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Pringles. They're the miraculously not greasy potato chips that come in a tube. They're also the original duck face. Join Claire Saffitz as she attempts to make a gourmet version of Pringles! And lest we forget: once you pop the fun don't stop.
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Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Pringles | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

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22 ene 2019






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DiscClub6 Hace 6 horas
Commitment to excellence
Penelope weber
Penelope weber Hace 10 horas
Try using a air fryer
Brian Doty
Brian Doty Hace 12 horas
More videos please! :)
Evan Johnson
Evan Johnson Hace un día
This video was not as impressive as the others. There is nothing gourmet about reconstituting powders and starches to create something that originally uses powders and starches.
Jamie MacRae
Jamie MacRae Hace 2 días
‘Claire and I did math.’ 🤣 Chris cracks me up!
すべん Hace 3 días
I love her
Izabella Lajewski
Izabella Lajewski Hace 3 días
molly mccrory
molly mccrory Hace 4 días
can you PLEASE make Booza? (stretchy ice cream) PLEASE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Ella Fireworks
Ella Fireworks Hace 4 días
Could u do gourmet kfc
Grant Lemuel Hammer
Grant Lemuel Hammer Hace 6 días
is it just me or ANDY BARAGHANI is really fcking cute?!! he’s one of the reasons why i watch this show!!!
Kyle Mathew
Kyle Mathew Hace 7 días
I’ve never seen a Pringle wet before
Tried it Like Katie
Tried it Like Katie Hace 7 días
Am I the only one thinking “this queen has too much time on her hands” then I realized I just spent 20 mins watching someone make a Pringle and realized ... it’s me who has too much time on my hands 😂😂!
Reagans Room
Reagans Room Hace 7 días
I am eating Pringle’s while watching this😂
LIL YEEET Hace 8 días
claire looks like bad/awkward acting, kinda like the office
Garrett Cleland
Garrett Cleland Hace 8 días
Hi Claire, and BonAppetit as a whole, I have no idea how "submissions" are even considered, but I have three that I think are perfect considerations, especially for the coming Summer HEAT: 1. Chipwich - What I love and miss about this once widely accessible American treat was the soft cookies that the ice cream sat between, particularly because it was something between a baked chocolate chip cookie and a disk of chocolate chip cookie dough. Cooked, but with that perfect, creamy texture. Not sure how that is even possible. The vanilla ice cream was basic and could be improved upon, but the true icing on the cake were the dark chocolate mini chocolate chips that coated the outer edge of the ice cream. A true camptime favorite! 2. ChocoTaco - This is another camp favorite and the biggest challenge choices. The dark chocolate dipped waffel cone taco--amazing! The layers of chocolate leaves between ice cream on the interior for that extra crunch--genius! The chopped nut sprinkle--complete! 3. Sour Candy - This is more an overarching category that includes many options, and it is something you still haven''t done! As someone who has to import American sour favorites, I have tried to make my own sour candies without the help of highly processed syrups (attempting all natural/organic, vegan, and low sugar options), and it is so nuanced that I think it would be a great challenge! Finding the proper balances between fruit, citrus and various food acid types is a brilliant and vibrant journey! Particular inspirations would be Sour Patch Kids, Sour Patch Watermelons, Warheads (the hard candy version with a sour burst also in the middle), Sour Cherries, original Sour Skittles, Sour Punch straws and strips, and two European favorites of mine (the only candies sour enough for me in Europe): the German version of Sour Happy Cola gummies by Haribo, and a new candy in the Netherlands called Zure Matjes by a brand called Katja.
Jahanvi S
Jahanvi S Hace 8 días
Mad respect for the fact that she didn't just stress eat the whole tin
lilithmcr Hace 9 días
Did anyone else cringe at the use of Wikipedia? Sorry Claire, nothing personal.
isitmyaormia Hace 9 días
love that molly almost said on fleek and then stopped herself
Sharon Lee
Sharon Lee Hace 9 días
Shadows :D
Shadows :D Hace 9 días
1:43 Kit Kat commerical who?
BANT3R Hace 9 días
How old is this woman?
SperberMeister Hace 9 días
So nobody's gonna talk about how she drew the shape of a Pringle on the wire mesh and then just fried it with the ink of whatever kinda marker she used?
Buteo Blue
Buteo Blue Hace 10 días
0:53 never seen anyone eat a pringle with two hands lol reminded me of a squirrel
Ethan Skinner
Ethan Skinner Hace 10 días
Do Doritos!
