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As Frank Urbano entered Oz, Chucky Pancamo was in the hospital almost dying, so he led the gang in his absence in season 5. A calm and capable man, he had an aura of dependability about him, even though his attempt to kill Burr Redding only lead to the death of Oz symbol, Augustus Hill. When Pancamo returned, Frank the Fixer took the #2 spot and backed him up for the rest of the shows run.
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8 may 2019






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kelso DiJA
kelso DiJA Hace un día
How he got 25 yrs
Mr. Black
Mr. Black Hace 9 días
Why was Robson dressed like a hooker
Gilberto Dominguez
Gilberto Dominguez Hace 20 días
Robson is hilarious
Bagioo 321
Bagioo 321 Hace 2 meses
This Guy was OG
Drago The Dago
Drago The Dago Hace 2 meses
What did Bukowski mean wen He said "Ohh, I feel like Custer" ??
Keith Alfred Anthony Donovan
Custer's last stand
Johan Öberg
Johan Öberg Hace 2 meses
Custer got killed
Jeffrey Doe
Jeffrey Doe Hace 2 meses
Frank was a stone cold killer. Only that Russian guy was worse.
Iron Man
Iron Man Hace 2 meses
Did that guy he shot in the back died??
Easy Grin
Easy Grin Hace 28 días
Yes he flew straight into a wall
Javier Rodriguez
Javier Rodriguez Hace un mes
Iron Man no, when he tried to fly is what killed him
Morbo The Annihilator
Nah, just a flesh wound
leegsy Hace 3 meses
That bastard needs a funeral!
Nick Redbear
Nick Redbear Hace 3 meses
"How's that bitch thing comin" XD
Lee 1986
Lee 1986 Hace 3 meses
Love that old, black dude with the bald head. Want him to pop up near me whenever I have a stupid choice I'm about to make to tell me to not be a dumb shit.
Aghelyas Hace 3 meses
OZ, Sopranos...those were series that made you feel bad when an episode ended and you had to wait for the next one. They don't make 'm like that anymore.
shaolin1200 Hace 5 días
Aghelyas breaking bad but yeah you’re right Oz will always be a classic
OXY Hace 3 meses
And The Wire. Good shows.
escobar mohammed
escobar mohammed Hace 3 meses
Frank Urbano killed Kenny Rogers
AntiMTVMovement Hace un mes
And Michael McDonald and Jonathan Goldsmith
JD Gust of Wind Dance
escobar mohammed well, he just dropped in to see what his condition was in.
Augustus The Great Gus
Pena de muerte
Julian Riddick
Julian Riddick Hace 4 meses
Do a video on frank n Adam
newuserpointofview Hace 4 meses
this guy put the sicilians back to the top in OZ again; great character
Amazin82 Hace 4 meses
He killed Vince Russo?
JD Gust of Wind Dance
Amazin82 they’ll give him a parade for that; not a prison sentence.
Binary Usenet
Binary Usenet Hace 4 meses
Pragson, acting all tough, lol.
Binary Usenet
Binary Usenet Hace 3 meses
@Ton Gracey Yeah, he's one of the characters I hated the most, it was nice to see him exiled from the brotherhood cuz he has ghetto gums, then turn sissy for protection and earn the name Pragson.
Ton Gracey
Ton Gracey Hace 3 meses
Ive never hated a chatacter in a series as much as robson
MrTheGuitarNerd Hace 5 meses
It's funny, watching these clips now I realize how corny this show was. I mean, I still watch the clips, it's not a "bad" show. But it's a real flawed soap opera, in a sense. Plot holes you could drive a truck through, characters basically narrating the show as it happens, the overwrought "pena di morte" type moments. It's great, in the same way watching a ridiculous cartoon you watched as a kid can be great.
shaolin1200 Hace 5 días
MrTheGuitarNerd it’s the ultimate male soap opera and it does have extremely corny moments in it I feel the same way but I fucking love this show Maybe it’s the nostalgia but I love watching this corny (at times) male soap opera
MrTheGuitarNerd Hace 5 meses
@cloneradio My favorite one was when they gave the most violent prison inmates in that part of the world dogs. I mean, of course they would, right?
Ernst Jünger
Ernst Jünger Hace 5 meses
37 times.
Cid Highwind
Cid Highwind Hace 5 meses
I'd like to know how Frank got caught and locked up. Seems like he managed a fairly clean kill and got everything cleaned up, unless one of his "associates" ratted him out. Could've made for an interesting story if the guy who snitched on him wound up in Oz with him.
Easy Grin
Easy Grin Hace 28 días
Maybe it was the guy who filmed the whole thing
Cid Highwind
Cid Highwind Hace 5 meses
@Kingia Phillips Cloud? I want you to know that I didn't dislike him. Gotta admit he was a strange dude. Just when you thought he was cool, he'd go and do some damn fool thing. And when you thought he was smart, he'd show how stupid he was. Everything about him from his movements to his speech were kinda odd.
