Part 1 - Our Thoughts on the Docuseries 'Surviving R. Kelly'

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Real fam, have you seen the docuseries “Surviving R. Kelly”? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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8 ene 2019

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Michael B.
Michael B. Hace un hora
I stayed, raised mine..she's now 13 and i bet you'll never see her shaking her ass in a music video, & she'd never fall victim to someone like R.Kelly..cuz she knows me and/ or her mother will bust her head 2 the white meat! I'm father, not here to b yo friend, love me but u dont have to like me, my job is to PROTECT! therefore some things R NOT TOLERATED.."where u goin?" "what r u doing?" who are you doing it with?"..."sorry the answer is NO"!!!. Thats all it takes folks...do sum parenting, ask questions, and learn to say NO! If u like me u can tell wen yo kid is lying! Say NO!!!! Okay to let a child be free, but dont wait til a multimillionaire singer or rapper or anyone else f#cks them to take an interest! Dont blame R. Kelly, It takes 2 to tango!.. i still support him...not his fault the little fast whores was lookin for a "daddy" so they went out and found one..R.Kelly!!. If any of the biological "daddies" had stuck around none of these girls would have fell victim. Bet u that!! It's the same reason that most black women are not married and in bad or violent relationships. Yall women wanna talk about it...#ME TOO! BUT c'mon..let's keep it 💯
GracefulDanny Hace 2 horas
He's not had a hit in a long time, people probably forgot about his songs and went to listen. It's not that deep. And Worlds Greatest has been one of my favourite songs for years, I'm not going to stop liking it because of who the guy singing it is.
Verbs describe us
Verbs describe us Hace 6 horas
black girls do not matter enough? i am so sad about what Jadda said :(
kakarot songoku
kakarot songoku Hace 6 horas
Women support this bs
kakarot songoku
kakarot songoku Hace 6 horas
If you support r.kelly you are just like kelly
ProKiNg LiL B
ProKiNg LiL B Hace 8 horas
Them girls just dumb why still go to somebody who rapes people and act like y’all survived.. if y’all don’t go somewhere with that bullshit y’all could’ve been left his ass no cap
HP Lovecraft
HP Lovecraft Hace 12 horas
He’s a creep, he’s a disgusting pervert and pedophile. But some women like that! And believe me they know!
Alecia Novinski
Alecia Novinski Hace 19 horas
I agree too i never really listen to his music or really knew him or a fan and tell i heard abour surviving r kelly then i started listening like wtf i never knew this
Courtney Purdle
Courtney Purdle Hace un día
Y'all will believe anything sheesh .we don't know what the man did...
Ivan Jimenez
Ivan Jimenez Hace un día
My cousin used to hang around this one Chicago mall near a high school. Let me tell you this. Rapist Kelly and his dogs would always try to holler at the underage girls, who sometimes would give him their house numbers. I blame everybody from the rapist Kelly, the underage girls, the mall securities, and their parents!
kevia zion
kevia zion Hace un día
It wasn't just black girls he had a mixs of colors, and they was over age. Get over it and move on to the next story . That's how yall get ur rating on a next man.
Saint Walker
Saint Walker Hace 2 días
Whats sick is r kelly was related to some of the girls he molested.its sick .
Chester Copperpot
Chester Copperpot Hace 2 días
Yes Jada, black girls are clearly stupid!! So is this cast.
Angel Ami
Angel Ami Hace 2 días
Before I watch this, please don't embarrass yourselves by taking up for that pedophile.
James Vincent Franco
True, this was a fact when He Was with 15 year old Aaliya, and noone did anything because He married her but she was still 15. The parents should be in Jail. He should have been in prison then and if he is not know, then People Should be Shot! You do not have to dislike any music from the past or now, but if you buy it now, then you are supporting a Pedophile
James Vincent Franco
Hugh Hefner was never accused of Child Molestation. Say it You Assholes this is a Pedophile. Pedophilia is not like Wife Abuse. They Kids had no Choice, it was Not about Money. It was about an Adult with a Sick Mind( Pedophiles do not believ they are wrong, from18 to 3 years old they are convinced they love the children)manipulating a Child
Whitney Forte
Whitney Forte Hace 2 días
Lol the sheep kill me! I have not watched his docuseries! Also FYI these girls who are so infatuated with these celebrities need to 🛑 seriously it’s not just those men! It’s those fans too! I won’t lie R Kelly has not been the only musician with bad press! Hello Chris Brown these crazy female fans won’t leave these men alone and sometimes those chicks throw themselves at those guys! It’s not oh well hey R Kelly is a sex feen! Look women have to stop 🛑 putting themselves in dangerous position! I had a man even though I am a lesbian and told him that! Tried to rape me! But didn’t succeed y’all need to be wary of every situation and just because he’s famous doesn’t mean he’s perfect! That’s pretend land! Just like you ladies on the Real have to act like y’all are perfect and you are not! Same for him and all you chicks who speaking up now half of what happened is your fault too. You got involved when you saw a red flag and you should have never went anywhere alone with him pointblank he’s a guy just like all the other douchebags out here come on! We got to stop walking into relationships and marriages blindly for the sake of not being alone! I don’t trust a damn thing anyone tells me anymore and that’s why it’s hard to date me! Sorry just after seeing deception so much lately my trust levels don’t exist anymore! I was raped when I was young too FYI so I am against rape but I learned to stop trusting people because trust has never been easy for anyone! Also I will no longer lie to myself for fake love!
