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Pringles. They're the miraculously not greasy potato chips that come in a tube. They're also the original duck face. Join Claire Saffitz as she attempts to make a gourmet version of Pringles! And lest we forget: once you pop the fun don't stop.
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Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Pringles | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

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22 ene 2019

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Comentarios 12 943
Sebastian Brinkmann
Sebastian Brinkmann Hace 5 horas
I wonder If Pringles paid you to do an episode like this.
Lora Fa
Lora Fa Hace 5 horas
Ok but is anyone else getting a Gina Linetti vibe when they look at Carla
Xavier McGettigan
Xavier McGettigan Hace 6 horas
12:54 so adorable
Eduardo D
Eduardo D Hace 6 horas
3:56 spotted, what does she drinks, mate o terere?
Ann Other
Ann Other Hace 7 horas
How was it gourmet exactly? I expected like Pecorino and wild garlic or something more pretentious than cheddar powder
Ann Other
Ann Other Hace 7 horas
Real Pringles leave a bitter taste
Sarah Gomez
Sarah Gomez Hace 13 horas
I’m in love w Alex
Hai Lun Liu
Hai Lun Liu Hace 16 horas
could it actually be baked?
Rachel Sarah
Rachel Sarah Hace 16 horas
B.A. videos with Claire are inadvertently ASMR videos
Luke Smith
Luke Smith Hace 17 horas
There's something sexy about Claire... Or is it just me?
Cuplacer !
Cuplacer ! Hace 18 horas
Sub to me
Aachal Dutt
Aachal Dutt Hace 18 horas
A few things Pop tarts Pop rocks Reese’s Airheads And whatever else
luchooloco Hace 18 horas
Is that a mate? You are drinkig mate???
Eduardo Gerber Junior
Eduardo Gerber Junior Hace 20 horas
chimarrão em 3:57?
Ani Lahser
Ani Lahser Hace 20 horas
You should 100% try making goldfish
Charity Dudley
Charity Dudley Hace 22 horas
You are a wizard Claire, absolutely amazing recreation. Always mesmerized!
Hunter E
Hunter E Hace 22 horas
1:44 OK who's making the video setting this to Pink Floyd?
Idil & Aliya Burale
Idil & Aliya Burale Hace un día
Do lindor next!!!!
Seth Christopher
Seth Christopher Hace un día
Started watching these* videos mainly for the food, now I'm here for Claire ❤
alice locked
alice locked Hace un día
I cannot stress how much I love Bon Appétit, I love Brad, I love Claire, I love Chris, I love everyone
Edie N.
Edie N. Hace un día
I hope Claire got a raise cuz these videos are everything. I pretty much watch bon appetit only for this series
potato tinay
potato tinay Hace un día
I don't know why I keep on watching claire in the middle of the night and I don't have anything to eat...I hate it but I keep on watching
Mario Castaneda
Mario Castaneda Hace un día
She's hot. Please be my boss. 🤤
Robert H
Robert H Hace un día
GTL .KWB Hace un día
Oh Christ you're eating them wrong! You gotta put them whole in your mouth with flavor side facing your tongue.
Riley Hoffman
Riley Hoffman Hace un día
why not use an air fryer
nai sang
nai sang Hace un día
Anyone else get like a kit kat commercial vibe from 1:43?
Ashley O
Ashley O Hace un día
“More acid?” *eyes widen
Brenda Asbury
Brenda Asbury Hace un día
Can you get rid of all the white noise? Like maybe put some royalty-free music on not loud but something to get ride of the white noise.
Mike7705 l
Mike7705 l Hace un día
It makes you wonder how they came up with the idea in the first place, it's so damn complicated to do.
bryanpollow47 Hace un día
Will you attempt to make Totinos pizza!!!! How the heck do you make that crust!??
