Original Soundtrack (OST) Trailer Movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly

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Music: Parallel Universe · X-Ray Dog
canción dentro del nuevo trailer de pelicula DBS: Broly del min 0:59 al 1:30
Estrena en Japón en diciembre de 2018, En America hasta 2019


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20 jul 2018






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AliBTTF Hace 19 horas
sugarysweetsilver Hace un día
y'all ever come back here and hype yourself the fuck up for this movie even though you've already seen it twice
Tru Saiyajin God
Tru Saiyajin God Hace 11 días
Goku: Vegeta have you ever seen a Saiyajin like this.?
Goku:he's getting stronger
Prince Pratihar
Prince Pratihar Hace 17 días
This music rivals ultra instinct
SEBAXXRL 10 Hace 20 días
Ғɩɾҽ Ҳ
Ғɩɾҽ Ҳ Hace 21 un día
1:08-3:05 is the best part for me
Broly Hace 21 un día
Eric Norton
Eric Norton Hace 29 días
Rajae Morris
Rajae Morris Hace un mes
This reminds of avengers infinity war
Alexandre Beaugrand
Beyond Sayajin...there is Super Sayajin Beyond Super Sayajin...there is Super Sayajin 2 Beyond Super Sayajin 2...there is Super Sayajin 3 Beyond Super Sayajin 3...there is Sayajin God Beyond Sayajin God...there is Sayajin Blue And beyond Sayajin Blue.................THERE IS BROLY THE LEGENDARY SUPER SAYAJIN!
Cereal Killer
Cereal Killer Hace un mes
This music will be played when the US. RUSSIA. and CHINA collide😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
Nibirus Garcia
Nibirus Garcia Hace un mes
Сон Гоку
Сон Гоку Hace un mes
*Parallel Universe*
Wander! - Dragon Ball Super - Roblox
"Legendary" *soundtrack*
Isaac Alberto
Isaac Alberto Hace un mes
Like si ya viste la pelicula
Nibirus Garcia
Nibirus Garcia Hace un mes
GogetaUltra Hace un mes
I will show you my new form ... a green form
Needhelm Hace un mes
Cadê os BR's?
Angel Aguilar
Angel Aguilar Hace un mes
What’s the name of it??
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez Hace un mes
Cuando se acercan los exámenes :"v
starcoolerboy Hace un mes
This guy is gonna be really angry.
alexanderdark 125
alexanderdark 125 Hace un mes
Bien vídeo broo
ReVoL Hace un mes
Khalid Hafez
Khalid Hafez Hace 2 meses
Really wish this was in the movie
King Charles
King Charles Hace 2 meses
Dat CGI though..
Marco Jones
Marco Jones Hace 2 meses
Waoo...me encanta las peliculas de dragon ball siempre se a caracterizado por tener los mejores sountrack de anime sin duda alguna esta sinfonia musical es de otro mundo .
izna ansari
izna ansari Hace 2 meses
Just watched da movie and believe me its amazing. Full of funny, emotional, interesting scences all well as badass animation. Best DB Movie So Far by my opinion.
Harrison Miller
Harrison Miller Hace 2 meses
when the day comes that an evil threat powerful enough to devour entire worlds in mere minutes come to this planet I'm making it my life goal to listen to this song as I crumble.
All Fiction
All Fiction Hace 2 meses
Fernando Martinez
Fernando Martinez Hace 2 meses
2:00 emergiendo del infierno 😘
Alex THE Legendary Super Saiyan
Broly is the man Cheelai is his bitch!
Donny Mello
Donny Mello Hace 2 meses
*Shaggy has joined chat* *Thanos,God,and Broly all has left chat*
Сон Гоку
Сон Гоку Hace 2 meses
Parallel Universe Theme
Ajay Gupta
Ajay Gupta Hace 2 meses
Broly made them pee till gogeta came
꧁Axus꧂ Hace 2 meses
*Como que la cosa va tomando fuerza XD*
DanRomZu Hace 2 meses
Nos has salvado, estamos agradecidos
super legendario BROLY
por que no salio este soundtrack en la película estaba chido
Rodrigo Monroy
Rodrigo Monroy Hace un mes
Es una lástima
GreninjaBrian Hace 2 meses
2:42 the beat drop yo
mirror_knight likes_meme_sto
Broly Sayajin
Broly Sayajin Hace 2 meses
Lil Dc Johnson
Lil Dc Johnson Hace 2 meses
So dope
Zukato Zik
Zukato Zik Hace 2 meses
Why tf this ost not in the movie at all
Springtrap gaming2017
The theme for Dragon Ball Walking Dead lmao
nazareno Rodríguez
nazareno Rodríguez Hace 2 meses
Pasenme el link para descargar la canción
Thomas Walker
Thomas Walker Hace 2 meses
I don't understand why people are calling Broly the devil he is not evil and his power isn't evil either. He is the legendary super saiyan nothing evil about him...he's just being manipulated if anyone in the dragon ball universe is the devil it is Frieza.
No name
No name Hace 2 meses
That menacing tone, the way it builds up with the tension Now this is just too damn good
EpicToco CatGalixy
EpicToco CatGalixy Hace 2 meses
this should have been infinity wars theme
Lord Frieza
Lord Frieza Hace 2 meses
waste of time
waste of time Hace 2 meses
A damn shame a version of this song didn't make it into the actual movie.
Gustavo Javier Dente Cifuentes
Es espectacular.
DJZ Productions
DJZ Productions Hace 2 meses
Man of steel vibes, anyone?
