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Alright, look. We're warning you now. Don't mix Mentos and Coke at home unless you want to spend way too long cleaning up afterwards. Anyway, making Mentos should be just like making Skittles, right? So this shouldn't take too long... hmm.
Join Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she makes gourmet Mentos.
Check out Claire's Instagram: instagram.com/csaffitz/

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Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Mentos | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

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14 nov 2019






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Bon Appétit
Bon Appétit Hace 7 meses
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Paige Martins
Paige Martins Hace un mes
gabby makes me so happy that i want to cry i just wanna put her in my pocket and keep her there
coolrewl Hace 5 meses
I would like to see Claire make gourmet Nutri Grain bars. I'm betting they'd be more of a challenge than what they look like..
Relax and chill Down people
Bon Appétit can you have Claire make a baked Alaska cake please 🙃
blahblah2316 Hace 7 meses
Bon Appétit make gourmet jelly belly!
The Glasses
The Glasses Hace 7 meses
Gourmet Makes, gourmet Mike and Ike!!
Rachel Welsh
Rachel Welsh Hace 6 días
I need a Gabby in my life she is so positive
honor Hace 11 días
it baffles me how chris hasnt heard of coke+mentos
꧁ARTYX꧂ Hace 15 días
4:52 mentos don’t shatter... ಠ_ಠ
Daniel Martínez
Daniel Martínez Hace 16 días
I love how if she doesnt make progress early in the project she slowly loses it and by day 3 she using potatoes as molds bacause why not
Jordynn Ory
Jordynn Ory Hace 16 días
You should try to do twizzlers!!
Harvey S
Harvey S Hace 17 días
janelle Hace 17 días
Charlotte Smith
Charlotte Smith Hace 18 días
that moment when clare made oblek using egg whites
Geordan Brickey
Geordan Brickey Hace 18 días
I dont think it works as well with diet coke
Riddhi Shah
Riddhi Shah Hace 18 días
Chris Morocco's posture at 15:37 just laughed at me.
noname22541 Hace 19 días
Claire: "Brad doesn't care" Brad: *whistling happily in the background*
Jared Wagner
Jared Wagner Hace 19 días
Cannoli tube wins again!
Darius Braziere
Darius Braziere Hace 19 días
The flashbacks omg😭😭
Ashlyn Plays#llama lovers
I don’t want to think that Eminem’s bum but a bum bum
Lukas Asinger
Lukas Asinger Hace 20 días
That scream at the beginning was so perfectly cut i-
Natasha Okah
Natasha Okah Hace 21 un día
Did brad say New York peppermint patty !?
Joep Van delft
Joep Van delft Hace 21 un día
Who else doesn’t get that her favorite part is reading the ingredients?
Sarah Sprenger
Sarah Sprenger Hace 22 días
A gourmet makes m&m remake but then the candy shell is the mentos shell (royal icing) with food colouring.. think about it
Nessaandrea Hace 22 días
Raine Hace 22 días
Seeing Sohla in the background now makes me sad because she was more than likely forced to be there :(
Eleanor Habben
Eleanor Habben Hace 17 días
I knooow, I keep rewatching old videos and noticing Sohla and thinking about how uncomfortable she must've felt.
OhElvira Hace 22 días
“One check in the plus column for mint is that they’re all white” BA’s company ethos
Miranda Caldwell
Miranda Caldwell Hace 23 días
Did Brad just say Andes were pure class?!?
Lilly Tanner
Lilly Tanner Hace 23 días
Claire made oobleck
ツGina Hace 24 días
seeing claire form the filling by hand after chris angle grinded two TEASPOONS made me ascend
Sara Hace 24 días
Claire always knows what is needed for a desired outcome... "We need a test tube"
montaissolatvian Hace 24 días
Please make Tic Tacs
majesticalps Hace 25 días
Claire is so sweet
Claire P
Claire P Hace 25 días
I kinda feel bad watching this because it's like watching someone falling into depression. I wonder if the cameraman feels bad too, like watching her slowly falling apart but can't do anything but documenting it. 😂 Bless Claire and her sanity.
yllom nalrafcm
yllom nalrafcm Hace 25 días
In quarantine rn and watching Claire scratch her nose on that selfie stick had me like 👀
Diana H
Diana H Hace 26 días
I was 33 minutes in when I realized she was making the mentos mints and not the gum 💀
Clay Reichard
Clay Reichard Hace 26 días
Claire made egg white oobleck
Olivia Garces
Olivia Garces Hace 26 días
My dad walked in while Delaney was talking and said “That guy needs a hair net for his chest. He looks like a nerd that tries to dress cool.”
Anna M
Anna M Hace 26 días
Got up to get some water and forgot to pause the video, I left it at 10 minutes in (Claire just finished the second sugar test) and got back at 12 minutes to see trash bags everywhere and Claire, Chris, and Gaby smiling and screaming in ponchos and goggles with brown foam everywhere...
SUNNY Hace 27 días
I just realized that bag of egg yolk has now been there for 1 year and 2 months :)))
RachRev Hace 27 días
The fact that Gaby acts so young and has so much energy and life in her gives me hope for my later years.
Emma D
Emma D Hace 28 días
Brad: it's not a scalpel it's a it's hammer. Me:😂😂😂
Adam Al-Badarneh
Adam Al-Badarneh Hace 29 días
they should make york peppermint patties