John Jes
John Jes Hace un día
1:43 Kit kat commercial? Lol
Deacon Turner
Deacon Turner Hace un día
1:43 sounds like that kit kat video😂😂😂😂😂
Ian Patterson
Ian Patterson Hace un día
Yeah the video is good, but have you scrolled through their comment section?
Alina Nechiporenko
Alina Nechiporenko Hace un día
You know how it’s made is a joke channel right?
Kenzie Grace
Kenzie Grace Hace un día
Aren’t Pringle’s baked
Karoline Mac
Karoline Mac Hace 2 días
Love Pringles just as much as your earnings Claire!!
ArisaStudios Hace 2 días
Sourcreme and onion is the BEST
Izman Hace 2 días
There’s always someone making/ cooking something on Bon Appetit kitchen at all time. I’m pretty sure if you’re hungry or simply just want a snack, just go there!
carol contreras
carol contreras Hace 2 días
Is anyone else watching this video while eating Pringles no... just me ? Ok then ......
Ashton Truelove
Ashton Truelove Hace 2 días
DropTheDubnium Hace 2 días
She accidentally made Munchos
petitecherie Hace 2 días
Claire insulting Brad when he is so helpful on the show - joke was in poor taste imo 🤨
Mihrican Ozcan
Mihrican Ozcan Hace 2 días
Everybody is here talking about food but why is she so beautiful like with no make her lashes her flawless skin , her hair even her beautiful white bunch of hair makes her sooooo beautiful i'm in loooveee. 😍😍😍😍
Frost Hace 2 días
I’m eating Pringles whilst watching this. There delicious. Just to put it out there
robert kenyon
robert kenyon Hace 2 días
pretty lady u are amazing making pringles.
Julieann Barrett
Julieann Barrett Hace 2 días
Cadbury’s cream egg
Jessica Overdorf
Jessica Overdorf Hace 2 días
Please please please do doritos.
Jenna Gillette
Jenna Gillette Hace 2 días
sour patch anything
Jonathon Wilson
Jonathon Wilson Hace 2 días
I was waiting for Money by Pink Floyd to start up when she was popping all those Pringles
sherif hany
sherif hany Hace 2 días
I didn't continue the vid yet but I'm afraid that this method of flattening it will give you wrong dimentions as what you did is a top down projection, so you kind of ignored all the sides, which then leads to messing out on some material of the chip which leads into not accurate results
Emilio Miranda
Emilio Miranda Hace 2 días
3:58 MATE
رهف آل حرب.
رهف آل حرب. Hace 2 días
Pop rocks!
FilmTrev’s 123
FilmTrev’s 123 Hace 2 días
All the people who took little bites into the chip knew that if they were at home they’d be swallowing 15 whole at a time
Vashti Perry
Vashti Perry Hace 2 días
Thanks for doing this. You rock
Vashti Perry
Vashti Perry Hace 2 días
This is a science at its best. If I was in school I bet my home economics teacher would have let us watch one of these episodes
Paige Crawford
Paige Crawford Hace 2 días
she’s so smart half the stuff she thinks to do wouldn’t even cross my mind
Cole Duke
Cole Duke Hace 2 días
I love at the end.... Claire, you're really good at making snack foods! You should get your own show!" Then exiting with comedic walking down the stairs! 😂 🤣 😂 🤣
AlexR2648 Hace 2 días
Unfortunately it's mathematically impossible to curve a flat surface into a saddle shape.
Crafty Krissy Tv
Crafty Krissy Tv Hace 2 días
She should bake it
Connor Pennell
Connor Pennell Hace 2 días
Connor Pennell
Connor Pennell Hace 2 días
Omg!!! When I was writing this it was supposed to write out “2019” but when I submitted the final thing it messed it all up! 😡 😠 😤
splorgan Hace 2 días
"It exists in many dimensions"- the most unexpected thing I've ever heard said about a pringle
Amanda Montoya
Amanda Montoya Hace 2 días
You should do Girl Scout cookies!
