"Operation Varsity Blues" exposes college admissions scam

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Prosecutors have charged dozens of wealthy parents, coaches and administrators in a massive college admissions scam. Actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman are among the parents charged. USA Today education reporter Chris Quintana joined CBSN to break down the allegations and their consequences.

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13 mar 2019






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Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Hace 11 horas
This is a fake attack on the wealthy to justify Trumps proposals to cut student Federal loans and Pell grants that help poor students.
zokotu ckikazu
zokotu ckikazu Hace 21 un hora
Why are people surprised? The system was always rigged/
Shannon K
Shannon K Hace 2 días
Jesus christ Chris. Eat a muffin
Sam Sunwoo
Sam Sunwoo Hace 2 días
College degrees are the biggest scam
BOONIQUE Hace 2 días
So the education system in the United States is giving rich so called "white" kids a handicap... Why am I not surprised? At least it's not giving ALL so called "white" kids a handicap like it has throughout most of American history.
Ricardo Soto
Ricardo Soto Hace 3 días
Where's Trump on this!
Dawn Marie Roper
Dawn Marie Roper Hace 3 días
What I want to know is, is college really worth all that money?
Asand dy
Asand dy Hace 3 días
This is exactly how Donald Trump got into college...explains alot
Mari Chiu
Mari Chiu Hace 2 días
Asand dy- sounds very stupid. Not all wealthy people bribe to get in. Unfortunately the President is smart enough to be accepted in an ivy league school. Even how smart a person are, if you cannot afford the tuition fees, you are out of luck. And I don't see you being any of these qualifies.
Jacqueline Carter
Jacqueline Carter Hace 3 días
Singer said he's been doing this for 20 yrs. I wonder how far back they will go and what happens to all the kids that benefitted from it?
People wonder why younger people are trending towards socialism. Hmmm
Deborah Hoffman
Deborah Hoffman Hace 3 días
If students with learning disabilities are getting into Harvard, what does that say about Harvard? Just sayin’. My son has a disability and because of this, he surely isn’t going to qualify. Such fraud hurts these people even more.
whats4mehere Hace 3 días
They are all Democrats.
faith hope&love
faith hope&love Hace 3 días
How is it that about fifty people were reported to have participated in this college admission scam and the media keep talking about only two families? Why not interchange the names and put the rest of them in the spot light as well.
Juliana Bearington
Juliana Bearington Hace 3 días
Not sure it would be as big a "news" deal if Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman weren't involved.
Aubrey Barker
Aubrey Barker Hace 3 días
Tide pods
Aubrey Barker
Aubrey Barker Hace 3 días
Tide pods
Michael Kwon
Michael Kwon Hace 4 días
What about affirmative action?That's also an atrocity!How come nobody's talking about it,like those two anchors who got their positions not based on meritocracy!
Decipher Code
Decipher Code Hace 4 días
Takes "Dumb Blondes" to a new level 🤤. Good punishment for this people! The Universities should also be exposed in this huge scam!
Michael Hace 4 días
Minority students do not do as well on the tests. The reporter indicates otherwise. I happen to favor some affirmative action, albeit very little, but the inference that the minority students on the whole have the scores to get in is simply not true.
Chee Chalker
Chee Chalker Hace 4 días
Jared Kushner? What about all the Kennedys? And Chelsea Clinton? And Malia Obama?
natalieraye love
natalieraye love Hace 4 días
Ha ha ha ha ua ha BUSTED.. THIS BEEN GOING THIS IS NOTHING NEW. The reporter paid his way also you hear the nervousness in his voice lol
cornelia wissing
cornelia wissing Hace 4 días
Was Boston uni. involved?
cornelia wissing
cornelia wissing Hace 4 días
Mr Singer really said he did this for 800 parents?
Michelle Pannell
Michelle Pannell Hace 5 días
Chris was so nervous here his body was shaking and even his voice. Ahw honey bunch it's gonna be OK go have a muffin dear.
Jane Fonda
Jane Fonda Hace 5 días
the guest is more nervous than the suspects lol
Salt And Earth
Salt And Earth Hace 5 días
Morrie Tobin ratted Loughlin and Felicity out. Fascinating story here: Freemasonry symbols all over this story. Yale = Skull and Bones, 33 degrees (33 people charged) @t
Danish D'Abreau
Danish D'Abreau Hace 5 días
hey CBS and whomever- check into Penn State on this stuff too. JUST SAYING>>>>>>>
McLovin the Irish R&B singer
I bet Olivia Jade, her sister and her mom got smashed by a few dozen people on top of that $500,000 bribe to get the 2 daughters into USC.
