One Of The Most Powerful LGBT Movie Scenes

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One Of The most Powerful LGBT Movie Scenes

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13 jul 2016






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Big Nibba
Big Nibba Hace 6 días
I searched up gay version of songs and this came up
Servavi Edits
Servavi Edits Hace 8 días
G noted northern goner
I hate it and i love it
gay god
gay god Hace 10 días
Fuck this lady
ЧиГуки uwu
ЧиГуки uwu Hace 15 días
Which movie it is?
Lena Chan
Lena Chan Hace 15 días
I remember watching this movie when I was a closeted LGBT+. This movie gave me the courage to come out to my parents and friends. My grandmother is a very hardcore christian, and she said to me before I realised my sexuality. That gay people will burn for all eternity and if she had a gay member of her family, she'd cut them off. I'm tired of playing straight for her, my mum is the same she's very anti LGBT. I just feel at my wits end. This shows me there are people out there who care.
Quinten Pijnacker
Quinten Pijnacker Hace 17 días
I'm gay, and I cried about this clip
Patroclo Books
Patroclo Books Hace 18 días
This made me tear up, I’m so fortunate to have my mom
Dark Flare
Dark Flare Hace 18 días
im not crying your crying
tori vivi
tori vivi Hace un mes
Oh my God I'm bawling, what movie is this?
Nova Sinclair
Nova Sinclair Hace un mes
Being gay is a sin and you cannot deny it you sadly will not spend an eternity in heaven
WoahThereBuddy 2
WoahThereBuddy 2 Hace un mes
If this dosnt change the way a homophobe thinks I don’t know what will
Henk Groenewald
Henk Groenewald Hace un mes
Wow I cried so much :-(
Todd Moss
Todd Moss Hace un mes
My mum forced me to come out and then told me it was a “phase”.
RainyReign Hace un mes
Skadootsie Hace un mes
This is making me cry and my gay is making it worse hhh
Whitney L.
Whitney L. Hace un mes
What is this movie called?
Christian K
Christian K Hace un mes
is this "prayers for bobby" ? that was one of the saddest movies i have ever seen
YukarixAsukai Hace un mes
I started to tear up i was made to feel ashamed to be me by my own family so i tried to lie to myself for years
becky donaldson
becky donaldson Hace un mes
I'm in tears I'm bi so this is amazing
Mudi Nahhas
Mudi Nahhas Hace un mes
What's the name of the movie?
Dylan Mergner
Dylan Mergner Hace 2 meses
What's the movie?
Jill Sacsayhuaman
Jill Sacsayhuaman Hace 2 meses
My daughter, my wonderful daughter was raised very differently than her mother. I wanted her to be her true self, no matter what form that took. After several crushes on girls as a teen she told be she was a lesbian. I was just happy that she was happy. Then came the boyfriend at nineteen and I'll admit I was wondering what was going on, but if she was happy so was I. She now identifies as Pan, which I hadn't even heard of before she told me. As long as she's happy, then I'm happy. Be careful about pigeonholing anyone, especially, your own children. They'll need more room than that to grow.
Angel Maria
Angel Maria Hace 2 meses
la vida es tan complicada y simple a la vez, dios, si existes, para que le diste capacidad a los humanos de pensar, si igual no la ibamos a utilizar?, pero aun quiero creer que hay esperanzas xD
ItsFlower Hace 2 meses
I cried so much, some happy and some sad 😔
Its just Saska
Its just Saska Hace 2 meses
What movie/show is this from?
luc #coolnot
luc #coolnot Hace 2 meses
What is the name of this movie
Zach Tipton
Zach Tipton Hace 2 meses
Yes, i absolutely stayed up until 1 a.m. just to watch this movie, heartbreaking, but all the same inspiring to everyone out there. (“Prayers to Bobby” is the name, if you’re wondering)
Tys Huon
Tys Huon Hace 2 meses
My sister is not really religious or supportive of LGBT but she said this scene still made her cry
Varun D
Varun D Hace 2 meses
" A Child is Listening " and that's me 💜 💙 💚 💛 🧡 ❤
Preeshal Shivanjali
Preeshal Shivanjali Hace 2 meses
I'm still crying.
JohnPaul Dixon
JohnPaul Dixon Hace 2 meses
' Prayers For Bobby' starring the incomparable Sihourney Weaver .... an incredibly moving and uplifting film.
Grace Hunter
Grace Hunter Hace 2 meses
What movie is this?
