Onboard Spa: Real vs ACC vs GT Sport vs iRacing

David Perel
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Let's do a direct comparison between some real life laps around Spa and the most popular simulators.
#GTSPORT #Thrustmaster
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12 nov 2019






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Skippy 4077
Skippy 4077 Hace 16 d铆as
Must admit Gran turismo looks bloody Real, the colours are more life like I think thats the difference
Longerich#23 Racing
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-Ks4IdiAKU-M.html for all who says iRacing looks shit. iRacing looks great on my System 馃槈
designamk1 Hace un mes
It's not the looks though. It's the terrible handling that's the problem
Mark Dubouzet
Mark Dubouzet Hace 2 meses
GTS 馃挴馃挴馃挴馃檶馃徏
kev harris
kev harris Hace 3 meses
That was an interesting video, thank you, it is nice to see laps from the real world up against our sims.
Joe Blo
Joe Blo Hace 4 meses
Thanks for the comparison. The sims are missing the violence of g-forces and roughness of he track and curbs. The camera view from the real car seems higher. Does the drivers seat sit higher too?
David Perel
David Perel Hace 3 meses
We sit low low low in real life
Gary Smith
Gary Smith Hace 4 meses
WOW, ACC looks, sounds, and appears to be much more realistic than the rest.
David Perel
David Perel Hace 3 meses
They all have their strong points but ACC to me feels the most realistic when it comes to GT3 cars.
Wowa Karowa
Wowa Karowa Hace 4 meses
Gran Turismo Sports sounds like Gran Turismo 1. Nix hat sich getan. Wenn man 眉ber den Asphalt rutscht h枚rt sich das noch immer genauso Scheisse an wie wo 20 Jahren
TigeRRacing Hace 4 meses
can u share with me ur settings at ACC coz i have the same T-gt and T-lcm and ur real race driver so i can use similar to u and be better coz i live gt3 thanks anyway brother and good job
Jorge Lopez
Jorge Lopez Hace 6 meses
please use rfactor 2 four compare guy ;)
King Cobra
King Cobra Hace 6 meses
Played GT religiously up to GT6. Once I made the switch to iracing I was blown away. I knew it didn't look as sexy as GT; However, there's no 10 year olds , iscrewyourmom game tags,and it is very near to the real thing when comparing. There's a reason the best gear isn't available on consoles. Lately the gear has trickled down. I guess this debate will go on forever, or until either company goes belly up. No matter what you're racing enjoy the Race brothers.
Aditya Hace 6 meses
As a PS4 owner, I'll admit that although GT sport is great and all (yes, better than ACC on PC), project cars 2 is the ultimate deal. The helmet cam featured in pc2 is the next level stuff
Aditya Hace 6 meses
Such an epic feeling when GT sport running on a 300$ PS4 destroys the highest end racing sims available on billion dollar PCs equipped with rtx 2080ti and titans.
DerBlaue Hace 6 meses
Graphics: ACC (although GTS has great lighting) Track (details): ACC Sound: generally ACC but the Ferrari sounds more realistic in iRacing Realism: Probably ACC but I haven't tried GTS or iRacing
Captain Tsubasa 10
Captain Tsubasa 10 Hace 6 meses
GT sport tracks look amazing!
JD Walker
JD Walker Hace 7 meses
GTSport no longer deserves to be talked in the same breath as the other 3 after the January update
David Perel
David Perel Hace 7 meses
Fair enough point, I can imagine that the lower lobbies have gotten exponentially worse
JD Walker
JD Walker Hace 7 meses
@David Perel I agree. The racing is better quality in the higher levels. When having a 99 SR meant something, even 'A' lobbies were filled with fair and competitive respectful racing. Now, that's no longer the case on average in A or below. At any rate, look forward to hearing your plans for the irl racing season.
David Perel
David Perel Hace 7 meses
I don't agree, the penalty system is frustrating but the game is still one of my favourites. The higher the lobby the better the quality of racing. I've found this to be true of almost every sim I've played online.
