Oster CKSTWF2000 Belgian Waffle Maker Review

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Hi Guys, today I’m reviewing the Oster CKSTWF2000 Belgian Waffle Maker. It’s a compact unit measuring 9.5 inches long, 7.5 inches across and 3.5 inches tall.
LINK to Oster Waffle Maker: amzn.to/1XINIbD
LINK to Presto Waffle Maker: amzn.to/1ScRhqD
The housing is stainless steel and the interior is non-stick.
The waffles were crispy on the outside and cooked nicely on the inside.
For about $20, this Oster Waffle Maker is a decent value.

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20 abr 2016






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Dawn Reynolds
Dawn Reynolds Hace 10 días
I miss my old waffle maker. This one always sticks no matter how much name brand Pam i use, and it gets so hot that the burns are just not worth it. My other one wasnt like this. Also on medium it takes about 8 minutes to cook. Same machine as in the video
ZeeMeNow Hace 27 días
Good 1
Samantha Keebler
Samantha Keebler Hace un mes
Mine always leaks out the side
London Stackhouse
London Stackhouse Hace un mes
I love waffles ❣️
Tyra Richards
Tyra Richards Hace 2 meses
Got the oyster, can't wait to get started making some waffles
1907 Syndicate
1907 Syndicate Hace 2 meses
My gf and I were trying to figure out why her waffles keep burning on one side and not cooking fully on the top. But thanks to your video I think the batter we made was too thin in viscosity
bestkitchenreviews Hace 2 meses
PRINCESS BEE Hace 3 meses
What batter do you use ??
Diamond Champion
Diamond Champion Hace 3 meses
You made me feel a lot better about this product. I’ve seen so many bad reviews but yours was great! This might be a purchase.
Christine Brinkley
Christine Brinkley Hace 5 meses
Thank you for this review! Very helpful.
Angel Unawares
Angel Unawares Hace 5 meses
I just got a waffle machine I can't wait to make it. Thank you for that video.
The gaming noob
The gaming noob Hace 6 meses
My question is can it de freeze waffles
bestkitchenreviews Hace 6 meses
No 😀
Alternate Account
Alternate Account Hace 7 meses
This video is perfect !! Waffles came out like I am a professional chef, Thanks to you !
bestkitchenreviews Hace 7 meses
70’s Fashion &Hair Channel
I have this and it still won’t make dark crispy waffles or just crispy waffles at all.
Laurie J Kase
Laurie J Kase Hace 8 meses
I bought a better one and it works so beautifully. This one is just cheap crap.
Breanna Robinson
Breanna Robinson Hace 11 meses
This was a really helpful video, Thanks a bunch !!!!
bestkitchenreviews Hace 11 meses
Heinser Paredes
Heinser Paredes Hace un año
Wonderful i bought Just No!
Hannah S.
Hannah S. Hace un año
Very nice video! Thanks
bestkitchenreviews Hace un año
jonnyxd Hace un año
Just copped this waffle maker for $20
Tay Davies
Tay Davies Hace un año
She sounds beautiful
John Owen
John Owen Hace un año
The close-up doesn't help much. I need to see it on a wide shot to estimate how big or small it really is.
Balopikas Plays
Balopikas Plays Hace un año
Every time I pour the mix will never give me a perfect circle WAFFLE
Lady L
Lady L Hace un año
Just purchased this waffle maker, thinks for the review.
bestkitchenreviews Hace un año
212035720 Hace un año
I just bought this waffle maker for our church. We have a breakfast twice a year. This video helped me out quite a bit. Thank you for the review.
Laurie J Kase
Laurie J Kase Hace 8 meses
I'm so sorry to hear that you chose this cheap model for Church. This thing is absolutely horrible. Mine was broken by the end of the same month I purchased it after only using it twice. ( I followed the instructions to a Tee) maybe you will have better luck than a lot of us haven't had however I doubt that because it's just way too cheap. I Love my new one but I paid several hundred dollars for it. I'm glad because it works beautifully.
bestkitchenreviews Hace un año
Glad it was helpful 😀
Jia Sil
Jia Sil Hace 2 años
Excuse me,may I ask you how to clean this machine? And should we clean it everytime after we made it? Are there any fast possible way to clean it?
bestkitchenreviews Hace 2 años
Hi, after the unit cools, you can wipe down with a damp sponge and dry. It's best to wipe down after you're finished making all the waffles. You don't have to clean after making each waffle. 😀
Kate Lundberg
Kate Lundberg Hace 2 años
I bought this one last month, I love it.
