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I am so excited for everyone to meet Cookie. She is literally the cutest ever and it has been so hard to hide her. For anyone wondering we adopted her at Agoura Hills Animal Shelter. :')
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Morgan Adams
Morgan Adams Hace 4 meses
Just to clear some things up- this was filmed over the time span of over a month and a half so these events weren’t as back to back as they come across as in this video. Cookie loves the house and is very friendly to other people and we spend all day everyday together and she is so spoiled and I love her so much. There are also other people living in my house so she always has a buddy to hang out with. I understand why people are upset about the introduction between cheeto and cookie and I wish I would have done it differently but I just was excited for them to meet so they are familiar with each other for when cheeto comes to stay here or vise versa. They only were in the room together for a few minutes and then we went back home. I hope you know that I have the purest intentions when it comes to animals and would never purposely try to stress them out or make them feel like they are in danger. With that being said, I hear you and your comments, and next time we want to hang with cheeto it will be done so differently. This is my first time owning a cat and I’m just learning along the way. I hope you can all have an amazing day 💕💕
Nyrilly Hace 5 días
Babe check out jackson galaxy videos if you want them to pal up you will have to take a epic journey of house and room swapping scent exchange ect .cats like the company off other cats, but take some reading up to figure out how to cat x there also like a 2 year old .you have to make everything you want them to do as there idear xx
We Keep It Real Restorations
How is Cookie doing? 😻🐾
Sarah Bastedo
Sarah Bastedo Hace un mes
Get cat toys and play with her and she won't bite you <3 <3 but she's soooo cute!!!!
Andrealaura17 Hace un mes
I just love how perfect everyone is 🙄 this is normal to bring your animals over to family’s houses. Most of the time animals don’t get along especially if they are older. You live and learn. I’m so glad you got a cat Morgan! Animals bring so much love and joy to our lives! ❤️
timzyally clemen
timzyally clemen Hace un mes
Are you a Sagittarius?
I Can’t Sweem
I Can’t Sweem Hace 4 horas
Val The Gacha Wolf
Val The Gacha Wolf Hace 20 horas
Did anybody else hear JoJo Siwa? 1:55 XD
Claudia Bronsteijn
Claudia Bronsteijn Hace 2 días
She is so cute
Alyssa Lopez
Alyssa Lopez Hace 2 días
Morgan talking with her hands is so comforting to know I'm not the only one who does this. Usually in public people stare at my hands while I talk cause they're doing their own thing lol
Leia Nickerson
Leia Nickerson Hace 3 días
Poor thing she is practically a kitten herself if she about a year old and she had two litters of kittens herself 😔 this is why we must get cats spayed if you're a kitten/cat rescuer try your hardest to find the mother and get her spayed if you found the kittens with the mother get her spayed You also can't force cats yo be friends if they don't get along they don't get along But she's adorable beautiful cat
lia z
lia z Hace 3 días
It's normal for cat to fight when they first met
dog lover
dog lover Hace 3 días
My cat looks exactly like hers
Marta Kardašević
Marta Kardašević Hace 3 días
Morgan: "TO CHILL!!... I'm chill" Hehe 😂😁😘😘😘
HUG XOX Hace 4 días
2:20 I love how she almost falls asleep on u
Life of Kirsten
Life of Kirsten Hace 4 días
High five if I’m gonna find love soon: Cat: Nope AHAHAHAHAHHA I CANT
Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig Hace 6 días
20:05 the 2 guys sound like beavus and butthead
Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig Hace 6 días
I am Merp
I am Merp Hace 23 horas
Peppa Pig do you live in LA?
Dana Garcia
Dana Garcia Hace 6 días
Tell why me my cat name is Oriole
Gacha X-Pancakes-X
Gacha X-Pancakes-X Hace 6 días
Kinsey Fischer
Kinsey Fischer Hace 6 días
My cats fight all the time. It’s just how they play😂
GRIMZLY Hace 6 días
you should have had them in 2 seperate rooms and let them smell each other through the door
Jasmine Pearce
Jasmine Pearce Hace 6 días
She sounds like my cat
Rosie Flanagan
Rosie Flanagan Hace 6 días
I like how everyone else’s cats bite them my kittens just cuddle and play 😂😂
Shane x Marvel
Shane x Marvel Hace 8 días
I'm getting emotional cause miss cookie looks exactly like one of the cats that I never got to see ever again... I miss my cats soo much
Allisson Carrillo
Allisson Carrillo Hace 8 días
I died when they gave her the wrong cat 😂
J E S S E J U I C E Hace 9 días
[Mikayla_is_Loney] :o
Cookie would win Cheeto is a scaredy Mouse
Erin Glockson
Erin Glockson Hace 10 días
I LOVE that you adopted from the shelter ♥ also I'm glad you promoted it a little in the video! but cats aren't very sociable around other cats like dogs can be. They're very territorial and need a lot of time with the other cat to potentially get along. lol so, I kind of expected them to do that.