TheCamaro5 Hace 8 meses
I would say GT sport looks the best
NickyB Hace 8 meses
I just hate iRacing's buisnessmodel. Its either buy cars and tracks or pay for a subscription for me. Not both!
Gabe Thomas
Gabe Thomas Hace 9 meses
The audio in IRacing is amazing. It doesn't sound synthetic, it sounds like a recording.
R贸偶ne Przygody
R贸偶ne Przygody Hace 9 meses
I'm amased how similar the top speed is, less than 5 km/h approaching the last chickane, that's 1% !
TX3KSZRSzabi Hace 9 meses
Awesome video again! Really nice job! :)
David Shaw
David Shaw Hace 9 meses
Thanks for another good and educational video, and FLIP MAN, well done for achieving the Spa lap record! I didn't think a GT3 could be that fast. I had to rewind the video a couple of times to confirm. Happy for you.
eXOdus Hace 9 meses
The sound design in ACC is amazing. Really captures the intensity of driving a race car
David Perel
David Perel Hace 9 meses
Yea the sound design in ACC is really well done
Lateral Twitler
Lateral Twitler Hace 9 meses
Awesome vids, and impressive laps. In short: legendary content.
Michael Boylan
Michael Boylan Hace 9 meses
Hi David, loving the channel and videos, please keep up the good work. As a sim racer of about 20 years and a keen track day driver for 10 years, just wondering what your thoughts were on what sim/game has the most accurate circuits? I've used Iracing's Oulton Park in the past which I found to be very close and I found Assetto Corsa's Spa to be pretty good as well. Would be interested to hear your thoughts. Cheers, Michael
Michael Boylan
Michael Boylan Hace 9 meses
Thanks David and appreciate your quick reply. Good to hear about ACC tracks. I've not tried it yet but have many years of AC use. Interesting about GT Sport as well, not sure if they are laser scanned either but great to read they are pretty accurate. Thanks again for your feedback. Best wishes Michael
David Perel
David Perel Hace 9 meses
Hey Michael, thanks for the comment! It does depend on the sim, Gran Turismo does an incredible except for big sausage curbs which they intentionally dumb down for reasons I don鈥檛 know. iRacing is OK but many of their tracks are out of date. ACC seems to be doing the best job at the moment, they seem to be taking a lot of care with their modeling.
Shawn Bescheinen
Shawn Bescheinen Hace 9 meses
Kudos on the editing quick-cuts, your track position lined up so well :)
David Perel
David Perel Hace 9 meses
Thank you! You're the only one who noticed, but I did try to do it on purpose :)
Tornado 1
Tornado 1 Hace 9 meses
GT sport for looks and lighting but ACC for sound
David Perel
David Perel Hace 9 meses
Agreed :)
Bright Sky
Bright Sky Hace 9 meses
Sound is just as important as graphics .. when the music changes everyone cringes .. LoL . Nice video Dave.
juankaylo Hace 9 meses
ACC graphics = shit
David Perel
David Perel Hace 9 meses
You reckon? I think iRacing is the worst
yaushaas Hace 9 meses
Have you tried time trial on gt sport in VR?
David Perel
David Perel Hace 9 meses
I haven't tried VR with GT Sport yet. It's on the to-do list but... $$$
Alley Alley
Alley Alley Hace 9 meses
Gt sport is incomparable
Alley Alley
Alley Alley Hace 9 meses
In the great way.. it the most real game since the ps1
David Perel
David Perel Hace 9 meses
In a good way or bad way?
PeterMac83 Hace 9 meses
GT Sport win
JoeDogs Hace 9 meses
You can clearly see that you take the corners like in real life in GT Sport. And the right gear. You can't in Iracing and ACC. So for me, GT Sport comes closest to realistic driving. Just so it is said. I love the ACC. Iracing is for PC nerd,s with a lot of money ;)
Rostislav Ha拧ek
Rostislav Ha拧ek Hace 9 meses
Framerate seems much higher in GT Sport, than in other two games, even though iRacing showed 80+FPS.