Kingia Phillips
Kingia Phillips Hace 5 meses
Hey where's cloud and the gang @cid highwind
45 Jugga
45 Jugga Hace 5 meses
Cid Highwind I was thinking this same thing isolated location to
Brad Johnson
Brad Johnson Hace 5 meses
This is one of the gayest shows ever made
[TRUMP]-[TOTAL WAR] Hace 5 meses
oz was lame
Gjergji Mecaj
Gjergji Mecaj Hace un mes
You got jokes kid. 😂😂😂
Iron Man
Iron Man Hace 2 meses
You're just mad cause someone raped your mouth while you were locked up.
thaistomp Hace 4 meses
you're smoking crack.
Shyenne Gwinn
Shyenne Gwinn Hace 5 meses
Oz is amazing.
Omar Conzato
Omar Conzato Hace 5 meses
nightwishnemo Hace 6 meses
Omg Frank Urbano looks just like my Russian friends dad, the exact same face 😯
DC Fixx
DC Fixx Hace 6 meses
Heheh...who da fuck am I?
Novel Chaser
Novel Chaser Hace 6 meses
Robson loves cock.
Danko Sekulic
Danko Sekulic Hace 3 meses
And spoons 😎
Axl Rose
Axl Rose Hace 7 meses
Sicilian? More like samoan!
Felipe Aubert
Felipe Aubert Hace 3 meses
Axl Rose I don’t get it.
Andy Cruz
Andy Cruz Hace 5 meses
Toni Clark
Toni Clark Hace 7 meses
Sexy as f*ck
Ludra1 Hace 7 meses
Nice, another Oz video (y). Well done. I always wondered how Urbano wasn't punished for killing Hill. Quite a plot hole, in my opinion,
The Mutual Friend
The Mutual Friend Hace 8 meses
Shame he didn't have a bigger part. He was one of my favourite characters.
Binary Usenet
Binary Usenet Hace 4 meses
okay, say you're a producer on the show, what kind of storyline would you give him?
markorevan Hace 8 meses
Top 10 OZ characters with limited screen time 1. Kosygin 2. Urbano 3. Ortolani 3. Keane 4. Burns 5. Groves 6. Cutler 7. Deyell 8. D'Angelo 9. Keneniah 10. Sands
jasunn dakidd
jasunn dakidd Hace 4 meses
Ortolani #1
Sandwich Spread
Sandwich Spread Hace 4 meses
Don't forget torquemada had a very limited role
markorevan Hace 6 meses
@burttschell No. Angel Eyes from The Good,the Bad and the Ugly reminds me of Anton. Both amoral,sadistic hitmens with twisted code.
burttschell Hace 6 meses
Did Kosygin remind you of Chiguhr from No Country For Old Men?
Richard O’Brien
Richard O’Brien Hace 9 meses
“Penne di morté.” ☝🏼 Anyways, Frank the Fixer is one cool mobster. I always loved the shot of him being thrown into the hole after brawling with the aryans on the basketball court. I wish you included that scene because its nowhere on ESvid. That minor disappointment aside, this is a very well-edited video. I am so glad you’re still uploading OZ videos, Johan!!
Spammer Rage
Spammer Rage Hace 7 días
Richard O’Brien queer.
Iron Man
Iron Man Hace 2 meses
Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor
@Big Chungus You never seen Casino you little fag virgin.
Spiderman Hace 9 meses
Most underrated character in Oz history.
Democrats for flat earth awareness
I landed in acting part in the series for a episode. I was to play a gay guy named Johnny rimjob who ate mens/inmates assholes as in toss their salads. Yup I'm still working construction but looking for acting gigs.
Richard O’Brien
Richard O’Brien Hace 6 meses
Really? What was so great about him?
Mr. Black
Mr. Black Hace 7 meses
Fuck him....he killed Augustus.
LiveWire Hace 8 meses
I agree
RICKY XIONG Hace 9 meses
Hey Johan, can you review Fist of the North Star : Lost Paradise?
Leonard Alexander
Leonard Alexander Hace 6 meses
@Johan Öberg Damn, that was harsh
Johan Öberg
Johan Öberg Hace 9 meses
Speedol Star
Speedol Star Hace 9 meses
wwemusicfanC Hace 9 meses
Urbano was pretty cool. A much better leader than Pancamo imo
Marshall Carwood
Marshall Carwood Hace 3 días
Schibetta was the worst. A spoilt mafia brat who only achieved his rank because his dad was a boss. Just like Bill bonanno and Gotti jr. At least Pancamo was tough and didn’t get his cheeks busted every 5 minutes.
Jay Azathoth
Jay Azathoth Hace 4 meses
Cyril would have been a better leader than Pancamo.
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