The Dimension Channel
0:52 something legendary is coming
Shiny Samurott
Shiny Samurott Hace 3 meses
"You see Kakarot, you're not dealing with the average saiyan warrior anymore"
Maryu Daiku
Maryu Daiku Hace 3 meses
This Movie was Awesome my friends. I take my Hat Off. Thanks.
Ivan Otaking
Ivan Otaking Hace 3 meses
When....you're about face your parents in the principal's office...O _ O
Dalton Ace Hicks
Dalton Ace Hicks Hace 3 meses
Tomorrow boys.
SON GOKU Hace 3 meses
Really gud
Cam3t0k1ll Hace 3 meses
Loved it
Mateo G
Mateo G Hace 3 meses
2:01 No aparece en la película.
Abstract _Man
Abstract _Man Hace 2 meses
:'c no
TheArtOfHands Hace 3 meses
This is the most epic soundtrack ever used for Dragon Ball!
Zukato Zik
Zukato Zik Hace 2 meses
To bad they didn't use it in the movie at all
Сон Гоку
Сон Гоку Hace 3 meses
This is Called DBS Parallel Universe Theme
Mike Rosales
Mike Rosales Hace 3 meses
*2:02** y en ese momento, Kakaroto siento el verdadero terror!*
Mau C. Zeballos
Mau C. Zeballos Hace 3 meses
this music was not used in the movie rigtht? (srry for bad english :p)
Silverlance TV
Silverlance TV Hace 3 meses
sadly it did not.
Leonardo Jimenez
Leonardo Jimenez Hace 3 meses
La neta fue buena la pelicula xD
Santiago LPX
Santiago LPX Hace 3 meses
tiene copy?
Diego Velducea valenzuela
Este Soundtrack es el más épico que e escuchado
Vincent bbk
Vincent bbk Hace 3 meses
Zéro, bidon!
EPS ZEDISS Hace 3 meses
The best song of movie of the year
TOMY ATR Hace 3 meses
La cancion parece post apocaliptica
TOMY ATR Hace 3 meses
Y algo me dice que el fin del mundo esta serca con esta musica
Mohammed Muhi Uddin
Mohammed Muhi Uddin Hace 3 meses
This trailer song is about revenge, redemption and regret.
Mohammed Muhi Uddin
Mohammed Muhi Uddin Hace 3 meses
In the movie goku says broly might be stronger than beerus.
•Samas 7u7•
•Samas 7u7• Hace 3 meses
Younavers Hace 3 meses
Avengers mixed with pacific rim 1 equals this song.. It's fucking awesome.
Adeepta Banerjee
Adeepta Banerjee Hace 3 meses
Broly is coming.....
Auke Velting
Auke Velting Hace 3 meses
What’s the name of this music?
T-POISE Hace 3 meses
Auke Velting parallel Universe- x Ray dog
Cesar Santander
Cesar Santander Hace 3 meses
Goku:(This Is Strongest) Broly:(IAAAAAAAAAA!)
Rahel Pie
Rahel Pie Hace 3 meses
This is even more epic than that from infinity war
AlexTheGamer 10
AlexTheGamer 10 Hace 3 meses
I seen this soundtrack in minecraft 2 haahha i promise you wont believe it
Sahir Sahir
Sahir Sahir Hace 3 meses
I am 29 i watched dragonball since i am 11 years i have done martial arts over years.. Now i am down lot of problems but when i hear this track and think of goku and vegeta.. Begin your New life never give up fight vs yourself and getting stronger for u and make things happen in life! 2019 make ure shit happens! No retreat no surrender!!!!
Brendon Pascua
Brendon Pascua Hace 3 meses
Fyi ive seen the movie,tiny spoiler,more talking in beginning,more fighting close to ending,basically their showing goku,vegeta and broly as a baby in beggining.
Nibirus Garcia
Nibirus Garcia Hace 3 meses
Nibirus Garcia
Nibirus Garcia Hace 3 meses
Soru Martz
Soru Martz Hace 3 meses
Hermoso soundtrack DB Broly👌
Broly Hace 3 meses
2:01 - 2:45
Y si era tan listo porque se murio :V
me recuerda al music trailer de doctor strange
GOKUTAAS97 YT Hace 3 meses
Eric Norton
Eric Norton Hace 3 meses
Too bad the movie has not lived up to this song.
alfonso alverto
alfonso alverto Hace 3 meses
I do not like
DRAGON Hace 3 meses
apekx kun
apekx kun Hace 3 meses
This ost make us feel this should be the most terrifying fight in dragon ball history
Feña Figueroa
Feña Figueroa Hace 4 meses
On check
The Avatar Of Destruction
The movie was outstanding!! If anyone's down to talk about it, let's go! COMMENT SECTION WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS!
chance l. mcdonald
chance l. mcdonald Hace 4 meses
God of anime folks.
hard2kill16 Hace 4 meses
Can someone put this on Spotify?!
surjo karmakar
surjo karmakar Hace 4 meses
this music show how broly strong .......
Greg Sypniewski
Greg Sypniewski Hace 4 meses
Broly became stronger than everyone except for whis and maybe beerus overnight. True monster.
Andy Roberto
Andy Roberto Hace 4 meses
Mucho mejor que los Vengadores
mirror_knight likes_meme_sto
Can't stop looking at the IGN mark.
Tyron Turner
Tyron Turner Hace 4 meses
I think the soundtrack in this movie is gonna be epic. This song right here is living proof of that. As a person who's a liker of different types of music, I love orchestral shit like this.
Justin Hammond
Justin Hammond Hace 4 meses
Fuckin love orchestral music
Edgar Dolz
Edgar Dolz Hace 4 meses
Estoy en 13 de Diciembre
Burnt Cheeto
Burnt Cheeto Hace 4 meses
The gates of hell has been opened....
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