trinigrl09 Hace 2 días
the song was over 19 minutes long.....not 9.....he makes vague admissions and then justifies them....
Gabrielle Ivie
Gabrielle Ivie Hace 2 días
I think people are buying his music just in case the radio 📻 and internet 💻 mute him out it will be very hard to find his music that’s the real reason why his sales went up people are not ready to stop listening to his music because his music is what people grew up listening to so many good memories with his music playing in the background and I feel like I can speak for a lot of people when I say that especially the black community
China Rodriguez
China Rodriguez Hace 2 días
To all the black girls that wanna talk highly of Jeannie Mai, go watch the video about her by Paris Milan and educate yourselves. Paris speaks facts.
Maryem Nadif
Maryem Nadif Hace 2 días
I never knew who was R.Kelly before until I watched Th Real and other shows and you know I am just a 15 years old girl and after what I heard about him I was very intrested in his music but I couldn t go and listen to the music of someone who used his platform and power to hurt young girls . It s just wrong .
capala thoma
capala thoma Hace 2 días
I think most people went to listen to secret messages like loni said
Michael Zelazny
Michael Zelazny Hace 2 días
A little pee little doo doo butter
Krystal M
Krystal M Hace 3 días
No its because we forgot how good he sounds abd this documentary reminded us of r kelly
xio 23
xio 23 Hace 3 días
Will Smith wife is just too much it has nothing to do with race it has to do with what loni said
M A Hace 3 días
Sony & Cher. When they met she was 16 and he was 27. Michael was supposedly abusing little boys and the parents allowing little kids to stay over his house. Jerry Lewis married his young cousin that was 13. The parents should also be held responsible for their negligence. Parents! Parents?
JTM Hace 3 días
#WhatAboutTheRest #YeaThemToo #Yall1st
ladyluc26 Hace 3 días
Omg smh man I feel for him🙏🙏 God please continue to watch over him. That man didn't deserve that... these lying women and fake celebrities. John Legend, Ciara, Pussycat Dolls, Lady Gaga,Celine, Dave Chapell, Nick Cannon, Toure, radio stations, D.L. Hughley, Rca Y'all going regret those decisions coming for him and throwing stones.. y'all jealous because u will never have the talents he posses.. this man has done nothing wrong he is living his life doing what he was born to do in life which is to become a singer and performer... His voice is angelic 💚💙💜 He shall overcome this.. IDC if u like my post or not IDC if u think I'm an idiot or worse... I stand by my decision and I'm praying for him and believe me when his next song is out it will be #1 y'all mark my word.... His next project will be huge and it will be trending... watch the fans and artists come running back 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️ 💛💛R.Kelly
Jay brown anyaji
Jay brown anyaji Hace 3 días
we are all terrible homosapians, no one is perfect in this life, remember the woman in the holy bible whom they said she comited adoltry and jesus said if any of u have not comited sin should stone this woman first and they all dropped there stone and left please we all should forgive this man.
Wise Owl
Wise Owl Hace 3 días
Ladies will do anything for money and fame
MJ R Hace 3 días
He picks young girls because they are star struck and naive enough to be charmed by him and not see his flaws right away. This is common pattern in abuse, R Kelly is no different. In most abuse cases, the psychological abuse happens first. they make you think it is you with the problem and you become trained to try to please them so you both can be happy again like in the romance period. by the time you realize what is really happening, that he is not going to change, you are in trouble, afraid, abused, ashamed and controlled. Its rare for men to be in these situations but a lot of abusing men have been abused as children. So yes, parents educate your girls AND boys about abuse and make sure they have high self-esteem. HAPPY PEOPLE DO NOT HURT OTHER PEOPLE!
Let the songs of Kelly's live on.
