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Director: Christian Lamb
Executive Producer: Julia Ochsenreiter
Producer: Holly Harding
Commissioner: Jared Shelton
Choreographer: Matty Peacock

Stephanie Kim
Toi’ya Leatherwood
Morgan Quinn
Monroe Cline
Audrey Douglas
Jessica Lee Keller

Cello Players:
Dan Adams
Alex Kang
Jean-Paul Barjon

1st AD: Braden Anderson
Director of Photography: Kody Zenger
Steady-Cam Op: Rob Vuona
1st AC: Adriel Gonzalez
2nd AC: Joe Ashi
Gaffer: Gordon Hale
Board Op: Kyle Shirley
Best Boy Electric: Charlie Hayes
Set Lighting Tech: David Nakamura
Set Lighting Tech: Jared Berman
Key Grip: Forrest Pennybrown
Best Boy Grip: Eric Fickenwirth
Grip: Isaiah Reza-Soto
Grip: Robert McKnight

Editor: Jorge Sandoval
Colorist: Dave Hussey @ Company3
VFX: The Greenlight
VFX Producer: Dmitry Tokoyakov

Groomer: Myles Haddad
HMU: Ash Ortiz
HMU Asst: Natalia Caronna
HMU Asst: Austyn Cuccia
HMU Asst: Magaly Marin
Wardrobe: Krissie Torgerson
Wardrobe Asst: Kaamilah Thomas
Tailor: Jessica E Huerta

Production Designer: Phillip Stiegler
Projectionist: Victor Sychov
Instrument Tech: Brian Carroll

Production Coordinator: Vanessa Gutierrez
Production Assistant: Nick Dolce
Production Assistant: Cort Carpenter
Production Assistant: Eric Ellis

Behind The Scenes: Brody Harper


She said, “Every time I close my eyes I feel like I could disappear.
I could overflow an ocean with a cavalcade of all my tears.
And I know it sounds dramatic, but that’s just how it feels.”
She said, “I’m holding to the notion that I’ll find something real.”

I just want to be wanted
I could use a little love sometimes
I just need to be needed
Like to know I’m crossing someone’s mind
I just want to be someone that somebody needs
I just want to be more than a drop in the sea
I just wanna be…

She said, “I’m counting up my karma and I think it’s time to cash it in.
So tired of living in the shadow of a mountain of what might have been.
And I know it sounds dramatic, but that’s just how it feels.
I’ve been looking for somebody to tell me that I’m real.”

I just want to be wanted
I could use a little love sometimes
I just need to be needed
Like to know I’m crossing someone’s mind
I just want to be someone that somebody needs
I just want to be more than a drop in the sea
I just wanna be wanted

Oh yeah
We just want to be wanted
I just want to be wanted
I could use a little love sometimes
I just need to be needed
Like to know I’m crossing someone’s mind


