Painting my Nails on the Golf Course (retirement practice)

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Can't seem to get the swing of this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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20 abr 2019






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Melanie McGinn
Melanie McGinn Hace 2 días
I live in Tennessee and live on a golf course... a lot of time golfers look through our backyard for their golf balls lol it’s normal for us our neighborhood is full of golfers 🏌️ 🏌️‍♀️ ⛳️
cameron Hace 3 días
simply golflogical
Jackson Lee
Jackson Lee Hace 6 días
That mini put course is one of the best.
Emily Mclean
Emily Mclean Hace 6 días
I thought this video was going to be 11:00 minutes of bad golfing and painting nails no cristine you are a good 🏌️‍♀️
Emily Mclean
Emily Mclean Hace 6 días
40:00 seconds bens booty wiggles
Emily Mclean
Emily Mclean Hace 6 días
It’s simply golfing 🏌️‍♀️
Chelsea Hace 8 días
Watching this in quarantine and this made me remember when my dad made me go to golf lessons :v
catnipgirl 002
catnipgirl 002 Hace 8 días
when cristine retires she'll be in a retirement place and the caretakers just scream this all day "nO yOU CANNoT pUt hOlo GliTtEr in GeRtRuDe's dRiNk"
You Tube
You Tube Hace 10 días
Cristine: What would your dream vacation be? Beyyyn: Yes.
JakiraCro11 Hace 12 días
so thats were all that noise game from
Vero Rei
Vero Rei Hace 14 días
Hii @simplynaillogical and @everyone, could someone tell my which Green Nail polish she uses? It is so beautifully opaque 💚
Analisa Mireles
Analisa Mireles Hace 14 días
“This is Florida everyone drives drunk and has a gun” Perfect description of the south 😂
Kendall Seward
Kendall Seward Hace 17 días
I know this is a year late and whatever but the place where you went mini golfing is where me and my family goes
Jana Heydenrych
Jana Heydenrych Hace 18 días
Me playing golf after 1st shot:DAMIT!!!!
Anna Vertrees
Anna Vertrees Hace 29 días
Omg I live right by that putt putt course
Gacha Teyrnon
Gacha Teyrnon Hace un mes
When I went to Florida a little bit earlier I went to the exact same golf course and I swung my putter in the lake😅😅
Victoria Clarke
Victoria Clarke Hace un mes
Ben feeling happy when he gets asked for Id
Victoria Clarke
Victoria Clarke Hace un mes
I get the feeling simply isn’t the best driver
Emu McGee
Emu McGee Hace un mes
Cristine: Since we in the sunshine State Me: NOPE WRONG PLACE
Laura Evans
Laura Evans Hace un mes
Can she drive🤩
Calligraphy Queen
Calligraphy Queen Hace un mes
U look nice in this video, idk what is different but like you look good in this video
Jaclyn Gray
Jaclyn Gray Hace un mes
Ben:tells simply go over the hill Simply:ok Ben: *helps simply drive* Simply: ok we’re up what now
Olivia Yoon
Olivia Yoon Hace un mes
She's not wearing sweat pants!!!
Jamie owo
Jamie owo Hace un mes
a year later n im still here-
Yuna Leek
Yuna Leek Hace un mes
Cristine: don't want to get nail polish on my new golfing pants. Also Christine: never wears those pants again.
Kinsey Smith
Kinsey Smith Hace un mes
I'm extremely excited to see that the golf course you are in in the beginning is the one next to my grandparents' house
Jessie 0401
Jessie 0401 Hace un mes
When they were at the mini putting place I thought they were at a water park.
Lâm Phạm
Lâm Phạm Hace un mes
That's neon green looks like Holo Taco.
isabella mashewske
isabella mashewske Hace un mes
Poor Cristine. 😂
Lisa’s Vlogs
Lisa’s Vlogs Hace un mes
I have the same shoes as you
Niamh Smith
Niamh Smith Hace un mes
this should be called off-roading with Cristine
Scar’s ASMR
Scar’s ASMR Hace un mes
Wow. Cristine isn’t wearing sweatpants.
Kerry D
Kerry D Hace un mes
“The Golf Marshall ain’t gonna catch me now!”
Sienna Murphy
Sienna Murphy Hace un mes
2020 anyone
Agnethe Birch-Jensen
This is so fun to watch being a golfer XD
Lianna Chabrier
Lianna Chabrier Hace 2 meses
We really don’t golf a lot in Florida
Makeup By M
Makeup By M Hace 2 meses
I watch all your videos and a huge supporter at least a few months before polish mountain But i had never watched this video
Taco Cat
Taco Cat Hace 2 meses
This is so weird my dad has the same shirt as Ben
cbjgirl23 Hace 2 meses
Cristine and Ben doing the best impersonation of my dad I’ve ever seen, golfing
Definitely not a furry Or am i?
Wheres her mom? You never here her talking about her.
Ozzy, Honey and me!
Ozzy, Honey and me! Hace 3 meses
Camila Lander
Camila Lander Hace 4 meses
*me driving a golf cart while i was 10 in golf club*
Hey. It’s Tay.