Letty Bazan
Letty Bazan Hace 3 meses
Prayers For Bobby.. will ALWAYS make me cry because seeing that movie, it saved me.
Sponsored By IKEA
Sponsored By IKEA Hace 3 meses
For the short time I was out and felt confident in myself I got bullied to the point I cut myself, now in a much safer environment and I still feel I can’t come out because of that experience, almost everyone around me would support me, but I refuse to come out because I don’t want to feel how I did back then.
Kylie Knouf
Kylie Knouf Hace 3 meses
what movie is this??
Jødie Lumsden
Jødie Lumsden Hace 3 meses
What movie is this ?
Lucie Nguyen
Lucie Nguyen Hace 3 meses
People tell me I should be okay with my parents "tolerating" my sexuality. People tell me I could've gotten worse. That there's people who are less lucky than I am. My parents tell me I should be happy with what I have instead of wanting more. That I shouldn't ask of them to accept it while they already tolerate it. I can't. I can't accept that. I won't. What's the meaning of "tolerating" anyway ? Fuck this shit. What a miserable life to force yourself to be content of your family just "tolerating" your existence. And they dare to tell me they truly love me.
Dedric Silva
Dedric Silva Hace 3 meses
I'm heterosexual and i think you guys are loved no matter what people say about you all. Be proud of who you are and god bless.
RenShedd_ Hace 2 meses
Thank you, it really does mean a lot!
Whuzzin Gamont
Whuzzin Gamont Hace 3 meses
Whats the name of this movie
Miss NotMisses
Miss NotMisses Hace 3 meses
Wich movie is this?
E v i l e s t
E v i l e s t Hace 3 meses
I think it's "Prayers for bobby". I'm not sure tho
Mitty Hace 3 meses
Michael Collier
Michael Collier Hace 3 meses
I really could have used someone like her growing up.
The Jupiter 2
The Jupiter 2 Hace 3 meses
@@UCApIo0pM17eMS2GGUA_dztA YOU need to put the name of the movie and a description above so people can look it up. Dont post stuff without an explanation Read your comment section. People what to know what this is.
barbecue sauce on my titties
If you are a participant in the LGBTQ community. I love you so much and stay true to yourself ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🏳️‍🌈🌈
Shelby Benzie
Shelby Benzie Hace 3 meses
what’s this from ???!
The Jupiter 2
The Jupiter 2 Hace 3 meses
Movie: Prayers for Bobby
N O Hace 4 meses
The movie is Prayers for Bobby
sherlockfan715 Hace 4 meses
What movie is this? Teenage brit so not really familiar with old american movies but I would really like to watch is anyone knows?
The Jupiter 2
The Jupiter 2 Hace 3 meses
Prayers for Bobby
Dawson Michael John Kenney Pugh
What movie is this.
Aya Fouad
Aya Fouad Hace 4 meses
What's the name of this movie
RainbowKittyGamer 007
I need to know the name of this movie now!
RainbowKittyGamer 007
Thank you! Just got done watching the movie a couple hours ago, turned my eyes into waterfalls@The Jupiter 2
The Jupiter 2
The Jupiter 2 Hace 3 meses
Prayers for Bobby
Onix Reyes
Onix Reyes Hace 5 meses
I hope one day I can tell my family and friends that I like the same gender.
Saskia Chana
Saskia Chana Hace 5 meses
Crying....beautiful x
* KaiShipsIt *
* KaiShipsIt * Hace 5 meses
This scene touched my heart. Whoever you loves gender is, does not matter, what matters is that we be ourselves and support people before they turn out to be like other unsupportive parents, stop the chain and know that love is love.
Artorias The Abyss Walker
Offensive No im pretty sure it was this esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-yOQqBMz70iM.html
Sorena Ricky
Sorena Ricky Hace 5 meses
Homo's are just a crops of bugger nd prostitute. They will burn in the fire of hell. Anyway, i like them. Some people of them are very funny and hot for f*ck:)))))))))
ASTRO N AROHA Hace 5 meses
Wish I had a mother like that if only
lobiminyo Hace 5 meses
All are saying this movie ..... please help me out with the movie name
Geek Face
Geek Face Hace 5 meses
I just wanted to watch something entertaining, I didn't think I was gonna tear up inside 😖
Pizza Anna
Pizza Anna Hace 5 meses
Anybody have any tips on coming out to your parents
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