C6co66 Hace 3 días
Shes so sexy
Detective 77
Detective 77 Hace 3 días
She’s the female Jason todd
Andy BC09
Andy BC09 Hace 3 días
16:58 basically my constant question during every Claire video
Sebastian Rykaczewski
Do twix
Celeste Maree
Celeste Maree Hace 3 días
i wouldve tried baking them. they remind me of lays baked chips. same color, bubbles, dissolving like texture. it couldve also been easier to mold seeing as you couldve baked it in the shape u wanted. idk tho im not a professional.
Annie Nicolaou
Annie Nicolaou Hace 3 días
Make Doritos!!
Blossomness Studios
Blossomness Studios Hace 3 días
1:42-1:49 if like ASMR for me, I would listen to that for hours...
Rachel Cooney
Rachel Cooney Hace 3 días
Bring this series back!!!
E_M_E_T Hace 3 días
the shape is called a hyperbolic paraballoid, but it is probably more commonly known as a "saddle"
Katherine Linares
Katherine Linares Hace 3 días
Gourmet takis?!
Joyden Breezy
Joyden Breezy Hace 3 días
On the previous Gourmet Makes video, I suggested Pringle’s and was shot down by some kid that said “it’ll never get picked!” And yet here we are
EdieBear100 Hace 3 días
I think you should try gourmet instant noodles or gourmet goldfish crackers
Rokkopg24 Hace 4 días
you should try to make the bbq flavor my favorite
智安shaun Hace 4 días
Who else is eating Pringles while watching this
Mariano Diaz
Mariano Diaz Hace 4 días
@4:01, MATEEE
gianna Hace 4 días
Who else watched this while eating pringles
Dry then fry!?
Lil ovacado
Lil ovacado Hace 4 días
Daamnn youtube fine is that what you wanted I've watched the damn video I hope your happy 😐
Momore Alade
Momore Alade Hace 4 días
I love her hair!
Rocker Pat
Rocker Pat Hace 4 días
You start adding commercial, I STOP WATCHING!!! GOOD BY!!!
Fiamma Di Luca
Fiamma Di Luca Hace 4 días
4:06 there's a mate! Oh yaass
Erfan Karami
Erfan Karami Hace 4 días
this show is very real and that makes it so different from other cooking shows. the trial and error alone makes a huge difference
King0fBanditJing Hace 4 días
16:59 Whatever it is Amiel, raise it!
Daniel Nakano
Daniel Nakano Hace 4 días
From who is the chimarão in the computer bench ?? (Shout-out from Brasil to Clare and his brilliant work
Wh at
Wh at Hace 4 días
Sheclooks like a witch
Lubo Todorov
Lubo Todorov Hace 4 días
What a waste of utensils and products .....
Michaela Toni
Michaela Toni Hace 4 días
🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 Hail Claire!
Lore Reyes
Lore Reyes Hace 4 días
Sumiah M.
Sumiah M. Hace 4 días
I’m addicted to this kind of shows lately, can’t stop looking.. I feel they are great way of learning as well entertaining as they are👍
ivy Strauss
ivy Strauss Hace 4 días
If you don't put the whole pringle in your mouth in one go, you're not ready mingle
Charlie Blake
Charlie Blake Hace 4 días
She used Evian to rehydrate the pringle. 😳😂
Sophie Cheng
Sophie Cheng Hace 4 días
Make Lindor Truffles!
916Tray Hace 4 días
LOL 14:08 "UH HUH" "MHM"
Michael Vegas
Michael Vegas Hace 4 días
She is so smart. She’s a scientist!
Colocao Mantequilla
Colocao Mantequilla Hace 4 días
Claire is such a powerhouse cutie
Mary and Sarah
Mary and Sarah Hace 4 días
This is truly the series of exposing food brands
hermes arg
hermes arg Hace 4 días
Who's that a mate in the desk ? Some argentinian right there?
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