PC Player Joins Fortnite Mobile Scrim Lobby (Not Fair)

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This is what happens when a PC Player joins a Fortnite Mobile Scrim lobby. Hopefully Epic adds custom matches again.


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13 mar 2019






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Beaks Hace 7 días
I’m seeing a lot of comments saying that I was being toxic trying to hit a trick shot on that player in the first game. That game was not a mobile scrim, that was a pop up cup lol
Unknown Gaming
Unknown Gaming Hace 7 horas
Jaxon Done who boy
Tavin Deru
Tavin Deru Hace 2 días
Oliver Cormier
Oliver Cormier Hace 3 días
This guy is such a video stretcher
Todd Hunt
Todd Hunt Hace 3 días
V-bucks giveaway please
Eric Mcgregor
Eric Mcgregor Hace 3 días
Beaks newer iphones and androids can do 60fps
PreppingMaine Yt
PreppingMaine Yt Hace 9 minutos
They was testing it
Giampietro franchi
Giampietro franchi Hace 30 minutos
I' m efra
manu buettner
manu buettner Hace un hora
stop talking shit. theres no scrims on mobile
Vales Hace 2 horas
8:24 lmao stretched res dosent do anything
loke ekberg
loke ekberg Hace 2 horas
Kuk mamma lite apa lilla snorsmurf
BREAKFEAZTplayz Hace 3 horas
It’s totally popular
BREAKFEAZTplayz Hace 3 horas
weedow maker
weedow maker Hace 3 horas
Mobile players are for beginners only
UDR-Ace Hace 4 horas
Wait wait ducky is the best mobile player 😂🤦🏿‍♂️
Aaron Villarina
Aaron Villarina Hace 4 horas
Beaks has the best Fps.. HOW? He has 235 frames i think
Game4Lif3 Hace 5 horas
Wah 200fps I am on 30fps s9+
DevGoku XD
DevGoku XD Hace 8 horas
Thanks for the respect to mobile players
Tr ix
Tr ix Hace 9 horas
Most of them sucked a$$ I can build faster on mobile than most people in these scrims
Tr ix
Tr ix Hace 9 horas
Yeah I killed ducky a lot in his videos I was the one who put up a fight to you 😉. I had 8 kills icerunner1726 was name your a god and how nice you were to mobiles and not being toxic like every other person deserves a subscribe like and bell thanks!
laugh. why? to hide the pain.
tells people not to be toxic does exactly that.
ARIENA PAZ Hace 9 horas
I play on mobile and it’s easy but not in skirmish
c0smic0reo Hace 10 horas
I’m 11 and I play claw on mobile 4 fingers
jao akhya
jao akhya Hace 10 horas
AdamXLegend id say is one of the best mobile players and maybe on par with some pc pros.
TryHard ZN
TryHard ZN Hace 12 horas
Those people making mobile player look ass to be honest
Lil Gibbys
Lil Gibbys Hace 12 horas
Whats w key mean
ernie Lizcano
ernie Lizcano Hace 12 horas
I play on mobile cause I got no wifi for my ps4
Samuel J
Samuel J Hace 13 horas
This right here kids is an asshole
JuanGaming _YT
JuanGaming _YT Hace 14 horas
I wanna 1v1 I’m on mobile but I haven’t uploaded in a while
Isaiah Ahsoak
Isaiah Ahsoak Hace 14 horas
So before u made this video u thought mobile sucked
Xero Hace 14 horas
Trash bag
Vibexbombz YT
Vibexbombz YT Hace 14 horas
6:36 SSNSANTA died, ( amobile pro player)
Delta Hace 14 horas
At first I thought that he’d make fun of mobile players, but he never provoked or said that we’re bad, he said that it was much harder to play on mobile. Mad respect for you bro. 👊
adrian morales !
