Original Soundtrack (OST) Trailer Movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly

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Music: Parallel Universe · X-Ray Dog
canción dentro del nuevo trailer de pelicula DBS: Broly del min 0:59 al 1:30
Estrena en Japón en diciembre de 2018, En America hasta 2019


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20 jul 2018

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Rayo _05X
Rayo _05X Hace un hora
sega616 Hace 9 horas
Kinda has a Dunkirk feel
Captain Kefler
Captain Kefler Hace 15 horas
This theme feels like some apocalyptic siren, perfect for the legendary super saiyan.
axell riofrio chirinos
Un banda sonora epica la pelicula debera superarla estoy seguro que broly nos maravillara con su abismal poder !!!
Pikapanda Hace 20 horas
axell riofrio chirinos y a pensar que gogeta va aster en la pelicula
Why will this look better than any marvel or anime movie Oh wait cause my favorite movie character is coming back
Black Wolf
Black Wolf Hace 2 días
No se xq estoy llorando wee :,v al escuchar esto ... Brolyyyy!!
Help me reach 10000 subscribers with no reason
2:00 pause and screenshot for the perfect wallpaper.
Super Ghost
Super Ghost Hace 2 días
1:30 Broly is the evil doer
Steam Punk
Steam Punk Hace 4 días
It feels like this theme fits with hulk or godzilla
Pikapanda Hace 20 horas
Steam Punk or broly
Shadow Master
Shadow Master Hace 5 días
I’m getting chills from this song
Dominique Bauerntopf
Broly ❤️ Armageddon theme 💓
christar331 Hace 5 días
2:55 Don't mean to turn this into a pornhub website but that is One BIG Weewee.
El Tio Todoroki, Madara y Frost
2:36 Se esta volviendo mas fuerte...
Krystal Brooks
Krystal Brooks Hace 6 días
Pikapanda Hace 20 horas
Krystal Brooks I can’t send help but I can send noods
Ajay Gupta
Ajay Gupta Hace 7 días
I have a feeling that Broly the first movie has some great quotes n one liners whether they will be here or not
KevinFX Hace 7 días
¿Será qué se escuchará en la película? 🤤
you will never know 123
This sounds like man of steel sound track
SJ Garman
SJ Garman Hace 8 días
"He is the one... The Saiyan of LEGEND.... The one who rose from the ashes of embarrassment to regain his title from the hands of the evil genderswap. The Saiyan with NO equal.... He..... Has returned.... Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan."
ElzinTheAnomaly Hace 4 días
Kale never stole Broly's title and Broly should totally fuck off to U6 after the movie and start a legendary family with Kale.
2:40 "Hes, Getting stronger !!" [ *EPIC BEAT DROP* ]
LouDubbs jr
LouDubbs jr Hace 8 días
1:29 sounds so damn cool
elton kuah
elton kuah Hace 9 días
the soundtrack is awesome
Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn
Not the theme I was looking for.
2:02 tengo miendo
George Houliaras
George Houliaras Hace 10 días
Vegeta: It's him... The Saiyan of Legend.
alex rojas
alex rojas Hace 10 días
AllInGameplayIta Hace 10 días
"Dragon Ball Super : Broly" and "My Hero Academia : Two Heroes" they Will be the best anime films!
Flying Raijin
Flying Raijin Hace 10 días
Like trailer avengers infinity war
A Lonely Knight
A Lonely Knight Hace 11 días
It would be incredible if Jiren is needed and he participate and even then, they have difficulties...
ITTHEBEESKNEEZ Yeet Hace 11 días
Goku:he...HES GETTING STRONGER Broly:HURRRRRAAAAAAAAAA it gave me chills man godamn
ITTHEBEESKNEEZ Yeet Hace 11 días
Yo this is some marvel music shit with dragon ball I LOVE IT IM SO HYPED
B.N.L One
B.N.L One Hace 11 días
Yo imagine the roar at the end but like add a ozari roar effecr plua the og signature phrase: KAAKAAAROOOTOOOOO!!!!!
son goku
son goku Hace 11 días
Sirius Demon of Darkness
I find funny that the song used in the trailer for the first canon movie about Broly is called "Parallel Universe".
Trey Jr.
Trey Jr. Hace 11 días
got that Dark Knight feeling too it 🤡🦇
Chu Cosmicwolf
Chu Cosmicwolf Hace 12 días
Non cannon broly: a monster no I’m a devil Super broly: if you are a devil than I’m hell its self
bubbanater07 Hace 12 días
Whis will finally fight and kill Broly.
Black Spidey
Black Spidey Hace 12 días
My Power is..... MAXIMUMER!!!!!!
Ohm Neh
Ohm Neh Hace 14 días
Kinda surprised I just found this video today Thanks for uploading.
Leader 21
Leader 21 Hace 14 días
Browly vs jiren wanted
SaaanGakuuu Hace 14 días
Dude go to 2:00
Ajay Gupta
Ajay Gupta Hace 14 días
Wish i can see first day first show i wanna cheer for the LEGENDARY SUPER SAIYAN BROLY!!
