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DiCaprio. Pitt. Robbie. Experience a version of 1969 that could only happen #OnceUponATimeInHollywood - the 9th film by Quentin Tarantino.
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Quentin Tarantino’s ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD visits 1969 Los Angeles, where everything is changing, as TV star Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his longtime stunt double Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) make their way around an industry they hardly recognize anymore. The ninth film from the writer-director features a large ensemble cast and multiple storylines in a tribute to the final moments of Hollywood’s golden age.
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Alesandro Vargas
Alesandro Vargas Hace 4 horas
I’m gonna keep watching this trailer until the movie comes out
Caligula Perseus
Caligula Perseus Hace 21 un hora
Ending spoilers There's a bloody shootout/Kung Fu brawl between protagonists and the Manson family and in this movie Sharon tates survived.
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen Hace 12 horas
@Caligula Perseus. I know Booth dies and that he kills Manson. Do you know any other details? Also do you know who plays Michelle Phillips or Hugh Hefner?
rayan A.P
rayan A.P Hace un día
i just sau wow!
rayan A.P
rayan A.P Hace 14 horas
@Eli Kronen no but i like this trailer too much
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen Hace un día
@rayan A.P. You just saw this film?
Hockeytown/Broad Street Bullies #1 Fan
I love the Pulp Fiction reference at 1:05.
Fireball Dragon
Fireball Dragon Hace 2 días
2nd song?
Amelie1287 Hace 10 horas
Bring a little lovin..Los Bravos
Connor Hawkins
Connor Hawkins Hace 2 días
this film will be lit
Ben Magnez
Ben Magnez Hace 2 días
Comments are divided into four distinct places: Tarantino's ninth film Leo and Brad starring in a film together That amazing Bruce Lee impersonator Luke's last film before his death
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen Hace 2 días
@Ben Magnez. There's a lot about Manson and Tate as well.
PlayStation Play
PlayStation Play Hace 3 días
Am i the only one who's keep coming back everyday to watch this trailer?😁
George Vreeland Hill
Hollywood. 1969. Can't wait.
P puh6tfrz
P puh6tfrz Hace 3 días
'The 9th Film From Quentin Tarantino'.... How pompous.
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen Hace 3 días
@P puh6tfrz... Or just a fact.
Angel Hace 4 días
who watching this at that new bev tho?
surya kant prakash
surya kant prakash Hace 4 días
WTF..is it movie or moooooooooooooooovie....????? once upon a time in Hollywood brad pitt, di caprio, al pacino & characterisation of Bruce lee in a movie together..fucking history... lily get me some popcorn
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen Hace 3 días
@surya kant prakash. It makes more sense now. I agree with you. It's going to be epic!
surya kant prakash
surya kant prakash Hace 3 días
@Eli Kronen sure
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen Hace 3 días
@surya kant prakash. Ok. I get it. The problem with your comment though, is that it says Bruce Lee is acting in this movie, not that he's a character. You may want to edit it.
surya kant prakash
surya kant prakash Hace 4 días
@Eli Kronen I know..But how real the character is..That's the point..🙃
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen Hace 4 días
@surya kant prakash. Bruce Lee is a character in this film. Not an actor. The actor is Mike Moh. Bruce Lee died in the 70's.
VideoHomeSystem Hace 5 días
1:09 charles manson?
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen Hace 5 días
@VideoHomeSystem. Yep
Ian Barrett
Ian Barrett Hace 5 días
Is that mama cass in the trailer ?
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen Hace 5 días
@Ian Barrett. Yes. And Michelle Phillips.
ivstova47 Hace 5 días
I'm here to see Bruce Lee..... I can't fucking wait
THOT PATROL Hace 6 días
I only came here for Bruce Lee
Christian Hill
Christian Hill Hace 6 días
will this film show the manson murders or mention it
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen Hace 6 días
@Christian Hill. No. It has a fictional plot.
Shaggy Scoobz
Shaggy Scoobz Hace 7 días
Seeing Sharon Tate in this movie is both a great sight to see and heartbreaking at the same time.
gwagblade Hace 8 días
Christopher Walken better be in this film.
