LIVE: Peaceful protests underway across Los Angeles, OC, over George Floyd's death | ABC7

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LIVE NOW: Protests in Hollywood, Van Nuys, and more across Southern California
ABC7 Los Angeles is bringing you live continuous coverage of various protests taking place today across Southern California, after protests over the weekend turned into looting and vandalism. abc7.la/2yQ6GfJ

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1 jun 2020






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T C Hace 11 horas
The news and cuck cesspools like reddit will tell you they're good people, these are peaceful protests, trump is a big meanie. but then you see the footage and they're smashing buildings, lighting shit on fire, attacking people and cops. causing millions in damage and ruining the livelihoods of innocents and you say to yourself "huh, maybe trump IS right"
Monsoon Hace 12 horas
ABC 7 stands for Aryan Butheads Corparatocracy.
Alex Sage
Alex Sage Hace 12 horas
I don't want peace anymore... US leaders asked for war!
Fakenews Epochtime
Fakenews Epochtime Hace 12 horas
Idiot Trump double standard. m.esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-pvJLgwBi5ds.html I see No riots, but Pelosi's beautiful sight to behold esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-BbDAaWbXJwQ.html
Fakenews Epochtime
Fakenews Epochtime Hace 12 horas
Ridiculous arrest CNN reporter. Trump doesn't allow the Truth m.esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-ftLzQefpBvM.html
k h
k h Hace 12 horas
Those thugs think they got away with robbery. Probably laughing all the way home with their loot. Their days are numbered they will be located and do time. POS.
Bbjones Jones
Bbjones Jones Hace 13 horas
Cops are fat and out of shape
jess jesse
jess jesse Hace 13 horas
Go catch pedophile ring cops & serial killers !
TWOIE WEN Hace 13 horas
ROCK STEADY Hace 13 horas
LMAO @ PEACEFUL protests! George floyd was killed PEACEFULLY too.
IX Am Hace 13 horas
In our country we dont have racism against black ppl or others , but here is shit ....black ppl or others have the same rights so what wrong with police
IX Am Hace 13 horas
Black ppl have rights like others
Fred Munoz
Fred Munoz Hace 14 horas
It's incomprehensible how people are so offended by these young people looting a few dollars but dont care about the $4.2 trillion looted by large corporations in the last couple of months.
Nova 6636
Nova 6636 Hace 14 horas
We can all protest against police brutality equally without being considered a "guest" , what the organizer lady was saying will only work to divide further
X X Hace 14 horas
Raptorman 43
Raptorman 43 Hace 14 horas
Start arresting all those thugs and build more prisons!
Neil Cassey
Neil Cassey Hace 14 horas
We need peace, equality and love. Let's loot a hardware store for Jesus.
best served bitter
best served bitter Hace 14 horas
This is what pisses me off. This who "protest" brings more problems then it "solves". People think that looting will make a difference or grab attention, and it does. But think off all the people that they're fucking over with the shitty excuse of protesting against racist cops. It's absolutely horrendous to see what lengths people will go just to justify their sick actions in the name of "justice"
loldonal plays
loldonal plays Hace 14 horas
there is corona and now a demonstration whats next?
FullBlown Hace 14 horas
so the left lost and its cities are all bankrupt,offices in gov are flipping so they use a dead man as moral ground to start civil war. They all live in big cities that need to be supplied...they support terrorist groups openly.
k w
k w Hace 14 horas
Dont these people have jobs??? Oh wait they are getting paid for this crap. This changes nothing but shows their complete ignorance for admiration of things that are different to them.
Jayson Black
Jayson Black Hace 14 horas
Boost mobile doesn't mean what they think it means lol.
SERROT 05 Hace 14 horas
Peaceful protest my ass. Idiots are burning anything that can catch fire and breaking into businesses and people just talk crap about how dirty the cops are.
Jayson Black
Jayson Black Hace 14 horas
ChippaChoppa News
Jayson Black
Jayson Black Hace 14 horas
If only there was a way to distinguish between the criminals and the broken-hearted protestors. The criminals (Small in numbers) have Hijacked the goodwill of the daytime protestors. I can't stop thinking about you Merica. Please find a way to be tolerant. or maybe it's gonna be the end of all of us.
Jayson Black
Jayson Black Hace 15 horas
It's only a small number doing vandalism, stealing, theft, and arson. the rest are just trying to make a very serious protest coz they know that decades of regular protest have achieved little to nothing. They just kids, go easy K?! Love you America, try to love each other, we ALL bleed RED! (From Straya).
