Penn and Teller were FOOLED by a Phone Charger!

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25 dic 2018







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shay warrior
shay warrior Hace 28 minutos
the charger has a built in battery and the connection is made by touch the two prongs. pretty simple
Chris Sherman
Chris Sherman Hace 37 minutos
I think making the phone charge was easy, it was just a battery. Notice how he cupped his hand under Tellers hand when he had him touch the prongs, I think he was just holding something to complete the circuit and make it charge.
Alexander Langley
Alexander Langley Hace un hora
He literally bought that charger off amazon.
Jerry Neal
Jerry Neal Hace un hora
Love you guys. Keep it up!
BeAn BeAn
BeAn BeAn Hace un hora
That’s the girl from American Pie
Plutarch Heavensbee
Plutarch Heavensbee Hace 2 horas
Allison Hannigan. I love you.
Pablo Aguilar
Pablo Aguilar Hace 2 horas
They gave up pretty fast. Technology FTW
Brian Plotts
Brian Plotts Hace 2 horas
He reminds me of a young Jim carry
Sam Castro
Sam Castro Hace 2 horas
Yo the trophy says F U😂😂😂
Stanton Stephens
Stanton Stephens Hace 3 horas
Dude!!!! I Cry Foul and have thrown a flag on the play!!! Seriously getting fooled by the charger!!! I am an Electrical Engineer and saw right through that stunt. Its super easy, put an A544 battery connect the power pin to B+ the ground pin to one of the prongs and connect the other prong to B-, stuff it in the housing by removing the guts and voila the salt from your sweat creates a contact path like flipping a switch, and the cable is a standard cable. now if you plug it in it will blow up and damage your phone and possibly set fire to your home. But seriously Dude!!!! come on simple easy no excuses for ignorance at all Penn! None AT ALL!!!!
Mos TV
Mos TV Hace 3 horas
the charger is worth m ore then the show. lol 2 ididots getting fooled by magican jsut for a tv show idee
Mac Dietz
Mac Dietz Hace 4 horas
Great bit, clean presentation
hamOn Rye
hamOn Rye Hace 4 horas
Next up an 8 year old plays fortnite and doesn't die in the first 10 minutes Penn: Listen kid truly amazing I dont know how you do it.
Sebastian Rascon
Sebastian Rascon Hace 4 horas
It had to be a iPhone
BuskBenny Hace 5 horas
Vart är brudarna?
Mr. Hippopotamus
Mr. Hippopotamus Hace 5 horas
I had a metal pad hooked up to a wire running to an outlet, which had an outlet on it so I could plug something in. When I tapped the pad it sent a current to activate whatever was plugged on top of it. Best lightswitch I ever had. Really surprised they've never seen anything like that. It's pretty much the same tech in touchscreens.
cnr international
cnr international Hace 5 horas
typical american crap for american idiots.
ekozi o
ekozi o Hace 5 horas
Camp Shaine
Camp Shaine Hace 6 horas
I heard the host has a trick where she makes a flute disappear
Jiusonium Hace 6 horas
That was really cool
Rusty Shakleford
Rusty Shakleford Hace 6 horas
Would love to put it in her dirty dumper
Kealo Hace 6 horas
Looks like a cool show
Erik Clements Jr.
Erik Clements Jr. Hace 6 horas
*4:54* Lmao Allison's face in the background!😂😂😂 EDIT: I just realized at *4:44* she was making the same face expression..... It's like an MK Ultra glitch. Or she could of been really REALLY AMAZED!
TheEpicCaravan Hace 6 horas
I like how the trophy has a big FU on it XD
smoothkaos2 Hace 7 horas
I'm thinking he rigged the charger with button batteries matching 2V as well as a magnetic switch inside and he had another magnet with opposite polarity hidden in his hand. As soon as he pressed down inside of Tellers hand it pressed against his own which tripped the pole in the charger. The cable length changes were basic albeit well done rope tricks that P&T hit on
LeaoSo Hace 7 horas
Has anybody asked how Brian knew that the cable would match Penn's phone? iPhone vs Android situation...