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen Hace 7 días
@gwagblade. He isn't.
StayStrong1990 Hace 8 días
Man when I first saw heard the news about DiCaprio & Brad doing a movie together I was sooo excited to hear about this lol! I was always hoping they would make a movie together someday but it’s hard to have 2 of the biggest stars in Hollywood be in 1 movie together. Now it came true! There both my favorite actors so looking forward to see DiCaprio & Brad together! Kinda funny DiCaprio to work with Margo Robbie again after Wall Street😁
Sukrant Kumar
Sukrant Kumar Hace 8 días
I hate this apple Ad.. when it starts it feels like i'm watching porn!😂😂😂😂 I'm serious
Sarah Myers
Sarah Myers Hace 8 días
Chris Dunnett
Chris Dunnett Hace 11 días
Can't wait to see this!
Buzz Lightyear
Buzz Lightyear Hace 11 días
Who came here for the 100th time ?
Mumin Adhami
Mumin Adhami Hace 11 días
Song: Los Bravos - Bring A Little Lovin'
Cexi Lai
Cexi Lai Hace 12 días
Quentin just copied the style of Andy Warhol films . Particularly " WARHOLS BAD " & " Warhols Heat " & Warhols Dracula. If you dont believe me then do a ESvid search .
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen Hace 11 días
@Cexi Lai. I've never seen a Warhol film before but it sounds as though you may be on to something. There is a line in Pulp Fiction, Mia has, about her fifteen minutes of fame. QT is influenced by a lot of filmmakers and I've noticed a lot of that in his films. Never thought about Warhol though. Thanks. Maybe I'll check his films out sometime.
Cexi Lai
Cexi Lai Hace 11 días
@Eli Kronen ....he copied or was influenced by the Warhol style and background music of Warhols films because they were outrageous, confrontational & post neo realist ( Fellini). Warhol ignored Hollywoods political correctness and self censorship. He filmed shocking things like full frontal nudity , peoples boring every day lives , LGBTQ people, drug taking and murdering babies etc etc etc all backed by a quirky sound track.. QT realised the power of this style of movie. Which can be seen all through his classic Pulp Fiction. .
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen Hace 11 días
@Cexi Lai. I think you misunderstood me. What I meant is why do you think QT copied Warhol?
Cexi Lai
Cexi Lai Hace 11 días
@Eli Kronen . . It gives you a better understanding of where Quentin is creatively coming from and who inspired him. Plus Its worth having a look on ESvid @ some of these Warhol films.
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen Hace 11 días
@Cexi Lai. What makes you say that?
ImpoliteDirector _
ImpoliteDirector _ Hace 13 días
Anybody accidentally kills anybody in a fight, they go to jail. It's called manslaughter.... *LOL*
Tom Buchanan
Tom Buchanan Hace 14 días
I love the song Los Bravos
Esad Aygün
Esad Aygün Hace 14 días
Great cast
jason criss
jason criss Hace 14 días
Once upon a Pretentious Asshole Movie
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen Hace 14 días
@jason criss. How so?
Johann Barros
Johann Barros Hace 14 días
Where is the blood? Kkkkkkk
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen Hace 14 días
@Johann Barros. At the end.
faiz khan
faiz khan Hace 15 días
love from India
L Corona
L Corona Hace 15 días
Bet. That little girl character at the end that makes Leo cry is going to be revealed to be a very young Jodie Foster.
Jeffrey Bank
Jeffrey Bank Hace 15 días
Who is the "best" Director? 1. Tarantino 2. Scorcese 3. Kubrick
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen Hace 15 días
@Jeffrey Bank. Kubrick
seoul_glo Hace 15 días
i think mike moh should be cast as shang chi
122 mm BR-471B Stalinium projectile
New movie by Tarantino? that's great. Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio starring in the same Movie? that's great. Bruce Lee? that's great. Margot Robbie in Bikinies? sHuT uP aNd TaKe My MoNeY!
Trisha Gaurav
Trisha Gaurav Hace 17 días
Are there any movies where Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t die or pass out?