David Perel
David Perel Hace 9 meses
Could be my recording software, which is janky AF.
Martinuss 77
Martinuss 77 Hace 9 meses
Best sim iRacing.
Havocc Hace 10 meses
Lol at that chaingun downshift at 7:44 in gts, so arcade like project cars
JP Racing
JP Racing Hace 10 meses
For GT3 cars I say assetto Corsa takes the win 100% They absolutely nailed it, focusing on one class of cars really allowed them to fully develop them properly. Defo as close as you can get for GT3 cars.
Rolf Berge
Rolf Berge Hace 10 meses
How much impact do the wing settings have on fast tracks top speed?
David Perel
David Perel Hace 9 meses
The answer is 鈥渋t depends鈥. For example the 488 GT3 with the 2016 spec rear wing had a huge gurney flap which cost us a lot of top speed but added downforce. Then in 2018 they launched an Evo package which was like magic, smaller gurney, more top speed and more downforce. With the 2018 wing we don鈥檛 see that much cost in top speed when we increase the wing angle.
Jonas Van Gavere
Jonas Van Gavere Hace 9 meses
Massive, top spead on end of kemmel straight was 15km/h slower (250 instead of 265 - vbox speed) with max setting on rear wing instead of minimum (OEM GTS wing)
Jordan Woods_mtb
Jordan Woods_mtb Hace 10 meses
Ill see you at Kyalami 9 hour Our home race good luck
SORA, and my pronouns are bleep bloop
Thumbs up to get him to review Project Cars 2. I am curios of his thoughts, as well as other viewers thoughts on the game/SIM
SORA, and my pronouns are bleep bloop
Hello, can you please review Project Cars 2...?? :) The online is lacking at times, especially on PS4... But I am wondering your thoughts on how it feels, and where it ranks as a SIM compared to the others that you have reviewed..... I think Project Cars 2 certainly deserves a shot at a review. Plus they are working on a third one, and would love your input I am sure:) Thank you ahead of time
metronomband Hace 10 meses
Ok, just from your input on a real life lap, you can tell that the simulation games are shit for years.
Rapid_GT 99
Rapid_GT 99 Hace 10 meses
To be honest all 3 Sims are very good to watch, I'd say maybe ACC sounds the best but that's subjective, GT Sports Graphics stunning as always and iRacing with the better cockpit view, be interesting to know what your thoughts are DD with how each Sim compares on the feel of Spa ....then let the sim wars commence 馃ぃ compared to your Ferrari 458 lap I don't think any of the Sims nailed the raw sound tbh, ACC for me sounded the best!
Mark Payne
Mark Payne Hace 10 meses
Great video Dave, so good to see real life racing footage, against sim racing footage.
Emile Grey
Emile Grey Hace 10 meses
PS 4 is the closet I'll get to "True focus". Nice to see that there is stuff like this out there...Time for developers to take note! Cheers.
Mik S
Mik S Hace 10 meses
What do you mean by "Is still a Playstation game"? What does the platform have to do with the realism and physics simulation? ...Please make sure you disable all driving assistance in GT: Some of those are ON by default like Active Stability Management (ASM) and they just turn the game into an Arcade sim for kids (as intended).
Mik S
Mik S Hace 9 meses
David Perel I guess computational application requirements, processing power needs and data bandwidth availability is still an unknown subject to most people.
David Perel
David Perel Hace 9 meses
@Mik S Top line simulators have multiple processors for each corner of corner of the car and then more to handle the aerodynamic rules and then more to handle the tire model. Graphics are the least important element when building a 'real' simulator. Trust me mate, the GT Sport does an incredible great job but it's severely limited by the processing power of the PS4.
Tintop Hace 9 meses
@Mik S omg.. lol. please stop.