Hey. It’s Tay. Hace 4 meses
7:11 Ben’s Canadian side came out
Ice Cream Cat
Ice Cream Cat Hace 4 meses
I love how Cristine is still wearing sweatpants in Florida
Vee Ferris
Vee Ferris Hace 4 meses
Last time I was in Florida, we saw a gopher tortoise, and it was just there, by the road. We were so excited, they are beautiful. We also saw a goldenporb weaver spider, she was gorgeous. I love spiders and tortoises.
The gay Potato
The gay Potato Hace 4 meses
Could beyn look anymore like a dad?
Queen Sock Silver
Queen Sock Silver Hace 5 meses
Cristine: “What do ya think?” * doesn’t put the clip in * Fans: >:O
Lexi Lou
Lexi Lou Hace 5 meses
Umm they’re probably villas not houses
Jhodel Billod
Jhodel Billod Hace 5 meses
Cosmo and wanda are being sneaky
Reese Mathias
Reese Mathias Hace 5 meses
I live on a golf course and we have a pool and everybody always hits balls in our pool and I have to go swim to go get them.
-Ava- Hace 5 meses
I live in Florida and I hate golfing😅
My Pets Zone
My Pets Zone Hace 5 meses
I know I'm late but whenever my dad drives past a golf course and someone is swinging he honks the car horn and once I was with him and we walked past one and he screamed "hey mate u alright?" 😂😂
Anonymous Hace 5 meses
10:49 that shot though!!
Broken Pieces
Broken Pieces Hace 5 meses
I love Ben’s shorts.
Olivia and Rafaela
Olivia and Rafaela Hace 5 meses
Wait I just realized my house is next to a golf course but like it’s not a part we’re ppl just come it’s like for ppl who have payed this company to play and I cross the golf course to get to school but we don’t get hit Bc it’s kinda small and ppl don’t use it often but like I just noticed this and I have been living in Texas for 3 years now and NOW I realize this (geez I’m stupid)
sugar bunniesz
sugar bunniesz Hace 5 meses
Ben is more like a dad to cristine then a bf
Leah Spalding
Leah Spalding Hace 6 meses
I went to the same mini golf place when I was in Florida
Viva Lia
Viva Lia Hace 6 meses
As a golfer, I can't really tell if I approve or not.
Caitlyn Andreas
Caitlyn Andreas Hace 6 meses
Who else saw the holo taco label on the neon green polish
ZombieMiezz Hace 6 meses
Ok I watch the first 2 seconds and think this looks like Florida (the only place in the US I've ever visited in my life btw I'm from Germany) and I scroll down to the comments and the first thing I read "This is Florida..." *owned*
Alie Jay
Alie Jay Hace 6 meses
Me: *On a golf team* Also Me: *Sees Christine went golfing* Again Me: Oh no...
Nicole Hace 6 meses
7:49 spoken like a true thugLMAOOOOJWNJSLFSDIIS
GraceEstelle Denny
GraceEstelle Denny Hace 6 meses
I think the green might have been a prototype for holo taco 😮
Samantha Yates
Samantha Yates Hace 6 meses
I'm a golfer and its gets more fun when you do better
ash S
ash S Hace 6 meses
Ane Busk jensen
Ane Busk jensen Hace 6 meses
I'm 12 and I play golf and guess what I'm not retired😏
Taylor De La Haye
Taylor De La Haye Hace 6 meses
Im scared My name is Taylor and when they said Taylor Made I shivered :O
real_elice Hace 6 meses
I never knew this existed! ESvid recommendation has failed me 😫
Reese Miller
Reese Miller Hace 7 meses
Ben: alright in the hole Me: that's what she said
SingAllNightAndDay Hace 7 meses
Ben: oh yeah it’s hot eh
Kristen Hace 7 meses
“I don’t wanna spill on my brand-new golfing pants” Cut to the cart not moving and her hand on top of Bens arm so that if she has any drips they’ll land on his arm instead of her pants... Simplycouplegoalogical
Mike Rayne
Mike Rayne Hace 7 meses
When u live in Florida and realize u missed your chance to meet Christine 😢
Kim Landau
Kim Landau Hace 7 meses
Am I really the only one who noticed that "wrong hole" joke? 😂
_Jade Creates_
_Jade Creates_ Hace 7 meses
Being a person who golfs and I’m proud we have been recognized lol
Lisanne Koning
Lisanne Koning Hace 7 meses
do you have a mom?
Lydia! At The Disco
Lydia! At The Disco Hace 7 meses
"golf is hard, but mini putt is not!" Cristine you've clearly never met me.
Lydia! At The Disco
Lydia! At The Disco Hace 7 meses
That kinda looks like the golf course near where my grandmother lives (it's not I'm 99.9% sure it just looks like it)
Daisy Perez
Daisy Perez Hace 7 meses
You look like your in Bonita Springs
Daisy Perez
Daisy Perez Hace 7 meses
As a Floridian, the first thing I said while watching the beginning was, "that looks like Florida"
Ember Leuchtturm
Ember Leuchtturm Hace 7 meses
I've been to that mini golf course with my dad and sister!
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