Original Soundtrack (OST) Trailer Movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly

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Music: Parallel Universe · X-Ray Dog
canción dentro del nuevo trailer de pelicula DBS: Broly del min 0:59 al 1:30
Estrena en Japón en diciembre de 2018, En America hasta 2019


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20 jul 2018

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Dong Gamer
Dong Gamer Hace 6 horas
*Black Broly*
TheHistoryTurtle Hace 14 horas
is there a way to make the last part of the song loud, i feel like it needs that perfect louder outro to match the beautiful tranquil build up
KYRO_ V1 Hace 21 un hora
If Broly says "Monster No I AM A Demon I'm going to cry😂
Eon Hace 22 horas
Here Broly is not a bad guy.....
Alex Belalis
Alex Belalis Hace un día
Doing a 3D Model of Broly while listening to this...amazingly hyped
Eric Norton
Eric Norton Hace 2 días
The best song is that.
TechnoDubstep343 Hace 2 días
The badassary is MAXIMUM
TechnoDubstep343 Hace 2 días
Broly is truly The LEGENDARY SUPER SAIYAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10,000 subscribers without any videos
2:00 is what your looking for😱
jahir ramírez
jahir ramírez Hace 3 días
Broly>>>>Kale and Klefa
Dr. Badtimes
Dr. Badtimes Hace 3 días
Do it, Broly!
lord goku son 500
lord goku son 500 Hace 3 días
the truth I liked the Soundtrack 1 was ultra mega epic no friend broly is a wild monster his strength has no limits greetings and very great and epic DAKASAMA
Cat Weeks
Cat Weeks Hace 3 días
Armando Pimentel Franco
Dovahninja Hace 4 días
"What do you see beyond that strength?"
Uranius Johnson
Uranius Johnson Hace 4 días
Hi-Finesse - Dystopia anyone?
Doomguy Hace 4 días
Slahkers Hace 4 días
Korean vs Broly #teamJiren
Ruben QV
Ruben QV Hace 4 días
He's getting stronger 2:33
gemini eightysix
gemini eightysix Hace 5 días
This will forever be epic
Lavie Rakoover
Lavie Rakoover Hace 5 días
Fully powered Broly vs Escanor at high noon. Thoughts?
Cesare Giglio
Cesare Giglio Hace 7 días
Extended version please
Mighty Thanos
Mighty Thanos Hace 8 días
Infinity war anime version
Jeremiah Optimus
Jeremiah Optimus Hace 9 días
I love this
Melbourne Meliodas
Melbourne Meliodas Hace 10 días
Sometimes this reminds me of infinity war trailer.
Sam theSixth
Sam theSixth Hace 11 días
2:02 Broly's SSJ God theme LOL XD
Ômega Shenlong
Ômega Shenlong Hace 11 días
Bem pesadão estilo broly ainda disperta o espirito de ação e mistério na minha crítica uma boa trilha
son Dieko
son Dieko Hace 12 días
2:01 amei essa parte
son Dieko
son Dieko Hace 12 días
Cara esse soundtrack é muito foda ele me faz lembrar da trilha sonora do primeiro trailer de os vingadores guerra infinita e do trailer de star Wars o último jedi são muito parecidos
Andrei Frostt
Andrei Frostt Hace 12 días
Let's hope that the movie is better than the trailer. Because most of the time is viceversa.
TheAlonsoART Hace 13 días
hello friend could you give me permission to use your instruments or music for my videos? I have a channel of drawings and I would like to use your instrumenatal I would like very much
mirline Moise
mirline Moise Hace 14 días
Omfg listen to this with headphones. Its like listening to every natural disaster at the same time 🤙🏿💚
3OAK XL Hace 16 días
Steve Rodriguez
Steve Rodriguez Hace 17 días
itunes.apple.com/us/album/parallel-universe/1229340125?i=1229340135 Anyone who wants it on itunes :)
Steve Rodriguez
Steve Rodriguez Hace 17 días
I put this while working out and i almost died.
mario bros
mario bros Hace 17 días
alguien español¿
TechnoDubstep343 Hace 18 días
just a thought but who thinks broly will join the z fighters I hope he does for character development
Justin Hammond
Justin Hammond Hace 3 días
+Infinity that's not how he died. And they're not gonna kill him off. Too much potential for money, for one. Would love to see him in dbs after. And they're doing more than just touching it up a bit.
Infinity Hace 10 días
They are just copying DBZ Movie 8 and touching it up a bit. Broly will die from powering up too much just like in movie 8.