Mik S
Mik S Hace 9 meses
Tintop Well, current consoles do actually have 8 core CPUs and at least 8GB DDR5 memory. There are still many i5 with less processing power than these AMD CPUs. People look at consoles, they see consoles ...and totally miss the computer inside. And again, the hard part is not real time physics calculations. More than 80% or 90% of all the available processing power (platform irrelevant) goes to graphics processing. Also, if you have two cores exclusively dedicated to tires behavior, then I assure you that most of their clock time is spent idling, waiting for something to happen. CPUs (wherever box they鈥檙e in) don鈥檛 work at car speeds.
Tintop Hace 9 meses
@Mik S it's not absurd. for example the SETA tyre model from pcars 2 uses 2 cpu cores of the ps4 for it's real time calculations... TWO cpu cores.... just for the tyre model. simulating stuff like suspension, aerodynamics, tyres, chassis flex, drivetrain oscillations etc needs a f*ckload of CPU power... consoles just don't have this so sims on consoles are more or less simplified to reduce the CPU load. That's why simracing as a hobby only really makes sense on PC (let alone the numbers of sims you get for PC and hardware). Having Assetto Corsa and pcars2 on consoles was really a tough job full of compromises.
Omar GTX
Omar GTX Hace 10 meses
gt sport win thx
AEIDOLONE Hace 10 meses
I wish you would try out Project Cars 2 and give us an opinion about this game.
AEIDOLONE Hace 10 meses
@David Perel Well, that's the most correct answer I have ever heard. 馃榾 For sure, it's not perfect, but that variety just beats me every time.
David Perel
David Perel Hace 10 meses
I am not a fan of PC2 at all mate. I think they tried to do too many things and didn鈥檛 get any of it right.
dubtube Hace 10 meses
You have forgotten Raceroom
Hemanth Sai Veluvolu
Hemanth Sai Veluvolu Hace 10 meses
How are you still alive? Weren't you murdered by SuperGT after a fatal blow to the nose? 馃槀
David Perel
David Perel Hace 10 meses
馃槀馃槀 turns out you don鈥檛 need a nose
HomieFFM Hace 10 meses
Hello David, currently I'm talking with a lot of people about the seat/view position in the Forum. If you could make a Video about the seat/view position in real life of your car and show it in ACC, that would help/interest a lot of people. Just a small idea for a future video :) (because it's very hard to compare things with helmetcams, because they are mostly on the top or side of the helmet)
Dead_Last_Dad Hace 10 meses
Great stuff Coach Dave! I just started ac on my PS4 due to no pc and I must say it is a treat of a game! I鈥檓 sure ACC built off of what they had but all around very pleased to have a couple options on PS4.
GT Grandad
GT Grandad Hace 10 meses
For a console game GT Sport amazes me and I find it very imersive.. Was hyped for Spa in the game and had the largest grin on my face driving it. Call it a Arcade game or a Sim, GT Sport has become my favourite out of all of them. No setup just jump in and drive. I would be a very happy camper the day GT Sport became available on pc, I can wish :D.. Great Video as always David love you content keep it coming.
Import Enthusiast Channel
the tire model of gt sport looks horrible
David Perel
David Perel Hace 10 meses
Because of the sound?
Skovsnegl Hace 10 meses
Taking into consideration that the real thing is what they are trying to emulate: ACC is a bit over saturated in color, the lighting inside the car is too bright, a bit better than iRacing but GT sport is more realistic.The car does move more around, using suspension travel and small dips in the suspension when cornering/braking and racing down the straight, you really notice the bumpy road and the G's the car experinced by tilting in corners. The road noise changes in the level of steering/tire scrub and gives a clear idea how much understeering there is and the sound with engine roaring, the curbs buzzing and brakes squeals is fantastic. Overall a better immersion of a real racing driving experince. GT Sport is better with the saturation of the colors, lighting in the car is better but the car seems to be flying on cushings, even when going over the curb on the uphill section. The suspension travel is somewhat there but you don't experince the G's the car is able to acheive. You notice it when it hits the curbs but overall it's low amount of feel of the speed. The road noise and the steering/tire scub changes like ACC, but that high pitched sound is not very realistic in a racecar to me, the curb sounds more dense and heavy, better than ACC but it lacks the braking squeal when braking but it could be that the 458 doesn't have ceramic brakedisc. Overall a more arcade racing driving experince. iRacing is the middleground when it comes to colors, the lighting in the car is worse than the rest, everything is illuminated and lacks depth in the graphics, nothing is shiny, only matte. There is some degree of car movement when braking and hitting a curb, but no G sideways tilt of the car taking a corner. Like GT Sport is a low amount of the feel of the speed. The road noise and the steering/tire scrub is bad, i've never like iRacing for that, there is no telling how much understeer the car is having with that white constant noise and the curb sounds like it's delayed/choppy and it sounds louder than it should be. Sadly like GT sport i can't hear the brake squeal which takes away the immersion of the game. It also seems like they are turning the steering wheel too much compared to the real thing and ACC and GT Sport. Overall a more arcade racing driving experince. They all got the dogbox transmission sound but that is the only thing they have in common, all 3 of them.