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen Hace 17 días
@Trisha Gaurav. Many
Zainab Mohammad
Zainab Mohammad Hace 18 días
Wow Bruce Lee
Sylvia Divinora
Sylvia Divinora Hace 18 días
Everything new i discover about this movie sends shivers down my spine. QT will not make a 10th movie after this... he will stop at the very peak
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen Hace 17 días
@Sylvia Divinora. I understand your point. You stated it well. I disagree with you. I believe QT is so passionate about film making and the process and he has other projects he wants to do. I don't think he'll stop completely until he dies or just can't.
Sylvia Divinora
Sylvia Divinora Hace 17 días
@Eli Kronen yes, i know his announcements. But Quentin lives the moment and reality. After this movie is digested, he will realize that it is not necessary anymore to tell another story of his very inside view and fantasy of the times he has shown, unless he think it's ok to go ahead after this very peak it will be in reception and success... celebration of his artistic talent, dont know how to describe it further, i am not native in english....
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen Hace 18 días
@Sylvia Divinora. He'll probably make more than ten. He also wants a make a tv series.
harryantino Hace 19 días
Tarantino - Di Caprio Brad Pitt Al Pacino Margot Robbie Shut up and Take my money!
Jayan Ila
Jayan Ila Hace 20 días
Vanga Vanga Sir(D,Li) Vaanga From India- Tamil
Dannesh Bastani
Dannesh Bastani Hace 20 días
i have no ideas what the is about but i absolutely love it
Landon Kim
Landon Kim Hace 21 un día
They better not try to embarrass Bruce Lee
Tonatiuh Gonzalez
Tonatiuh Gonzalez Hace 21 un día
Tarantino and Bruce Lee hells yeah
Lynda Trones
Lynda Trones Hace 22 días
Eduardo Ramos
Eduardo Ramos Hace 22 días
I like Leonardo and Pitt but once I saw Lee I knew I had to see this in theatres. Dont dissapoint me man...give Bruce Lee all the screen time you can he's a fucking legend.
TheReal Agent47
TheReal Agent47 Hace 22 días
Ohh there will be blood and lots of it!
Hans Garriell
Hans Garriell Hace 23 días
Perfect Bruce Lee
Twofifty Xplorer
Twofifty Xplorer Hace 23 días
Wait till y'all see the ending lol
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen Hace 23 días
@Twofifty Xplorer. Where can I stream this?
Andrew Sutherland
Andrew Sutherland Hace 23 días
It's no Helter Skelter but it should be all right.
John Weiner
John Weiner Hace 24 días
Leonardo and Brad together at last.... I can't wait
cutie Lisa xoxo
cutie Lisa xoxo Hace 24 días
I Can't see sharon tates death scene again
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen Hace 23 días
@cutie Lisa xoxo. She doesn't die in this.
Hiroshi Kanamori
Hiroshi Kanamori Hace 24 días
You can see that BRUCE LEE was an integral part of Hollywood!
Aristotle Harvey
Aristotle Harvey Hace 24 días
Pitt's delivery of that "manslaughter" line is absolutely priceless. No one writes quite like Tarantino 😎
S Hace 23 días
Aristotle Harvey Know baby! You dig it the most!
ANO CHANNEL Hace 24 días
Leo is the best ❤
Hamza Naeem
Hamza Naeem Hace 25 días
0:41 wtf is even this shot lol
Bruno Moreira
Bruno Moreira Hace 25 días
Bruce Lee 😁😂😂😅❤️❤️
Necrolai Sid
Necrolai Sid Hace 25 días
Marty, we must go back
Abe Ndiaye
Abe Ndiaye Hace 25 días
If I see another commercial about fucking Jeff Bishop...
Abe Ndiaye
Abe Ndiaye Hace 25 días
@Eli Kronen You'll know real soon...
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen Hace 25 días
@Abe Ndiaye. Who's that?
