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Pringles. They're the miraculously not greasy potato chips that come in a tube. They're also the original duck face. Join Claire Saffitz as she attempts to make a gourmet version of Pringles! And lest we forget: once you pop the fun don't stop.
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Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Pringles | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

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22 ene 2019

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Prinsip e
Prinsip e Hace 41 un minuto
One does simply bite a pringi in half
ty n
ty n Hace 2 horas
"I was like I did a really good job but I ohh I did do a good job" My new saying entering this next semester! 😁
Forrest Gabriel Cruz
tried making a Pringle... 12 minutes in, ended with Lay's 😂
Meme Trash
Meme Trash Hace 6 horas
gummy bears?
Star Wars History Archives
Hi, claire. I'm yaseen. I just subscribed to you last night. Your videos are awesome, especially the research you do on your laptop. Also, the grey in your hair, is it natural or did you streak it?
P S Hace un hora
It's natural
T. Hace 3 días
enlight me: what's gourmet about processed potatoe flour and processed sour cream powder?
gorillaau Hace 4 días
Who was it at the end that backed away from Claire and left by the nearest set of stairs. It cracked me up, thanks for the humour!
gorillaau Hace 4 días
Happy, Happy taste buds, towards the end. :-)
Juliana Tejeda
Juliana Tejeda Hace 4 días
Loving that cameo from gaby's mate setup by the computer
karenamanda1958 Hace 5 días
How to make a gourmet Pringle. Step 1. Cut every kitchen tool with kitchen shears, then break the shears. 😜😘 I ❤️ this show.
Psiberzerker Hace 5 días
I would fry, then bake, or air-fry. On the rolling pin, or whatever you use to get that proprietary shape.
mafmatics luv
mafmatics luv Hace 6 días
try making a crunchie
darya e4
darya e4 Hace 7 días
Galan Voorhis
Galan Voorhis Hace 7 días
Claire is my spirit animal and I am savory, not pastry
Millie Peacock
Millie Peacock Hace 7 días
ok couple of questions 1. hair net ? 2. hydrating : sprays water 3. hate the way she chews 4, sorry
akaperson Hace 8 días
If never seen someone use the Evian spray not on they’re face
Wendy Devereaux
Wendy Devereaux Hace 8 días
Imagining the drummer(s) playing live behind the cameraman as the excitement builds
Danielle M Hall
Danielle M Hall Hace 9 días
This video contains footage from the video "Claire figures out wtf is the shape of Pringles" a video I just realised I needed.
Son Le
Son Le Hace 10 días
i can eat all of the pringles in the vid in a few days
Emma Livesley-James
Emma Livesley-James Hace 10 días
Can we talk about how incredible the editing in BA is ???? Esp the Gourmet Makes series? 'Cause like it's so freaking funny and adds so much to the experience - serious hats off to the whole team Also please keep making more of these 'cause I've run out of ones and have rewatched these so many freaking times and I would love some new content
heathmcrigsby Hace 10 días
Grandma Claire is the best!
melissa brown
melissa brown Hace 11 días
I was rooting you on like this was a sports event. We were all Molly when you nailed that shape. 😆
Oswald Cocking
Oswald Cocking Hace 11 días
...psst... clair...come to jamaica...
Dionysian Beast
Dionysian Beast Hace 11 días
The math behind the strength of the chips is similar to that found in the construction of I beams and Archways. As you bend something, it will expression compressional and tensional forces. When the atoms in the object bends downwards, for example, the force becomes tensional on the top as the atoms spread away from each other. Underneath, the forces are compressional as the atoms are brought closer together. If you place something on top of the object, the compressional forces of the arch will prevent the object from being destroyed.
J L Hace 11 días
I love your content! Most conveyor belt products it will be hard. But!,....most have molds that keep the shape through production. Oh....the Doritos video, baking then frying works A!MAZ!ING! That process worked so well for me. And I got the texture. Edit: maybe because I am in the PNW my elevation helped that process? So jealous btw to have a job where you can just create! I am only able when I can afford.
Crispy Pringle
Crispy Pringle Hace 12 días
Oh yeah
Gracie Granier
Gracie Granier Hace 13 días
Anyone else eating pringles?
Gracie Granier
Gracie Granier Hace 13 días
My fav is original
Seema Budhram
Seema Budhram Hace 14 días
Watching her make Pringles, while I eat Pringles 😋
Brandon James
Brandon James Hace 14 días
Can we just appreciate how beautiful she is!! 😍 😍
Arthur Vieira Trindade
I love the show. And I love Claire
Pich Choco
Pich Choco Hace 16 días
Nothing stands in her way...
Morgan L
Morgan L Hace 16 días
I got so excited when you sorted out how to make the Pringle shape! So creative.
Buster Bear
Buster Bear Hace 17 días
You had me sold til “cook one at a time...”
Geoffrey Alan
Geoffrey Alan Hace 15 días
I tested these a few months ago and the one at a time cooking was painstaking
HL JJANG Hace 17 días
Somehow I feel comforted knowing BA's cupboards arent as meticulously organized 🙃
Matt Smart
Matt Smart Hace 18 días
Who do you guys ship Claire with?
showtimebabies Hace 18 días
acclaimed sci fi author Gene Wolfe's "most famous professional engineering achievement is a contribution to the machine used to make Pringles potato chips." --wikipedia
FwDashe Hace 18 días
nice series, don't stop making videos plz
Yasmin F
Yasmin F Hace 19 días
Why not bake them? That way they would have been a similar colour and been able to hold their shape.
K -Ray
K -Ray Hace 19 días
Oh, Claire... :)
Katsuo-Kai Massie
Katsuo-Kai Massie Hace 20 días
I can’t get over how beautiful she is with her laugh and the white/gray hair and fun personality she’s just perfect... wish I could find a lady like her (I know she might be different off cam it’s a possibility but just by how she is on cam)
Braden-Animates Hace 20 días
You were the first person I subscribed to
Braden-Animates Hace 20 días
You are my favorite ESvid channel
Damien Hace 20 días
Watching these episodes is fascinating and the process of transitioning from test kitchen to mass production is really interesting. The chef's come up with the recipe, the ingredients and the cooking process then hand it over to mechanical engineers and electrical engineers to figure out how to scale that up to millions of units per day and keep everything super consistent. I dunno, I find it fascinating anyway
Honey Bee
Honey Bee Hace 21 un día
We need Claire to do an ASMR video.
laziza R
laziza R Hace 21 un día
How about gourmet nerds
lauren Hace 21 un día
The way her eyes light up when they try her pringles and say how amazing they are warms my heart
Quinn Carkner
Quinn Carkner Hace 22 días
3:56 Gabby is that your mate?
Kernelpickle Hace 22 días
It’s frustrating to watch her headed down the completely wrong path and getting zero results-Pringle’s are baked, not fried! That’s how they maintain their uniform shape. When Lay’s came out with their Baked chips, they were nearly identical to Pringle’s-so I’m going to assume that Lay’s RD department did a much better job of reverse engineering their competition.
Storm Blessed
Storm Blessed Hace 22 días
Alex Delany and the ESvidr “DonutOperator” look like they could be identical twins.
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