Nolan Bensing
Nolan Bensing Hace 10 días
I can’t handle this ASMR
максим бурдасов
Is it legal to be so cute?
Timothy Robert
Timothy Robert Hace 11 días
14 of the 15 "Gourmet Makes" videos are in the top 20 most popular videos on the Bon Appetite channel.
San George
San George Hace 11 días
claire will you pls do a video on how to make gourmet maltsters chocolate balls
Makayla Orane
Makayla Orane Hace 12 días
Gourmet Doritos please
Hailey Lessard
Hailey Lessard Hace 12 días
I never new there could be gourmet Pringle’s
Monkeyman12534 Hace 13 días
Bean cups when?
beethovenalexander Hace 13 días
3:58 matté, you've got a Syrian in your kitchen
The Nub of Gaming//TNG
Next you should do Chex mix
Andrés Alfonzo
Andrés Alfonzo Hace 14 días
Someone was drinking "mate" ewe
cataxy Hace 14 días
sour cream and cheese, sour cream and onion, and salt and vinegar are 10/10 flavors tea bea aich ecks dee
crypticabyss101 Hace 14 días
1:47 have a break have a kit Kat.... I mean have a pringle
Ajix Gameover
Ajix Gameover Hace 14 días
Nobody: Pringles : z=x^2-(y^2)/2
Belle Edwards
Belle Edwards Hace 14 días
you should try sugar babies next
Ashlyn Hallinger
Ashlyn Hallinger Hace 14 días
the series has me looking at literally everything and wondering how i can make it homemade
scarletblue Hace 14 días
I got a pringles ad😂👏🏼
King sexy 123
King sexy 123 Hace 14 días
Make water
Gonza Vazquez
Gonza Vazquez Hace 14 días
Wait a minute, do I see a mate at 3:42? Now I wanna know how that mate made it to your desk, mates aren't a common thing outside Argentina you know
jklw10 Hace 14 días
i ate too much pringles and hate them nowadays... maybe it's ptsd from having a can of SUPER flavoured sourcreams (manufacturing flaw)
WhosKelsey Hace 14 días
Gourmet sun chips???
SGG Rex Hace 14 días
I am addicted to Pringles
Chemtrail Eagle
Chemtrail Eagle Hace 15 días
Why was everyone wearing ascots?
Hailey Holm
Hailey Holm Hace 15 días
Mario Jiron
Mario Jiron Hace 15 días
Whats her instagram @?
Syafi Maisarah
Syafi Maisarah Hace 15 días
Lets eat the pizza *eat all the flavour*
Emanuele Buzzurro
Emanuele Buzzurro Hace 15 días
Makes sofficini findus or mc chicken nuggets pls
Arturs Arajs
Arturs Arajs Hace 15 días
Make gourmet doritos
HerbalTerrorist86 Hace 15 días
My god she's gorgeous
Hasa Rafael
Hasa Rafael Hace 15 días
Wtf is gourmet
nicky kupfers
nicky kupfers Hace 15 días
Beautiful brunette and can cook my days iv never even thought of marriage until now I'm gonna have a crack at making these
Rebecca Carroll
Rebecca Carroll Hace 15 días
Claire and brad.... need a show together. And to be married..... Like now
Liwii Fejmi
Liwii Fejmi Hace 16 días
Agustin Aguiar
Agustin Aguiar Hace 13 días
Me parece que por el tamaño de la bombilla es 🇺🇾
Erin Wozniak
Erin Wozniak Hace 16 días
I see people like you and it makes me realize how little people care about my personal welfare. Not hating. Just sad.
chris baldwin
chris baldwin Hace 16 días
2.8k dislikes WTH who are u ?
Thomas Sawyer
Thomas Sawyer Hace 16 días
Round docking the chip help prevent air bubbles?
Daniel Marquestó
Daniel Marquestó Hace 16 días
veo un mate le clavo el like
JAmedia Hace 16 días
Girl at 18:13 trying Pringle at the end was about to say ‘the shape is on fleek’. Quickly corrects to ‘on point’ 😂
Dominique Gray
Dominique Gray Hace 16 días
But most imporantly it must disolve 😂☺
hoyt blohm
hoyt blohm Hace 16 días
Your hair is wonderful, your videos are entertaining as well, thank you for your content.
pamanayan Hace 16 días
This is brilliant! So creative and passionate claire
Grimalkin Felidae
Grimalkin Felidae Hace 16 días
Sour cream and onion is the best Pringles flavour. End of story.