Richard -
Richard - Hace 8 horas
I love that even when he was right in front of them, he still pitched straight to the camera haha
Tamteetleytoo Hace 9 horas
He looks a bit like the guy from Grimm
Junaid Khawaja
Junaid Khawaja Hace 10 horas
it was powerbank
Alan Wong
Alan Wong Hace 10 horas
I’m so unsatisfied
David Anstey
David Anstey Hace 11 horas
Id have to think the end is actually a battery maybe activated by squeezing in some way
Commando303X Hace 12 horas
I'd figure they're pre-cut magnetized wires; and, the final item contains a press-on/-off battery.
Commando303X Hace 12 horas
I should go on this show and hand Penn and Teller a Apple Watch. Instant Fools.
MotaShotta Hace 13 horas
Michael Carbonaro did a similar trick in one of his episodes
Buddy Bud-Bud
Buddy Bud-Bud Hace 14 horas
I know how it works and how the trick is done. Penn and pellet are idiots on this one
Fcutdlady Hace 15 horas
I remember taking a jumper off me in the dark. It had a lot of static electricity on it. A blue line like a mini thunder bolt ran up the arm of my jumper due to the static.
bulkchart 32
bulkchart 32 Hace 15 horas
can't believe they didn't figure that one out. the square part of that charger had some kind of a battery in it that was charging the phone. it wouldn't have charged very long.
blacklite911 Hace 15 horas
The rope tricks were slight of hand but that charger must be a custom piece that has a built in battery with a mechanism that only he knows how to activate. It’s a cool concept though, if more magicians get into engineering, it opens the door for a new world of magic.
TheDriftingStig Hace 16 horas
He kind of looks like Dillon Francis; anyone else see it?
Oliver Corlett
Oliver Corlett Hace 16 horas
I bet the phone charger was a moisture sensor with a battery
z2001lhcjer Hace 17 horas
Not impressed.
James Hace 17 horas
3:44 thanks for cutting out the sleight of hand... what kind of shit show is this ?
Michael Gagnon
Michael Gagnon Hace 17 horas
Really not funny...
tc413141 Hace 18 horas
3:43 there was a cut at a very suspicious moment. makes it seem like editing rather than an actual magic trick.
Benjamin Nathanael Tse Maurer
4:12 The real magic would be connecting USB first time right.
oldmanwitherspoon Hace 20 horas
You could easily make this block with the battery for a static shock collar and a momentary capacitive touch switch. Now, the wire part.....I have no idea.
Wolf Edmunds
Wolf Edmunds Hace 21 un hora
I suspect there's a voltage source with wire leads inside his coat, leading from one sleeve to the other. Notice how he has to hold Teller's hand to make the charger work; when he does this, the charger shares a common ground with his hand, allowing a voltage to exist. When he takes the charger off, the common ground is broken and the voltage gain disappears. There is no actual battery inside the charger block, so Teller alone couldn't make it work.
christswaggin Hace 21 un hora
Magnets and batteries
Logan Kunkel
Logan Kunkel Hace 21 un hora
So this is the guy who says "THE NUMBER 1 MOVIE IN AMERICA" for every movie in America.
UnsoundChicken 6
UnsoundChicken 6 Hace 23 horas
5:38 she got caught lacking
ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ
ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ Hace 23 horas
crazy stuff
Jazmine Morales
Jazmine Morales Hace 23 horas
i thoughht its said f u
kahwigulum Hace un día
I didn't know Weird Al did magic.
yuri guimaraes
yuri guimaraes Hace un día
simple little thing theres a battery in the charger brick that charges the phone but the circuit is open and once something conductive connects both prongs it closes the circuit powering the phone
MD4564 Hace un día
So boring :/
Jon Hace un día
I had a real LOL moment at 3:15
Bon Bon
Bon Bon Hace un día
04:25 Plot twist: He juice jacked Penn's phone at this very moment :)
Gibbypastrami Hace un día
lmao imagine the guy out a swiper in the charger that takes all ur credit card info off your phone lol
Alain Fornes
Alain Fornes Hace un día
Zemzy Oseris
Zemzy Oseris Hace un día
4:40 That one was kind of easy to solve.
Scott Pigsley
Scott Pigsley Hace un día
Did nobody think of wireless charger pasted to his palm with battery pack in his sleeve?
Roselyn Small
Roselyn Small Hace un día
portable charger in the sleeve
Naz Akbar Zzz
Naz Akbar Zzz Hace un día
I love how they give a "F U" to everyone who fools them
Blizky Hace un día
there is a cut at 3:45 that changes the scene to another where the connectors are..connected.