Spoiled Milk
Spoiled Milk Hace 11 días
Majo DIY
Majo DIY Hace 11 días
I have a little expirience with cats you should trim the tip of her nails dont playa with her with your hand offer her toys and food dont wiggle your fingers at her and when she bites your ankle give her a small spray of water so she knows that what she did is wrong and watch a lot of my cat from hell
whackytinka Hace 12 días
guuuys? thats not how you introduce cats? did you guys not even watch one video or so? it really bad to do it like this, poor cats
Lolee N
Lolee N Hace 12 días
My 2 cats are now best friends but it took like a week before they were allowed in the same room (rotating space, toys etc.) and another 2 before they were allowed to be together in the house without supervision. It takes time (usually) for cats to get along up it definitely can be done). Anyway I know this is late but she’s super cute 😻😻😻😻
Melissa Belissa
Melissa Belissa Hace 12 días
I see you SimplyNailLogical
Emma Naujock
Emma Naujock Hace 12 días
omg that look exactly like my cat!
Rae Rae
Rae Rae Hace 12 días
Morgan has the most beautiful natural blonde hair that every beauty guru bleached theirs for has the most gorgeous blue eyes a naturally beautiful face structure a hell of a personality n isn't a drama starter true queen
Adhwa Roslan
Adhwa Roslan Hace 12 días
Ryland “hey , hey , hey , HEYYY!!” at 17:23 is ICONIC .
Breana Stewart
Breana Stewart Hace 13 días
I skipped 6 mins in and she was still talking 😂
AspiringBruja Hace 13 días
So u just took her from her kittens😫
Alida McDonnell
Alida McDonnell Hace 14 días
11:07 “ maybe she’s homophobic” 🤣I’m dead
JourneyGirl Hace 14 días
Morgan please make a vogue music video, thanks
Honey Garlic
Honey Garlic Hace 15 días
(19:35) Morgan’s EX Boyfriend 👎👊
Humble Harvest
Humble Harvest Hace 15 días
City folks and animals.. 🙄
Shizuku san
Shizuku san Hace 16 días
Shane: *being a dad* Me: I stand for this
WelcomeToCringe Hace 16 días
Shane in the background doing his makeup 😂
Marie John
Marie John Hace 16 días
Morgan: reading book written by Michelle Obama Morgan: "we are figuring out how to be women" Me: bUt MiChElLe ObAmA iS a MaN
Marie John
Marie John Hace 16 días
Morgan: soulmates with cookie Angie: i wiLL kiLL CooKie
Mattea Coghill
Mattea Coghill Hace 17 días
it's completely normal for cats to fight when they meet because they need to assert dominance
Sarah Akin
Sarah Akin Hace 17 días
Thats so sad that other cat thought it was leaving if I would have been there I would have taken it.
brhino3 Hace 18 días
Love u Morgan keep up the content
Erika Willnally
Erika Willnally Hace 18 días
I have the same mindset and I start college in January so I needed to hear the intro 😭💜
Savannah Wolfe
Savannah Wolfe Hace 18 días
rylan reviews morgan's first cat: "oo she has soft paws!"
Jessica Hace 19 días
I bet you don’t even have that cat anymore 😒
Ram God
Ram God Hace 20 días
I like how she put clarification in the title *(I adopted a cat)* Honestly it could you be your thing morgan lol, also welcome to the cat mom club !
Samantha Behnke
Samantha Behnke Hace 20 días
I love how Morgan complains that she has no friends but in all reality she has great friends btw love you Morgan no homo though❤️❤️💕🤣🤣
Destani's Vlogs And more!
Cookie was playing hard to get😂😥
Cheryl Wilson
Cheryl Wilson Hace 21 un día
So many nopes in this video. Poor cats.
CoolGirl_Playz Hace 21 un día
that's a cat what i wont :3 good work making this
Floan Tilley
Floan Tilley Hace 22 días
I can’t wait to see mrs.cookie on the next episode of my cat from hell.
tsjedi1 Hace 22 días
I just now noticed: Rylan's forhead is shiny
Troll Master
Troll Master Hace 23 días
Call me😍😘
Jesus Cristo
Jesus Cristo Hace 24 días
Im sad the cat was seperated from her babies 😭
Julia R
Julia R Hace 24 días
Cookie and cheeto "It started out with a kiss how did it end up like this!"
Sky W Edits
Sky W Edits Hace 26 días
I love that you talk fast bc I cannot stand slow talkers in long videos lol. Happy for you and the cat both!
ignaca Hace 26 días
Try reading how to introduce 2 cats to each other. Maybe then they will tolerete each other. For exapmle try giving them food when they can smell other cat.
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