Paying Sister and her "Boyfriend" to Tell their DEEP Secrets! | Brent Rivera

Brent Rivera
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Brent Rivera
Brent Rivera Hace 6 meses
THE TEA IS SPILLED😂 hit that LIKE button👍🏼 and then comment "ben has a farting problem"😂 I love you so much
Lisa Kephart
Lisa Kephart Hace 25 días
Alison Schiebel
Alison Schiebel Hace un mes
When Ben said Lexi was the better kisser u could’ve gotten the broom...
li yan
li yan Hace un mes
Noel Byrne
Noel Byrne Hace 2 meses
Brent Rivera hi
MVT Prod.
MVT Prod. Hace 2 meses
smore animations
smore animations Hace 44 minutos
Poor Ben
Shagufta Yasmeen
Shagufta Yasmeen Hace 3 horas
Brent being a possessive and caring brother “You brought her a FAKE RING.” “HOW COULD YOU !!!!”
Hinkson7 Hace 6 horas
Are they actually dating
yungg wipprsnapprr
yungg wipprsnapprr Hace 6 horas
Can I get a like forem Ben
Kelly Hunt
Kelly Hunt Hace 7 horas
Hahaha lol
HolyPuff The god
HolyPuff The god Hace 10 horas
Ben and Lexi: um were not dating Brent title of video Sister and “boyfriend”, half the tea is spilled,Bexi is really
Hamza Alzouqari
Hamza Alzouqari Hace 13 horas
annabanana 0215
annabanana 0215 Hace 16 horas
This video should be re named Lexi roasting Ben for 9 misnutes😂😂
Rudston Salvodon
Rudston Salvodon Hace 18 horas
Ben is so nice and romantic but lexi exposed ben
Phomolo Chuene
Phomolo Chuene Hace 18 horas
love you so so much brent💛
Trevor Manning
Trevor Manning Hace 19 horas
Lmao does he have a farting problem *fart*
Faith Herman
Faith Herman Hace 23 horas
"Love the diss but... " haha!
Cody Dills
Cody Dills Hace un día
I would say I would change your last name
Mya Brown
Mya Brown Hace un día
Lexi is savage.. and Ben is trying to be loyal.
Olivia Feliz
Olivia Feliz Hace un día
Tacey Blankenship
Tacey Blankenship Hace un día
Lexi: “ I would change ur attitude” Brent: “ ohhhhh!!” ( high five 🖐) Ben: “ I was just going to say I wish u wouldn’t take so long to get ready.” Lexi: “ ok that’s sweet but I am who I am!! 😂” That is a whole mood right there
Max Delossantos
Max Delossantos Hace un día
Is Ben cheating on Lexi
Ariday Acosta
Ariday Acosta Hace un día
Who else wanted to screenshot Brent’s face after Lexi said “I would love to change Bens attitude
Sumithra Ravisunder
Sumithra Ravisunder Hace un día
Dooooo mmmmoooorrreee oooorrrr. Eeeellllsssseeee
Nana Beans
Nana Beans Hace un día
My favorite person in the world is Ariana Grande
Mike Bloomquist
Mike Bloomquist Hace un día
Ben is a gentleman to Alexa
Sxtan Blxse
Sxtan Blxse Hace un día
Did anyone notice the title of the video? It’s says “boyfriend” 😂
katie Santis
katie Santis Hace un día
Hahaha BEN tried to steal the money
Paula Strickland
Paula Strickland Hace un día
O meh gawd Lexi keeps roasting Ben 😱😱
Isabella  Grierson
Isabella Grierson Hace un día
you should do more videos like this.
Alyson C
Alyson C Hace un día
Emily Unicorn
Emily Unicorn Hace un día
I’ve been liking all your videos
Michael P
Michael P Hace un día
I think Lexi was annoyed with Ben!!!
Dillon Young
Dillon Young Hace un día
I buy you something special............ It's a $30 ring.
Kacey Wilson
Kacey Wilson Hace un día
ben and lexi look very alike
Abdullahi jama
Abdullahi jama Hace un día
Can you subscribe to my YT account please share it too I subscribed turned on notification liked and shared
Mike Chen
Mike Chen Hace un día
Brent the destroyer of relationships
KatieKai Gamer
KatieKai Gamer Hace 2 días
Does anyone notice that Lexi to Ben Is like a staircase
Sunera Haputhanthiri
Give me a high five
Candice Younger
Candice Younger Hace 2 días
Gacha Wolf 11%
Gacha Wolf 11% Hace 2 días
Throughout this whole video I was saying ship💗💗💗
jasleen sanchez
jasleen sanchez Hace 2 días
Brent you are cute
WJ Accounting
WJ Accounting Hace 2 días
Kids Stuff with Miss Rachel Ashlynn
This is a good idea for a video and attractive
Connor French
Connor French Hace 2 días
It's not called lexi she's se#y
Ryan Hinde
Ryan Hinde Hace 3 días
Ben has a farting problem
kandida rosario
kandida rosario Hace 3 días
Haha 🤣😁🤣😁🤣😁🤣😁🤣😁🤣😁🤣🌸⚘🌸⚘🌸⚘🌸⚘🌸⚘🌸⚘⚘💐🌸⚘💐🌸⚘💐🌸⚘💐🌸⚘💐🌸⚘💐🌸⚘💐🌸⚘🥰😘😗😚😙☺😍😛😌💝💖💗💓💞💕❣❤💛💙💜💟💤💤💤💤
Quentin Chung
Quentin Chung Hace 3 días
landrew taken over her mind
rikki nd
rikki nd Hace 3 días
Rumehas Room
Rumehas Room Hace 3 días
Omg Brent is COCOO
Welcome this is mr Brent
Amalia Parsoe
Amalia Parsoe Hace 3 días
Lexy is zo mean
Shelby Tubbs
Shelby Tubbs Hace 3 días
At 3:50 Brent: 😳 I'm going to kill you lol
luis wilmor
luis wilmor Hace 3 días
Michael Sollars
Michael Sollars Hace 3 días
you guys are funny and crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Natalie Poole
Natalie Poole Hace 3 días
When Brent says if you're single like me press the like button I press the like button 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
parvathi 1980
parvathi 1980 Hace 3 días
Ben: Lexi I’m so made at you Lexi:We all know you can’t do that
Max B
Max B Hace 3 días
It is fake
Khadija Shah
Khadija Shah Hace 3 días
Kenzie Hace 4 días
I ship Lexi and Brent all the way
avisha tiwari
avisha tiwari Hace 4 días
Hanoch Lee
Hanoch Lee Hace 4 días
Say boom one more time and i am unsubing
Starluh Oxner
Starluh Oxner Hace 4 días
Lexi + Ben = bexi
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