Tintop Hace 9 meses
you can adjust saturation in ACC graphics menu.
Johnny Mugnano
Johnny Mugnano Hace 10 meses
Is it easier to spin out in real life or in a sim?
Johnny Mugnano
Johnny Mugnano Hace 10 meses
David Perel thanks for the reply! I subscribed. Is it from the lack of feedback in the sim compared to actually being in the car?
David Perel
David Perel Hace 10 meses
It鈥檚 easier to spin in a sim
bagChief Hace 10 meses
GT Sport looks like what real life looks through the lens of a GoPro not what real life actually looks like. One thing I'll give it is the sense of depth is great. ACC by default like AC is too saturated, I turn saturation down to 80% and the pallette looks much better. Another thing is everyone judging graphic fidelity from a compressed ESvid video is silly. The sharpest and more detailed game will always suffer most. I'm interested to know what settings are being run for ACC and iRacing. Love your content David, keep it up!
Reis the Racer
Reis the Racer Hace 10 meses
I'm here waiting for the video comparing ths Sims. The question is: which one is the closest to real?
David Perel
David Perel Hace 10 meses
It depends mate, also opinions between drivers varies. Some like iRacing, others rFactor, some ACC. I don鈥檛 have a favorite at the moment. They each get elements right and some elements wrong.
Major Tom
Major Tom Hace 10 meses
Good stuff david, thanks for your videos, it's nice to have the opinion from a professional driver. I was wondering, are you planning to make any sort of guide or tutorial on how to setup a car maybe in ACC or iRacing?
SheetFiber4488 Hace 10 meses
why set the sixth gear at a very small ratio? shouldn't we hit the redline in top gear for better acceleration?
David Perel
David Perel Hace 10 meses
Which onboard lap are you looking at? In real life the gear ratios cannot be changed, so your gearbox is designed to suit all tracks.
TheWidowMaker40 Hace 10 meses
Another great video Dave. For me GT Sport looked the best, I take it IRenting couldn't be bothered to paint the curbs the right color. IRL, GTS and ACC the curbs were correctly Red/Orange, in IRenting they were Red/White.
Tintop Hace 9 meses
@TheWidowMaker40 you better don't drive Twin Ring Motegi in iracing.. it's shocking how utterly bad this track looks in iracing.. FOR THIS MONEY a real rip off
TheWidowMaker40 Hace 10 meses
@David Perel That seems pretty shocking to me given the ridiculous pricing model IRacing uses. You would have thought they'd keep tracks up to date at the very least, at 拢16 GT Sport is superb value.
David Perel
David Perel Hace 10 meses
iRacing uses an old model of the track... hence the different curb colors... and other things馃槀
Jesus Malena
Jesus Malena Hace 10 meses
A couple of questions for David. Do you think it would feel more realistic playing anyone of these games with an actual motion sim rig? Also, your laps in real life seem to be 2 seconds faster than the Sims, is it because it's hard for you to tell how far you can push the vehicle in the Sims vs real life?
David Perel
David Perel Hace 10 meses
The only real lap that was faster was the Michelin. That鈥檚 purely related to grip levels. Whereas the Pirelli lap was very close to the sim times. I鈥檓 not a fan of motion rigs because they tend to have delayed feedback. I prefer a solid base with good FFB.
