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Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show.
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17 ago 2019






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Comentarios 2 049
Lesley Lawrence
Lesley Lawrence Hace 4 días
Bill Maher has a very limited world view. Sometimes he strikes me as being a touch retarded.
Ryan Agee
Ryan Agee Hace 5 días
I love how shocked people are when they realize how smart Killer Mike is.
Ron B
Ron B Hace 7 días
Isreal is a white racist apartheid state
Benjamin Raymonvil
Benjamin Raymonvil Hace 8 días
Man I would love to hang with killer Mike and just do a deep dive. This dude is not close minded and willing to hear out issues with nuance
Carrie Oakey
Carrie Oakey Hace 10 días
I love the killer Mike and Bernie Sanders talks.
George Rito
George Rito Hace 19 días
People made about Chins? Who?
T Powell
T Powell Hace un mes
I see Killer Mike, I Click Immediately....I fast forward through the maze of Predictable Republican-Lite Neoliberal Talking Points So I can get to the part with Killer Mike Speaking Truth To Power, And as expected He is always On Point 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Christine Hace un mes
love Killer Mike
Jack Towers
Jack Towers Hace un mes
When Bill talks about college it really shows the fact he doesn’t have nor wants to have kids Just like healthcare Not everyone gets a heart attack but If we all pay were all covered Same with college If we make college free more people will go, money Is the greatest barrier to education and prosperity
big Cahuna
big Cahuna Hace un mes
the NRA has been corrupted by the banks, bloodlines, Church, etc.
Ang Walker
Ang Walker Hace 2 meses
betsy looks like a manly girl.
Rafael Cabral
Rafael Cabral Hace 2 meses
Killer Mike
Lester Hernandez
Lester Hernandez Hace 2 meses
Three months later after this video and Hong Kong, it’s safe to say Democrats don’t give a shit about human rights, nothing comes out the dnc than empeachment
Masato Indou
Masato Indou Hace 2 meses
Investing in the future, Thank You Mike :)
Penny Walendzik
Penny Walendzik Hace 3 meses
As far as I am concerned you can own as many muskets rifles as you want! Otherwise, It needs to be a well-organized militia as the constitution says! You can have hunting guns but no one other the Miltary witch is a well-organized militia should have AR15's! And you must have the training to use any weapon! They do not just hand you a driver's license so why should they just hand you a gun?
Ronald Ortega
Ronald Ortega Hace 3 meses
bill maher is a piece of shit, loser and unbearable person.
Daniel Lewis
Daniel Lewis Hace 3 meses
dave bennett
dave bennett Hace 3 meses
Pulosi, good on human rights?!? That’s a joke right?
Anthony Capitan
Anthony Capitan Hace 3 meses
Bernie's college tuition bill would be paid for by a small tax on Wall Street transactions. Maher's criticism of the proposal was uninformed and bogus.
Sam Kremer
Sam Kremer Hace 3 meses
I love all these boomers comimg here for maher and learning that one of my favorite rappers is an extremely well-spoken activist
Marina Joslin
Marina Joslin Hace 3 meses
Bravo for Killer Mike; he was the light of the show!
Will Hace 3 meses
Cardi b is a joke
Will Hace 3 meses
Cardi b is a joke
Orion Wyler
Orion Wyler Hace 3 meses
Wow, weird to hear Betsy Woodruff swear.
Hasan Kachal
Hasan Kachal Hace 4 meses
nothing like an escaped gurilla from the zoo appear in a talk show. kiss my ass.
Cathy Paulino
Cathy Paulino Hace 4 meses
Sorry Bill but NUTanyahu is worse than a Nazi. He is just as horrible but with a major layer of hypocrisy added on.
REESE 1 Hace 4 meses
Killer Mike for president
Emerson Herndon
Emerson Herndon Hace 4 meses
The NRA is in shambles but the nra isn’t a boogie man it’s just hella people in a club
Lothar Scholz
Lothar Scholz Hace 4 meses
Betsy is just as deplorable as her Boss, the Daughter of Hillary.
Mzvandal Hace 4 meses
Chris Tsuke
Chris Tsuke Hace 5 meses
Killer mike always standing strong!
Bianca McBride
Bianca McBride Hace 5 meses
Shut em down Mike! I was good with Bill until this interview I hate that “okay” word that folks use when they are uncomfortable.
Jake Troy
Jake Troy Hace 5 meses
Killer Mike ALWAYS on point! Dang!
Iamdantebruhh Hace 5 meses
Can we talk about the human rights in America!!!!!!
Paul Marino
Paul Marino Hace 5 meses
Abrahamic religion started in Africa? It is a shame that more people aren't familiar with the term "Levant"
Paul Marino
Paul Marino Hace 4 meses
Jews were practicing Abrahamic religion in Judea before that
Ewarton Charlton
Ewarton Charlton Hace 4 meses
The oldest churches of Christianity were in Egyptian Coptic churches and Ethiopian churches in 1/2nd century... so technically he's not wrong.
