos
It doesn't happen to them that ✨ THEY LOVE THIS SONG ✨
Leena Baloch
Leena Baloch Hace 17 minutos
It’s so funny everyone can’t stop listening
Erin B
Erin B Hace 18 minutos
"im sick of this song" ~hears first note, screams rest of song~
Megann Martin
Megann Martin Hace 20 minutos
I love the song and she's soo pretty
Nicole Garcia
Nicole Garcia Hace 20 minutos
This girl had 200k subscribers... she is now at 1 mil, I love seeing her grow
nina Hace 20 minutos
not y’all crying over this forever21 music
Chad Michael
Chad Michael Hace 20 minutos
Is this the Tumblr National Anthem?
ken modequillo
ken modequillo Hace 20 minutos
how do I get over the bridge of this song 😻
Ariana Grandest
Ariana Grandest Hace 21 un minuto
👇🏻 this is the people listening to this right now
Midnight Moon
Midnight Moon Hace 21 un minuto
O: this premiered on my birthday :))) Made me almost forget how sad the song is.
Brishti Majumder
Brishti Majumder Hace 21 un minuto
This song made me cry ,for my Bf cheated on me..!!!!
Yesica Garcia
Yesica Garcia Hace 22 minutos
Vengo por el chisme 👀👀
Yulia Cherednikov
Yulia Cherednikov Hace 22 minutos
Olivia, this is a masterpiece! can't say the same about others * ahem *
valeriano calledo
valeriano calledo Hace 22 minutos
Cooper Davis
Cooper Davis Hace 22 minutos
This song is so fucking ass. Its like Steven hawking me wrote this shit
deadasshmmings Hace 23 minutos
listening to this while crying about my kpop boys hits different
Magaly Quintero
Magaly Quintero Hace 23 minutos
Vengo aqui por tik tok uwu
Foshoko Hace 23 minutos
Olivia has come a looong way from Bizaardvark
Skylar Jo
Skylar Jo Hace 23 minutos
Hey y’all I’m back... again
Magaly Quintero
Magaly Quintero Hace 23 minutos
Ya que no he visto ningún comentario en español les dijo Hola a todos xd
isabella zambrano narvaez
Meg D'Water
Meg D'Water Hace 23 minutos
Two words move on its been about half a year by know
sijey uwu
sijey uwu Hace 24 minutos
yung wala kang jowa pero feeling mo broken ka
Oliver Worrells
Oliver Worrells Hace 24 minutos
Wow! She has over 1 million subscribers! Based on how popular she is, she'll have 2 million very soon.
ANUJ MEHTA Hace 25 minutos
Omfg it has 60 M views in just 3 weeks!!!! And let's be honest here... Probably 100 of them r mine 😅😅😅
Isaac Canales
Isaac Canales Hace 25 minutos
Fun fact: this isn’t in ur recommended and u had to search it up
Vibelyz 710
Vibelyz 710 Hace 26 minutos
Honestly this song is so good I can’t even describe it like ugh it’s making me mad
Alejandro De la torre
Alejandro De la torre Hace 26 minutos
Dramática comete skin de Sabrina
Cartia Customs
Cartia Customs Hace 26 minutos
60 mil views in two weeks and its a debut? Yeah she had a bright future..
Anthony Hace 26 minutos
pearl m
pearl m Hace 27 minutos
She looks like Ms universe 2018 catriona gray! PROUD FILIPINO HERE!!
Ilham Saputra
Ilham Saputra Hace 27 minutos
Gak bisa bahasa inggris😭
Camden Williams
Camden Williams Hace 27 minutos
Anyone here from TikTok?🙂🙂
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