Aris Panos
Aris Panos Hace 10 meses
Nice video man. I see almost in any game you're pulling a lot 4th and 5th gear. Does this give you that extra speed or is something you do?
Steve Claeys
Steve Claeys Hace 10 meses
Hatefull tire squeal sound in GT sports. Nevertheless, impressive onboards in all video's.
Paul Scott
Paul Scott Hace 10 meses
Looks like so much more gril on those Michelin tyres
ali09 Gaming
ali09 Gaming Hace 10 meses
so which has closest to real life grip and handling etc ?
David Perel
David Perel Hace 10 meses
I鈥檓 not really sure, they all had some issues which I didn鈥檛 like but overall they did a decent job in different areas. If iRacing had a modern model of the track then I鈥檇 say they did a good job but until then... ACC holds the crown.
Tobie Couillard
Tobie Couillard Hace 10 meses
You always use 1st gear on the chicane except in GT you use 2nd. So do I, but I don't know why I'm doing it lol. Why don't you use 1st ? Also you lift Blanchimont on iracing but flat out otherwise, why is that ?
David Perel
David Perel Hace 10 meses
The 458 has more torque and first gear is shorter. In the 488 first gear is longer. Blanchimont in iRacing is not easy flat with the baseline setup. In real life it鈥檚 also not easy flat though.
Glen Waldrop
Glen Waldrop Hace 10 meses
One thing I noticed that was reinforced on this video, Spa on GT Sport is just too damned slick. It is slicker than it was on GT6. The second and third turns, you're just sliding all over the place. Even the real world has better traction than that.
Glen Waldrop
Glen Waldrop Hace 10 meses
@David Perel I've played it myself, back to back with GT6, sports medium is my preferred tire. It is slicker on GT Sport. GT Sport is slicker in general, even more so than real sims. GT Sport also screwed up the engine power adders. You almost universally increase RPM, GT Sport never does. They increase torque at the same RPM, which makes a 400HP Mustang Mach 1 unrealistically difficult to drive. That being said, I still play it often, I'm just acutely aware of it's limitations.
David Perel
David Perel Hace 10 meses
I was using hard tires in GT Sport. With medium tires it would have looked the same as the others. Not however that the perception of sliding is mostly to do with the tire noise aaaand the lap times are very similar to all the other sims. So it鈥檚 just a perception thing.
DaniMacYo Hace 10 meses
I love how Spa looks I鈥檓 Gran Turismo Sport just looks stunning to me. I was afraid they would have an older version scanned. Glad it鈥檚 the current version. Love the Red, Yellow ripple strips
Micheal Hace 10 meses
GT sport is underrated, especially for a console game.
Hell Maestro Osu!
Hell Maestro Osu! Hace 6 meses
Indeed, some people are still thinking it's a sim, when it's clearly not.
David Perel
David Perel Hace 10 meses
Agree 100%
nipdrops Hace 10 meses
Is someone playing violin in GT Sport? Sounds like it :D
Micheal Hace 10 meses
Not hearing it.
TechnoGuy11 Hace 10 meses
You can see that iRacing has the most realistic physics imo.
Tintop Hace 9 meses
Drum Ape
Drum Ape Hace 10 meses
Awesome video, thanks! Seems to be a lot bumpier in real life.
Daz555Daz Hace 10 meses
Ahh man I'd have loved to have seen PC2 in here also!
steaveg Hace 10 meses
Great vid as always. Waiting for your karting video!
David Perel
David Perel Hace 10 meses
No Karting Vid from my end mate. I didn鈥檛 get any onboard footage
Single Male Gamer
Single Male Gamer Hace 10 meses
I wish GT sport had the same attention to detail in the sound design as ACC, it's really amazing.