Elaney Williams
Elaney Williams Hace 18 días
This sounds like it could be a transformer song for a move trailer
Mr Super-Kami Popo
Mr Super-Kami Popo Hace 20 días
*You see Freeza, you're not dealing with the average Saiyan warrior anymore.*
Zarhaan Khan
Zarhaan Khan Hace 20 días
The awakening of the legend
PseudoPasFacile 69
PseudoPasFacile 69 Hace 20 días
2:01 when sombody eat the broly's cookies
vijay gogu
vijay gogu Hace 21 un día
Super super super
ParaguayÉlite Official
ParaguayÉlite Official Hace 21 un día
El brócoli vendrá... y se los violará a todos *>:v)*
Cristian Palacios
Cristian Palacios Hace 16 horas
Maa me acuerdo cuando el maestro roshi le dijo a goku quien es ese tal brócoli😂😂😂
Nathan Walther
Nathan Walther Hace 21 un día
So I'm assuming that broly will be stronger then jiren in this movie. Anyone else think so?
Justin Hammond
Justin Hammond Hace 3 días
Jamel Hamed
Jamel Hamed Hace 21 un día
Hector Ovejero
Hector Ovejero Hace 22 días
alguien me puede decir como se llama el soundtrack de la parte del trailer donde bardock se despide de goku ?
Juan Maldonado
Juan Maldonado Hace 23 días
Ahhhh shiitt looks like there is a new king In this mfer.... good luck Goku , Vegeta , Berry’s and Whis. This one is out of your control
Rose Supreme
Rose Supreme Hace 23 días
2:29 "He's... getting stronger...!" "Ungh...! *URAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!"*
Broly Hace 23 días
fukin kakarot
Broly Hace 23 días
golden lord
golden lord Hace 24 días
who wins super sonic vs broly???
Justin Hammond
Justin Hammond Hace 3 días
Fuck sonic
Random Player
Random Player Hace 12 días
Broly obiously
es una mierda de animacion, goku apesta
Kid time Sans
Kid time Sans Hace 24 días
O my god
RadiKalTraZh Hace 25 días
The big buff boi has returned.
Tenno Shenaniganizer
Tenno Shenaniganizer Hace 26 días
"He's... Getting stronger!" **Ungodly warcry**
Brian Angers
Brian Angers Hace 26 días
Dude did hanz Zimmer make this music!?!?! Way beats his Batman theme
Justin Hammond
Justin Hammond Hace 3 días
Does sound like zimmer. 1st thing I thought was it sounds like batman begins and dark knight.
Blair Terry
Blair Terry Hace 28 días
Man this music would make good for a Sonic X anime crossover MLP movie that would lead to a Sonic X Season 4. At the end I vision Sonic as a pegasus stallion fighting Tirek and Cozy Glow who have taken all of the Equestrian magic to make them more powerful and absorbed the negative energy of Chaos Emeralds. Then Sonic taps deep into the 7 Chaos Emeralds' positive energy and unleashes a bright cyan blue light which blinds everyone on the ground and when the light disappears it reveals the dabut of Super Sonic Blue. Then Sonic opens his eyes which were now a deep cyan blue looks straight at the monster forms of Cozy Glow and Tirek and saids to them who are now shaking in fear after Sonic became something more powerful than they are now and Sonic has his mid 2000s era voice from Sonic X, "Lets finish this! You two are going down!!!!!" Then Super Sonic Blue charges at the screen in a glowing bright cyan blue aura and the title appears in a whitish bright Cyan Blue flash.
MauricioPP Hace 29 días
Broly CTM is the dead
Beyonder TV
Beyonder TV Hace 29 días
This theme is so GODLY Goku and vegeta are finally fighting a real NON BORING character bruh Jiren was so plain and lame he was just strong
miguel angel wild
miguel angel wild Hace 29 días
That it's amazing
Fernando Marquez
Fernando Marquez Hace 29 días
The legendary super Sayayin is back.....
Ace Rimmer
Ace Rimmer Hace un mes
Hans Zimmer (batman+inception+interstellar)
Mateo G
Mateo G Hace un mes
X-Ray Dog
Nicholas Murphy
Nicholas Murphy Hace un mes
I betcha frieza dies in this movie. To me hes gonna be the Peragus of this movie where hes standing by watching goku and vegeta fight broly and then have broly somehow wiping him out.
Hollow Moonshine
Hollow Moonshine Hace un mes
when is the release date
Constantine lehara
Constantine lehara Hace un mes
Diyasio Sp Chandler
Is Vic Mignogna still the voice of Broly in this movie?
Diyasio Sp Chandler
+Jamel Hamed nice
Jamel Hamed
Jamel Hamed Hace un mes
Evi 25
Evi 25 Hace un mes
Archit Srivastava
Archit Srivastava Hace un mes
Can you please upload the track for the second trailer as well!!
Dick Grayson
Dick Grayson Hace un mes
I think my phone just crack from this tremendous Broly theme
Sky L
Sky L Hace un mes
Im looking for that theme where broly against goku vegeta and frieze music, does anyone know?
Jamel Hamed
Jamel Hamed Hace un mes
go find a recreation the original is not out yet ...pokemixer
Red Scott
Red Scott Hace un mes
Here from RiftiBeats. Shoutot to the composer for revealing this gem.
