Overwatch 2 | Season 9: Champions | Official Trailer 

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Overwatch 2 Season 9: Champions launches Feb 13!
Climb the ranks of competitive play with even more transparency, new Jade Weapon rewards, and reach the new rank of Champion!
Hunt down the horrors lurking in the new co-op event mode, Cosmic Crisis
Embody eldritch horrors with the Season 9 Battle Pass, and unlock the newest Mythic Skin: Ancient Caller Moira
Work together as a team to stop waves of enemies in the new Hero Mastery: Gauntlet
Enjoy new rewards, exciting limited-time events, and SO much more
Overwatch 2 is free to play for everyone on console & PC!
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6 feb 2024






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@playoverwatch Hace 20 días
Join us for the #Overwatch2 Season 9: Champions Official Trailer 📆Feb 7 🕘9am PT
@e.b.9702 Hace 20 días
We need some reveals please! Can you at least show the theme/mythic??
@hyukui_ Hace 20 días
Please don't let this season be doodoo
@leoGalaxy1200 Hace 20 días
I bet, DVA is the next Heroine to get a mystic skin. Perhaps a total Retro Gaming Skin.
@Randomguy_X Hace 20 días
yall arent really good at hyping up new seasons
@Waseemmmm Hace 20 días
@@Randomguy_XFr lol
@actualtrashpile Hace 14 días
SPACE COWBOYYYYY! Hearing that bass lick from TANK made my day.
@rotemweiss Hace 14 días
Bro I'm screaming
@NolansGoons Hace 14 días
I actually pointed at the screen when I heard it
@okatanaje1477 Hace 14 días
Spike mcree ? maybe jet doomfist ??? faye widowmaker ?????
@stinkypitz0005 Hace 14 días
I almost cried dude.
@Flowercat.. Hace 14 días
What's TANK?
@LukeAImp Hace 14 días
There better be a "See you, space cowboy" voiceline.
@skedaddle123 Hace 8 días
I think ashe or someone has that line already when they kill mcree, they just don't say space iirc
I NEEEEEEED lifeweaver's skin pack to have a "Be not afraid" voiceline
@Starboey Hace 14 días
I was just ganna type this.
@slimetime26 Hace 14 días
Biblically accurate Wifeleaver goes so hard
@AaronBoltonArt Hace 14 días
guessing LWs new skin is based on the Garuda (since he is Thai), not an angel.
@3takoyakis Hace 14 días
Garuda arent benevolent lol
@GenJuhru Hace 13 días
That angel from Hellboy, freeaky
@LumaSloth Hace 14 días
OMG, *SPIKE CASSIDY???* _"See you around, space cowboy!"_
@kevinmelendez9198 Hace 13 días
@binki890 Hace 13 días
@idk2010k Hace 13 días
@ratkingpierrot Hace 12 días
@@kevinmelendez9198 dont deadname him lmao
@velialvend2135 Hace 12 días
McCree ❤
@ray13317 Hace 14 días
1:11 how moira mains see their orbs
@pacifistminigun3987 Hace 13 días
@CtrlAltSpoods Hace 13 días
Real Moira mains can perfectly balanced Dmg vs heals Clueless people only DMG or only heal
@jakepearson3637 Hace 12 días
​@@CtrlAltSpoods This 👏👏
@Youalreadydidthat Hace 10 días
As a Moira Main who actually uses the heal orb frequently I am offended by this.
@josephg4067 Hace 14 días
I'm so dyslexic, I read it as new overwatch champion, the whole video I was waiting until I reread it at the end
@dziosdzynes7663 Hace 10 días
They're called heroes in overwatch, not champs
@RealRoboRonin Hace 10 días
I'm Hype for the cult season
@wingedbluj1674 Hace 14 días
So they're starting this year off with the cosmic horror theme. Neat. Can't wait to see the 'Mirror Universe' theme. Imagine something like Doomfist as the leader of Overwatch.