Father Finger
Father Finger Hace 5 días
Denver Donate
Denver Donate Hace 5 días
One of the most important parts of the Declaration of Independence is its preamble, and, more specifically, certain phrases contained within the preamble. Life, liberty and the pursuit of Happiness is unarguably of the most famous lines in American history. Jefferson states that everybody is entitled to the pursuit of happiness. It's important to note that the colonists took care in not just saying that every American has the right to happiness, but more specifically the pursuit of it. To Jefferson, this meant that when our government is doing its job right, we as a people are and should be able to find our own happiness in life. It's up to us to chase after whatever we desire and make it a reality and the only thing holding us back from pursuing happiness is us. Paying to have your test scores boosted, lying about playing a sport you don't play, paying a FAKE non-profit to channel the funds to the person you're paying off for favors......where do you see "donation" in any of these? Take that one kid and turn it into thousands of kids who may never go to college and obtain the education they need. Their studying didn't matter. Their diligence didn't matter. Their parents guiding them and motivating them to prepare while their friends are out partying didn't matter. None of it mattered. It's terrible, criminally terrible. Nothing will change until you get mad. esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-MRuS3dxKK9U.html
Karina Kelly
Karina Kelly Hace 5 días
Aside the point of this video, but...the female reporter's eyes.
valery mortensen
valery mortensen Hace 5 días
Guess they got beauty not brains and parents don't think their kids have the smarts to get into college on their own
Timothy Walters
Timothy Walters Hace 6 días
The only deals these criminals should get is who gets a window seat on the prison bus .
edith gold
edith gold Hace 6 días
Those schools will definately have less applicants=less$ from application fees..
Moon Goddess
Moon Goddess Hace 3 días
edith gold *definitely
J Don
J Don Hace 6 días
If you donate money to the school, you are not taking someone else’s spot, in fact you are contributing to other people getting in. What these people did was of no benefit to the school or students and in fact was harmful. I hope they all serve jail time.
Ellie Si
Ellie Si Hace 6 días
And whi is his voice shaking?
Ellie Si
Ellie Si Hace 6 días
Who are the other wealthy accused?
Jo Anne
Jo Anne Hace 6 días
Whelp. A lot of Asian parents are angry tonight.
Paltiel Benyamin
Paltiel Benyamin Hace 6 días
West Hollywood Testing Center says EVERYTHING
Robert Hace 6 días
They should lock them all up. Get the list of donors who "paid" for their children's seat from the university donations office and start filing indictments. This the university way of selling seats. It's the same thing, and then go after the university admissions!
Suhair nejim-ludwic
Suhair nejim-ludwic Hace 6 días
The golden globe that felicity Hoffman got should be taken away from her as the prize stands also for morality and substance of ethics
Olivia Shaw
Olivia Shaw Hace 6 días
The reality is THEY knew the truth and Every day looking into the mirror they had to reject the inescapable fact that one day the whole house of cards could fall.
Deelyte007 Hace 6 días
These rich people's children had every advantage in life from the very beginning of their lives. They have access to the best schools, tutors and other supplemental academic help. Yet, they still grew up to be too damn dumb to get a competitive grade on their SATs and ACTs, write a decent essay or effectively compete, on a level playing field, against their equally privileged counterparts. Some young black/brown students from inner cities are without any advantages, and, in fact, face a slew of disadvantages. Colleges enroll black/brown students everyday who overcome many odds and still manage to compete against privileged youth and in a lot of cases outshine them. That's what's wrong with these people. They're so inadequate on so many levels that they must seek out ways to feel superior. Well, the proverbial sh*t is hitting the fan and everybody close to this crime is gonna get blasted. Something tells me these are the same people who would say pull yourself up by your bootstraps and argue against affirmative action policies - which is essentially paving a path for qualified racial minorities who would otherwise be denied access. Aw, the hypocrisy.
Jason peng
Jason peng Hace 6 días
Why does this guy sound so nervous when he talks?...he comes off so sus..lol
SoCali Hace 6 días
This isn't nearly as bad as admitting an unqualified student into a college just because they are black and that's perfectly legal.
Saltponds239 Hace 6 días
I wonder who at the IRS approved William “Rick” Singer's Key Worldwide Foundation as a charity and gaining an accredited 501(c)3 status with the federal government? Humnnnn
Shepha372 Hace 6 días
What! Rich people taking advantage of the system and screwing over poor people?! Shocked. Just shocked.
Flipibisni C.c
Flipibisni C.c Hace 7 días
chris is extremely nervous
Mariano Felan
Mariano Felan Hace 7 días
Money changes everything
Shimon Nyman
Shimon Nyman Hace 7 días
PHRED FINO Hace 7 días
Hey MCFLY!!!!!! I thought i told you not to report here!!
conn cann
conn cann Hace 7 días
wow...the doj finally did something for the little guys by busting them.....it calls all of the colleges degrees into effect....fake grades....fake diploma's....fake fake fake colleges now.....going to be hard to get rid of this black eye
jm m
jm m Hace 7 días
RANDY Sutton
RANDY Sutton Hace 7 días
Is there a college scandal for low income families.
