PC Player Joins Fortnite Mobile Scrim Lobby (Not Fair)

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This is what happens when a PC Player joins a Fortnite Mobile Scrim lobby. Hopefully Epic adds custom matches again.

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Beaks Hace 2 meses
I’m seeing a lot of comments saying that I was being toxic trying to hit a trick shot on that player in the first game. That game was not a mobile scrim, that was a pop up cup lol
ツAbutaj Hace 3 días
Beaks lol I noticed that
Jj King
Jj King Hace 6 días
Idk how they didnt know that
XP Man
XP Man Hace 20 días
He admitted to clickbait lol -7 iq
Charizard Warriors
Charizard Warriors Hace 21 un día
Wyatt Brother
Wyatt Brother Hace 3 horas
“Don’t be toxic and drop 20 bombs” why is this so funny lol
crystal_styx 12
crystal_styx 12 Hace 4 horas
I play mobile and i am god just like ducky
EggMations Hace 4 horas
im a mobile player and i suck sooo bad thank you for this video on mobile
irum sohail
irum sohail Hace 6 horas
I wanna do scrims on mobile
Xd_sharkksss Hace 10 horas
Hi beaks! Thanks for this video! I am really good on mobile but I always die from pc console sweats. So I think this will die it down. Thanks! Like so Beaks can see
ThaSolution Hace 14 horas
duckys pretty good at mobile
Yourboiknowledge Hace 14 horas
I’ll still clap him
Andrew Hill
Andrew Hill Hace 22 horas
I’ve beaten some friends on when they’re playing on console and I’m playing on mobile
Sj fmm
Sj fmm Hace un día
Am on mobile
xByrex Hace un día
Got them
ΟΣΟ Φ Hace un día
Who thought that adding Switch player with mobile was fair
Yourboiknowledge Hace 14 horas
ΟΣΟ Φ it’s not fair for switch switch suck they all ways getting clapped by us
treepalm Hace un día
Your W keying too hard
Poity Nine
Poity Nine Hace un día
Ye I used to play mobile before I got a Xbox and it would be so hard to win because of pc and console players joining and fucking everyone up.
ChromeVertex Hace un día
Customs came back
Alain Kanaan
Alain Kanaan Hace un día
the way he splits ups what he wants to say in the intro and the way he says is soooooooooo fucqink annoying
SwagUhLit Hace un día
This is more then W keying tf lmfao, they stand no chance
rayyan safwath
rayyan safwath Hace un día
First of all do you know the best mobile player flashinq has been announced as the best mobile player
Potato Sunshine
Potato Sunshine Hace un día
Poisoned Hazz
Poisoned Hazz Hace un día
I play on mobile and I got killed by you
LightningGod 006
LightningGod 006 Hace un día
I’m the best mobile player
LightningGod 006
LightningGod 006 Hace un día
Prodigy Edit
Prodigy Edit Hace un día
Is this bullying
Shadow Hace un día
Not fair has 12 kills lol
Its me Dr.Njnja
Its me Dr.Njnja Hace 2 días
Ducky is not the best player on mobile
adamski Hace 2 días
this video is so stretched out lmao
finnieh Hace 2 días
ur a legend
Luke Warmington
Luke Warmington Hace 2 días
I liked the video but his voice is monotone the whole time XD
Dragon Master
Dragon Master Hace 2 días
Can you friend me I play on mobile
Axel HagelBössa
Axel HagelBössa Hace 2 días
i miss stretch
Dozer 1671
Dozer 1671 Hace 2 días
I mean it’s fair is there’s auto fire right?
William Fangzz04
William Fangzz04 Hace 2 días
The trap graphics tho 😂😂😂
PaintedxGravy FN
PaintedxGravy FN Hace 2 días
1:26 Umm iPhone X and XR run 60FPS
Андрей Михайлов
Really? People like it? WTF???
THE NUTSHELL Hace 3 días
Lol I can play with controller with mobile
MAGE Eclipse
MAGE Eclipse Hace 3 días
Who else is trying to figure out what "W key" means
Mysterium Hace 2 días
+Joey Gylytiuk no, it means to rush everyone, google it
Joey Gylytiuk
Joey Gylytiuk Hace 2 días
when you hold forward to get yourself into someones build while you keep breaking their wall down. sometimes you can faze through a wall placement even if they're turbo building
WhoWantSmoke? Hace 3 días
Tbh this was kinda lame to watch... I felt bad for them you have a ridiculous advantage and they’re just tryna scrim and get better on their platform
WhoWantSmoke? Hace un día
Mysterium well yeah I know the host let him and I’m not even tryna talk shit to him or nothing was jus giving my opinion. Like this wasn’t even interesting to watch for me he’s obviously gunna kill everyone
Mysterium Hace 2 días
he got allowed by the host
ReedyPfosandcツ Hace 4 días
Btw I’m on mobile and I’m better than u
Sam C
Sam C Hace 4 días
Pc player: *joins mobile lobbies in pub matches* Mobile player: *kills pc player* Pc player: AIM ASSIST? MORE LIKE AIMBOT!!!