LordZorddan Hace 16 días
Make gourmet Nutella next time
Mantas Sudzius
Mantas Sudzius Hace 16 días
Your're not even eating the pringles correctly
Joshgruber Hace 16 días
this is spd
DarienDragonFox Hace 17 días
As much as i like to make chips... id rather just buy em. Cheap and hunger filled!
Nandor Nagyilles
Nandor Nagyilles Hace 17 días
I can't believe noone mentioned how adorable Claire is
bread winner
bread winner Hace 17 días
Aren't Pringles baked as well as fried?
Adriaan de Waal
Adriaan de Waal Hace 17 días
why did it become a kitkat commercial when she was trying chips?
Shane Ingley
Shane Ingley Hace 17 días
Nobody: Chris: P A R A B O L O I D
Beezy boo
Beezy boo Hace 17 días
She didn’t do the ingredients thing
Travis W
Travis W Hace 17 días
12:00 makes me want a bag of Munchos!
Paloma Hace 17 días
I'm gonna be honest I've never really liked Pringles
anaperez Hace 17 días
Me on my period: "Ooh Pringles" "I think I have to throw up now." "But I still kinda want Pringles" "But I think they'll make me throw up..." *passes out from pain and exhaustion*
Ezequiel Simonetti Cargnelutti
3:55 is that a "chimarrão" on the table?
millie w
millie w Hace 17 días
Can you try making gourmet "Pockys"?
ethrez Hace 17 días
Pringles are generally disgusting, never understood why people love it. Common potato chips are plenty times better. Pringles taste like a potato and flour dough/powder baked with seasoning.
Tiger Guy
Tiger Guy Hace 17 días
Right now i am eating both "malaysian red curry" and "peking duck and hoisin sauce" these are new rice fusion flavours
Edlin Kanichayi
Edlin Kanichayi Hace 17 días
Why does everyone at Bon Appetit dress like Fred from Scooby Doo?
GEMOTO Hace 17 días
it is *paraboloid* hours
Elizabeth Pacheco
Elizabeth Pacheco Hace 17 días
Corinne should of watched this.
All you need is a cup of Tae
I want Pringle’s now
Mrs. Violet
Mrs. Violet Hace 18 días
Sour Cream & Onion is the best flavour
Mia smith
Mia smith Hace 18 días
this makes me want pringles
Ahmed Wijanarko
Ahmed Wijanarko Hace 18 días
months later, i still had a nightmare chris whispering paraboloid ominously over and over
Robert Espinoza
Robert Espinoza Hace 18 días
Very impressive however I think baking is a better option over frying
Nova G
Nova G Hace 18 días
Im screaming overe here cuse its fried just a fraction before being BAKED how tf do u over look that detail
melanienorman Hace 15 días
They fry them not bake them you moron, watch how it's made. Pringles are not oily because they blow excess oil with blower.
Feesha C
Feesha C Hace 18 días
Lol bougiest way to rehydrate a pringle ever
Tiare Arista
Tiare Arista Hace 18 días
You should do Fritos chips!!!
AnPrime Hace 18 días
There’s nothing gourmet about this series, it’s more “artisan” there’s nothing about ingredient quality or anything discerning, it’s more her just making machine made products by hand.
Felipe Sene Januário
Felipe Sene Januário Hace 18 días
16:43 So far, I was in doubt if I could find Amiel hot, but after this look, I think we're fine 😅 Right?
TonyGamer Hace 18 días
I feel like you would benefit from a 3D printer and this special spray to seal it from bacteria so you can make your own custom molds EDIT: actually, rethinking that, idk how you would be able to cook with that... just ignore this comment
Jeffrey Barrett
Jeffrey Barrett Hace 18 días
*gets sued by pringles
Jeffrey Barrett
Jeffrey Barrett Hace 18 días
*gets sued by pringles
Robbie Richard
Robbie Richard Hace 18 días
Wow you give the whole recipe at the end. You should open up a restaurant instead. Or online thing maybe cookbooks merch.
Thomas Victory
Thomas Victory Hace 18 días
Geez fatty only open one can at a time gosh lolol jkjk don't take that seriously
Andrea XVII
Andrea XVII Hace 18 días
I love you
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