Marchino P
Marchino P Hace 7 meses
@David Perel Yes, but real life footage are always less bright an crisp than game-sims, that's why I tend to reduce it to improve "immersion". Till I get my butt on a real car at least ;-)
David Perel
David Perel Hace 7 meses
@Marchino P I think the saturation is just a matter of taste mate
Marchino P
Marchino P Hace 7 meses
Why on earth Sony thinks pilots will hold the wheel that way?! Maybe my mother going to grocery. It鈥檚 unwatchable and unrealistic. For the the rest looks graphically very good. In ACC you have to turn saturation down, it looks too gamish this way, much more than compared to my settings at least.
David Perel
David Perel Hace 10 meses
Yea ACC went next level with sound design
Yannick Pleiss
Yannick Pleiss Hace 10 meses
i feel like in gt sport some entry speeds are too high like in les combes and where are the differences between the michelin and pirelli tires because one time with pirelli you took eau rouge flat and stavelot you liftet and with michelin it was the other way around (of course i know there a differences in grip on track and things like temperature but i would be interested if there is a noticable difference in those tires)
David Perel
David Perel Hace 10 meses
Michelin was faster in every corner :) it was a more sticky tire
Jedi122513 Hace 10 meses
Came from super GT. Found gold.
David Perel
David Perel Hace 10 meses
Welcome to the channel!
KGORE Hace 10 meses
Gt sport 鈾ワ笍
Gseric47 Hace 10 meses
I'm still amazed at how exhilarating it feels to be in the cockpit on ACC. There's literally nothing better in terms of the ambiance feel behind the wheel in this sim for this category of racing.
Aditya Hace 6 meses
Project cars 2 and GT sport do that in a better manner in my opinion. Especially project cars 2 with the helmet cam
David Perel
David Perel Hace 10 meses
Agreed, their acoustic and graphic design is well done :)))
IR Real
IR Real Hace 10 meses
Hey there coach. May I please request a compilation of either your best overtakes or best stints or both with your insights of course.
Tomas Eriksson
Tomas Eriksson Hace 10 meses
I've noticed both on Driver61s real onboard cameras the brake indicator or what you call it isn't working. You can only see the green throttle staple moving
Tomas Eriksson
Tomas Eriksson Hace 10 meses
@David Perel OK thanks!
David Perel
David Perel Hace 10 meses
Yea the brake indicator in onboard cameras is not reliable. Pay noooo attention to it 馃槀
David Gasperoni
David Gasperoni Hace 10 meses
Thanks for the awesome video! By the way some people keep telling me about Project Cars 2, did you ever try it? Do you have a take?
Marius Zanfir
Marius Zanfir Hace 7 meses
@David Perel Which part do you find to be really bad in PC2? I found braking way too difficult, like the cars get unsettled really badly from the most minute things. I think that, if the cars would brake like that in real life, we would stay far away from them 馃槀
David Gasperoni
David Gasperoni Hace 10 meses
@David Perel I tried the karting at a friend's place and I couldn't stand it, too finicky and complicated. Good to hear that I'm not missing much.
David Perel
David Perel Hace 10 meses
I think PC2 is a bad sim 馃檲馃檲
GIL-VIL27 Hace 10 meses
Fantastic Job. Thank you!
Leon Aragonez
Leon Aragonez Hace 10 meses
So do u play GT Sport in VR?
David Perel
David Perel Hace 10 meses
Negative, I don't own any VR headsets
Leon B枚hmer
Leon B枚hmer Hace 10 meses
Acc is so close! Gtsport arcade game and that sound xD
Augusto O.R
Augusto O.R Hace 10 meses
I wish all three studios would just create a game together with the best elements of each. The game would be ungodly epic.
elbeto191291 Hace 10 meses
Man, iRacing really needs to update Spa. The red and white kerbs are just boring to watch compared to real life and the GTS and ACC versions...
Tom Tabone
Tom Tabone Hace 10 meses
All the money people dump into i racing it should be top notch in every aspect.
Half Fast Gaming
Half Fast Gaming Hace 10 meses
Interesting to hear the different sounds of each sim. The Tyre squeal in GT just won't go away seems. IRacing sounds are very hollow after the previous video which has audio clipping ha. Great stuff David. Thank you!
