Penn and Teller were FOOLED by a Phone Charger!

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25 dic 2018






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Liam Strempel
Liam Strempel Hace 2 meses
So if you give them a phone charger you instantly fool them then
John Rivera
John Rivera Hace un mes
Give them an android phone charger. With most people using iPhone these days I doubt they figure out how to use it. Instantly fooled 😂😂
frayed4 Hace un mes
+RWBHere it was Penn's phone. P.s. you don't need a full charge just a small electric current for the phone to register its charging. Watch battery would do the trick.
frayed4 Hace un mes
It isn't such a hard trick. All you need is a phone cord, the wall plug-in and a demon to sell your soul to in exchange for magic powers. I've done the same trick but I usually use a toaster.
frayed4 Hace un mes
+Norville Shaggy Rogers That's my guess as well
frayed4 Hace un mes
Ahmad Wildan
Ahmad Wildan Hace un día
that phone charger or phone charger wire??
Maniac742 Hace 8 días
The real question is... can they figure out what she did at band camp?
phycosis17 Hace 7 días
Maniac742 nobody knows that trick, that’s why she’s the new producer for the show.
CHRRIS CF Hace 8 días
I wanna have that phone charger hahaha
Carlos Zurita
Carlos Zurita Hace 8 días
He's hiding the ends of the long cable with one hand and bringing out a smaller cable with the other hand
Papyrus Skeleton
Papyrus Skeleton Hace 8 días
I am willing to guess there is a battery in the charging brick that activates when any pressure is applied to the progs or when a surface that can conduct electricity, even skin, connects the two prongs. This, in turn, starts charging the battery. I don't know how he is connecting the charger to the cord, to begin with though.
Random Tube
Random Tube Hace 9 días
After he gives them the charger u can see him do something with his watch.
Mario Trajano
Mario Trajano Hace 9 días
Small power banks
Sam Guckian
Sam Guckian Hace 10 días
Well your hands do give off a tiny bit of charge anyway, but not enough to charge your phone, the trick is most likely a battery in the "adapter", with the prongs actually being sensors. I don't know how rope tricks work though, I don't know how he could have done that unless he has something like a soldering iron up his sleeve.
Jontrell Miles
Jontrell Miles Hace 10 días
How is this an illusion. What you think is happening here is actually happening because its science. You sir, are a cheat.
Keenzo Block
Keenzo Block Hace 11 días
Watch 3:40 in 0.25 speed. You can see the cable get caught on his jacket where the slot is.
Chrsitian Benetti
Chrsitian Benetti Hace 11 días
bruh it got caught on his jacket button lmao
Hendri Leonard
Hendri Leonard Hace 13 días
i wonder if that charger has a mini powerbank in it
MajorMeltdownBOISE Hace 13 días
How tall is Penn?
blackholedays Hace 14 días
This spectacle is flawless.
Nicolasniivo gere
Nicolasniivo gere Hace 15 días
He must use a charger with a battery that only charges the phone when a capacitive touch sensor is triggered
J G Hace 16 días
Would you ever consider this all an act? The show and act? The audience an act? They could just be playing clips they put togther
unkown life
unkown life Hace 16 días
he is like jim carry so much like in cable guy movie
Sant Joseph
Sant Joseph Hace 17 días
Honestly wish this was a real product
Fairy Tail 727
Fairy Tail 727 Hace 17 días
This guy is a genius
Jacob Talbott
Jacob Talbott Hace 20 días
the static electricity charges the phone
Will Robbs
Will Robbs Hace 21 un día
Easy. I found out that method
veres koppany
veres koppany Hace 22 días
Whaaat?? i mean we got external phone battery charger's so why would it be that hard to make the outside look like a charger and the activation button be the pushing in the chargers plugs .That small container could hold Condensators to atleast when full charged transfer electricity to your phone for 5 minutes.These guys definitely know this stuff,... so why was this a fooler ¯¯\@__@/¯¯
Trina Sulita
Trina Sulita Hace 22 días
Everyone talking about the battery in the charger and completing the circuit, yeah. But how did he get the cable to do that? Still fooled. Besides, entertaining as hell
Geoffrey Tipy
Geoffrey Tipy Hace 23 días
The way they cut it, stops you seeing the slight of hand, for example, when he wraps the small cable on the big cut cable, the cut to the close up skips the hand move.
Sam Lai
Sam Lai Hace 23 días
Can't get over the F.U. trophy.
The Watcher
The Watcher Hace 24 días
It's gr8
darkpanda112 ###
darkpanda112 ### Hace 24 días
Ok ESvid I watched it
Tomas Elke
Tomas Elke Hace 24 días
The only thing I can tell you is how the charger works. It's not hard to put a battery into a charger block and switch it on when you touch both the outlet blades. I have no idea how to do those rope tricks.