3DogMom Hace un año
Kate Lundberg was thinking about picking this one up today.. would you still recommend after using this unit for a while?!
bestkitchenreviews Hace 2 años
Thanks for sharing, Kate :)
Kramcoco Hace 2 años
I just got this waffle maker and every recipe I've used so far has made my waffles come out cooked in the middle and undercooked on the outside no matter how long I leave the batter in there. I'm thinking it's the recipe because the ones I've used are nowhere as thick as your's was in the video. What recipe did you use/would recommend for this waffle maker?
Chanel CG
Chanel CG Hace 2 años
Kramcoco use less batter
Abby’s Life
Abby’s Life Hace 2 años
Why does my waffle still get stuck!
Alexander Mansfield
Alexander Mansfield Hace 2 años
I just got mine for Christmas and I love it. Mine never get crispy like those it either is fluffy or burns.
JamesDavidFilms Hace 2 años
Rinse off with another DAMN cloth. 0:22
Singer White
Singer White Hace un año
now where the hell did i put that DAMN cloth!! great video
KARMA DRAMA Hace un año
She said DAMP
Tay Davies
Tay Davies Hace un año
That took me by surprise
Moonlicious Hace un año
She said damp
Luna Novak
Luna Novak Hace un año
JamesDavidFilms 🤣😭
Diana Madrigal
Diana Madrigal Hace 2 años
Could I use basic pancake mix for making waffles???
The Truth
The Truth Hace un mes
Just add oil
bestkitchenreviews Hace 2 años
Yes 😀
Wakky Wabbit
Wakky Wabbit Hace 2 años
If you're having trouble with undercooked waffles, try this: 1. Turn all other appliances on the circuit OFF (toaster, microwave, coffee maker, etc.). 2. Continue to preheat the Oster several minutes after the READY light activates. This will allow the plates to reach full temps evenly. If you want crispier outsides, preheat on MAX temp the same way and decrease to the desired setting after the batter is poured. 3. After preheating, use spray oil on plates before pouring batter. I am on my third Oster and all three have been the same. If I don't allow the plates to get HOT before pouring the batter, they waffles are unevenly cooked with raw spots.
Danny Sevilla
Danny Sevilla Hace 21 un día
Mine is still coming out a little doughy. Is there like a perfect wet to dry ingredient ratio? I'm using kodiak cake pancake and waffle mix
70’s Fashion &Hair Channel
Wakky Wabbit I tried this and my waffle got darker but not crispy at all. I’m angry .
No Face
No Face Hace un año
Thanks. Tip #2 was what helped. I gave it an extra 8 minutes to heat and the waffles came out crispy
roadtripboy Hace 2 años
Thanks for your review. I found this waffle maker sold under the Westinghouse brand for around $8 at Amazon and ebay and wanted to see if the price was too good to be true. After seeing this I'm going to go ahead and order one. Thanks!
bestkitchenreviews Hace 2 años
+roadtripboy Wonderful 😀
Chrissy Margo
Chrissy Margo Hace 2 años
Bought this on EBay an hour ago.
Valkiria4story Hace 3 años
Hi! I purchased this waffle maker this past Saturday after watching both this and your presto review. I tried using the waffle maker and all the waffles I made came out uneven and kind of uncooked on the inside which made me regret buying this one over the Presto one. Do you think there's something I'm doing wrong? Or would you recommend me buying another waffle maker? I bought mine from amazon and was thinking of returning it...
Valkiria4story Hace 3 años
bestkitchenreviews Thank you so much for replying. I followed the instructions exactly like the paper told me to and was surprised that on the first try the waffle wasn't cooked after 4, 5 and even 7 minutes. While continuing to try make more waffles with the batter I referenced back and re-watched your video but my waffles didn't looked as even as yours did. Do you still have both waffle makers? (As in this one and the Presto one) Or do you own any other ones? Which one do you find yourself using more often and which one would you recommend?
bestkitchenreviews Hace 3 años
Hi, if you used a standard waffle recipe, waited until the unit got hot (green light came on) and cooked the waffle for long enough...and still got uneven, uncooked waffles, then I would return it and try the Presto. Here is the link: amzn.to/1ScRhqD
Jekyll Hyde
Jekyll Hyde Hace 3 años
can't get the kid open! waffles stick. waffles don't come out golden and fluffy
Random Acts of Video
Didn't you spray it down with non-stick cooking spray first, or use melted butter ?