PerfectCell2018 Hace 15 días
Best trailer music EVER. No contest.
Joker perez
Joker perez Hace 15 días
Puedo utilsarlo para un video? Solo sera como 40 segundos del sound track que estare utilisando. Te dare creditos.
ZblazingShogun126 Hace 15 días
A REAL THREAT FIRST TIME IN DRAGON BALL IS COMING because ''those who believe in goku to win may lose confidence'' this was said by nagamine so mui we r sorry same for gogeta but plzz come in movie...
Pikapanda Hace 14 días
Zain blazingking128 ikr I really want some blood tho, I’m no serial killer but some actual blood makes everyone more badass in my opinion anyway
Brock Turner
Brock Turner Hace 15 días
You just jealous cause your not the legendary super nemekian
Pikapanda Hace 15 días
I genuinely hope there’s blood in the movie, call me a pychopath but I want to see the brutal fights of Z one last time (if super had blood it would’ve been perfect)
SÓ NA TIME Hace 15 días
This music...oh god...
Boi Era
Boi Era Hace 16 días
this movie is probably gonna be anime movie of 2018. the action packed feeling and the emotional dramatic feeling of the world shaking cuz of one overpowered being can destroy an entire galaxy. The Legendary Super Saiyan who can destroy anything and has rage cuz of one baby who was crying for almost three hours. and who will get revenge on the king’s son Vegeta. Broly will show no mercy now that he is cannon. He will probably overpower beerus.
Pikapanda Hace 14 días
Boi Era the only thing I can imagine beating this movie (at least for me) would be avengers 4
TahirK1189 Hace 16 días
What do you see beyond that strength?
Brandon Guzman
Brandon Guzman Hace 16 días
You know, if Frieza were smart, and hit was offering his services in universe 7 while passing through because of goku’s challenge/self imposed assassination order he has yet to rescind, he should just task hit to track down the namik and earth dragon balls every time they become ready. He’s scary efficient in his work, and Frieza can pay him better than anyone else besides beerus, or even just offer one of the spare wishes every time, especially if they plan for multiple returns. That way Frieza doesn’t need to personally get involved until the time to wish has come, no bumbling troops that hit is FAR harder to track than anyway, his time skip can get him in and out of wherever he needs, and most importantly, that Frieza doesn’t need to get manhandled by the sayians... AGAIN. But no, now he’s gonna get brutalized by THE LEGENDARY SUPER SWOLLEN YAMCHA MC’PHYCHO PRICK. Than again, that’s if A: Frieza even had any idea as to who hit was, and only through the tournament of power, especially frost, could he have figured it out, unless hit’s advertising himself in U7. And B: if hit’s proficiency in tracking things like the dragon balls is anything less than his normal assassinations, than one slip up gets him at least two sayians and/or a posse of humans, half breeds, androids and one namekian, plus maybe a near unkillable bubblegum demon (if he EVER bothered to wake up), all crammed down his throat.
Ravi Dixit
Ravi Dixit Hace 16 días
The chills you get at 1:45 that’s some really intense feeling that’s what’s broly is
hard2kill16 Hace 17 días
they forgot the scar on Broly's CGI cheek XD
hard2kill16 Hace 16 días
+Jamel Hamed yup the scar is there but on the wrong cheek
Jamel Hamed
Jamel Hamed Hace 16 días
oh i firgot it supposed to be in the left cheek
Jamel Hamed
Jamel Hamed Hace 17 días
nope it's there ...right side ..look closely
Boi Era
Boi Era Hace 17 días
LSS stronger than blue Kaioken x20.......................look what kind of op monstrosity you have created. if we see broly as legendary mui. i might just say fuck vegeta and lets have broly in the next dragon ball. he’s cannon in the movie, now we gotta wait after super
Jesus Muñoz
Jesus Muñoz Hace 17 días
Se vino el tio broly papaaaa😆😁
Metrox Supreme
Metrox Supreme Hace 17 días
DarthDeadpool Marvel
DarthDeadpool Marvel Hace 17 días
Better get your tickets asap, your local theater gonna be flooded xD oh and I need some new underwear....
Son Goku
Son Goku Hace 17 días
Undergamer12 Hace 17 días
He's power level is.......... MAXIMUM!!!!
Daniel Parkinson
Daniel Parkinson Hace 18 días
They just used the Doctor strange soundtrack for this, it’s coool, that would be a decent avengers movie 😂
Ryker Cook
Ryker Cook Hace 18 días
Good thing is toriyama has time to write this. Lets hope it's not a crummy ending and simple. I liked super just it was plain and simple...
aaron gameplay
aaron gameplay Hace 18 días
Kam Kataul
Kam Kataul Hace 18 días
Does anyone else get Batman: Arkham vibes form the trailer theme song or is it just me???