@jasontodd191 Hace 13 días
Or a timeline where Reaper doesn't compromise Blackwatch
@heyitsnibbs9650 Hace 13 días
Naaa just N'Zoth skins crammed into another game
@Marcio00003 Hace 9 días
I'm hopping the do a complete reverse character wise like a null zero leader Zen and a pacifist Ramatra, switching the Overwatch crew with Talon crew and definitely want a sane Junkrat
@mishapnevermore6302 Hace 14 días
I think any weapon skins that get released should be buyable with comp currency, including the hard light ones
@RyuLightorb Hace 14 días
hardlight was perfect for a weapon skin to earn. also it never shows up in the shop seen people with hardlight skins but even if i wanted to purchase them (i don't) they never show up lol
@NachoDad Hace 14 días
Bilblically Accurate Angel Lifeweaver looks so good. He lowkey look like Mahoraga lol
@pixel7038 Hace 8 días
Someone has been reading the book of revelations 👀 😊
@adiamondtrash9344 Hace 14 días
Moira got to be the poster child of 2 seasons interesting
@mafikdew78 Hace 11 días
For real she just got a Lilith skin (arguably her best) and they gave her mythic why
@VBaskin2010 Hace 13 días
Elizabeth Ashe: "Okay 3-2-1 let's jam!"
@astronette500 Hace 14 días
a Cowboy bebop colab is absolutely INSANE edit: since people are being weird in my replies, this isn't about the skins, i just think it's cool that the colab is something i really love.
@WordsOfTheTeacher Hace 14 días
Where did they show that
@thebestcat10 Hace 14 días
@@WordsOfTheTeacherthe end
@akj3713 Hace 14 días
just listen to the end music. Old Cowboy Bebop intro music @@WordsOfTheTeacher
@Rezlusiowa Hace 14 días
bro you havent even seen it yet 💀
@BiancaXBoom Hace 14 días
They havent shown anything yet. Anime profile pictures truly are brainless worms.
@itzkaeos Hace 14 días
Moira of course being the first to turn. I LOVE IT
@germans_lol7259 Hace 14 días
Now all we need is a MGR:R colab that gjves Senator RAMstrong and Raiden Genji
@BurntBattleBagel Hace 13 días
@nex5691 Hace 11 días
Finally someone understands me Also I would like a mauga sundowner and a monsoon sigma And soldier being a mythic skin having 3 unique changes Snake, big boss, and mgs4 snake
@redmosquito2173 Hace 8 días
I think Armstrong would be better as a doom skin but I like the idea
@germans_lol7259 Hace 8 días
@@redmosquito2173 im thinking ram bc unlike doom, armstrong does a barrage of punches. Also ramattras omnic form can be when armstrong is in a suit but then his nemesis form can be when he is shirtless and nano machines. Also itll be funny if "It has to be this way" is playing in the background of his ult. I see whete ur going but doom isnt very fit for the skin of Senator
@Tristan-Fitzgerald Hace 14 días
0:12 Ana forgot to change.
@Kim_Needs_You Hace 12 días
Le Skin Mythique de Moira envoie du lourd, franchement il est magnifique.
@universalsorrow Hace 9 días
so 7 years of development later; this is what we get?
@ArthurSilva-lt3tg Hace 15 días
Hoping the mythic skin actually has more the 2 rows of styles 🤞
@MrDonkeySaurus Hace 15 días
No mythic skin for us this season way too hard to make 🔥 small indie company
@novaathegreat9109 Hace 14 días
@stealthyyy4003 Hace 14 días
its gonna be moira
@novaathegreat9109 Hace 14 días
@@stealthyyy4003 is it true? I saw on Reddit too people said it'd be a Moira mythic
@stealthyyy4003 Hace 14 días
@@novaathegreat9109 yes its true. do you have tiktok bc i can tag you in the video
@jacobrydstrom6565 Hace 13 días
i hope that seson 10 will give us a brigette skin, i dont think she has one yet, at least from the battlepass.
@HI-pw6su Hace 8 días
It took over a year to make the overwatch 1 comp system again. congrats
@StoryGirl0 Hace un día
And people are eating it up. OMG THE SAME THING AGAIN 😁😁😁 “NEW PAID SKINS”😁😁😁😁 they all said in unison.
@Kyleigh-Hughes Hace 14 días
Ain’t no way they used Cowboy Bepop theme lmao. I was excited by literal Ramen Bastion,but didn’t see that coming.
@big_bag_basket9991 Hace 14 días
Надеюсь что мифик для Мойра будет иметь Минимум 3 варианта изменяемых опций: Оружие, Броня, Цвет. Просто иначе скин Лилит будет официально лучшим
@MadisonReed-xg1nd Hace 13 días
Didn’t announce a single “new” feature but I hope the faye skins looks good
@Stefanonimo Hace 14 días
"New shop skins" *shows OW1 recolors*
@loglog7 Hace 14 días
Perfectly on brand.