Estilos Hace 15 horas
Message to all in authority, whom were sworn in “ Please Serve and protect not hurt and neglect ”
Roy Nacho
Roy Nacho Hace 15 horas
Is Black lives matter not a racist comment ,or am i not allowed to think that
CourageousRetreat Hace 16 horas
Fuck yourself ABC
Miguel João
Miguel João Hace 16 horas
Peace and Respect are the anwser. espiralideias.wordpress.com/
SPHINX ZHU Hace 16 horas
Beautiful scenes!
Christian Ingram
Christian Ingram Hace 16 horas
this is wat the world is today it’s like call of duty modern warfare irl ppl just looting stuff and breaking ppls glass
Christian Ingram
Christian Ingram Hace 16 horas
without guns
thisside ofcrazy
thisside ofcrazy Hace 16 horas
Peaceful?? What were they watching?
Pamela Melton
Pamela Melton Hace 16 horas
Oh yes indeed I will vote for Trump again and again if need be.I can't stand all the blood dripping from the sleeves of the bleeding hearts.
Alex Wader
Alex Wader Hace 17 horas
peaceful 😅🤣
York Hunt
York Hunt Hace 17 horas
Macek Tlustý
Macek Tlustý Hace 17 horas
velmi dobrý nápad v době koronaviru vyrazit rabovat v tlupách do ulic.. důvody protestů chápu, ale to že se vir může díky tomu šířit lavinovou rychlostí, to nechápu.
Romans 12
Romans 12 Hace 17 horas
Have heard that in Australia not only did police assaulted a black teenager today, but hundreds of blacks have died in police custody in Australia. Not surprising considering Australia is guilty of genocide and brutalizing of refugees.
Troy Flater
Troy Flater Hace 18 horas
Really you pathetic POS shit reporters..... You really need to each time to refer him as white cop. Why not refer him as a police officer --- YOU make me want to vomit ... your the real reason for these riots. You just like to push people. I dont blame the POLICE ... YOU ARE PATHETIC
Burak Yildiz
Burak Yildiz Hace 18 horas
usa is a fake no 1 country on planet. you cannot even control your own citizens and order. usa seems to be deeply corrupt. i think iraq is more solide than this so called no. 1 super power. hahhahs lol. you have no power. it seems that you are only a show. world doesnt take you serious anymore. Thanks to Allah. We see know your real weak face.
jake barnier
jake barnier Hace 18 horas
To be expected. Commentators here are fighting each other
ted Sidney
ted Sidney Hace 18 horas
all of you are embarrassing, the floyd family doesn't want this commotion, you do a commotion on the road and damage a lot of property, you guys should have fought against the corona virus, not fought against the government, didn't the police who killed Floyd have been captured ?? know that China is laughing seeing you attack each other.
k h
k h Hace 12 horas
Preston Broome
Preston Broome Hace 13 horas
china shouldnt be laughing
Preston Broome
Preston Broome Hace 13 horas
Eddie Lopez
Eddie Lopez Hace 18 horas
John Ortega
John Ortega Hace 18 horas
Fuc George Floyd and all of these idiots. I’m all for criminals paying the price
Laurie Poo
Laurie Poo Hace 19 horas
You know we're all going to have to eventually come together everywhere in this country and revolt, like literally start a revolution and riot everywhere(you know, like you see in other countries on the news), in order to make them understand this is wrong, WE will not take it anymore, every life is precious and matters, and that it's US-WE are who makes their lives easy, comfortable and happy, but if WE are not happy and taken care of and protected and safe, neither will they! There are more of US than there are of them in this country. But the first step would be for US to stop hurting, killing and destroying EACHOTHER! WE look like a joke, WE are not taken seriously, and in turn WE are eventually treated like s**t as always by them because of how WE treat EACHOTHER. I don't mean how black people treat black people and how white people treat white people, I mean how US- how all of US treat EACHOTHER!
gdc5ind Hace 19 horas
Abc is trash
Rougned Odor
Rougned Odor Hace 19 horas
Y’all were beating up mexican eloteros a couple weeks ago now you want mexican help!? Fuck you! We won’t help.
shakur laflare
shakur laflare Hace 19 horas
1:22 :25 perfectly executed
Oleg Vishnevskiy
Oleg Vishnevskiy Hace 19 horas
Death of George Floyd this is action was plan by Democrats
BlackBoxSDA Hace 19 horas
I blame the organizers for letting looters easily hijacked their protests. A tip: here in my country, we use rope to stop strangers got into the line, and march really slowly.