Well he goes to prison will he still be allowed to make his music?. Lol. Punish him for his actions and not his music. I will listen to his music but that doesn't mean I support or approve of his actions. Bumping and grinding at the moment.
Melissa Hace 4 días
Jada needs to not make this about race. Black ppl are the main ones defending him (as well as condeming). STOP DEFENDING THIS CHILD RAPING FOOL. & stop buying his music. Now if you absolutely must get it, download it from youtube or bring back limewire or something and keep it moving. dont give him your money.
Lucy Mwangi
Lucy Mwangi Hace 4 días
I hate how people assume that If you listen to R.Kelly's music, you are a bad human being. I can't automatically hate 'Step in the name of love'.I have a RIGHT to decide if I should or shouldn't listen to his music. He should be arrested for his actions but his music should be available for those who want to listen to it.
Courtney Smith
Courtney Smith Hace 4 días
Do black girls matter.....why are alot of black parents generationally trash in recent decades....i have an extremely ignorant co-worker that said she instructed her elementary school aged son to hit women back once he's grown instead of teaching him to be all he can be so he wont attract crazies....meanwhile his father is in prison 😒
ninja man 23
ninja man 23 Hace 4 días
Here is my opinion. I like R. Kelly music and no I will not stop listening he is a great artist. Now the monster Robert i dont know him but we all know from the 90's about him and aaliyah so with that right there is enough. There would have been no reason why I would allow my under age daughter around him period point blank just from the simple fact of him being with aaliyah. So all these parents who allowed there daughters to even be in his presence alone for a record deal studio time whatever, what would you possibly think was gonna happen. If your child has talent enter them in a talent show, anything but leave them with a man that likes minors and a man that has been sexually abused as a minor to and adult person himself.
N Rz
N Rz Hace 4 días
The reason why his streams went up is because everyone got curious as to who the hell was R Kelly... I am 20.. my ass didn’t know his music
Marwan Johnson
Marwan Johnson Hace 4 días
Lol, 9 mins !!! More like 19 . Lmao.
Nicholas Campbell
Nicholas Campbell Hace 4 días
Lmfaooooo loni........youre telling me young people went on spotify to see who r.kelly music is all about when ESvid is here for free.....give me a break
Ice killa3hunna
Ice killa3hunna Hace 4 días
Sick sick
Paula Steele
Paula Steele Hace 4 días
So what if his songs are still playing, for this I disagree😕
Jeannette Marie
Jeannette Marie Hace 4 días
I shut his music down when I heart of all his actions years ago. I was made to believe that I was the one making an issue out of it. Even a so called friend had the nerve to buy me his CD as a Christmas gift (she thought it as a joke but didn't see the humor in it). I thought maybe I was analyzing things so I tried to enjoy the CD as much as I could then one day I thought wrong is wrong and threw the CD out and never looked back at listening to his music again.
Meredith Duff
Meredith Duff Hace 4 días
Aaliyah's Mother owns the publishing right to his music. So spotify, who had originally taken his music down, put it back up because it was financially harmful to the Broughten family.
Justin L
Justin L Hace 4 días
esvid.net/video/vídeo-eafRE74JGZ8.html This answers all questions
Lalaforreal Forrealforreal
R Kelly is a monster but he is very talented and I love his music
Gee L
Gee L Hace 5 días
Is smith trying to say black people doesnt think black women's lives matter. Yhea, that's something to look into.. A lot of whites never heard if this r Kelly etc.. But Yhea smith may ask why blacks aren't standing up for blacks.. Its like a lot if people wouldnt know who they are talking about if it was country music, might nut even listen to story if it's not a familiar name....thus show seens pretty racist, I never head of it until on you tube, I'm assuming its on tv..glad I missed it, but don't have time watching day time gossip t.v. and one sided at that. Smith has a point .
Nicole Benn
Nicole Benn Hace 5 días
All these people talking about r Kelly are they without sin? Or are they perfect?
Jenny Romano
Jenny Romano Hace 5 días
It's not that black girls dont matter, it's just that THOSE 4 girls on the surviving docu series have been discredited or just as guilty. And it's a 19 minute song
Dyanna Grace
Dyanna Grace Hace 5 días
Jeannie is woke. There are so many products that are unethically processed
deanna n. young
deanna n. young Hace 5 días
It was definitely a lot to take in but I wasn’t surprised about R. Kelly he’s been a problem for years!!