Joseph Ciorra
Joseph Ciorra Hace 25 días
hard to imagine this is the same Alison in the porn being face fucked and face painted on
The Great Juan
The Great Juan Hace 25 días
damn it. im still attracted to Lily...
Brandon Starcevic
Brandon Starcevic Hace 25 días
2:35 he's holding one end of the short one and one end of the long one in his left hand. 2:41 he slides the short one to his right hand while holding on to both ends of the long one. 2:47 with his right hand, pulls short one away from long one while concealing both ends of the long one in his left hand. 3:00 pretends to slide "loop" around, but actually still holding both plug ends in his left hand while sliding his right hand down the length of cable, never actually spinning it. I would write the rest, but I'm tired. If enough people like or comment whatever, I'll explain the rest.
Mitch Bogart
Mitch Bogart Hace 25 días
The one thing Penn and Teller would not be allowed to do is plug in the charger into an outlet. It would definitely not charge the phone. A simple FET as switch design would probably go up in smoke, but a better design could actually make in plug-in-able.
Ali raza
Ali raza Hace 25 días
They gave him an FU? 😑 Rude!
solidfuel86 Hace 25 días
Very lame and unexpected of penn
Dillan Garcia
Dillan Garcia Hace 26 días
Idfk about the cord BUT the wall adaptor was a battery that let current flow when the "prongs", most likely just decoy lil metal strips, were pushed with any force whatsoever. So just touching anything would charge a phone
Brian McD
Brian McD Hace 26 días
Wow! Now that's entertainment! A+ presentation and incredible illusions
Acronite Hace 27 días
The trick is not the charger charging the phone u guys
Eagles Fan Since Super Bowl 52
So this is what’s on TV these days? Hmm 🤔
Thefifthjack05 Hace 28 días
these are fun shows!
Sporkinator Hace 28 días
The funniest part was the guy holding a trophy that says "F U".
Thefifthjack05 Hace 28 días
Luke Kim
Luke Kim Hace 28 días
Well you fooled us.. so fu
Thefifthjack05 Hace 28 días
ahah FU
IntendedPlayz Hace 29 días
Ha bitch i watched this while i wasnt high so the money and pencil trick was way to simple
Thefifthjack05 Hace 28 días
where do you buy your stuff? I am invested in weed stocks so I want to know how you like em
Finn Waugh
Finn Waugh Hace 29 días
TheCinderDude Hace un mes
Ok youtube, I'll watch it.
Marshall Peters
Marshall Peters Hace 26 días
+Thefifthjack05 Watch a video, it will recommend more of the same. What's weird about that?
Thefifthjack05 Hace un mes
Can’t believe it’s still recommending. Sorry. YT algorithm is super weird
Good Listener
Good Listener Hace un mes
Skipped all Alyson’s part, very annoying.
Thefifthjack05 Hace un mes
Word XD
Tommy Do
Tommy Do Hace un mes
Trophy says FUCK U hahahha
Thefifthjack05 Hace un mes
Nooooo it says FU
Blake Romero768
Blake Romero768 Hace un mes
Thefifthjack05 Hace un mes
Glad you liked it
Danton1990 Hace un mes
He sounds kinda like Seth McFarlane
GriffinMeans Hace un mes
Is that the girl from American Pie?
Graham Daw
Graham Daw Hace un mes
Teller always reminds me of the late (and great), Gene Wilder crossed with Art Garfunkel lol
Spartahhh Hace un mes
I love this show thanks for the upload👍🔔
Jemima1377 Hace un mes
The guy was very entertaining! ^_^
BBBence1111 Hace un mes
Would have been funny if they both had Androids instead of Iphones
BBBence1111 😂
Patricia Dunnavant
Patricia Dunnavant Hace un mes
That was amazing!
Stan Burton
Stan Burton Hace un mes
simple, it has two small lithium batteries in the "charger" and the plug is a capacitive switch.
Dok Lk7
Dok Lk7 Hace un mes
I was doing this in parlour backrooms back in the 80s.
I Zpademilio I
I Zpademilio I Hace un mes
How did connecting and taking apart the charger work?????
Afnan Mehmood
Afnan Mehmood Hace un mes
5:03 the judge just locked and unlocked his phone...the trick is quite fake The show is fake
The Duder
The Duder Hace un mes
Awesome performance without a doubt! Well, I only know how he got the phone to illuminate. So far, he for sure has me stumped on the rest. How he got the phone to illuminate came from my electronics background. Too bad it's useless in determining the rest. lol Time to allow magic to simply be magic and stop peaking behind the curtain I guess.