M Kannan
M Kannan Hace 25 días
My hands are registered as lethal weapons..LOL
B3T0 Hace 26 días
Ya la quiero ver
Abdullaziz //
Abdullaziz // Hace 26 días
This movie doesn't win any awards in Cannes it's going to be crap
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen Hace 18 días
@Abdullaziz //. Not!
Abdullaziz //
Abdullaziz // Hace 25 días
Eli Kronen you right man even the acting looks weak no Oscar for this movie let's see it
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen Hace 25 días
@Abdullaziz //. Right. If a bunch of pretentious movie snobs didn't like it, then no one will. Or maybe not.
Jorge Ulloa
Jorge Ulloa Hace 26 días
Hopefully he brings up the zodiac killer in 69
arttime timeart
arttime timeart Hace 26 días
I want to see this just bc Bruce Lee is talking to Brad Pitt
Bilal Tuğrul Uğurlu
Bilal Tuğrul Uğurlu Hace 26 días
I think Tarantino makes a great movie with this staff 📽🎬
MuscleSpasms Hace 26 días
Daryl Calvert
Daryl Calvert Hace 26 días
Lol, so much plagiarism, typical Quentin, and I can't wait to see it..... typically.....
riverice7 Hace 27 días
Rosie Paps
Rosie Paps Hace 27 días
Is this gonna involve the Manson murders?
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen Hace 25 días
@Rosie Paps. No. It doesn't.
Sebastian Grindborg
Sebastian Grindborg Hace 26 días
Rosie Paps yes
Ruthie Rochford
Ruthie Rochford Hace 28 días
Sounds like I'm gushing I am Brad Pitt still takes my breath away after all these years. No red blooded american woman gonna miss this baby..lol
Prof Nazrul Islam
Prof Nazrul Islam Hace 28 días
I thought Bruce Lee's last film was the Game of Death . Once upon a time, the Resurrection of the Dragon, Vol III.
KIRITO Hace 28 días
90% Talking About Bruce Lee 10% Something Else.
closinginonclosure Hace 28 días
That guy looks more like Bruce Lee than Bruce Lee looks like Bruce Lee
DALILA R Hace 28 días
This is a great movie for sure...👏👏👏👏♥️♥️♥️
Jagger Pence
Jagger Pence Hace 28 días
Stuntman Mike would be proud.
I came here because I saw Bruce Lee during the ad . Lol
Karl M
Karl M Hace 15 días
That's an impersonator.
Pablo Peraza
Pablo Peraza Hace 29 días
Charles Manson and Bruce Lee?!?!?! IM FUCKING WATCHING THIS!!!!!!!!!
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen Hace 25 días
@Pablo Peraza. And Steve McQueen.
folladordeprostis Hace 29 días
Sharon Tate was a bimbo 😱😱
Bolton Wanderers Club of Football
GeneralZoot Hace 29 días
0:41 I can't stop replaying it
UP GRADE Hace un mes
This time oscar
sexobscura Hace un mes
*another modern 'trailer' that really says nothing about the actual film* *because they've constantly been at the helm of Society:* *it's the illuminati who were responsible for those events*
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen Hace 25 días
@sexobscura. Because it's the teaser. Not the trailer.
Laura Strobel
Laura Strobel Hace un mes
Hot August Nights indeed...the peace n love 60s going out with a bloody bang the nights of the Tate - LaBianca murders another nail in the coffin of America losing it's innocence...
Chalk Chalker
Chalk Chalker Hace un mes
WARNING! Charisma At 0:27 and 0:55
Animal Nitrate
Animal Nitrate Hace un mes
Remember Beatrix Kiddo uses the yellow cloth of Bruce Lee in Kill Bill
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen Hace 25 días
@Animal Nitrate. Plus some of the crazy 88s are wearing Kato masks and the Green Hornet theme song is in it.
vickyboy rogger
vickyboy rogger Hace un mes
Okay OK okay But I can't wait for this movie
Ankit verma
Ankit verma Hace un mes
Hail Tarantino !
xXBobbyXx86 Hace un mes
Wtf Charles mason come out? There is definitely gona be some slaughtering.
mercaguk ;
mercaguk ; Hace un mes
Amelie1287 Hace 11 días
Bring a little lovin ..Los Bravos.