@HawaiianMaugaMain Hace 14 días
glad i wasn’t the only one who noticed
@Gerolix Hace 13 días
yeah dude kiriko and lifeweaver
@sabishi8772 Hace 13 días
I sat there and was like 😑”yep this is the marketing blizzard is known for”
@murderprncss Hace 12 días
fr those should be for legacy currency. such bs
@okajkaraca5013 Hace 14 días
Reaper valentine skin and new ranking system looked fire
@DatBoiOctrain Hace 13 días
0:41 The first time pharah doesnt get touched and tasted using her ult😭
@mckillua97 Hace 13 días
2:35 cowboy bebop song caught me out off guard
@ThisIsRusko Hace 14 días
Thank you for the Lifeweaver skin! Can't wait!
@TalonMoon Hace 14 días
Did they really not notice that, during the scene at the start where everyone is using their default designs, Ana is using a skin?
@POGstream Hace 12 días
its not a skin that currently exists for her.. soooo hint?
Overwatch x Cowboy Bebop
@Dashx64 Hace 14 días
@advisedgnu69backup72 Hace 14 días
The former Adult Swim show
@ddfurrymann Hace 14 días
You heard that too eh
@Duolin313 Hace 14 días
Mb better Overwatch x Yoko Kanno? =)
@jnu3334 Hace 14 días
Yesss now can we Get ONE PIECE IN ANY GAME
@thewrongscout7276 Hace 14 días
I hope Moira actually has different styles like session 1 genji
@titanictuna8196 Hace 14 días
1:07 “Accept my gifts, and all will be yours” THAT WAS DEFINITELY RAMATTRA SPEAKING IM JUST SAYINGGGG
@0TheVegan0ThatCould0 Hace 14 días
This is great for Moira mains after that premium skin debacle. Plus I NEED the Torb and Lifeweaver skins ASAP
@user-pf8pu3id6n Hace 13 días
1:08 there you are Flying Dutchman Sigma, there’s your Kraken
@Yasviele Hace 14 días
A nice looking skin for Moira, and I appreciate the clarification of what's for the BP and what's for sale only Edit: Nevermind the trailer was deceitful, the skins are scattered between store and bp without a clear order
@cocosolis8240 Hace 14 días
Yeah labeling bps as being omnic themed but having all but 2 omnic skins shop exclusive sucked
@UltraInstinct6702 Hace 14 días
I wanted to be Genji 😢
@baconeater4133 Hace 13 días
I personally think the skin sucks
@pocketinfinity2165 Hace 12 días
good clarification between what I buy with irl money;... and what I also buy with irl money
@Raksoforback Hace 8 días
Is it really a clarification when later they reveal Sigma's skin won't be in the BP, but instead paired with Lifeweaver's in the ultimate BP bundle?
@yanastase Hace 14 días
Cosmic horror themed would be so good for a y know A REPLAYABLE PVE
@ducky_7122 Hace 14 días
0:46 That animation is sick
@nateescobales6930 Hace 13 días
Kathulu... wow, that is a seriously epic twist villain, so smart.
@darthgigglez1461 Hace 14 días
Moira Mythic Skin!!! And it’s cosmic horror themed!!! It’s perfect 🥹❤️‍🔥
@shotbyquin Hace 14 días
we fr got a mahoraga lifeweaver skin
@basedbasil9261 Hace 20 días
I can’t wait to see how split the community is after this season
@EasyKiller1111 Hace 20 días
What happened havent played in aa while
@basedbasil9261 Hace 20 días
@@EasyKiller1111 massive overhaul to all heroes, everything will feel different after this season. The split will either be people that like the change and people who dislike it
@EasyKiller1111 Hace 20 días
@@basedbasil9261 overhaul like what and how do you guys know
@rubeydubey01 Hace 20 días
@@basedbasil9261the «leaked» patch notes have not been confirmed to be real
@93Chowo Hace 19 días
@@basedbasil9261 Isn´t that technically all the time? I mean since OW2 launched the split was between people who like or dislike it.
@JackieNihil Hace 14 días
For someone who hasn't watched Cowboy Bebop, is there any character in it which could transfer over well to Sombra? A little while ago devs promised a new Sombra skin even better than her Slay Star skin.
@supremenugget5433 Hace 13 días
There's a character in the show called Ed, they're a hacker so I think sombra might get the Ed skin if they even make one Search up Cowboy bebop Ed and you'll see what we're working with
@plague1739 Hace 4 días
​@@supremenugget5433ed is definitely not a fighter the only similarly is they're both hackers.
@supremenugget5433 Hace 4 días
@@plague1739 yeah that's why I said sombra will get the Ed skin if they make one,it would make no sense to give it to someone else.