Laura Anderson
Laura Anderson Hace 7 días
dung of the devil
MindYour OwnBusiness
Operation white privilege
Seito Stockman
Seito Stockman Hace 7 días
amazing that they can have this discussion without mentioning Jewish privilege in Ivy Leagues
Micah Willis
Micah Willis Hace 7 días
Alright man, we know about the 2 actresses, what about the other people involved. There are some other highly recognized parents who are rich and involved in this scandal.
TimeTime Hace 7 días
Wonder how much it cost to get George W into Yale ?
TimeTime Hace 7 días
This is further proof that the College system (the US educational system) is a joke and is at this point just a 'prestige' thing. Also, I think this is also why a lot of DIRT BAGS make their way into Colleges / Universities and DEVALUE higher education. WARNING: KEEP YOUR DAUGHTER AWAY FROM COLLEGES LIKE CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY, WISCONSIN THAT HAVE SEXUAL PREDATOR THUGS LIKE R. KELLY !!!
keith g w
keith g w Hace 7 días
Varsity blues will soon change to prison blues which I hear are very fashionable this time of year
Miguel Leon
Miguel Leon Hace 7 días
Fraud is the magical word
Joe Jumani
Joe Jumani Hace 8 días
Nice haircut mr. Quantanamo....
EPS Global
EPS Global Hace 8 días
People should not misinterpret this scandal justify admission of not qualified minorities due to quota!! Affirmative action should also be overhauled after they clean up this notorious scam!!
jhun dionz
jhun dionz Hace 8 días
People can be on the far left or right But for sure this issue will unite everyone against massive fraud that is against principle of meritocracy!
Devilish Brownies
Devilish Brownies Hace 8 días
Neither the parents nor the students were too bright, LMAOOOOOOOOO Stop trying to cover by saying that they are capable!! 1 million dollars????????????????????????
geishasecrets Hace 8 días
This is the antithesis of affirmative action
Hello Hello
Hello Hello Hace 8 días
Why is this a surprise to everyone? This is the real world. Cmon now.
Hero Hour
Hero Hour Hace 8 días
This guest can't talk clear. My ears hurt
John Culley
John Culley Hace 8 días
This is the tip of the ice berg. The FBI ought to investigate how Saudi and Chinese students get into top American universities.
Kurt Elliott
Kurt Elliott Hace 8 días
So Elizabeth Warren, being a fake Indian is okay?
Looking for Wyatte Earp
These celebrities used their money and pulled strings to get their kids into the University's and now they're going to use their money and pull string to get themselves out of a prison sentence and just get a slap on the wrist.
Kezan Cloud
Kezan Cloud Hace 7 días
And where is this money going to? Oh i know law enforcement!
Tammy Hace 8 días
U already have the advantage!!!! u have the money to pay for your kids education and u spend ridiculous amounts MORE to cheat your way in... I hope they make them pay in the way of funding college tuition for kids who really earned the right to attend those schools but Cldnt afford it... which made some kids not even try to get in, taking spots sayin your kid is a “recruit” and they don’t even play the sport???? WTF
Tammy Hace 8 días
Please call a spade a spade it’s called CHEATING
Samantha Chicca
Samantha Chicca Hace 8 días
1) The Colleges are not the "victims" - this stuff is common practice for YEARS. He's right, it's just about damage control... 2) Just an observation... I'm only seeing moms getting charged... you telling me no dads were aware...?
Ānakhem Sekhemre
Ānakhem Sekhemre Hace 8 días
MAGA = My Accomplices Get Arrested...👮🚓😂
Crazy Gamer
Crazy Gamer Hace 8 días
his nervousness is distracting 🙄
MiL BoT Hace 8 días
couldn’t get into UCLA, University of Texas on their own??? Lol must be some real retards
JustToBe Blunt
JustToBe Blunt Hace 8 días
nervous voice on chris from the start, but got more relaxed, but he’ll for sure get past it. really good reporter!
Jeff Harrington
Jeff Harrington Hace 8 días
Dang this dude is nervous.....hard to listen to
John Buse
John Buse Hace 8 días
Get it, Chris!!! Nice find. Keep up the great work.
Tony Parks
Tony Parks Hace 8 días
James Morrison
James Morrison Hace 8 días
"These people are perfectly qualified to go to these schools." Why do they need affirmative action then?
James Morrison
James Morrison Hace 4 días
+Terence Smith If someone is qualified to go to a school why wouldn't they get in solely based off their merits. And don't tell me schools are racist trying to keep minorities out. Thats ridiculous, the physics department at my school was opening every door to have black physics students and their just weren't hardly any applying.