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5 sep 2019






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Comentarios 80
Evan Lau
Evan Lau Hace 8 horas
how adorable when he dances!
Vicki Thebus
Vicki Thebus Hace 21 un hora
Ryan dancing made me laugh... In a good way
Faraz A
Faraz A Hace un día
I used to play this song on repeat on my office commute
Taim Shalhoub
Taim Shalhoub Hace un día
12 k idiots disliked this video
Josh Thomas
Josh Thomas Hace 4 días
I really wish this song was longer
Elysian Artist
Elysian Artist Hace 5 días
I went into one republic through this song..❤ 2020 anyone?
Erin Lanehart
Erin Lanehart Hace 5 días
Just another reason to love Ryan Tedder
Yiuhin Wong
Yiuhin Wong Hace 7 días
AnMar Hace 8 días
It's the first time a song describes me so well
K Rachita
K Rachita Hace 9 días
Daughter of the Most High He Lives
I feel cheated One Republic. This masterpiece need to go for good 10 minutes. The bit @1.49 should go for at 4 minutes please. Do it again l beg. Goosebumps...butterflies...cutting onions cutting onions cutting
Gog OK
Gog OK Hace 13 días
Wait for new songs.
Rachael Butterly
Rachael Butterly Hace 13 días
Tamara Williams
Tamara Williams Hace 15 días
Beyond cute
JRIDA Black Hace 15 días
I just want to be wanted💖
King Ata
King Ata Hace 15 días
Omar Alameh
Omar Alameh Hace 15 días
Love him. Everything about him Is amazing and dressed with style. Not like other older men. Love his singing. Songs all of them
Ajith Kumar
Ajith Kumar Hace 18 días
Y views are less
Space Fairy
Space Fairy Hace 18 días
Love music video, where singer is dancing! 💛
Nixolas Hace 18 días
His dancing gives me life...
Nixolas Hace 18 días
I never related to a song this much ever...
st0kke Hace 18 días
This explains me too much.. I want to change that. Now
Max Russell
Max Russell Hace 19 días
Who just loves the sound effects? They go so well with the song 1:17 my ears are in heaven
Veronica Satey
Veronica Satey Hace 20 días
I LOVE you 😘😍😏
Cao Quang Nam
Cao Quang Nam Hace 21 un día
It will better if this song is longer
Fenil Mangukiya
Fenil Mangukiya Hace 21 un día
Awesome singer, terrible dancer 😂😂
The Positive Practice
The Positive Practice Hace 22 días
I love this video and song.... but it’s too short! I get sad when it ends 😂, keep going!
Aaron Conover
Aaron Conover Hace 22 días
This and Ben Platt “rain”, Make me happy
Little Earthquakes
Little Earthquakes Hace 22 días
love it!!!
jz justzal
jz justzal Hace 24 días
AdgeR PMSA Hace 24 días
Martha Jones
Martha Jones Hace 25 días
Ryan you have some cool moves
Viktoriya Kowalski
Viktoriya Kowalski Hace 25 días
I've been waiting for this song ever since I heard it live in August of 2018. Love this song, love the cello, love OneRepublic! Please do another concert in Chicago 🙏
melanie roberts
melanie roberts Hace 25 días
This is my 3rd time watching this and watching Ryan dancing just makes me smile 😁😉
Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown Hace 25 días
Tell everyone you love them from a distance this VE Day, Praise the heroes of the World wars, and that could mean the foreign heroes of the against the nazis
Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown Hace 25 días
Peace peace peace. Love the musicians and the balletic
Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown Hace 25 días
You're dancing is great xxxx
Jahvuan Sinclair
Jahvuan Sinclair Hace 25 días
Ryan i love u i recently started listening to ur songs again and it helped me through some things keep it up we love u 💛💛🙂🙂
melanie roberts
melanie roberts Hace 25 días
He's a great dancer, producer, singer I've seen the Acoustic version with the Denver Colorado orchestra. I Love the way he dances on his own and do agree that he is a great mover. Has rhythm down to a key. Love this video mmmwwahh
9 Van Emeršiè
9 Van Emeršiè Hace 26 días
anybody watching this in may 2020??
Pam Tindle
Pam Tindle Hace 26 días
This man is so blessed with his talent, or talents, wish I could go to one of their concerts, I just don't do crowds.
Eue Bue
Eue Bue Hace 27 días
this is litteraly my favourite song and i know it sounds dramatic but thats just how feels!
Stefi SC
Stefi SC Hace 27 días
I just love the fact that he's enjoying dancing eventhough he's not a great dancer, that makes him feel so real to us, so normal and close because it's the way we normal people would dance when we hear a song we love. Besides that, love the frase: I know it sounds dramatic but that's just the way it feels, so me hehehe :)
Paula Covaci
Paula Covaci Hace un mes
Someone knows what type of piano is in this video?
Joe Chip
Joe Chip Hace un mes
One republic has made me want to have my face on the papers and with the words "WANTED" with a reward of 'love' if they get me
Life of Max
Life of Max Hace un mes
Official One Republic, Imagine Dragons, and Coldplay colab button.
Spider Monkey
Spider Monkey Hace un mes
Big love
Spider Monkey
Spider Monkey Hace un mes
I love watching you sing and dance. Good . So much talent
jumran adams
jumran adams Hace un mes
Ryan... i just wanna say... " peace from indonesia "
keith wlsn
keith wlsn Hace un mes
Amanda knowles
Amanda knowles Hace un mes
So I found out how wanted I was and how real I am. Oh how loved
Penny loafin44
Penny loafin44 Hace un mes
The god keeps risingggg
VISSN Hace un mes
Sarah Appel
Sarah Appel Hace un mes
Amazing! Love it🧡
Denise Maldonado
Denise Maldonado Hace un mes
slowed version! esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-vPY9TMSDdFU.html
Veronica Satey
Veronica Satey Hace un mes
😍😍😍😘😘😘 me enamora la forma en que moves tu cuerpo
rubem lausen
rubem lausen Hace un mes
I hate this part 2:26
Christine Ries
Christine Ries Hace un mes
Always this band impressed with a feel for melodies 👍😘
Phantoms of Wisdom
Phantoms of Wisdom Hace un mes
I really love the songs of ONE REPUBLIC , they are great . Dance moves are really great .
Love Curay
Love Curay Hace un mes
I didn't know that he can actually dance like that, 😊
Zenaida Rodriguez
Zenaida Rodriguez Hace un mes
Whyah Wannano
Whyah Wannano Hace un mes
"She said, I'm holdin' to the notion that I'll find something real..." Yes. This. To All my Brothers & Sisters who are at this point in life: Stay that course, baby. Never settle. Allow yourself to feel the want and then keep dancing--living a good life until it's time for you to meet Your Person. You'll be SO glad you held out. --- Insight from someone who's been where you are now.
Tamara Williams
Tamara Williams Hace un mes
Did you really fly a helicopter at me
Gia Tu Ngo
Gia Tu Ngo Hace un mes
Oh man. 2020 still watching
prabhu slide
prabhu slide Hace un mes
കേട്ടാലും കേട്ടാലും മടുക്കില്ല...............
Rosie Walter
Rosie Walter Hace un mes
Love it 🥰
Paris Matics
Paris Matics Hace un mes
I know your friend on tiktok
Kara Hace un mes
my new favorite band
elizabeth resoles
elizabeth resoles Hace un mes
good moves tho.
Aditi Singh
Aditi Singh Hace un mes
Sinfully short! It's such a good song! 😍
Paolo Joven Dela Cruz
I'm living for this
Ростислав Ангелов
Ryan dancing is a thing nobody asked for but when we saw we had to have it.
tanatswa rupende
tanatswa rupende Hace un mes
one republic 💓
Tsundere Reveluv
Tsundere Reveluv Hace un mes
Ryan's dancing is so me whenever I heard any of One Republic song playing in public.. (sorry for broken english lol)
Eazyduzit Hace un mes
Monika Jakubczyk
Monika Jakubczyk Hace un mes
Memory Mumba
Memory Mumba Hace un mes
“Didn’t i” tell you I needed you to “rescue me” because I wanna be “wanted”?
cristina Hace un mes
Tayo Adesagba
Tayo Adesagba Hace un mes
Type 4 enneagram anthem
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