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A Wolfychu story time / dog vlog about the new little member of our family, Mochi!!
Thank you to SweetoTOONS for editing ;w; esvid.net/u-jordansweeto2
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14 jul 2019

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Wolfychu Hace un mes
I can finally show you guys our new puppy, Mochi!! I loved making this video so much, so I hope you guys will enjoy watching it too ^__^
TechyRyz Hace 10 días
Your dog's name is Mochi????!!! My dog's name is Moki!!
susana lemus
susana lemus Hace 11 días
can you send me a picer of moche to me plz ^^
kat poudim
kat poudim Hace 18 días
This is your realy voice?..because is so cuteee
Xx_kates gacha xX
Xx_kates gacha xX Hace 20 días
Wolfychu hi and there are more people that have your voice too
Azywrath Hace un hora
Omg I have a german shepard rottweiler puppy named Mochi also
raquel lopez
raquel lopez Hace un hora
Why is luni in the pet shop?
Lavar Jackson
Lavar Jackson Hace 3 horas
Wolfie chu love you videos and mochi your voice is so cute by the way I like your little videos
Lavar Jackson
Lavar Jackson Hace 3 horas
I don’t know we get to see your puppy it’s so cute
Em chu a.k.a pawket girl chan
Itz_eve :3
Itz_eve :3 Hace 3 horas
0:28: that’s so coot
Kayla Lps
Kayla Lps Hace 4 horas
I thought u were a cat person
Not_Reema_ TV
Not_Reema_ TV Hace 8 horas
Stick Sprinkles
Stick Sprinkles Hace 8 horas
XxxSnow Gamer 89xxX
XxxSnow Gamer 89xxX Hace 9 horas
Its like mine!!!
Дарья Кри
Дарья Кри Hace 10 horas
One Up Girl
One Up Girl Hace 10 horas
My name is Lily and my dad's friend wife have puppies at their hooouuusssseeee
One Up Girl
One Up Girl Hace 10 horas
Mochi is soooo cute =)
♡ Røše ♡
♡ Røše ♡ Hace 10 horas
Jordan: you playing on *boo?* Me: POO?
YMC :v
YMC :v Hace 11 horas
Mark Vincent Lim
Mark Vincent Lim Hace 11 horas
4:51 I saw Luni!
Portal Runner
Portal Runner Hace 11 horas
Rhonda Quinn
Rhonda Quinn Hace 11 horas
She's cute faints over the cutens
Rhonda Quinn
Rhonda Quinn Hace 11 horas
To cute please do more videos with munchies
Hashna Sugu
Hashna Sugu Hace 12 horas
lowell narvadez
lowell narvadez Hace 12 horas
Your dog is CUTE
Alan 88811
Alan 88811 Hace 12 horas
Hi, I do not speak English, I speak Spanish but I like your videos a lot, now I am using the google translator and I would like to know if you would like a fanart of mine, although I do not draw as well as you. I don't know if you read it but..... hola wolfychu soy tu fan
Lemon • Love
Lemon • Love Hace 13 horas
Li'l Miraculous Fairy
Li'l Miraculous Fairy Hace 14 horas
Omg she's the most precious thing I've ever seen! She reminds me of a pit bull I had. He was just as hyper and silly as she is 😍❤️😄
Alessandro Guadagno
Alessandro Guadagno Hace 14 horas
what is mochi braden name?
Itz_Crystal Snow
Itz_Crystal Snow Hace 15 horas
‘My master plan worked’ -wolfychu
Lieu Pham
Lieu Pham Hace 15 horas
If I ever get a dog I’ll name him or her mocha lol or nugget
Squidward ShøOk
Squidward ShøOk Hace 17 horas
3:52 my dog has that same toy
Candy's Youtube Channel
I like puppy breath.
Shawn Conaway
Shawn Conaway Hace 18 horas
This made my day I love puppies
Anjali Thebunny
Anjali Thebunny Hace 18 horas
My dog it big and fat, he was soo cute and tiny before, he is a labrador. He was so tiny, i even have a picture of him as a puppy for my wallpaper
FBI Hace 19 horas
I have K9 Germans Shepard he killed a bear he is strong and smart dog what dog you have comment on my comment
Dominick Hannah
Dominick Hannah Hace 20 horas
Ik I am late but mochi is so cute and btw did anyone else hear ness or Lucas’s up b pk thunder?
Thot Patrol
Thot Patrol Hace 21 un hora
Give me the *DOG*
Butter The butterfly
Butter The butterfly Hace 22 horas
I am afraid of dogs but this dog looks so cute
O.E. Hansen
O.E. Hansen Hace 22 horas
That’s how my dog Duke acts!
TheHuffliestPuff Hace 23 horas
My dogs hated the Kong to, and our biggest was a lab rotty about 3ft y’all
Gacha starings
Gacha starings Hace 23 horas
I louve your voice its so cute :3
Lps Art Blossoms
Lps Art Blossoms Hace 23 horas
"Yes... she's the one!" THAT ON GOT MEH😂😂😂😂
Misleading Oreo !