Sean O'reilly
Sean O'reilly Hace 29 días
You lost me at potato
cucumber boi
cucumber boi Hace 29 días
we need an uncensored clip of gaby saying “oh my god i f**king love it” please please please
Tasteless Productions
If any episode of Gourmet Makes was like The Office, this one shows it the most.
Eleanore Pavelle
Eleanore Pavelle Hace un mes
Ok but Delaney could break my heart, though I know he never would on purpose
NAMLAZ Hace un mes
raw egg white in the coating? ehhhh
The One and Only
The One and Only Hace un mes
The official test for gourmet mentos isnt about taste or texture, but the ability to create the 'volcanic' reaction with the coke
Megan Pierce
Megan Pierce Hace un mes
Who else is rewatching and spying Sohla in the background and wishing she was in this more. 😂
No other Like my own skin
Could you make? Gourmet Nairn's Gluten Free Oat Grahams When you're able to.
Larissa Westover
Larissa Westover Hace un mes
This is still one of my favorite ep
Irshaad Jaffer
Irshaad Jaffer Hace un mes
Brad telling Claire to make Andy's mints then ends up doing it himself
Clarity Phillips
Clarity Phillips Hace un mes
claire has a more understated personality than a lot of other batk people but she's like unintentionally one of the funniest people there lol...theres so many little moments where i just die laughing at the way she does and says things. like at 22:44 where the mentos are sinking slightly in the mold and the sad piano music plays while claire just stares at them..i don't know why exactly but it just makes me insane
Nina Valentino
Nina Valentino Hace un mes
I love this channel! !!!!
Inferno Titan
Inferno Titan Hace un mes
29:20 Claire: “I wanted Brad to care more, but Brad doesn’t care.” 😢 Everybody: “Aaaaaawwww” 🥺 Claire: “No one cares about my suffering, basically, and that does not feel good.” 😭 Gaby: “I’m about to end this woman’s suffering.” 🤩
Bethinasbujo Hace un mes
This show stresses me out
Corentin Thibaudeau
Gabby screaming "I LOVE IT" like a mad scientist is such a fricking mood.
tithi Hace un mes
can't they use the purple clay thingy they previously used to make molds for m&m's?
tithi Hace un mes
no one: Claire: *war flashbacks*
Destini Marie
Destini Marie Hace un mes
It’s like I can hear her say it so clearly even with the beep. @ 13:00 😂❤️
Robert Nich
Robert Nich Hace un mes
In the Diet Coke bottle the Mentos candy provides a rough surface that allows the bonds between the carbon dioxide gas and water to break more easily, helping to create carbon dioxide bubbles. ... Because Mentos candies are rather dense, they sink rapidly through the liquid, causing a fast, large eruption. --scientific american
Claire sees Brad take a small bite WhAt ArE yOu ChRiS????
Mia W
Mia W Hace un mes
Chris Morocco: Handy Man
Sarah Hace un mes
I proud of you ! ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Nora-Midori Jane
Nora-Midori Jane Hace un mes
i can’t make numbers with my right hand either!
Rick Latimer
Rick Latimer Hace un mes
I love her giggle lol
Vedika Singh
Vedika Singh Hace un mes
Flashback a few months... Brad's dream came true... they made Andes mints. But not Claire. Brad and Chris!!
Kathryn Johnson
Kathryn Johnson Hace un mes
I get her whole hand thing. I'm left handed but my left hand is tense compared to my right hand. I never noticed that until she said it. Now I can't fix what she's broken in my mind
Leslie Nordman
Leslie Nordman Hace un mes
gourmet rock candy???
squid? Hace un mes
Claire: lets just have it be the one even if its not the one video: barely half over
Manny Dervong
Manny Dervong Hace un mes
12:33 You're welcome
Munira Hace un mes
Don't throw away the potatoes! :(
myron Hace un mes
omg we have the same thing with our hands 😂 my right hand is so dumb 😔
James McGiffin
James McGiffin Hace un mes
This is a workplace so she probably got yelled at in between takes that's why she's so defeated
Lews Therin Talamon
32:04 And thus commenced 30 seconds of complete nonsense
Cyn McCollum
Cyn McCollum Hace un mes
Excellent diet coke explosion, and hilarious that Claire does her outro wearing the coke spray armor.
Alejandro González Palomares
The sound Claire makes at 35:18 is just too cute :)
Johnathan Gonzalez
Johnathan Gonzalez Hace un mes
I love her so much. Like she makes me feel better about making mistakes as a cook and a chef. I love experimenting but also I fail a lot so having someone I respect so much fail and still move on and achieve makes me feel so much better!! I LOVE YOU CLARE
Chloe Hild
Chloe Hild Hace un mes
Chris using the angle grinder isn’t Chris it’s a Chris/Brad hybrid
emmett brundage
emmett brundage Hace un mes
when i was 8 they had a pool of the cornstarch mix downtown to run across
peaceoutstudios 23
peaceoutstudios 23 Hace un mes
the best first 12 seconds of a yt video ever
Adriana Wynn
Adriana Wynn Hace un mes
She mentions having starburst flashbacks. The starburst episode is prob one of my fav gourmet makes episodes. Haha all the struggles and disappointment made that episode so fun to watch lol.
John *
John * Hace un mes
“What is happening? You’re melon balling a potato.” I’m absolutely dead.
Abigail Ikard
Abigail Ikard Hace un mes
Pls do honey buns!!!
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