Ann Williams
Ann Williams Hace 5 días
Don't return evil for evil
LoTyanna Ware
LoTyanna Ware Hace 5 días
This man didn’t hold anyone hostage the checks stopped so they spoke... the end put everyone in jail
Sierra Monee’
Sierra Monee’ Hace 5 días
In what World was is ever okay for these under age girls to be in recording studios all hours of the night with this grown man && no one cared about their where abouts??!!!! let alone attending his sexual concert performances and some of them was with their parents SMFH. I blame the parents for being oblivious and blind to the kind of music he put out Selling these Babies souls for a Quick Come up!!! NOT saying what he did was right in any way, shape, or form, but this definitely should teach everyone not only women but men as well that money, publicity, and fame is not worth your innocence, your life, nor your integrity.
Sour Cream
Sour Cream Hace 5 días
people should be mad at many more folks in Hollywood. BE REAL! As your show is. So many ppl have dirt that's covered up nicely. You guys are just talking about him bcus you guys don't have other men or women exposed.
makda solomon
makda solomon Hace 5 días
I still like his music tho #theflow
alluringblackB Hace 5 días
I think the problem that they are having is because their main goal is to stop one man. There’s your problem! It is not just about one man and when they stop focusing on just one man maybe the true goal of changing the industry can actually come to fruition.
dirty17delf Hace 5 días
It's because the Music is Fucking awesome IDIOTS! STOP TALKING ABOUT HIM AND IT WILL STOP!
Brigitte Brooks
Brigitte Brooks Hace 5 días
Black seen it the most ! White people saw it too !!a blind man can seen what he done for years ,, allege I believe ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️Narcissistic sick pedophile . Alleged 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾😠😢😢😢😢
ila williams
ila williams Hace 5 días
Or we don’t condone his actions but love his music 😭 throw him in jail and lock the key but keep his music here and give his money to his wife,kids, and victims
Tamekia Harris
Tamekia Harris Hace 5 días
The reason his songs spiked is because they used his music as a soundtrack to the darn docuseries. Reminded some of us how much we loved those songs. They should have left his music out of it.
Julio Lopez
Julio Lopez Hace 5 días
Why does jada always gotta go racial. Not enough black people in the Oscars black women dont matter there were white and Latinas girls there too not just black take a chill pill jada yo Will teach her not to be so IGNORANT!!
Fatale_B.Morniece Hace 5 días
They were outraged about the video then but it’s damn impossible to convict somebody when the victim and their parents aren’t cooperating when it’s clearly them. But then again who could of guessed that the PIED PIPER OF R&B would STEAL their children and have his way with them 🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ Idk I’m over it tho.
rom usa
rom usa Hace 5 días
R. Kelly is not an ATM machine , advise for the groupies ........... Innocent until proven . We replaced the judicial system with media/fake news system ??
MJ Martin
MJ Martin Hace 5 días
It spiraled because everyone was curious to play back the lyrics.
Two cups of coffee please
There are a lot of sick and evil people out here in the world who are just like, R Kelly, or worse, and they don’t give a damn about any of his crimes and are just going to do what they’re going to do. They’ll keep supporting and defending him because that’s how disgustingly sick minded they are and they refuse to believe that anything his victims have claimed he’s done, is wrong. So don’t be so surprised that he’s still getting paid.
Angelique Frost
Angelique Frost Hace 6 días
Jez its much better without tamera it’s like they all can get their point across
fire cracker
fire cracker Hace 6 días
please those women rkelly had are groupeez so dont just blame rkelly no gun to there head where lie detector test playing victim bull free bill coby b**ches
kskufan Hace 6 días
They say there's no bad publicity and 2 a point that's true.... that's all that is...
Cali Babii
Cali Babii Hace 6 días
Adrienne waz just fine in 3lw and while was datin rob wtf r u thinking lately
Lindsay Lu
Lindsay Lu Hace 6 días
esvid.net/video/vídeo-jJ72CHNIqao.html just something I found interesting...
Beautiful Brown
Beautiful Brown Hace 6 días
Like they do not have skeletons in their closet, oh please! lets be real... Some of those women are looked for R. Kelly or knew about the tape and the sexual allegations and decided to mess with him so how are they victims? thats like putting your hand in fire. Also, R Kelly married Aaliyah at 15, EVERYONE KNEW and had a tape screwing a underage girl that everyone knew about and his album Chocolate Factory topped the charts and I bet all 3 women bought his album so please save the fakeness
cookie monster
cookie monster Hace 6 días
I still step to r.kelly music. Everyone knew in the 1990 blah blah what was on that sex tape. Why are parents allowing their children and young women to be f'ing with him. I'll bet a million dollars every women on the panel bumping Micheal Jackson music after all his allegation. What's the difference listening to r.kelly music.