Supratim Maity
Supratim Maity Hace 19 días
This legit sounds like Doctor Strange Trailer 2 music.
mauro maurostojku@gmail.com.com
Dragon Ball Infinity War
Lautaro Hoyos
Lautaro Hoyos Hace 19 días
Am i the only one who will surelly be cheering for Broly to win?
Harvey Quijano
Harvey Quijano Hace 2 días
Broly is my favorite.
ONE ONE Hace 2 días
David Ortiz
David Ortiz Hace 4 días
+Ajay Gupta me too
Ajay Gupta
Ajay Gupta Hace 15 días
I want him to beat the shit out of beerus
Lautaro Hoyos
Lautaro Hoyos Hace 19 días
This damn song...i may go to watch it on cinema
Alien Boy
Alien Boy Hace 7 días
You should
Becker Hpc
Becker Hpc Hace 20 días
el sountrack aparece al del juego nova edición
Qazu G
Qazu G Hace 20 días
This is like age of ultron mixed with infinity war
The Anime Box
The Anime Box Hace 20 días
This has such a hype, mysterious, ominous and powerful vice to it all at the same time. great! absolutely great!
Perfect Cell
Perfect Cell Hace 20 días
Yo the first 25 seconds sound like it’s from alien horror movie or something and then it turns into like a marvel super hero sounds and then dragon ball
Star platinum 25
Star platinum 25 Hace 20 días
I know this is Dragon ball but it sound like a Marvel and DC comic trailer soundtrack
Red Hood
Red Hood Hace 21 un día
Me:How are you going to handle this goku? Goku:I'll just pull something out my butt like I usually do! Broly:AND IT WILL BE BROLY'S FIST!!!!! Vegeta(laying broken on the ground)Probably!
Jamel Hamed
Jamel Hamed Hace 20 días
Jimmy Hopkins
Jimmy Hopkins Hace 21 un día
Con ese trailer ya me olvidé de Avengers Infinity War.
RONY THOMAS Hace 21 un día
Fuck the Gods! We have the Devil Broly!
BlackSaiyajin Hace 22 días
YES! Hace 22 días
lol that broly face
Dominique Washington
Dominique Washington Hace 22 días
ByAlonso Hace 22 días
M-hmm Hace 22 días
My body is fucking ready...
Darkborne Lines
Darkborne Lines Hace 23 días
Bro, the hype is fucking real
alberto sandoval
alberto sandoval Hace 23 días
Presiento que este enemigo sera difícil que lo derrten ya cuando salga la serie por capitulos sera larga igual que la de majinboo
Pacman De hierro :v
Pacman De hierro :v Hace 23 días
2:02 Se parese mucho al trailer de infinity war :v
hard2kill16 Hace 23 días
this OST will be awesome to workout with!
AKIRA y Toei: Queremos que la película sea buena y venda. BROLY: Ya llegué. Soundtrack: Yo también.
Orlando Mendoza Zamarripa
ahuevooo hahah
Rin Ragnar
Rin Ragnar Hace 23 días
2:02 *The Saiyan Warrior Race* *What is it that you see* *Beyond that strength?*
DarkMatter YT
DarkMatter YT Hace 23 días
Can someone post this on SoundCloud? This is just too epic for me not to listen to For hours.
Nahuel Gomez
Nahuel Gomez Hace 23 días
Yash Beradarsingh
Yash Beradarsingh Hace 24 días
I got goosebumps😳
WeinS Hace 24 días
I think Broly will become a Z warrior after the movie because if you remember, he is controlled by a necklace installed by Paragas.
Sugar Shark
Sugar Shark Hace 24 días
More badass than kaneki from Tokyo ghoul
do it broly!!!
goku miggate no gokui
goku miggate no gokui Hace 24 días
Om gatito
LouDubbs jr
LouDubbs jr Hace 25 días
this ost gives me chills. it makes me feel like goku will lose
Topekk Daus
Topekk Daus Hace 25 días
It's almost like Halo games sountrack..very suit and also sounded like apocalypse
Yatagaru Crow
Yatagaru Crow Hace 25 días
broly finally show up at his most maximumer power.
Juan Maldonado
Juan Maldonado Hace 25 días
Can you imagine how strong Broly will be?! Kale couldn’t even control LSSYN with no experience with that form and still made Goku look like shit. Broly was around longer than Kale so imagine how powerful he is
Lou ELastic
Lou ELastic Hace 19 días
From the looks of the trailer, it seems as if this will be Broly’s first time using the Legendary form. He is the Saiyan Warrior Race personified. He continuously breaks his limits to no end when faced against someone more powerful than him. By the time we reach the end of the trailer, it looks as if Broly is transforming from a normal Super Saiyan into his Legendary Form. I’m guessing that Goku hit him with his 20x Kaioken (which didn’t work) and that explosion of power leads Broly into his power up..
Blue Shell
Blue Shell Hace 26 días
Dragon ball super:infinity war
saiyan warrior
saiyan warrior Hace 26 días
Paragus :Do it Broly!
PeanutButterJellyfish Hace 26 días
this sounds like it should be in The Dark Knight
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