Misleading Oreo ! Hace 23 horas
I saw Luni... hmmm? Are you that one girl that works for luni and talks like you? Just a thought
Cube Gamer
Cube Gamer Hace 4 horas
Misleading Oreo ! She' not in Gacha life i think
Courtney Balcerzak
Courtney Balcerzak Hace un día
Aw my gosh so cute
KayKinz Hace un día
Man both of the puppies me and my fiancée adopted together were looooud, they would just howl all night unless we let them sleep in our bed 😂 sometimes we broke and let them so we could get some sleep for work 😭😭😂 Our two puppies were a Doberman and a Pitbull terrier and they both sleep through the night now thank goodness 😂😂
d s
d s Hace un día
3:58 What a close coincidence. my dog ​​was born on 7 april😊
Sassy girl Lake
Sassy girl Lake Hace un día
Can you do a face reaveal please wolfychu? We already seen your bfs pwease!!!!!????
My sweatheart
My sweatheart Hace un día
Wolfy... I'm sorry but we already know how your face look like
XxPanda GachaxX
XxPanda GachaxX Hace un día
My dog does that too when you keep banging you’re hand MY DOG GOS CRAZY
Aesthetic Dévil
Aesthetic Dévil Hace un día
Your dog is so cute! I want that type of dog now xD
Lion Gamer animates
Lion Gamer animates Hace un día
she looks like one of our past foster puppies just 5 times smaller and with different colors.
Sparky Raven
Sparky Raven Hace un día
I just watched this and I was laughing to myself because I have a shitzu named Mochi too
Reem Channel
Reem Channel Hace un día
Latifa ✨✨💕
Pit X Roxas
Pit X Roxas Hace un día
Creeper, Awh man
pupiin Hace un día
why do the drawings look like they were taken straight from wikihow
Tanja Mäkinen
Tanja Mäkinen Hace un día
i want that puppppppppyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tina Kitty Cat
Tina Kitty Cat Hace un día
If this comment get 100 likes csn you do a face reveal
Rice and Spice give me the curry
My dog came in while I was watching this and sniffed my tablet-
Lizeth Orzuna
Lizeth Orzuna Hace un día
She so cute im diying💘
Marza Jan
Marza Jan Hace un día
Omg Ur puppy is so cute!I also love your videos :3
sarah ibrahim
sarah ibrahim Hace un día
Everyday I wish I can grow older faster so I can get a dog Cu’s it’s useless asking my parents-
XxAce xX
XxAce xX Hace un día
I’ve always wanted a dog and a small one like her but ever since I moved into the house I’m in right now but my land owner is not letting me get one. but most of my life I wanted to name dog mochi but I don’t have a dog so TwT
Potato Monthly0
Potato Monthly0 Hace un día
I already saw wolfychu face
Sashia Cailyn
Sashia Cailyn Hace un día
Wait...i got a new puppy!!!!!!!!!!!! Named mochi ;-; i didnt name her my parents...
Jostabeere Hace un día
I'd be annoyed as hell if my .... girl? ... talked like you do all day. Gosh. It makes me wanna strangle someone.
Cutie Pie ;3
Cutie Pie ;3 Hace un día
I have a kitten named mochi
Coffee Fox
Coffee Fox Hace un día
I like dogs © Connor
Xx P O K I xX
Xx P O K I xX Hace un día
She's so cute I'm going to cry 💗💖💕😭💗💖💕
FAME Universe
FAME Universe Hace un día
Has she done a face reveal
ice klerkkij
ice klerkkij Hace un día
Can you do a house tour😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱please 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Us and_Mochi Playz
Us and_Mochi Playz Hace un día
It looks like mines and my one is name mochi too!
Adrina Alanis
Adrina Alanis Hace un día
I subscribed
super Nick do everything Jones
Mochi is cute name
Dragon Tuber
Dragon Tuber Hace un día
I love mochi
TheDerpy 1
TheDerpy 1 Hace un día
Nobody: Random people:lOl I sAw LuNI fRom gAycha lIfe
Cube Gamer
Cube Gamer Hace 4 horas
Lol i know
Komang Diahanggun
Komang Diahanggun Hace un día
*Your Wish Has Come True Wolfy •w•*
Mysticwòlf Hace un día
Aww i really want to see your facee!
Mr. Dank Wolf
Mr. Dank Wolf Hace un día
🐕 that's yr doggy
Nozomi Kun
Nozomi Kun Hace un día
hello wolfychu I loved the video but I speak Spanish and I am translating this haha, you can do the dubbing in Spanish plis
Bonnie Crawford Mooney
Adorable, perfection, beautiful
{Itz_ Kœkiez!}
{Itz_ Kœkiez!} Hace un día
When are you’d doing a face reveal? And OMG MOCHII IS SO CUTE!! AAAAAAAA
Jacy Wingenbach
Jacy Wingenbach Hace un día
I don’t think anyone can relate but my dog actually *S M A L L E R* Than Mochi xD He’s scared of everything omg. Anyways, Congrats on the new puppy she’s adorable!!❤️😘
Beatrice Med
Beatrice Med Hace un día
mochi i named a kitten that bc of big hero 6 the easiest way to describe her is like mochi (from big hero 6) but tiny and fluffy
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