Aqua_Finessa Hace 3 años
I read a lot of poor reviews about this item after I purchased it that claimed that the middle was soggy while the edges were overcooked but I think that those reviewers need to check out this video before making their next waffle with this machine
Akram Lamey
Akram Lamey Hace 2 años
مكونات الوفل
bestkitchenreviews Hace 3 años
Thanks for sharing :)
Ting Sang Luyo
Ting Sang Luyo Hace 3 años
can you please write the measurements of the waffle recipe you are using in this video? Looks pretty yummy :) @bestkitchenreviews
bestkitchenreviews Hace 3 años
Hi, sorry I don't have the exact recipe I used for this review. However, I reviewed the Presto waffle maker and below is the recipe I used from their manual. Here is that review if you want to take a look: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-_pg78cRP2aQ.html 2 cups all-purpose flour 1¾ cups milk 1 tablespoon sugar 2 eggs 1 tablespoon baking powder 2 tablespoons vegetable oil ¼ teaspoon salt Combine flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt in large bowl. Whisk milk, eggs, and oil in medium bowl. Whisk milk mixture into dry ingredients just until dry ingredients are thoroughly moistened.
Alotta Fachyna
Alotta Fachyna Hace 3 años
make a grilled cheese in it with natural cheddar, not American.you won't be disappointed
Robynn Bryar
Robynn Bryar Hace 4 meses
@Yolanda D look up Chaffle recipes on You tube. Or search Chaffles. Cheese + waffles. But there are all kinds of recipes now from savory to deserts. not always with cheese anymore.
Yolanda D
Yolanda D Hace un año
how do you do that? it this a silly question?
Kevin Nguyen
Kevin Nguyen Hace 3 años
Thank you for this review.
bestkitchenreviews Hace 3 años
+Kevin Nguyen You're welcome:)
John Adams
John Adams Hace 3 años
First time, FIRST get maker HOT and then spray or apply oil to properly season the plates.
tmw3s Hace 3 años
Thank you for this review.
bestkitchenreviews Hace 3 años
You're welcome, glad you enjoyed it :)
lovingorca Hace 3 años
I like the round ones. I have the Hamition Beach Breakfast Master. It makes Belgian Waffles. thick ones.
lovingorca Hace 3 años
it looks great. yum yum. ready for anything you want to put on it. you could even make a waffle sandwich by cutting it half.
lovingorca Hace 3 años
Hello, Have you ever made filled waffles? Being that the Belgian waffle irons are a little deeper. aka pour some batter, put filling then pour more batter.
Theophilus Fernleaf
Theophilus Fernleaf Hace 4 años
Question, about how long after you pull your waffle off is the iron ready for another? You mentioned waiting for the green light to come on for it to be ready. Thanks.
Chrissy Margo
Chrissy Margo Hace 2 años
bestkitchenreviews I
bestkitchenreviews Hace 4 años
Hi Theophilus, it's ready in 30 seconds or less. Hope that helps. Please subscribe if you haven't already :)
Rodrick Dubose
Rodrick Dubose Hace 4 años
not even ...might as well just make pancakes instead of buying that oster
Rodrick Dubose
Rodrick Dubose Hace 4 años
trashy machine...I need another hoffritz 4 waffle maker, which is discontinued
Bunnies4wool Hace 2 años
i shopped all over for a decent waffle maker. couldnt find one so I got this one which appeared to be as good as any. its OK, but Im not crazy about it. I have to turn it all the way up to high & leave in at least 5 min, sometimes 6.
Rodrick Dubose
Rodrick Dubose Hace 3 años
yeah they are selling some pretty mediocre machine out there,,,cuisinart wafflers are especially bad....anyways enjoy the waffles.
Noel Makarth
Noel Makarth Hace 3 años
Unfortunately for me this was the only unit they were selling at store. I wish I had access to better quality waffle irons.
Rodrick Dubose
Rodrick Dubose Hace 4 años
+22anonymous22 you might like shitty waffle
22anonymous22 Hace 4 años
seems to work well for me. especially for 10$
mohamed meeran
mohamed meeran Hace 4 años
What recipe do you use for the batter please?
Ibrahim A
Ibrahim A Hace 4 años
first comment!
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