adrian morales ! Hace 15 horas
I play on mobile only and I like it personally but I’m trash
Cronnie_ Lol
Cronnie_ Lol Hace 15 horas
1v1 me ur trash AND I’m on phone :) I’ll win
Famouss _glo
Famouss _glo Hace 15 horas
I didn’t even know they had mobile scrim lobbies
miniad246 Hace 15 horas
They probs removed custom matchmaking because it was never used
NickyPlaxGamer YT
NickyPlaxGamer YT Hace 16 horas
Wish this would happen to me
Harvey Ross
Harvey Ross Hace 16 horas
I like how if your a PC player you just instant pro like TF
Dantdm // Thediamondminecart
why are mobile players so underrated i play on mobile and im better than most of my console and pc friends in fact i carry them all the time seriously this has got to change
Cryptic Blow
Cryptic Blow Hace 17 horas
You guys know the reason your gettin into games with PC, Xbox, PS4, switch and mobile players is simply because the game is literally dying. So many sweats ans try hards, so many bugs the devs are ignoring is causing the game to just die. Another thing is the high ass ping. 400+ ping soon as you decide to get into a fight. People getting shot through builds cause ping is at 400 and your in a game with PC players with 14 ping and 60 fps it's all kinds of fucked up. And then there's the bull shit of your builds not placing when when it shows it's been built. And you want to know why? Cause random cross platform gaming.
115 115
115 115 Hace 17 horas
I got a 32 bomb on mobile season 5 when everyone were bots
Kung pao chicken
Kung pao chicken Hace 17 horas
3:00 N word bomb?!?!
Karson Florence
Karson Florence Hace 18 horas
“Don’t W key too hard Literally w keys the whole game
Nadir Ahmed
Nadir Ahmed Hace 18 horas
I got 11 kills on mobile
Toad Hace 18 horas
Season 8 clips or season 7? Nvm it’s season 7
Julian Hace 18 horas
Finally someone who plays on pc that’s understands mobile players 🙏
Deadpoolduckツ Hace 19 horas
CT Y_Tube
CT Y_Tube Hace 20 horas
All ur kills are bot. U are trash for a renegade raider. U pussy
IcyDeath Hace 20 horas
Tbh, most of these mobile players r bots.
Purpledux 4
Purpledux 4 Hace 21 un hora
How do you even matchmake into mobile lobbies specifically?
kathan7pr Gaming
kathan7pr Gaming Hace 21 un hora
Bruh I wish I can play with beaks just once
Purple Turtle
Purple Turtle Hace 21 un hora
if u dont know ducky like what r u doing
lil boi
lil boi Hace 21 un hora
Clickbait he said that it got removed in season 8 but I saw a hamster ball said this is a gameplay
QaaimsdaBoss 110
QaaimsdaBoss 110 Hace 22 horas
I’m an iPad player and I love it. My highest kill game is 21! I recon it was just luck.
Limacus Plays
Limacus Plays Hace 22 horas
Q: why did they remove custom matchmaking A: maybe so you don’t join their scrims?
Keanu Koren
Keanu Koren Hace 22 horas
They removed it cause shitting console and pc players would put them selves in these lobbies so they look better 😪
Smithinati Confirmed
Smithinati Confirmed Hace 23 horas
You have just made out with James Charles Like to undo
Lord Farquad69
Lord Farquad69 Hace 11 horas
Fuck off you unoriginal 12 year old no one gives a fuck
Aztek Hace 14 horas
Smithinati Confirmed FUCK
Gaming Master
Gaming Master Hace 23 horas
I hate it when people call everyone a kid
Xavier Kostecki
Xavier Kostecki Hace 23 horas
What does it mean to w key
1xxzombiehunterxx1 Hace 23 horas
You have to play with other platforms
Andrei Cazacu
Andrei Cazacu Hace un día
10:02 video 🤔🤔🤔
JumpBoyK YT
JumpBoyK YT Hace un día
What’s W key???
Victor Wallec
Victor Wallec Hace un día
wow you are sweaty ... do you even enjoy the game?