MidnightDreamxz Hace 2 días
More like auto fore
NinjaaTheBoss Hace 4 días
How do you reach all the way to the - key for your shotgun?
Chickencandy Hace 4 días
plz don't be toxic literally trying to 360 no scope them
ツAbutaj Hace 3 días
Chickencandy that wasn’t mobile scrim that was pop up cup!!!
COL3 BOLT GAM3Z Hace 4 días
I was always wanting to go back to season 2 fortnite
ツFrostClan Hace 4 días
Yo you theirs check out my clan its underrated
Ur_ Daddy69
Ur_ Daddy69 Hace 4 días
I joined a mobile scrim squads and wrecked everyone lmao
AceManZ Hace 4 días
In the beginning he’s talking about not being toxic as he’s going for trickshots😂
ツAbutaj Hace 3 días
AceManZ that wasn’t mobile lobby that was pop up cup
Ben Miliek
Ben Miliek Hace 3 días
He was in the pop up cup, not the mobile scrims.
Zarpin Hace 4 días
trickshots aren't toxic...
flox mox
flox mox Hace 4 días
I play on iphone:/
HarjapRandhawa Hace 5 días
Can anyone get me a win psn is HarjapRandhawa09
HarjapRandhawa Hace 5 días
Can anyone get me a win psn is HarjapRandhawa09
HarjapRandhawa Hace 5 días
Can anyone get me a win psn is HarjapRandhawa09
ツNokku Hace 5 días
They removed custom matches because they don’t want kids to flex at school that they have 6,000 wins because they the only non mobile in the match
Daniel Vo
Daniel Vo Hace 5 días
I play competitive mobile , the guys he’s killing aren’t even half as good as the players I come across, thank you so much for putting respect on the mobile community though
Haste Fortnite
Haste Fortnite Hace 6 días
Ive never seen a mobile player 8 layer ramp rush yet I can do it
Langsam wird’s Ehrenlos
You know your getting banded for this
Bob The builder
Bob The builder Hace 6 días
I clapped a console player and he was so friggin toxic
Gamer xd hd
Gamer xd hd Hace 6 días
you are a bot tho why you dont okay with player in your league not pc vs mobile bro you are making me so angry
Grumpy Torch
Grumpy Torch Hace 6 días
Mobile can now have 60 frames per second
Lil Seboi
Lil Seboi Hace 6 días
Your tripping
Lucas González
Lucas González Hace 6 días
You are the first ESvidr that knows that playing on mobile is difficult but that doesn't mean that everyone is trash
Gay Fe4rless
Gay Fe4rless Hace 6 días
Gogglethron 6000
Gogglethron 6000 Hace 6 días
My friend could beat ducky in a1 v 1
Ali Duerbusch
Ali Duerbusch Hace 6 días
Bushy Hushy
Bushy Hushy Hace 6 días
1v1 flashinq
visble Death
visble Death Hace 6 días
We play on 60 now
Rockinator Hace 6 días
Not really a scrim only like 15 people in small circle
flying apple
flying apple Hace 7 días
And he (W) keyed every one...
Niqht Hace 7 días
"Dont be toxic to mobile players" Tries his ass off to trickshot a mobile player in the end, and also fails miserably. LOL
MobilePro Fortnite
MobilePro Fortnite Hace 8 días
no offence but im mobile and could clap you hahha😂
MobilePro Fortnite
MobilePro Fortnite Hace 6 días
AESZ FORTNITE you clearly care or why else did you reply and he saif unfair in the title as if mobile community are bots when quite a few are better than him
Nobody asked and nobody cares when in this video did he say he was better than you
MobilePro Fortnite
MobilePro Fortnite Hace 8 días
And ducky is NOT good at fortnite
Hex Hace 8 días
What is w key?
xd CraZ
xd CraZ Hace 8 días
What does it mean by w key?
itai bloom
itai bloom Hace 8 días
bro you killed me in the mobile scrims
PaulCrinq Hace 8 días
Hey ! I’m so happy to finally see someone respecting mobile players, and actually not all mobile players are bots ;) btw If you want more content against a mobile player, add me on fn, « IG clickerz.ios » ;)
Bot Vibol
Bot Vibol Hace 8 días
60 fps for me even tho im on ipad
Ace GNZ Hace 7 días
Yeah that's what I was thinking, I'm on switch and i had a feeling that not all mobiles have 30 fps with how they played.
