Our DIESEL Powered Ford Galaxie is Getting AIR RIDE! + CHOOSING A NAME (please vote)

Cleetus McFarland
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To VOTE please follow the directions at @1:54 in the video above!
NEW SHIRTS AND HATS - cleetusmcfarland.com/
This thing will look AMAZING on air ride...
Amazon oil lol - amzn.to/2GwZvKd
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Cleetus McFarland
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14 may 2019






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Cleetus McFarland
Cleetus McFarland Hace 4 meses
I know a lot of you guys don’t like Facebook so we will search for some other options. Most of the decent sites I found required sign up regardless. If you have any website suggestions please list below!
Mike M
Mike M Hace 3 meses
Coalslaw! name credit to whitelightning on your first video of it.
Pro Gamer 493
Pro Gamer 493 Hace 3 meses
Lamborghini Urus
Dominic Bongiorno
Dominic Bongiorno Hace 3 meses
paul Wollersheim
paul Wollersheim Hace 3 meses
@Cedric Terrell is that a joke.lol
Steve Langton
Steve Langton Hace 3 meses
Call the new vehicle RUFUS ! Which fits in with the rest of the cars
Pica Delphon
Pica Delphon Hace 17 días
Galaxy GodZilla..!!..
Mike Leonis
Mike Leonis Hace 2 meses
Iron Smoke.
Jaybruhh Wolf
Jaybruhh Wolf Hace 2 meses
Joaquin Espinosa
Joaquin Espinosa Hace 2 meses
I fucking hate you Cletus
Richard Hamilton
Richard Hamilton Hace 3 meses
A Honda minivan lol
Anthony Galloway
Anthony Galloway Hace 3 meses
Dont get one of the first c8s cause I guarantee it will not be reliable
PaperBagMan11 Hace 3 meses
How about naming the galaxy Diamond? Then you have Ruby, Leroy, the C7 and Diamond
James Malloy
James Malloy Hace 3 meses
“Land Yacht”
Jacoby Barnes
Jacoby Barnes Hace 3 meses
Rust bucket
Terrance Archie
Terrance Archie Hace 3 meses
Jeep gladiator get one of those
Tory Johnston
Tory Johnston Hace 3 meses
The LED really brings out the blue in y'alls eyes
dakota lenz
dakota lenz Hace 3 meses
Garfield for sure
Johnathan Turri
Johnathan Turri Hace 3 meses
Name it Frankenstein!!
VenomStryker Hace 3 meses
Air ride has gotten a lot better since back in the day. I remember a big boat my dad had with air shocks and he literally had to pump them up or let air out of them like a tire to adjust them. I think the nozzle was right underneath the trunk.
mrbmxace Hace 3 meses
I hope those are not airlift brand bags, I have airlift bags and accuair air management, the front bag on strut bags have been blowing out every month tops 2 months of daily driving!
whitlcj1 Hace 3 meses
Remember what I said about that Spohn adjustable panhard bar. You'll be able to line up the rear end for normal ride height
Bill Hace 3 meses
the smogger lol
jaws978 Hace 3 meses
name it "COCK diesel"
Andrew Halliday Music
C7 Giveaway 2019!!!!! CANT WAIT!!!
LIVINGROOM ENT. Hace 3 meses
No make the car match the air can bro trust.
edgeofvamp Hace 3 meses
Gottlieb Cornelius
Gottlieb Cornelius Hace 3 meses
you need a turbo urus
mike garcia
mike garcia Hace 3 meses
You should name is “ Tetanus”
michael ritchie
michael ritchie Hace 3 meses
Maybe a Dodge Durango, 3 row seating and a 5.7 magnum....plenty of practicallity and fun at the same time!
Rocky Walker
Rocky Walker Hace 3 meses
Name it Puffy
billcharlene1450 Hace 3 meses
Name it bufford As in "bufford" T justice (Smokey) and the bandit
David Kelm
David Kelm Hace 3 meses
I am Groot !