JoAnna Edssay
JoAnna Edssay Hace un mes
Cant wait.
Paul Jackson
Paul Jackson Hace un mes
I've been hearing about this for a couple of weeks now and I got super excited about it. I'm a old 50 year old guy who grew up in the 80's. A lot of the stuff on cable and TV then was 60's and 70's stuff. I've always loved the era Tarantino is exploring here. I love old 70's movies and TV shows. I here the Leo character goes of to Italy to make a Spaghetti Western. Cool. I can't believe this doesn't open in Theaters until July 26th. FREAKIN JULY. The way it's been talked about I thought it was opening this weekend. Oh well.
AHMED YAR Hace un mes
Who will win is the master of this game
Like Kane
Like Kane Hace un mes
There's two layers to this cake; it's about the Manson murders in a round about way.
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen Hace 24 días
@Like Kane. Well stated. I think you hit the nail on the head. I personally feel more horrified by war and genocide but I understand your point. Do you find the Manson murders of 50 years ago more horrific than the mass shootings of the last few years? For the purpose of this conversation we can view each individual shooting spree as its own event.
Like Kane
Like Kane Hace 24 días
@Eli Kronen Categorically different: Manson murders fall under a civil case known as homicide which is an isolated act of violence of one party towards another. The holocaust and slavery fall under broad historical narratives, albeit, many people suffered and died, but it was motivated under orders of a controlling faction under-pinned by the duress' of War. Yes, many war movies have been made, agreed. The two you referenced can be viewed as unique spins on war movies, cooked up in a Tarantino sauce. My point is: all serial killer movies are in your face with blood, guts, and gore. It's not everyday you get one that is off-center and allusionary, rather disguised under the pretense of something else, only to have it creep up on you at the end. Maybe it was done on purpose to mask the reality of it and to get people to come and watch it without judging the subject. There have been movies about this before, mostly TV. Not nearly as sublime tho. Let's hope it does the era justice, as for me, t's like the entire era committed those murders collectively.
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen Hace 24 días
@Like Kane. No. The film is not about the Manson murders. They're not in the film. The Manson Family has a small role. Manson himself is in it for less than a minute.
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen Hace 24 días
@Like Kane. I can see how it may look like I trivialized the murders. That wasn't my intention. I acknowledged that they were horrible. I just believe it was more of the medias and publics obsession as to why we tend to view it in the matter that we do. My point was that there have been countless films made on much bigger tragedies that people don't react so strongly to.
Like Kane
Like Kane Hace 24 días
I felt compelled because you trivialized the murders. So now you're agreeing with me that the film is about the Manson murders afterall? No need for a novel or film criticism essay, just validate, don't hate. Drop the beat. Just validate, don't hate.
Mark Byers
Mark Byers Hace un mes
Do you want to be...
Daniel Tucker
Daniel Tucker Hace un mes
The best thing that could happen to Hollywood with the Robert de Niro hopefully there per visit cuz he doesn't do movies anymore cuz he's a piece of s***. then the great big earthquake in California Hollywood San Francisco with a float into the ocean and everybody that's the lefties would drown drown drown .that would set America free cuz we don't have to watch everything that you copied from England and Canada anymore you piece of s*** Hollywood.
MrsBeachPerson Hace un mes
Dumb..Nothing decent comes out of Hollywood. Just the same old gnomes, slutty women, violence, sex, crime. Not funny. That’s why marvel movies do so well..
folladordeprostis Hace 29 días
marvel movies are childish lol
svjim1 Hace un mes
1000buffalos Hace un mes
The best movies Hollywood makes are about Hollywood.
Yang 2020
Yang 2020 Hace un mes
Eli Kronen
Eli Kronen Hace 25 días
Lee saves the day in the end.
Y~knot! Hace un mes
1 heavy weights! pigment haivng nithing to do with who is defeated! Yin Yang ...actor script context... EARTH REALITY everyone.... please!
Pu ma
Pu ma Hace un mes
preretirement acting(gigs)
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