OUR FIRST TIME HEARING Mamamoo Killing Voice | Pt 1 REACTION!!!😱

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12 sep 2021






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Natalia Visokova
Natalia Visokova Hace 7 horas
Мои любимые Mamamoo! Лучшие девушки в kpop!
밥먹자 Hace 7 días
dingo - bigmama
Liz Lopez
Liz Lopez Hace 23 días
Omg she's so boring, is she angry or what? It make me feel uncomfortable her "😶" face all time, such a shame.
Danae Hidalgo
Danae Hidalgo Hace 26 días
i kmnow the video isnt about that but i love the lighting and the background and also i love mamamooo
Alice Aliencat
Alice Aliencat Hace 27 días
thanks for reacting, waiting for the part 2, thanks
Lusandra Sefani
Lusandra Sefani Hace 27 días
My Queen Mamamoo ❤️❤️
Erlnd ftri
Erlnd ftri Hace 29 días
Yeah queen vocal 😂
채수 이
채수 이 Hace 29 días
please next killing voice " bigmama"
Amrutha G
Amrutha G Hace un mes
Mamamoo has released a new MV- Mumumumuch in their official channel.. Please check it out!!
Vanas 65
Vanas 65 Hace un mes
Thanks for the reaction, Mamamoo are Vocals Queen
eka._.loki Hace un mes
Today they released two new song and a new MV. Go check their ESvid Chanel MAMAMOO!!!
fujoshi iludida
fujoshi iludida Hace un mes
Mamamoo melhor vocal e rap, amooo
이네기 Hace un mes
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-OsRogAzmsF8.html Hi bro. You should've reviewed MAMAMOO's comeback as a legend. If you don't need a review, just listen and feel... The return of the legendary female vocalist in Korea.
Dewi Khodijah
Dewi Khodijah Hace un mes
w ٰ
w ٰ Hace un mes
I don't like the fact that you will upload next part in next week why's that
purple princess
purple princess Hace un mes
Aloha, new to your channel. If you loved this video, check out Big Mama. They are the “Original” girl group formed under YG in 2003; disbanded in 2008-2009?; reunited in June 2021 with their newly released single: “One Day More”. They were known for their big voice and not their looks. Contractually, they were not allowed to get any surgeries to change their looks. Each woman are professors in music and each have their own unique voice. Best harmonies ever! This is Mamamoo in 20 years. Ages left to right: Shin Yeona - 49 Lee JiYoung - 43 Lee Young Hyun - 41 Park MinHye - 40 esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-OsRogAzmsF8.html Big Mama (Dingo - Killing Voice) esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-GzwJjXD18_4.html Lee Young Hyun (Resignation Solo 2021) esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-i1FMogUYWig.html One Day More (Eng Sub) Sing Live 3x behind 3 students
victor Chunas Llanos
Rant Machine
Rant Machine Hace 15 días
Gosh, same
Hope Cheptoo
Hope Cheptoo Hace un mes
Mamamoo is having a comeback on sep 15!!
nickyfanbsb Hace un mes
A new video Mumumumuch, will be out on September 15th. It is a Mamamoo song for fans for there 7th anniversary, it's part of the compilation album "I SAY MAMAMOO: The best". it's a gift for the fans so it will not be promoted. Don't forget to check 😉
Sakm Hace un mes
Sia Hace un mes
Thank you for reacting to mamamoo
Unurtsetseg Sukhbaatar
Oh yeah, THEY"RE JUST AMAZING!!! I really love their personalities, vocals, songs, and live performances. They've every genre of song. For me, their songs are just masterpieces. I hope you make more reactions to them. Whatever song chooses you will like it. Thanks a lot for this. Also, Welcome to the Moomoo's field.
Twinkle Twinkle
Twinkle Twinkle Hace un mes
Could you please react to Taeyeon and Girls Generation? They got the best voices in kpop 😍
Jesús Ángel Sánchez
Great! Please react to Ultimate Toledo Tour | 7 Must-See Sites, thank U :) esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-hMSWlnMMA3s.html
Twilight 001
Twilight 001 Hace un mes
Mamamoo is releasing a new song called mumumuch in 2 days!! It would be great if you can react to it!!
nearly_blind Hace un mes
From left to right we have: Moonbyul - Rapper Solar - Singer Wheein- Singer Hwasa- Singer
Alfie G.
Alfie G. Hace 26 días
Hwasa is also a rapper
Cinderella Amba
Cinderella Amba Hace un mes
Hope you also react to KARD 🙏🙏🙏 -Gunshot -Dumb litty -Red moon -Hold on -Enemy -Inferno
Zeyno Hace un mes
I Say Mamamoo :The Best 15.09.2021 release date A compilation Album of their biggest and best songs of the past 7 years, remastered and re-recorded, coming with a new single release and MV on the 15th!!! Stay excited and stream the album!!!!
Renee Hace un mes
MAMAMOO is the reason why I am still following K-pop outside of a few others.
Dewi Ayu Ritonga
Dewi Ayu Ritonga Hace un mes
Mamamoo is the best voice in kpop girl group. They're more mature in their singing technique and also more mature in their music. You won't regret digging in Mamamoo's discography which is 13 albums already, soon to be 14. From Jazzy to Latin to Disco and so on, they did many genres. I might suggest their most recent song which is not in this video: "Where Are We Now", a power ballad that showcasing their vocal prowess.
fataljm Hace un mes
재밌게 잘 봤어요 ^^ 빨리 2편 올려주세요 ㅎㅎ
Ahlarce Joy Gulas
Ahlarce Joy Gulas Hace un mes
mamamoo's coming back on the 15th with ‘i say mamamoo: the best’ album!
Yesenia Balbuena
Yesenia Balbuena Hace un mes
Mamamoo VOCAL Queens👑
匿蹤 Hace un mes
I recommend that you also react to IU's Killing Voice performance. 🔥 The Killing Voice performance of IU and Mamamoo. Two perfect live performances became the most watched videos in the Killing Voice series.
xime h
xime h Hace un mes
OMG!!! I love mamamoo!!!
Hossett Tren
Hossett Tren Hace un mes
have to check "immortal song medley after doing pt. 2
Tinggar Pradipta
Tinggar Pradipta Hace un mes
Wohooo~ Mamamoo The Queens They'll be back on Sept 15th 🔥 They discography never bored me 😭 Need part 2 asap 😂
Gianna Smith
Gianna Smith Hace un mes
Mamamoo is having a comeback with 20 of their hit songs remastered to perfection and 2 new songs on September 15th. After part 2 you guys should check out their highlighted medley🤩
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