Benjamin Dixon
Benjamin Dixon Hace 3 meses
Greta Edna Sally Marsha Polly Ginger She so ugly you could even call her Hillary. Lol
Stewart Lundy
Stewart Lundy Hace 3 meses
I like thoughts wheels they have rugged budget look which suits the style of the car.
Troy Bierman
Troy Bierman Hace 3 meses
Fill it with nitrogen it will go faster (up and down)
Troy Bierman
Troy Bierman Hace 3 meses
Call it sqeeky
Dominic Joiner
Dominic Joiner Hace 3 meses
A name can be silver cluster
cobrasvt347 Hace 3 meses
Sure would be nice to find a viper acr somewhere for a decent price. That would be one hell of a all around race car. And would absolutely kill on a race course.
Adrian Martinez
Adrian Martinez Hace 3 meses
4:18 the dam brakes are glowing
Michael Hace 3 meses
You should raffle off the C7!
Bob Falfa
Bob Falfa Hace 3 meses
It's gotta lay rocker
Colby Green
Colby Green Hace 3 meses
The wheels fit that car perfect
Dan Shim
Dan Shim Hace 3 meses
Lay frame or gtfo!
Fq yew Google
Fq yew Google Hace 3 meses
So... Whats up with that SS in the background 😉
ghostND Hace 3 meses
aluminum vent pipping with a clamp from home depot works for the exhaust extension to get it outside.
aarons butt
aarons butt Hace 3 meses
@Cleetus McFarland get a g8
Hunter Leiren
Hunter Leiren Hace 3 meses
All you need now is a drag motorcycle and you are competing in every possible class I can think of
Jimmy Metcalfe
Jimmy Metcalfe Hace 3 meses
Call it Dan. Steely Dan. And drive it daily 👍
Stewart byars
Stewart byars Hace 3 meses
Cleetus: Dammnnn Daniel
Jacob Seal
Jacob Seal Hace 3 meses
Should have named it atom after real steel, and put the atom logo on tbe hood
Steve Anthony
Steve Anthony Hace 3 meses
This is the second time I have been tricked by your title into thinking that you actually have bagged the Galaxy. I'm waiting to actually see a video of it getting done
kraken767 Hace 3 meses
What about just put dryer vent hose over the disels exhaust to out the shop? its metal, flexable, simple, and cheep
Nathan Slaton
Nathan Slaton Hace 3 meses
gregorysharp Hace 3 meses
“Slam it to the ERF!!!” 80s style
Evan Uhls
Evan Uhls Hace 3 meses
TheAntiChrist 666
TheAntiChrist 666 Hace 3 meses
Use an air duct for a washing machine get the size of your exhaust and enough to route out or connect to something to route it out
Dickerlump1277 Hace 3 meses
name it Steesel... Full Steel Diesel Galaxy ;)
Jon Petten88
Jon Petten88 Hace 3 meses
Use flexible dryer vent
kevin auman
kevin auman Hace 3 meses
Name dat pig "all metal-heavy pedal" lol and also for a new daily you might wanna try your hand at a fully loaded EcoBoost or them new Lincoln nautilus lol I love my Lincoln mkx bro and if that hairy dawg wouldn't be comfy sittin on air conditioned leather seats then I don't know what else she would be able to compare that too for comfort!!!
Jesse Woods
Jesse Woods Hace 4 meses
I was thinking (IRON GIANT),(TATER)
Andrew Tatt
Andrew Tatt Hace 4 meses
Should call it Lurch from the Addams Family
Andrew Tatt
Andrew Tatt Hace 4 meses
Should call it Lurch from
pothole_ central
pothole_ central Hace 4 meses
Jhon wick
KamikazeSteve Hace 4 meses
dopee! possible names: 1. GRANDADDY COAL 2. COAL MINER 3. VIP COALER 4. COALMAN
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