Oscars 2020 In Memoriam Billie Eilish Performance

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The Oscars pay tribute to the renowned actors, filmmakers and craftsmen who passed away over the past year with the Oscars 2020 In Memoriam.


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10 feb 2020






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Daniela Molocho Mallma
La verdad que la voz de Billie Eilish estivo espectacular
Organ Organ
Organ Organ Hace un día
Billie fucking sucks!!! She has no talent
Kiwi Thief
Kiwi Thief Hace un día
Their so disrespectful they didn’t even clap for John Witherspoon and either way they should’ve said silent thats what a memoriam means. Bet half the audience was white
julianne Hace un día
if your reading this, you only see this 1% talking about Billie's performance 99% talking about the audience claps
Chazdon Alexander
Chazdon Alexander Hace un día
This is disgraceful, clap for everyone instead of certain people or just stay silent.
Yee yee Yee
Yee yee Yee Hace un día
Everytime I watch this I get to a point where I almost cry but then I hear the audience clapping
zero2a100 Hace un día
Problem is see is the delusional audience..everyone in it also thinks there famous too....This is the world i despise ..everyone thinks there own life is a FN' rap video.
abby road
abby road Hace un día
ok but where was luke perry omg
Arabela Bonilla
Arabela Bonilla Hace un día
Erica Lendall
Erica Lendall Hace un día
can i get this in my playlist
Alison Hace un día
She will be preforming next year for No Time To Die.
Kayla C.
Kayla C. Hace un día
She sounded beautiful 😍🥰🥺💕😭🥵
TAKE A NAP Hace un día
I'll be waiting on Spotify billiee
no Hace un día
Dead people
Sono Ritardato Quindi
So if someone isn't a basketball star they don't deserve your clapping?
Alaa Al
Alaa Al Hace un día
SHE WAS INCREDIBLE!!!! I wish they didn’t clap because that’s not what you do, ever.
John Smith
John Smith Hace un día
Orson Bean was killed by a car the same weekend and wasn't mentioned. Luke Perry wasn't mentioned either. Both men were mainly known for TV work but both had been in movies as well.
Aaron Arias
Aaron Arias Hace un día
Una completa basura de cantante malogra un gran clasico Musicas suicidas
R.I.P Kobe Bryant ❣
James the goth kitten
What song did she perform?
Eidma C.
Eidma C. Hace un día
50,000 Subscribers with no videos challeng e
I feel we "definitely" should applaud the crowd
Jessie Wert
Jessie Wert Hace un día
People are focusing on the memorial which I get but Billie and finneas’s performance was incredible
Junko :D SBL
Junko :D SBL Hace un día
I know a lot of people in the comments are saying that it was underwhelming but I think it fit. Her voice went with the music so wonderfully, it felt like I was going through everyone’s lives and I really cried at everyone. Because her voice was that fitting.
richard lam
richard lam Hace un día
what a bunch of morons in the audience
Daniela Dogirama
Daniela Dogirama Hace un día
& Cameron Boyce ? 😭💔
Daniela Dogirama
Daniela Dogirama Hace un día
& Cameron Boyce ? 😭💔
Nope Nope
Nope Nope Hace un día
Jesus Christ, that guy is the most overrated singer ever!!!
Amazing _ boss_123 lit
See but then Eminem came
Clint Hace un día
Elle est vraiment à chier cette chanteuse, beurk. Aucun talent.
Alena Schindlerova
Alena Schindlerova Hace un día
Where is Cameron Boyce ?!?! 😭😖
Amazing _ boss_123 lit
Alena Schindlerova in the ground
Gacha - Fan
Gacha - Fan Hace un día
Dónde está Cameron Boyce
Aaron Ramey
Aaron Ramey Hace un día
I couldn’t even get to the applause moments bc her vocal was horrific - i didn’t even make it to the first chorus. In her own words, “trash.” And the stuff about the oscars crowd not being “her audience,” is a load of crap.
Gejdi Petriti
Gejdi Petriti Hace un día
Only Eminem makes the show
Libena Starikova
Libena Starikova Hace un día
Underwhelmed by her performance. It was good, but any decent singer could do that. And yes, agreed about the clapping.
John Pradlik
John Pradlik Hace un día
Why do people think she's good? She can't sing to save her life.
Alpaca :3
Alpaca :3 Hace un día
“ The Beatles “
Minlix M
Minlix M Hace un día
I can’t stop watching this 🥺❤️
ceerw buty
ceerw buty Hace un día
i don't wanna sound like an annoying asshurt billie fan but y'all hatin on her without keeping in mind she was sick and really nervous, and who wouldn't be? she's just a kid
Physixtential Hace un día
What a solid performance. I almost always have a hard time listening to live performance.
ceerw buty
ceerw buty Hace un día
was with her phone he also gave me access to her social media accounts don’t let suspicion eat you up
João Gabriel Oliveira Dos Santos
Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away Now it looks as though they're here to stay Oh, I believe in yesterday Suddenly, I'm not half the man I used to be There's a shadow hanging over me Oh, yesterday came suddenly Why she had to go I don't know she wouldn't say I said something wrong, now I long for yesterday Yesterday, love was such an easy game to play Now I need a place to hide away Oh, I believe in yesterday Why she had to go I don't know she wouldn't say I said something wrong, now I long for yesterday Yesterday, love was such an easy game to play Now I need a place to hide away Oh, I believe in yesterday Mm mm mm mm mm mm mm
Ali Hace un día
Let's just forget about the audience being rude and just appreciate how gorgeous Billie's voice sounds here. Please?
chrisLove F
chrisLove F Hace un día
Porque pasaron a Fernando lujan? 😳
Finally FINALLY all are quite and no one sing. What a wonder
Diana Hace un día
У нее же никакущий вокал, на уровне русской попсы.
Sy Opliger
Sy Opliger Hace un día
Pretty despicable that whoever arranged this let some goth idiot sing one of the greatest songs ever written, it’s astounding how dumb people are nowadays, should’ve had the actual singer of the song do it but this audience is so dumb they won’t be ok with an old man singing they have to have some rebellious girl with green hair, disgusting
Junko :D SBL
Junko :D SBL Hace un día
Her voice does fit with the song though, also she likes Sailor Moon the ultimate magical girl anime so idk if you could classify her in goth territory. And she’s not an idiot. No one is.
Isabel Shaw
Isabel Shaw Hace un día
Also ok boomer, I don’t even care if it’s outdated
Isabel Shaw
Isabel Shaw Hace un día
Stupid stupid stupid. First of all, the Beatles broke up a long time ago, and only half the members are alive at this point, so that would not work. I might be a bit biased, but Billie Eilish has a excellent voice, and if you’d use your ears, you could hear it. You insulting her, calling her a “goth idiot” just makes you look stupid, especially considering she’s not only a teenager, but also a teenager with 10x as much money as you’ll ever have. Please review yourself before you post this stuff for everyone to see.
Karolina K
Karolina K Hace un día
Like it’s pissing me off that the comment section is pissed because they didn’t clapped for everyone but like do you clap when you at the funeral I don’t think so like stfu and if they would clap for everyone you couldn’t hear Billie
Yo Boy Andersonn
Yo Boy Andersonn Hace un día
Paul’s voice will always be superior
Junko :D SBL
Junko :D SBL Hace un día
Yo Boy Andersonn It’s a cover.
barrybazbazza thompson
Clapping is a personal choice
Gamer 777
Gamer 777 Hace un día
She did it so fking well
Shada Vázquez
Shada Vázquez Hace un día
Billie a prueba Voz el. 78 Actuación 60 Cómo la canto 59
melissa gil
melissa gil Hace un día
What about robin williams 😔
Johnny Utah
Johnny Utah Hace un día
wheres luke perry..
Zachary S
Zachary S Hace un día
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reptypuff Hace un día
i don't wanna sound like an annoying asshurt billie fan but y'all hatin on her without keeping in mind she was sick and really nervous, and who wouldn't be? she's just a kid
Susa Ackles
Susa Ackles Hace un día
Let's take a moment for Carry fisher Alan rickman Cameron boyce And Stan lee And so many more (who r not just Oscar winners or tvstars)
CheeseBoy_ Hace un día
You know what I find annoying about this video. The comments about the audience. We all know it's not OK. However, people just have to stop commenting about it. There seems to be nothing else people talk about. You can comment so many things, like please don't copy what everybody else says. Add value. If you comment something, just think about what you appreciated, instead of complaining about the same thing over and over again. Thanks for your understanding🙏
reptypuff Hace un día
okay first off, billie did an amazing job with her performance, regardless of what she thinks it was beautiful. second off i know everyone has already acknowledged this but the audience needs to have some respect for the people who died. seriously, were they raised in a fking barn?
Ankit Hace un día
Whats with the biased audience are they high?
BigDaddyCool42 Hace un día
It’s not about talent anymore. It’s just about the next new thing. But I like her more than most
a sneeze
a sneeze Hace un día
i live in the uk, so i watch the bafta’s, during the remembrance segment, they don’t clap, they are respectful and stay silent, to show that they respect everyone in the memorium, i find this horrible, just don’t clap please, billie is performing and it just gives the memorial the wrong feel...
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