Terence Smith
Terence Smith Hace 8 días
Abash Ment
Abash Ment Hace 8 días
The 4th Estate is protecting the other people involved in this. Why is the media only talking about two celebrities? There were 50 people arrested. Why no images of those people? Stop protecting these people from public scrutiny!!!
Theresa Selman
Theresa Selman Hace 2 días
MindYour OwnBusiness and it’s soo wrong!! Just cause their rich they think they can do anything and get away with it!! Horrible!!
MindYour OwnBusiness
White privilege 🙄
Laura Gonzalez
Laura Gonzalez Hace 8 días
The others either have favors called in or have something against those prosecuting them. That's the only 2 ways to protect yourself when something like this happens. Lori and Felicity don't have as much pull as they think they have otherwise they could have donated a building
Salil Bhatnagar
Salil Bhatnagar Hace 8 días
So I was rejected from NYU recently, I hope this was not why and it was my bad grades and... SAT.
Mitchell Li
Mitchell Li Hace 8 días
This isn't justification for affirmative action. There are poor whites/Asians/Arabs who suffer just as much from this stuff as blacks/Hispanics/Native Americans but don't get the benefits of affirmative action. A better solution is to give the benefits of affirmative action to low income families, regardless of race
jordan dontworryaboutit
Only words I heard in this entire segment “don’t deserve to be in”.....I wonder what other connection I can drawl from those words...
Mark R
Mark R Hace 8 días
How is getting in because you can pay extra/bribe someone fundamentally different than affirmative action admissions. Both give someone an advantage they haven't earned. The anchors are wrong in assuming that AA admits meet the colleges minimum criteria, some may, but some don't. If they meet the admission criteria, they will likely be admitted. And how about Asian students trying to get into elite schools. Why not simply do blind admissions. All names and personal identifiers are removed, and the only thing a college sees is your record of achievement. That's the ultimate in fair.
Mark R
Mark R Hace 8 días
+juriko why That's not true. I work at a large university. Affirmative action (not called that any more) admits do not meet the minimum admission requirements. They get more financial aid, ie. less loans, more grants, access to more tutoring services, etc. Many make it through, but the drop out rate is significantly higher than average. Not only is that a handout, but think about the damage it does to the ones who drop out. You go home with loans to pay, no degree, and you have to explain to everyone that you failed out of college. It would be better to guide these students to career training programs at community colleges, or apprentice programs. in high needs fields.
juriko why
juriko why Hace 8 días
Mark R you’re assuming that people that got in to college via affirmative action did no earn their way in. Affirmative action doesn’t give handouts. You still have to be smart and fit certain requirements
George Burdine
George Burdine Hace 8 días
It's in the books, probation and fines, with a little community service. White collar crimes really do pay off.
Angel Martin
Angel Martin Hace 8 días
Wonder if Hussein's "daughters" will go this route?
X Marks
X Marks Hace 6 días
Trump University does not exist aymore, Jared Kushner's father "donated" 1+ million dollars so his son could attend Harvard.
Fish Fish
Fish Fish Hace 8 días
that dude chris was shaking in his loafers
Paul T Sjordal
Paul T Sjordal Hace 8 días
If you got passed over in favor of a less qualified student, chances are it was a wealthy white student. That's why FOX and CNN try to distract you by keeping the conversation on racial issues as it relates to college entrance. That's all racism is: something to distract the white people while the rich white people pick their pockets.
The Chosen One Illuminati
America has a serious problem with our schools and education system. And I can prove that to you. Please answer the following questions. ( 1 ) In the 2016 presidential election, Is ChuMP the legal president ?? ( 2 ) If driving on the interstate highway, and you come upon a toll booth, Do you pay the toll ?? ( 3 ) In America their are 2 groups of people who do NOT pay taxes. Who are these people, and how do they get away with NOT paying taxes ?? Please leave comments below, and I will return in 24 hours to give the correct answers. Have fun everyone
Chri S
Chri S Hace 8 días
Varsity Blues, makes me think of movie from 90s
Cam E.
Cam E. Hace 8 días
....but the SMART BLACK GIRL was questioned about her SATs!! 😡😠😡😠😈👿😈👿 #LockThemUp #DumbArseRichKids #MoneyCantBuyBrains
Kelvin Davis
Kelvin Davis Hace 7 días
Amy Miller
Amy Miller Hace 8 días
Anywhere you see a government name anything "operation", you can be ASSURED it's smoke and mirrors and NOT for our benefit. Glad they found their team willing to take the fall for the game. Too bad so many will not see through the sheer curtain even still.
Dude Sweet
Dude Sweet Hace 8 días
What's new?
Yousir Cantknow
Yousir Cantknow Hace 8 días
*The international financial elite Use & Abuse our American Institutions at will.*
Mario Hace 8 días
And I am the one who has to visit the Psychiatrist Office once a month, and take my pill.
God Father
God Father Hace 8 días
This is a Democratic scandal.
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