Lowell Carroll
Lowell Carroll Hace 5 meses
When it comes to Isreal, Bill's opinion is just so wrong. He can be such an ignorant dipshit
osirow Hace 5 meses
Killer Mike is amazing
Kay Omholt-Montague
Kay Omholt-Montague Hace 5 meses
Did anyone else see Maher's guest appearance on Morning Joe this past week? It was cringe-worthy and predictable! There was a time when Maher would have taken Mika and Joe to task. That was not true this time around. For some reason, Maher has decided to align himself with Republicans and DINO's - Democrats in Name Only. I want to know who 'got to him' and what the fear-based explanation is/was. He is a ghost of the activist he used to be. Is he still a non-believer? That was one of his best selling qualities for me when I first started watching/listening to him! I hardly ever hear him bring it up anymore - NOT that he needs to make a big deal of it. I just want to KNOW!
Kay Omholt-Montague
Kay Omholt-Montague Hace 5 meses
Killer Mike - Are you still a Bernie supporter? If so, you need to make it more clear on shows like this. Bill Maher has turned into a caricature of his former self - seemingly out of fear (from who or what, I do NOT know). But he really seems to HATE Progressives and it just baffles me! He is just a ghost of who he once used to be!
macaskie rose
macaskie rose Hace 5 meses
I saw an interesting video on you tube, an interveiw with Chomsky talking of Trump. i short, Chomsky thinks that the whole, Russia helping Trump to win the election problem, is a distraction from more important themes.
macaskie rose
macaskie rose Hace 5 meses
Killer Mike is great. He had better lose weight, we need him.
macaskie rose
macaskie rose Hace 5 meses
Just seen a episode of, "Elementary" the newish Sherlock Holmes series, in which episode the big villain is a billionaire who kills Sherlocks billionaire father. : Makers of series are beginning to catch up with the big themes of our times.
macaskie rose
macaskie rose Hace 5 meses
Just watched a new for me childs cartoon called in spanish babe jefazo which in English is babe big boss or some such.THe big boss baby is a take off of trump hitler you name it any adult who is pretty over the top on bossing others around with trumps hair cut. I find more political criticism in "boy", type cartoons for children than in most films, indeed in all entertainment films fo adults.
macaskie rose
macaskie rose Hace 5 meses
if Trump likes watching your show, then he is perfectly intelligent, could you do for him with his worker class voter by pointing out how condescending he is, how he talks down to them and says anything idiotic in order to hold them because he so despises them. if you watch reality shows on land holders in ALaska, then these people seem very intelligent. Can't you reach them.´Watch you tube gardening bits of video to get to know them.
Mr. Londos
Mr. Londos Hace 5 meses
Correction... Nobody cares about the mass incarceration of muslims.
Toddiscool2 Hace 5 meses
We have a mass incarceration problem here in the States. It is really a waste. Especially for non-violent drug offenders.
Old Ibarra-Tutu
Old Ibarra-Tutu Hace 5 meses
Killer Mike for President
Marcos Misiec Massena
Killer Mike killed it!!! 👏 👏 👏
Snodge Kat
Snodge Kat Hace 5 meses
Killer Mike slays everything.
Dale Glenny
Dale Glenny Hace 5 meses
No, Rick Wilson. America IS the hood of the UK. Australia is far more stable and lawful than the US. More people in the US have been killed through gun violence in the last 2 decades, than US military killed in both of the world wars. Not to mention the rampant and unchecked corruption currently in the Whitehouse.
ursaltydog Hace 5 meses
Killer Mike make better sense than most politicians these days. The harder you work and put children through college, you build a nation.. And it's not through making the wealthy wealthier, who only spend their money in the Caribbean, money in offshore accounts or in their silver spoon grandchildren's trust funds. The thing is.. the wealthy A. don't want any educated working class.. They want SLAVES.. B. They will argue that they shouldn't have to pay more taxes to help pay to make the lives better of the people of the very country that made them wealthy.. C. They will not see nor accept that better paid jobs and people create more income tax foundation to fund the free education. One first has to put this elite class back into the box through election reforms (dark money and other donations)
Tommy Truth
Tommy Truth Hace 5 meses
Damn I love this show. Don’t agree with everything, but its real and relevant.
kylyne hayes
kylyne hayes Hace 5 meses
Killer mike make every body else look stupid
Troy Cassidy
Troy Cassidy Hace 5 meses
The democrats also did nothing about Tibet
Chris Thompson
Chris Thompson Hace 5 meses
Israel ain't in the horn of Africa killer Mike. Israel is not even in Africa.
Anisa Mazaki
Anisa Mazaki Hace 5 meses
Strange how an Overtime segment is in the Monologues playlist. You might want to fix that later guys.
robert gee
robert gee Hace 5 meses
Wow. If Betsy Woodruff wants people to think that she's not stupid, she has to stop using millenial click-bait buzzwords like 'literally'. So the Governor of Virginia was actualy in a giant pot of hot water, not figuratively in hot water. LOL - moron
3827167492842 Hace 5 meses
My goal is to become as woke as Killer Mike.
Rose Macaskie
Rose Macaskie Hace 5 meses
YOu were your old happy self, talking about Clinton calling Putin, Vladimir. Your new, "real self" is ghastly, you just look horrible trying to pretend that Clinton not Trump is the most shocking example of sexual misconduct, infidelty. Is your real self this unhapy boirng and nasty person who is persecuting clinton? YOur eal self is just a terrible reduction of all the sides of your character. My sister is part of regnum christi. SHe talks about being ones real self it means beign what they want you to be.
Alex Peers
Alex Peers Hace 5 meses
Could you be any more ignorant Bill Maher regarding Rastafarians? And you claim to be a poster boy for pot! For shame! 👎
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