LightnR Hace 10 meses
Hey David, could you explain it to me, simply, what gives Michelin the grip it has? What is the difference, why is it so good? Thanks!
john wheatley
john wheatley Hace 10 meses
Why the almost potato cam settings for ACC? Havent seen GFX settings like that for nearly 10 years!! :)
guidofoc Hace 10 meses
@David Perel thanks for the video, it's really cool to see a real GT3 driver driving our favorite racing sims. Ok, now, I know you'll get upset but the FOV i see you using in GT Sport is lower (and to me looks more realistic) than the one you use in ACC. You can achieve a similar view in ACC by lowering the FOV and moving the seating position to the back a bit, so you can still see more of the cockpit but the view outside of the windows is not stretched as much. The default is 54, I use 30. It's just a humble suggestion, of course do whatever makes you feel better at the (virtual) wheel.
David Perel
David Perel Hace 10 meses
Thanks for the FOV suggestion. I have made a tweak since this video, I think I still need to work on it but it is getting closer to what I鈥檓 used to in GT Sport :)
Buckeyeboi Hace 10 meses
iRacing is so ugly on the eyes. I immediately ended it when he got to that game.
Light Speed123
Light Speed123 Hace 10 meses
Thank you for inspiring me I have made my own ESvid channel on gran turismo
David Perel
David Perel Hace 10 meses
Awesome man, good luck with the channel!
Mindo 25
Mindo 25 Hace 10 meses
Great video ! 馃敟
tankiller96 Hace 10 meses
A 2:18 in GT Sport just when I think my 2:23 is good lmfao. Love your content came here from a SuperGT video and your videos have helped me improve my lap times.
momo Hace 4 meses
I hit 2:15. Stock 458 gt3 with ss tires and no driving aids but abs
TChapman500 Gaming
TChapman500 Gaming Hace 10 meses
I do enjoy these hotlap comparisons between the various games and real life, but a single hotlap isn't a good indicator of overall realism. It's one thing to match real life for one lap, but it's something completely different to match real life over the course of a run. Anyways, thanks for posting. Also, what's with the field of view setting?
David Perel
David Perel Hace 10 meses
It always depends but sims drift even further from realism if you compare them over a longer stint. So one lap comparisons are best in my opinion.
quo guitars
quo guitars Hace 10 meses
Love watching the on board laps of yours mate, and I have to say that from the early ones to now you are getting smoother. You were smooth to start with, but you seem to have found an extra level this year buddy. Great watching mate, and looking forward to next season already. Quo
Skian Wang
Skian Wang Hace 10 meses
From the video point of view, the Real has a strong impact, the ACC tone is too cold, and the GTS body has no weight, and the dynamic is wrong.
jinx20001 Hace 10 meses
ACC dont get the praise it deserves i feel, i think a lot of original AC players just felt bummed that they decided to concentrate on one series but it was for the best i feel because the cars and the driving benefit from that. in this comparison ACC looked more in line with RL, theres a bit more snap and aggression from the car, sounds great too, i really like playing ACC the AI is really good and they keep making improvements. GT sport looks really good too, the lighting at night is just perfect, but handling all looks a little soft, too smooth, less snap from the cars backside, we could clearly see it was one to one with your steering input but theres no ''unwanted'' feedback shall i say, like the road is made of pure silk, a little more in game movement would be more realistic, maybe its the head and body movement, needs more bounce for realism, maybe its missing camera shake i cant put my finger on it. iracing looks ok but cant get past the visuals now, its looking a little dated, screaming out for an iracing 2 to pull it into this decade you know, handling looks good, bit better than GT sport. thanks for the video, hope your doing well.
jinx20001 Hace 10 meses
Haha thankyou buddy but you got this, love the content.
David Perel
David Perel Hace 10 meses
Mate your analysis is spot on. I think I can give you the keys to this channel while I鈥檓 on holiday with my family 馃檶 馃攽
Maarten Smit
Maarten Smit Hace 10 meses
Very interesting video, thank you!
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