@PastaCouch Hace 13 días
There's so much content, this felt a lot longer than 2 minutes. Great job Overwatch team!
@adanganaafan2811 Hace 8 días
Bro Moira literally sounds like ramattra
@chrism6880 Hace 14 días
Hanzo with the Tobias voice line 😂😂
@ted4979 Hace 14 días
I guess Moira is a Great Old One warlock now?
@Paagesix Hace 14 días
Was that Cowboy Bebop hinted at the end for a collab 👀 Cassidy as Spike Spiegel confirmed
@Antonio-ys5zd Hace 14 días
But who are the rest gonna be?
@arthurheng2656 Hace 14 días
@@Antonio-ys5zd Ashe as Faye, Doom as Jet, Wrecking Ball as Ein, Kiriko as Edward?
@iminyourwalls3698 Hace 14 días
Idk but let's be honest kiriko gonna have one of them I'm sure
@ToastbackWhale Hace 14 días
@@arthurheng2656Not sure about Ein but the rest seem solid
@defenestrate7544 Hace 14 días
They always give one to Kiri. Too bad it's not szn 10 cause Venture would be a good fit for Ed.
@BlondeGromit2516 Hace 14 días
the more important question is why is the lucio at 1:41 not on speed boost? we asking the real questions here
@Weederslo Hace 13 días
An exiting sneak peak for the new matchmaking system at 2:15!
@ImFlaco. Hace 14 días
do we have the option to choose previous mytics skins? like i don’t main certain heroes that are given mytics skin
@LarvaWorld89 Hace 14 días
A nice looking skin for Moira, and I appreciate the clarification of what's for the BP and what's for sale only
@MarcoGalliani-tf7qh Hace 13 días
1:44 biblically accurate Lifeweaver
@ladyvictoria820 Hace 14 días
When I tell you I screamed when I heard Tank playing 😂
@jokerdread_ Hace 11 días
Cowboy Bebop skin predictions: >Cassidy is obviously Spike. >Ashe will be Faye, which could give a chance of Bob being Jet. >Sombra will be Ed.
@diegosixsixsix8774 Hace 13 días
Estoy más que emocionado por esta nueva temporada y todos los cambios. Muchas gracias OW!!!!
@jkratochvil7039 Hace 13 días
2:10 is that an unmasked Reyes? Seems he has healed a lot.
@novaathegreat9109 Hace 14 días
The cosmic horror theme looks SICK
@cleodddy Hace 14 días
genuinely excited for a season for the first time in a long time
@legionofmusic1209 Hace 6 días
Y'all the space cowboy sound byte might be a reference to their support they hinted at who was codenamed Space Ranger?
@user-pm1ic9ul4v Hace 13 días
Was that Cowboy Bebop at the end there?!?!?
@user-rb4cd6it7w Hace 13 días
Champion is literally the Top500 logo back in OW1
@bryanar4134 Hace 14 días
A lot of recolors or slight modifications of existing skins, but the player base seems pretty hyped for it and sales should encourage Blizzard to invest more into future season skin development
@Elpollo555 Hace 13 días
That new ana skin at the beginning looks really cool
@TheNemesis. Hace 14 días
0:52 My dumbass thought this was gonna be more invasion missions💀
@AlgaInventory Hace 14 días
Me too😭😭😭
@Loveless0012 Hace 14 días
It's not? :c
@BabuBunny Hace 14 días
Overwatch, adding more to the PAID PvE? Never. That would actually make it worth the money and we can’t have that 😍
@brandoncole5533 Hace 14 días
Same I got w
@brandoncole5533 Hace 14 días
Same I got a little too happy
@Yetr Hace 14 días
I'm excited to see the official trailer for Overwatch 2 Season 9! And a Cowboy Bebop collaboration sounds absolutely amazing. Can't wait to see what they have in store for us!
@LukeAImp Hace 14 días
Cowboy Bebop sending chills down my spine stg.
@coreyondavis6032 Hace 6 días
0:51 i need the soundtrack of that
@remuvs Hace un día
I hope Lucio gets a skin like "Jazzy" where the song gets a different track when swapping. Though it's unlikely since there'd probably be licensing things with Seatbelts to use it.
@Funnybunny-18 Hace un hora
COWBOY BEPBOP CASSIDY SKIN? I will never forget the way that intro sounds
@ItzNRT Hace 16 días
@mohammedtv210 Hace 15 días
Ima comeback to this comment if they ac release it
@sprunkmansprunk3369 Hace 14 días
Nah, they’ll give like soldier a second dance emote or something
@webfrosty Hace 14 días
@Kalogord Hace 14 días
Did you come back at 4 minutes and 20 seconds?