WingItMan Hace un mes
What if he had an android?... o.o!
Đức Nguyễn Việt
Best comedy performance I have ever seen... oh wait!
Troll Mctrollerson
Troll Mctrollerson Hace un mes
I'd buy a Cordmaster 2000
Forensic Dragon
Forensic Dragon Hace un mes
He might have a battery in the USB port, it is either charged by static or the plug in can be pressed to turn on the battery.
AzgarthX Hace un mes
EZ! The plug portion of the charger is built with small batteries in an open circuit which is closed by having something touch both ends of the plug which in this case was Teller's hand. Can't fool me!
leonardo barrios
leonardo barrios Hace un mes
they have no clue XD, don t even try to guess, ahahha
Clien McNeckward
Clien McNeckward Hace un mes
rustybones99 Hace un mes
Mac King for the 21st Century.
Saint Niko
Saint Niko Hace un mes
great presentation - nothing extra just perfect!
grogegrog Hace un mes
Actually Penn is still annoyed about this. He talked about it on Sunday school and he and Teller knew how the trick worked but we’re over ruled by the judges upstairs.
Elron Humpperdink
Elron Humpperdink Hace un mes
Where’s the redemption?
Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder Hace un mes
...I didn't see this one coming....
Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder Hace un mes
Um,..Penn could have at least asked about a battery located in the charging unit, he usually has some questions, and doesn't like to be fooled. Kudos to this guy!!
kevin JB
kevin JB Hace un mes
Trick is so obvious that is not even funny lol
JEDASE Hace un mes
Legend has it they still couldn't figure out how the charger works
Beck Stein
Beck Stein Hace un mes
Same rope trick, different rope.
Beck Stein
Beck Stein Hace un mes
Bad jokes = Penn has an expressionless face
Bradley Goo
Bradley Goo Hace un mes
One time at band camp
Slaytounge Hace un mes
Lots of explanations on how he could have made the charger but I want to know how he did those cable tricks.
Dura King
Dura King Hace un mes
you happy youtube?
Dev Sehgal
Dev Sehgal Hace un mes
Just like apple fool their customers
SIR MEOWS A LOT Hace un mes
Daniel Salvadori
Daniel Salvadori Hace un mes
Dude awesome trick but strange question who does that beat for the ending credits sounded awesome bro? If you can tell me
John Doe
John Doe Hace un mes
"magic" ...otherwise known as exploitation of inattention blindness.
ERIC MENDES Hace un mes
Thefifthjack05 Hace un mes
Aden Richman
Aden Richman Hace un mes
I think he might have a battery in his watch and when he touched the judge's hand he activated it.
Thefifthjack05 Hace un mes
I think it was inside the charger itself actually
Sean T
Sean T Hace un mes
First comment!
Sean T
Sean T Hace un mes
+Thefifthjack05 🦹
Thefifthjack05 Hace un mes
Andrew Dube
Andrew Dube Hace un mes
She sooooooooooo hot. Fuck.lol
Danny Sips
Danny Sips Hace un mes
Before the trick started I saw where he was going with this and was like Yeah this is really good!
big scott
big scott Hace un mes
i can do that with your eyes closed..
HorseLoves1 AJ
HorseLoves1 AJ Hace un mes
Haha lol, couldn't put the USB in correctly.
John Rivera
John Rivera Hace un mes
*iPhone has left the chat
Warrd Adlani
Warrd Adlani Hace un mes
That was amazing, loved it.
Ian Chase
Ian Chase Hace un mes
How did he know Penn had an iPhone and not an Android?
Gherome Angeles
Gherome Angeles Hace un mes
Wow nice
LordKellthe1st Hace un mes
Induction like a toothbrush charger? Nicely done though!
DARK-SKY Hace un mes
All magic shows are edited, in person the person shows the trick using sleight of hand to trick you into believing. Around 3:44 secs is when the camera scene switches and the cable is already one whole piece.
epic gamer
epic gamer Hace un mes
Ed R90
Ed R90 Hace un mes
All that magical power, and he still didn't get the usb into the port the right way the first time.
Robert Pflieger
Robert Pflieger Hace un mes
Oh cob, how in the hell any part of that other than the mini-battery-in-a-box fool Penn and Teller?!? Every damn second of that was obvious! (I mean, come on, he "cut" the damn cord off of the spool in the back, hidden from view!)
Beebug 17
Beebug 17 Hace un mes
This was hilarious!!!
Thefifthjack05 Hace un mes
no kidding eh? his voice is godly
lordfarquad420 Hace un mes
this trick would have been so awkward if P&T were android users 😂
Thefifthjack05 Hace un mes
Sorry no iPhones. Only androids
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