Addrian Ureta
Addrian Ureta Hace un mes
Addrian Ureta
Addrian Ureta Hace un mes
2:21 epic music
Shin Hace un mes
Yo @DAKASAMA Can you find the OST for this second trailer of DBS Broly ? esvid.net/video/vídeo-n-RNOi41vXk.html
Aymen Fayçal
Aymen Fayçal Hace un mes
thx for the fine work , but can you find the track that plays in second Trailer that was dropped 2 days ago ? i want that ost that plays when Goku Broly were sent flying in those pods
Darius Ellis
Darius Ellis Hace un mes
OST reminds me of bladrunner
Addrian Ureta
Addrian Ureta Hace un mes
the best soundtrack
Fused Zamasu
Fused Zamasu Hace un mes
Should have played this right before thanos snapped his finger.
Jamel Hamed
Jamel Hamed Hace un mes
who watched the 2nd trailer omg i'm hyped for bardock
Super sonic multiverse 97
i m curious too
Xblade Views
Xblade Views Hace un mes
Goosebumps who else?
Todoroki and vegeta
I know right
Dbz-Dbs and Gaming
Dbz-Dbs and Gaming Hace un mes
Sounds like some Prometheus type song. I'm gonna love this movie nonetheless
Xeno Goku
Xeno Goku Hace un mes
He's getting stronger Raaaaaaaaaaaaagh *and goku turn M.U.I*
Connor Windom
Connor Windom Hace 28 días
+Le mouxx Well that's usually how Dragon Ball Z works. Even when Goku gets a new powerful transformation that everyone thinks is unbeatable, it gets absolutely demolished by the enemy after the enemy who triggered such form......So I won't be surprised if Broly does end up beating Ultra Instinct
Le mouxx
Le mouxx Hace un mes
And broly still kicks goku's ass
Nero Caesar
Nero Caesar Hace un mes
He's learning as he fights!
Daniel SC
Daniel SC Hace un mes
2:00 when ves a tu gfa con el boletin de las notas y la chancla
Carol Marlene
Carol Marlene Hace un mes
Se la rifaron con la musica de fondo B)
TerraRyzer Hace un mes
Princess Trunksssss!!!!
snow ball
snow ball Hace un mes
*he's power it's... over 9000000000000000000
Joseph Nash
Joseph Nash Hace un mes
Did Hans Zimmer do this theme. It sounds like the Dark Knight, only darker and more Epic.
Stanley Animations
Stanley Animations Hace un mes
2:38 He's.. Getting stronger!! HRYAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGHH!!
Jeremiah John
Jeremiah John Hace un mes
My Power....... It's OVERFLOWING!!!!! (insert monstrous roar) (shoots ki blasts from his body)
Renea Perry
Renea Perry Hace un mes
Broly cloths look like the divine power of merged zamasu
rodrigo serna
rodrigo serna Hace un mes
Broly bout to smack everyone on site like that video of the dude slapping everyone even the kids 😂
Immacularity •
Immacularity • Hace un mes
What if they used Requiem For A Dream
The Golden Boy
The Golden Boy Hace un mes
Me pone la piel de gallina solo escuchar este OST del regreso de Broly
Loxul Hace un mes
Hmm...The more and more I watch content of this movie, I get this vibe that Broly really will be more real than the Broly we currently have. I'm sure that whole "I hate Goku cause crying" will be gone which is one of the reasons I never cared for the character. His motivations were dumb. This Broly looks...deeper, especially that line where it says "What do you see...Beyond that strength?". I also am leaning toward Broly winning or ending in a draw. In Super, Goku hasn't "really" won. Most fight were team based and the only villain he killed was Freeza. He lost to Beerus, Hit, Zamasu, and even Jiren ended in a draw. I see the same happening in this movie. I don't think Broly is evil. He's giving me a Jiren vibe but with more character depth. Can't wait for this film!
Christian Calamba
Christian Calamba Hace un mes
Perfectly balanced. As all things should be.
Sauceboi 6 Billion
Sauceboi 6 Billion Hace un mes
Why does this sound like a Batman Arkham theme
AlphaRed93 Productions
Marvel needs to step up their game
8BitBall x
8BitBall x Hace un mes
Y does this music sound like it be also good for Godzilla, Star Wars, or Marvel? Nani?
A.S. #7577
A.S. #7577 Hace un mes
There was a reason why Vegeta feared him 25 years ago.
Brandon Guzman
Brandon Guzman Hace un mes
Towards the end, does anyone else here the faint sounds of screaming at the finale?
mcpe master
mcpe master Hace un mes
+Brandon Guzman i thought so😂
Brandon Guzman
Brandon Guzman Hace un mes
mcpe master honestly it’s probs just in my head. I had seen another vid of this, only laced with Broly screaming, so it might be that.
mcpe master
mcpe master Hace un mes
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