Jaymay Hace 19 horas
Might wanna get rid of the bullshit title that says peaceful. Fucking msm is a problem
Marie Lee
Marie Lee Hace 19 horas
I know there are a lot of good cops. I have had my share of conversations with some but then you have the 3 knuckleheads portrayed in video pasted here. Then I wonder wow! How many morons like this work for my police department. esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-W3T7GDeKe9I.html
Jaymay Hace 19 horas
‘’Peaceful protests “ 1 minute in I hear “ squad car on fire “
ROCK STEADY Hace 13 horas
Peaceful arson. Peaceful bricks through windows.
Mr.LegendsXD Posting
Mr.LegendsXD Posting Hace 19 horas
If anyone is looting near or in Koreatown, expect to escape barely or with a wound and/or dead
Renee Peck
Renee Peck Hace 11 horas
Fred Munoz You’re pathetic
Spectre Hace 12 horas
Fred Munoz when a human life threatens the life of my family by robbing my business which will turn life for my family upside down then that human life deserves a hole in the head. Simple!
Luis Singer
Luis Singer Hace 12 horas
matacoyo Gaming HAHAHAHA
matacoyo Gaming
matacoyo Gaming Hace 13 horas
@Fred Munoz have you heard the tale if Darth plagues the wise?
Fred Munoz
Fred Munoz Hace 14 horas
I don't own anything I value more than a human life. What a pathetic existence you must have to be this attached to things. I pitty you.
Blu Hace 19 horas
The looters are from the criminals that were released due to c19. They found a great opportunity to riot and loot, using the protest as an excuse, they could careless about George Floyd.
Desire Hace 14 horas
Blu true, the looters are taking advantage of George Floyd’s death and using it as a way to loot
Tony Parks
Tony Parks Hace 19 horas
lone wolf
lone wolf Hace 20 horas
How you think California likes it's looters I mean liberals now
John Commers
John Commers Hace 20 horas
“He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.” - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Voices must be heard, Justice must prevail and the violence must stop!
lcso81 Hace 20 horas
White kids.....we be protesting Black kids....we be shopping
faznout Hace 20 horas
The girl they interviewed made it seem like the only people who are stealing and destroying the businesses aren't black folks. When in fact ALL of the video footage shown across the United States where mostly of young black men and women under the age of 25. And no one can hate on me for saying that because the proof and the footage is there. Yes there were people of all Races stealing and destroying their City, but sadly it was mostly black. But no matter what people are taking advantage of the situation. There is a big difference between coming together as a large group and protesting in a peaceful way to help bring change for everyone. Compared to foolish people going out there stealing, setting cars on fire, graffiti, and breaking into businesses to try and make your point. That's one of the reasons why Martin Luther King Jr said we should judge people not by the color of their skin but by their character. I'm a 40 year old black male and it frustrates me when I see my own people going out there giving ammunition to racist people to judge us the way they do. So it really saddens me when I see all of this video footage of people doing the wrong thing and acting as if that's supposed to be Justice. But then again protests and riots have been going on for much longer than any of those people have been on this Earth. This here is just the worst of it that anyone has ever seen.
Nova 6636
Nova 6636 Hace 14 horas
@striderOO7 agreed I think we can all protest police brutality equally without being considered a "guest" by some.
striderOO7 Hace 15 horas
The nerve of her to call anyone not black a guest at a protest for equal rights and equality amongst everyone of minority race. As a black man as I am, this is an American problem. Be glad we have support from multiple ethnic groups. We all are in this together. When innocent Americans die form police or any other thing in this country in injustice. It's on us Americans to join together as one to put a stop to it. She doesn't understand.
Gladiator0109 Hace 16 horas
Very well said... it makes me mad seeing these Americans destroying their own land ,, burned their own flag,,, their not protesters , ,,the way they act of burning g things,,, robbing and destroying every establishments are not in anyway an act of peaceful protest but terrorism in their own land...I am sorry but these young Americans having criminal minds already won't give good future to America at all , but heading to criminali communities. I love my country more and more,,,, we are far ahead when it comes to humanity i guess,, and way respectful and discipline as citizens!