Blizzx_ Fizx
Blizzx_ Fizx Hace 9 días
I have some PS4 and Xbox friends only because I friended them in lobby and not in a match and other reasons
Pro_Gamer 22
Pro_Gamer 22 Hace 9 días
Video starts at 1:55 🙂
1:30 30 FPS ? I’m an ipad player I play in 10 FPS :(
Ido Kislev
Ido Kislev Hace 8 días
So u have to buy a new 1
I bims Noah
I bims Noah Hace 10 días
Every PC guy 144 fps i have max 30 fps on a PC
The dude Bro
The dude Bro Hace 9 horas
I get exaxtly 0.1 fps
fortniteking 20
fortniteking 20 Hace 20 horas
I have max like 420 on my pc but I play on ps4 alout because I am a bot on pc servers
Shawn Kampf
Shawn Kampf Hace 3 días
I have max 30 too
H L Hace 5 días
Me I get 1 FPS in squads and then I crash
Jelly Hace 5 días
I get 60 on ps4
Hermanus Jr
Hermanus Jr Hace 10 días
1:11 Toxic PC players Attempts to hot 360 no scope
Maximiliano Vazquez
Maximiliano Vazquez Hace 10 días
yeetus yeetus
yeetus yeetus Hace 11 días
I’m a mobile player and I’m trying to get better 😭
ZenithRage Hace 9 días
5 month 40 wins 30 fps now. I will switch console cuz of claw
Akira Hace 11 días
Beaks why is this video at the 10 minute mark for no reason
izaiahthegamer murphy
izaiahthegamer murphy Hace 11 días
Dude you haven’t seen me play before I rekt a pc player
Robert Muradov
Robert Muradov Hace 12 días
"Dont be toxic to mobile players" Meanwhile trying to trickshot mobile bot smh Xd
Leo Sommers
Leo Sommers Hace 10 días
He said he was on a pc pop up cup sooo...
Acidic Acid
Acidic Acid Hace 12 días
Mobiles are 30 FPS they are 60
googlememes _
googlememes _ Hace 10 días
Most are 30
Antonio Juarez
Antonio Juarez Hace 12 días
I play Nintendo switch at 30 fps and BOP pc players
Double Stuf
Double Stuf Hace 11 días
Antonio Juarez i play on a microwave and BOP ttv’s
A&J Hace 13 días
Check the Android logo on the phone and if you look closely it's a IPHONE
IanGaminG14 Hace 13 días
i hope my ping gets lower by subscribing
STEVEN-4023 FORTNITE Hace 13 días
o0XENOGENESIS0o Hace 13 días
plug keyboard and mouse into switch, mobile lobbies with PC controls
Joseph Jacquot
Joseph Jacquot Hace 13 días
rip pump
UnknownTerrarian 9480
UnknownTerrarian 9480 Hace 14 días
Are you insulting me on switch? Ok just checking
Bowling With Alex
Bowling With Alex Hace 14 días
This is why they deleted it
hiby856 Hace 14 días
Whats a 20 bomb
Is Kraus
Is Kraus Hace 14 días
People who is on pc or Console they probably at it dat why they join mobile lobby
Void ψ
Void ψ Hace 14 días
If the like button is blue you are a OG $ubscriber🤑 Of Beaks Be an OG of my channel💝 Before It’s To Late🕰
Danielle Lozano
Danielle Lozano Hace 14 días
I always get matched up with switch sweaties ;-;
R0ger xD
R0ger xD Hace 14 días
they are so trash i play in mobile to
do u no da wae !
do u no da wae ! Hace 14 días
Yo my dad plays on moblie too man but hes bad well not tooo bad. Please reply man! 😏
JayKeZz Hace 14 días
Nice coms
Legit Hace 15 días
hey i’m from the future and customs come back
Empyre_ 420
Empyre_ 420 Hace un día
Legit fucking stupid kid bruh your from the present
Gaming freak 11
Gaming freak 11 Hace 3 días
Same OoOOooO
GODYZ Z Hace 15 días
Like for respect to mobile players
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