One Of The Most Powerful LGBT Movie Scenes

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One Of The most Powerful LGBT Movie Scenes

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13 jul 2016






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Abdul Althaf
Abdul Althaf Hace 2 días
I m gay hope Indians will be more open minded
Cookie Kat
Cookie Kat Hace 16 días
I wish I could change the way I am, but I can’t. I was born this way for a reason. 🏳️‍🌈
Samet Can Sönmez
Samet Can Sönmez Hace 19 días
Translate it into Turkish and upload please
flower h
flower h Hace 24 días
Whats the name of this movie?
samad Hace 24 días
Im closeted but I'm also a phycopath so I love the challenge of hiding it 😉😈😆
Matty G
Matty G Hace 26 días
Homophobia I hate that word, it’s not a phobia Your not sceard Your just a**holes -Morgan Freeman
xMia Gachax
xMia Gachax Hace 28 días
All I can see is and southern lady with too much blue eye shadow mouthing the words you can’t pray the gay away
xXCharlieXx Hace 29 días
Please cure my sickness
A. Hace un mes
Chills literal chills
maroun obeid
maroun obeid Hace un mes
the fucking goosebumps
maroun obeid
maroun obeid Hace un mes
well as a bisexual guy that came out to his parents which didnt end up as expected im extremely heart broken watching this
Potato Cream
Potato Cream Hace un mes
nico 313
nico 313 Hace un mes
my. heart. HURTS
Indianna Slaughter
Indianna Slaughter Hace un mes
this made me cry 😭 i just cant
Lilly S
Lilly S Hace un mes
What show was this? This was so moving!
Zeff Hace un mes
Prayers for bobby
Not for kids Or COPPA
What's this movies name
English Jo
English Jo Hace un mes
Prayers For Bobby
Letícia Lins
Letícia Lins Hace un mes
I'm lesbian and my parents are hating me right now, they just said the most horrible things to me a few days ago. After watching this, i felt less alone 💘
Kacie McCoy
Kacie McCoy Hace un mes
Shit man that hit hard
Fizzio Soda
Fizzio Soda Hace un mes
Im QUEER pansexual
Apolosa Cakau
Apolosa Cakau Hace 2 meses
Amazing movie, love it forever 😊💕
Star Nightcore
Star Nightcore Hace 2 meses
I don't feel sorry for her, I feel sorry for her son poor guy, it's her fault he's dead she pushed him. Ha life with that for the rest of your life you stupid Bitch 😈
gdh1984 Hace 2 meses
I like french fried taters mmm hmmm
Angel Vela
Angel Vela Hace 2 meses
2019 who still watches this and what is this movies called
madabbafan Hace 2 meses
Lord, lead me not into temptation, I'm quite capable of finding it myself.
Rei_whatislife -.-
Rei_whatislife -.- Hace 3 meses
I am in 🏳️‍🌈 lgbtq and im pan
Gay and proud member.
Being LGBT is not a sin and it's not a sickness
coconut oppa
coconut oppa Hace 3 meses
If I’d tell my mom about my sexuality she’d probably exorcise me , lmao....
Cartoon Lover
Cartoon Lover Hace 3 meses
I went from pissed off to very emotional in a matter of seconds 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Anne Lister
Anne Lister Hace 3 meses
What the name??
Jason Kameda
Jason Kameda Hace 3 meses
Why does this make me feel like they're talking about Bobby Drake
The Husbands Toches
The Husbands Toches Hace 3 meses
This is beautiful. We thank god our families accept us the way we are. Now we are married and we cannot stop crying watching this movie, because it was NOT easy at all to be lgbtq+ years ago. It wasnt. 😢 #TheHusbandsToches
꧁Bee Gee꧂
꧁Bee Gee꧂ Hace 3 meses
Madison cool
Madison cool Hace 3 meses
Made me cry and I never cry 😭❤love is love 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
bondyczep Hace 3 meses
These are the kinds of religious people i love. I often try to distance myself from religious people because according to them "I live in sin" but if more religious people were like that, i wouldn't mind what they believed in, i would support them.
Tyee Scott
Tyee Scott Hace 3 meses
What movie is this???
Jeff Duncan
Jeff Duncan Hace 4 meses