Cindy O'Hara
Cindy O'Hara Hace 20 horas
MESSAGE TO GEORGE FLOYD’S FAMILY...(1 of 2) GOD BLESS, PRAYERS & LOVE TO ALL OF YOU! The Terr orist Mafia Crime Family Brotherhood would do this to anyone! American Cops have No Boundaries & are totally out of control with their Mafia Cop Brotherhood Crap! They’ve stolen & destroyed over 23 years of my life & counting, jealous that my parents are wealthy & I’m smart, attractive & highly skilled, graduating Ivy League. Because I don’t tolerate any BS & refuse to commit to a relationship with Mafia Crime Family Scum, as punishment, they’ve isolated, oppressed & terrorized me & my child for decades! Dirty Filthy Lawyers & Cops want ownership & control of everyone. Mafia Crime Family Lawyers reward, promote & offer legal protection & special housing to dutiful Crime Family Cops. They control dating site messages to entrap all worthwhile singles for themselves (or trade them off to doctors & other professionals in lieu of all their legal business) and isolate, oppress & punish outspoken Americans, Women, Blacks & Christians. They reward mechanics who put tracking devices on our cars when we get tires rotated. Many assist an Internat’l Drug Cartel with safe drug transportation. These Freak even sing in church choirs, play in church bands, etc. to watch, punish & oppress outspoken Christians & disguise their criminal lifestyles. When you read about Drug Busts, it’s often to eliminate the Cop/Lawyer Drug Mafia’s competition ($20M for 1 pallet of cocaine). These Evil Man have their trusted & dutiful Black Mafia Servants dribble drugs in Black Communities so they can keep Blacks down & arrest them at any point, especially when Mafia Lawyers need the courts full.
Jack Meeoff
Jack Meeoff Hace 20 horas
People need to arm themselves with guns in these riots and start killing all the cops and public officials. They're part of the system, burn the system down to the ground Vive La Resistance. FTP 🖕🖕🖕🖕
MugenTJ Hace 20 horas
Stop protesting. You just gonna be used by criminals. It’s very upsetting to watch. Store owners should arm up and shoot anyone attempting to loot in the legs.
BallBeanking Hace 20 horas
Is this live ?
Alannah & Jaden
Alannah & Jaden Hace 20 horas
This is very depressing
Eli Shem
Eli Shem Hace 20 horas
It's time to start shooting these assholes
lcso81 Hace 20 horas
Rural America is laughing 😂 destroy your toilet city. Makes us giggle.
Bi Brooks
Bi Brooks Hace 20 horas
Also poor Kyle XD
Soso Wah
Soso Wah Hace 20 horas
Soso Wah
Soso Wah Hace 20 horas
Soso Wah
Soso Wah Hace 20 horas
Ceez B
Ceez B Hace 20 horas
I hope all these protesters VOTE! NOVEMBER 3, 2020 Mark your calendars! To all the peaceful protesters: keep voicing your concerns & raise awareness for unjust policing! To all the rioters: stay home. You're helping loose the message of the peaceful protesters AND you're making sure bigots are motivated to vote for trump in massive numbers come November.
Fizz zz
Fizz zz Hace 20 horas
*Racism Delusion*
Fizz zz
Fizz zz Hace 20 horas
*George Floyd is a criminal.*
Don Ahrahkoonem
Don Ahrahkoonem Hace 20 horas
lmfao. 'peaceful protest' is a keyword created by the internnationalist organizations ruling the world. thats why EVERY newz agency is saying it over and over again, even when they are showing videos of violence. so anytime you hear the words 'peaceful protest' or 'peaceful protesting' realize the reporter is promoting agenda.
Don Ahrahkoonem
Don Ahrahkoonem Hace 20 horas
this idiot is showing videos of criminals, and he keeps saying 'peaceful protest' lmfao. doublespeak indeed. whoever he is, he is a propagandist, and is NOT to be trusted.
Bi Brooks
Bi Brooks Hace 20 horas
Why is there so many dislikes, what?
Prompthorizen 12
Prompthorizen 12 Hace 20 horas
Look at that 3:03 :16 really makes you still have hope for humanity peaceful protesters protecting police so it doesn't get violent thank you people
Sabih Syed
Sabih Syed Hace 20 horas
Beginning of the end of democratic America. America is falling.
TopiaRelax - Bodog and Darpig
*I can't breathe!* *_#JUSTICEFORFLOYD_*
Hajar Renate Midbrød
Hajar Renate Midbrød Hace 21 un hora
jeeezus what just f...ing happened to the audio , started screeching and like alarms going off , damn near blew out my ear drums WTF ??? at 16:44 ...normal sound resumes at 47:10 ...
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