Daughter Of Destiny
Daughter Of Destiny Hace 6 días
Please consider donating to my fundraiser for my 3 year old son. It would be so much appreciated! Thank you! www.gofundme.com/send-zacchaus-to-disneyland&rcid=r01-154768825287-716709e314bd4780&pc=ot_co_campmgmt_m
FLdancer00 Hace 6 días
I don't even know why I'm saying this, because dumb people will skip over it but, I AM NOT BLAMING THE GIRLS. But I don't understand them. They could literally just walk out of the door anytime they wanted. You can't even make a fist in my general direction because I will leave you in a hot minute. If someone hits you or starves you, how can you love that? I don't get how a brain can work like that. And it's not age. He had girls who were 19, 33 and 35, so you can't say "oh they were young, they don't know". And they were all blaming him for it, saying it's awful. But now most of them are writing books and making tv shows about their experience, cashing in. And you can't say it's for awareness. They were just on a worldwide documentary, what do you need to sell a book for now??
FLdancer00 Hace 6 días
Where do we draw the line? Elvis had sex with young girls and his music still gets played. There are artists who are racists and their music still gets played. You won't always agree with what a person does, but does that mean the art they made is worthless? Who gets to be the judge of what stays on a streaming site and what gets taken down? Kanye has a point, if we're going to start judging, take all the art down then.
Beauty In History
Beauty In History Hace 6 días
this show sucks
Coolest queen
Coolest queen Hace 6 días
I agree with you all I go back to check that song I admit, so definitely that can be the reason
Dylon Jordan
Dylon Jordan Hace 6 días
its not just Rkelly tho smh
Tiny G
Tiny G Hace 6 días
You are a sheepeople.....you following the girl and believe what they said...whats the truth
D Hace 6 días
you're following r kelly. YOU'RE the sheeple
Tiny G
Tiny G Hace 6 días
Because its....he say and she say... what is the truth...who is telling the truth
D Hace 6 días
you know damn well you wouldn't be saying this if the doc was on harvey weinstein.
Juno Gonzalez
Juno Gonzalez Hace 6 días
Juno Gonzalez
Juno Gonzalez Hace 6 días
19 minute song
Jailyn Billings
Jailyn Billings Hace 6 días
I'm 13 year-old hearing about this and I'm shook knowing that he did this stuff,and I never believed that R Kelly would be the person to do something like this smh 😔😑.
19 min. Not 9
Dating for Basic women
It’s because people don’t know who he is, well white people!
eastside harold
eastside harold Hace 6 días
R.kelly was partying at his birthday party!!!!!!!!!On video sold out venue!!!!!!!!!!
Shayla Jones
Shayla Jones Hace 6 días
People can still like what they like you can't say something is wrong with people I don't like Beyonce but a fan of her music
D Hace 6 días
that's different because beyonce didn't rape someone
Derrick Shed
Derrick Shed Hace 6 días
Thats mean 2 say😞
Stank Paige
Stank Paige Hace 6 días
BILL Cosby went to jail right? So we're are the so called victims at? I didn't see the saying oh the monster has been put away.. IT WAS BLACK FOLKS THAT DID THAT.. THIS WORLD HAS GOTTEN STUPIDER SINCE TRUMP CAME IN OFFICE
Lisa Cox
Lisa Cox Hace 6 días
I'm not takin any sides but why is everyone blaming r Kelly it's 3 sides to a story r Kelly the women and parents so what's really going on why would u wait after all these years and decided to press charges imjs
Nyema Gang
Nyema Gang Hace 6 días
I don’t understand how people still support NBA YoungBoy
D Hace 6 días
i don't understand how people supported him in the first place...
Kingkou Afrika
Kingkou Afrika Hace 6 días
I love how much women cap bruh 😂
D Hace 6 días
i love how much men rape bruh
Domenico Gammieri
Domenico Gammieri Hace 6 días
They should tie his little dick on the highest branch in the tree and let him hang till death
Fluff Dj
Fluff Dj Hace 6 días
How is buying his money being lazy? I mean I hate him too but huh?
Kaylee Monnin
Kaylee Monnin Hace 6 días
Before the series came out I had never heard of him before
Kenija Thomas
Kenija Thomas Hace 6 días
They are right people are desensitized to it. Like oh he’s been that type of attitude smh
Jamie Cook
Jamie Cook Hace 6 días
Bet they would have rathee got with him n fufill fantasies then work a 9 to 5. They just got tired of him tf he obviously is very kinky and needs help its normal to him
Jamie Cook
Jamie Cook Hace 6 días
They fucked him for the clout oh well!!!! Wtf
Jamie Cook
Jamie Cook Hace 6 días
Okkkkk and when yall be shading tf outta ppl we shouldnt watch your show....or stream it....or how cardi is a damn trick n offset was cheating and yall promoted it ...stfu
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