People do the meanest things without knowing they are doing it. So many young people do not know they are NOT alone. Religion kills every day. People are people no matter what even your own children.
Magda Kunicka
Magda Kunicka Hace 4 meses
Today my mom told me that bisexual people are not normal, and I have delusions, I am normal girl, I have to stop telling myself that I'm in love with a girl. I thought that she accepted me when I came out. But when she told me all this stuff today I just.. I feel so bad. "Bisexual? Kind of sickness". God, all I can do is cry and regret that I came out. Im scared how she will act towards me now.. I just needed to say it somewhere, because I don't know who I can talk to, sorry that I'm saying it here. I was just looking for some videos that will comfort me. And I found this
Raymond Jornales
Raymond Jornales Hace 4 meses
2019... thank God i've seen this movie! Very powerful and heartbreaking film. It really made me cry.
Slowed Songs
Slowed Songs Hace 4 meses
I cried while watching tgisb
spikes glitter bomb
spikes glitter bomb Hace 4 meses
crying now
Moon Pulse
Moon Pulse Hace 5 meses
What movie is this? Does anyone know?
The Akumu King
The Akumu King Hace 5 meses
It doesn’t matter what race, sexuality, gender identity, or beliefs, I hate everyone equally.
Henry Mudgett
Henry Mudgett Hace 3 meses
You better mean it. I’ve met too many people who don’t even know what “misanthropist” means. Gives real people a bad rap when contrasted with sheeple.
letter doggo
letter doggo Hace 5 meses
😢😢😢😢 😥😥😥😥 I'm pan and sad
Milo Hace 5 meses
i cried, very very much. I is sad, but also- i dont know. i wAnnA cRyyyyT-T
Savage Girl
Savage Girl Hace 5 meses
I’m 12 and bi-lesbian people say that I’m “to young” to be gay my brother used to beat me bc of it
Bigæ s
Bigæ s Hace 5 meses
I searched up gay version of songs and this came up
Servavi Edits
Servavi Edits Hace 5 meses
maarten is drowning
maarten is drowning Hace 5 meses
I hate it and i love it
ATTIKTM Hace 3 meses
@Henry Mudgett you are a fucking edgelord ain't Cha?
Henry Mudgett
Henry Mudgett Hace 3 meses
You hate them, you better hate everyone else. If you think people are distinct from one another, then you really are a sad, hopeless sack of shit. Humanity deserves to be a victim of their own genocide.
Preston Sevey
Preston Sevey Hace 5 meses
Fuck this lady
Which movie it is?
Leo Harris
Leo Harris Hace 5 meses
I remember watching this movie when I was a closeted LGBT+. This movie gave me the courage to come out to my parents and friends. My grandmother is a very hardcore christian, and she said to me before I realised my sexuality. That gay people will burn for all eternity and if she had a gay member of her family, she'd cut them off. I'm tired of playing straight for her, my mum is the same she's very anti LGBT. I just feel at my wits end. This shows me there are people out there who care.
Quinten Pijnacker
Quinten Pijnacker Hace 6 meses
I'm gay, and I cried about this clip
Justanavarabaggtte Hace 6 meses
This made me tear up, I’m so fortunate to have my mom
Dark Flare
Dark Flare Hace 6 meses
im not crying your crying
tori vivi
tori vivi Hace 6 meses
Oh my God I'm bawling, what movie is this?
Nova Sinclair
Nova Sinclair Hace 6 meses
Being gay is a sin and you cannot deny it you sadly will not spend an eternity in heaven
Henry Mudgett
Henry Mudgett Hace 3 meses
Nova Sinclair Don’t wanna. God is the most oppressive being in the universe. That is, should such a lie is to be believed.
WoahThereBuddy 2
WoahThereBuddy 2 Hace 6 meses
If this dosnt change the way a homophobe thinks I don’t know what will
Henk Groenewald
Henk Groenewald Hace 6 meses
Wow I cried so much :-(
Todd James Moss
Todd James Moss Hace 6 meses
My mum forced me to come out and then told me it was a “phase”.
RainyReign Hace 6 meses
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