Asus computer
Asus computer Hace un día
you can beat ducky but you cant beat flashinq yo
Center45Studios Hace un día
30 FPS isn’t really a disadvantage
Thekillers 201
Thekillers 201 Hace un día
I’m ok on mobile search me up on ESvid please I beg you
porridge Hace un día
Beaks, us mobile players can get 60fps if we play on the newest iPad or on an iPhone X or higher
Skullyskull Hace un día
Sub to me plz
Skullyskull Hace un día
Sub to me plz
Amjad Ibrahim
Amjad Ibrahim Hace un día
so unfair, you should be ashamed
A for AWESOME Hace un día
I dont care that he is playing on mobile servers, its just fortnite. You guys should stop being toxic about it. Like to him and sub
Leo Ryan
Leo Ryan Hace un día
I play on a iPad mini 4 I will tell you I play at 15 FPS and it is hard to gem win a game with normal people just now I get in switch lobbies and get melted by their build it is hard not have a good device to play on
χメRoyal Blizzardメχ
Bro I’m mobile, no need to bully mobile pll
Alec Daniels
Alec Daniels Hace un día
Check out grantthegoat, he is an insane mobile player at my high school with 200k
Jaq Hace un día
Lol this is a scrim lobby ??????? None of these kids even know how to play scrims half of them are walking into the zone without building anything with multiple people near them what a joke lmao
Bobodaboss Hace un día
How do you add your socials in the top left corner
S1lentN1nja Hace un día
Who else is mobile player
Juicy Joms
Juicy Joms Hace un día
Is it just me or is this scrim lobby like 70 percent not and 30 actually good mobile players
Juicy Joms
Juicy Joms Hace un día
I’m mean 70 percent bots
Santos Fu
Santos Fu Hace un día
PimP Hace un día
I honestly feel bad no disrespect
Victoria Vasquez
Victoria Vasquez Hace un día
PimP me too... I was like aww I feel so bad for them lol
JasperTheBoss Hace un día
You can still do this if you go in a party with a mobile player and they are host
Purpledux 4
Purpledux 4 Hace 21 un hora
It doesnt work, it always changes to controller lobbies when I join a mobile player
Major lbgaming
Major lbgaming Hace un día
Wow you really need to talk for 2 minutes to get it to ten minutes
Bryson Zhou
Bryson Zhou Hace un día
Beaks is too good lol
Fortnite boi Fortnite boi
You playing in any lobby is unfair
Wierd Noises
Wierd Noises Hace un día
iNFG Knight YT
iNFG Knight YT Hace un día
Ur right
Eddie 162
Eddie 162 Hace un día
I play at mobile and I want to get better but I’ll never be
Koy McNeil
Koy McNeil Hace un día
Ya it sucks to play on mobile
Patrick Star
Patrick Star Hace un día
Tell him to 1v1 me
Patrick Star
Patrick Star Hace un día
I better than ducky
TheFNVynx Hace un día
Clickbaitees with write this hacker joined mobile scrims
gabriel mellino
gabriel mellino Hace un día
What does w keying mean
Cloak Wreckz
Cloak Wreckz Hace un día
I play on console thats 60 FPS
ItzYoGurlAvery Hace un día
I’m a regular mobile iPhone player, and trust me, if you hadn’t had experience with games with these type of controls, it’s seriously hard, but it’s not too hard for me since I’ve had experience.
CC Davis
CC Davis Hace un día
I play on android samsung s8 and no credit for android we get 30 fps
Elma Solonia
Elma Solonia Hace un día
Its should be back because it’s not fair
Empire _Ghost
Empire _Ghost Hace un día
Pokemaster 777
Pokemaster 777 Hace un día
What is W keying?
Nouh Noor
Nouh Noor Hace un día
Iam pro but its lite bit annoying
O Bros
O Bros Hace un día
They did
21 Mushrooms
21 Mushrooms Hace 2 días
Finally someone understands mobile tryhards but our ability is fucking limited due to frames Edit:i dont get 30 frames i get ard 15 less as i am using a ipad air 2 😢
ChaoS Adm
ChaoS Adm Hace un día
15 damn. What I dont understand is how many people actually have an iPhone outside Asia. I use a OnePlus 6 which can run the game at full Epic settings without the tiniest of lag and the phone is overall great. I never get the Apple loyalty people show outside Asia :C
Ward Mansour
Ward Mansour Hace 2 días
Im a mobile and i would beat their asses😂😂😂
Muzamil Sojane
Muzamil Sojane Hace 2 días
It's easy to play in moibl
xhahdow Hace 2 días
Well you can have 60fps on mobile even unlock console fps
Eddie Lobo
Eddie Lobo Hace 2 días
Says don’t be toxic it toxic af in a mobile lobby
Jamie Craig
Jamie Craig Hace 2 días
Your thumbnail has an IPhone 6 to mean mobile players but you can’t get Fortnite on an IPhone 6 Sooooooooooo
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