@marcoantonio2046 Hace 14 días
We want emotes that moves while do the animation, enough of emote that only use if u're stationary
@fluffy_suna Hace 12 días
I am so happy that this season is dwelling into lovecraftian horror, the style of horror that i think is the best while also remaining in the theme of cosmic horror
@SnakeSkinz Hace 14 días
I'm glad they went with Champion instead of Ultimate. Much better name
@Bluedragon1990_ Hace 13 días
Considering patch's size I think that Jeff kaplan Is in there
@mmmelody777 Hace 14 días
such an improvement from season 8 omg, im actually gonna play this season
@matthias803 Hace 14 días
Everybody is talking about Cowboy Bepop. But have you seen the Bastion Ramen skin?!?! 1:30
@unnamed6864 Hace 14 días
Yeah that sold me to buy the battle pass
@TheLoquendohacker Hace 14 días
Yeah... So cool to get another skin that you can only obtain by BUYING THE BATTLE PASS... God I miss loot boxes
@yeet._.8571 Hace 14 días
Fr- like that’s such a win for Ramen lovers
@RiftWalker54 Hace 14 días
but you obtain everything else in the battle pass while the lootboxes was just 3 chances to get somethung good per box @@TheLoquendohacker
Peak man. Peak
@tymunster Hace 14 días
I like how one of the shop skins shown is literally a recolor of one from like 4 years ago
@Billy_The_Frog Hace 13 días
I have said this before many times but the devs/artists at blizzard who work on the overwatch skins are doing an amazing job.
@q370p Hace 14 días
Rank update after every match. Wow, that is truly revolutionary enough to be half the trailer!
@leonevus9827 Hace 14 días
Let's gooooo! Cowboy Bebop collab and i'm all here for it!!!!
@letylety-or4el Hace 12 días
The video quality is the best. Really hope to get more videos animasi like this, the quality of this video It's too good!!
@OpEditorial Hace 13 días
The "hard light" weapon skins didn't make much sense, but at least they looked unique. From what I can see, the "jade" weapons simply look like green versions of their default counterparts, unless I'm missing something.
@TheOriginalMrH Hace 14 días
That Moira Mythic is so good it might make me actually switch of the Scientist one I used since OW1. Honestely evrything in this looked good.
@XtraLightSpeed Hace 14 días
Happy to buy Lilith Moira when two season after there is a mythic skin for 40 € less
2:29 Soooo next collaboration is Cowboy Bebop? Nice!!!!
@advisedgnu69backup72 Hace 12 días
One of the first Adult Swim shows
@Ringo0723 Hace 14 días
are they gonna let us choose which mythic skin we get this season?
@celestialstreams3629 Hace 14 días
angelic lifeweaver is dope and sigma's new skin makes me very glad I hesitated on the flying dutchman recolor.
@user-gr1io9is3v Hace 14 días
I stopped playing comp a while ago but the jade weapons are gonna make me grind again...
Alright dev team, U got me excited for OW. This hasn't happened in a long time.
@heytalvi Hace un día
Oh man I’m loving the cosmic horror/old gods theme in Overwatch ❤️
@piplupisgood Hace 14 días
Still no Brig skin in the battlepass, but a third Illari one lol
@lithonion3246 Hace 13 días
My boy N’Zoth is crossing realms❤
@samvimes9510 Hace 14 días
Oh boy, more $20 shop skins, just what I wanted!
@user-tk1nb4xb3q Hace 7 días
I'm really liking these skins that let me see more of what Reaper looks like
@crispywood9166 Hace 13 días
@ermalefic5274 Hace 14 días
cosmic horror AND mythic moira AND rank reset- this is slated to be my favorite season so far
@timar6868 Hace 14 días
@vamp1re200 Hace 14 días
pls make the mythic skin more customizable and more unique with different ultimate voice lines instead of a voice affect to moiras existing voice line
@CarlosSilva-vu9cu Hace 14 días
SO EXCITED FOR MYTHIC MOIRA SKIN!!! Especially since that’s who I play if I need to be healer
@litten98 Hace 14 días
the cosmic skins oh its on can't wait super hype for it soon and love the skins there amazing
@elmono6299 Hace 14 días
Wasn't expecting a Cowboy Bebop collaboration. But I'm all for it. I'm predicting that one of the costumes is a Feye Valentine Widowmaker.
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