Sandwich247 Hace un día
The charging bit I understand. Meddi from ElectroBoom covers the technology involved in many of the "Free Energy Debunked" videos that he has done. It's the long charger cable that I don't understand.
flysubcompact Hace un día
Penn dodged the "rope trick" part. I'm guessing he knew how the cord part was done, but did not press it out of respect for the guy using an old school trick medium in such a creative way. He may have not actually known how the charger part was done. I'm guessing it was loaded with watch batteries and the prongs were wired as part of a switching circuit, using the conductivity of the Teller's sweaty palm.
TehButterflyEffect Hace un día
It'd be pretty simple to wire the 'charger' part in such a way that it fools the phone into thinking it's being charged. There is probably a microswitch that is activated from pressure on the prongs. The real 'rope trick' part is something I personally don't have any clue about, but if you watch his hands it's obvious he palms the ends of the cables.
Voss Li
Voss Li Hace un día
I like how even HE plugged the usb in upside down the first try
Tazer Turtle
Tazer Turtle Hace un día
errorproxy Hace un día
wat is electricity
Most Deadest Pool of em All.
*shakes keys in left hand* look hey look! *pulls out puppy from behind me with right hand* "Abracadabra a puppy!" Penn: we have no idea how you did that!
Soul Hace un día
I think the charger plug have a battery as most of us think. But it does not work unless a secret button is pushed or a way to activate it, not through skin though.
Bob Jones
Bob Jones Hace un día
Would've been funny if he had an android phone
Zeke Polaris
Zeke Polaris Hace un día
Just a heads up about this video, don't use white text with a white background. ESvid Tips is good to learn!
Zeke Polaris
Zeke Polaris Hace un día
Also, a talker for movies that is going to be out soon, does not make you a voice actor..... They got another name for this.
Genevieve O'Tauthail
Can I get that giant FU trophy? Thanks. Lol
chic ken
chic ken Hace un día
This guy went home with a big FU
Fire Guy82
Fire Guy82 Hace un día
3:44 lol the editor didn’t even try to fool people with this cut shot.
Evan Croft
Evan Croft Hace un día
corn-dog lebron
corn-dog lebron Hace un día
Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic
Thefifthjack05 Hace un día
Arnan Chowdhury
Arnan Chowdhury Hace un día
That was really good but I wonder if it was a thermal charger so if it touches anything even close to hot it will charge
TehButterflyEffect Hace un día
+Thefifthjack05 Nah, that wouldn't be necessary. It's just a switch that fools the phone into thinking it's being charged. The phone doesn't actually have to be charging, you can cross a couple of wires in the cable and it will see its own voltage and think it's charging.
Thefifthjack05 Hace un día
I doubt that. I think it was a powerbank
ToaDrakua Hace un día
I could see the smaller cord hiding in his sleeve towards the end of the demonstration.
Thefifthjack05 Hace un día
At what time?
LisaDawnn Hace un día
As a frustrated Android user which uses different USBs (depending on the phone) and yet he KNEW Penn had an Apple kinda tells me this was bullshit from the start. Moral to story- it's all bullshit!
Thefifthjack05 Hace un día
Darren Z
Darren Z Hace un día
Wow, he even left the prop in their hands, and they still couldn't figure it out. That's impressive.
Thefifthjack05 Hace un día
Word yeah
Robert Makley
Robert Makley Hace un día
Coming up a bunch of the "elite" somehow avoid prosecution in a large child abduction and trafficking ring..will they fool is all????...trick question it's holy fuck Yes.. practically every time somehow the laws these douchebags write don't apply to the privledged one percent
REM44MAG Hace un día
Allison seems like she wants the dick
Brainbuster Hace un día
Allison has such an annoying voice.
Thefifthjack05 Hace un día
Addi S. Koon
Addi S. Koon Hace un día
Is this the voice from honest trailer ?!
Thefifthjack05 Hace un día
Maybe who knows
Timothy Sharrocks
Timothy Sharrocks Hace un día
If you ever need to fool an old person. Usually technology is a good place to start XD
Thefifthjack05 Hace un día
Internet will do
First Name Second Name
Hidden magnet on the magician to activate a magnetic switch within the battery operated phone charger block, magician can make it work but not anyone else (unless they have their own magnet 🧲)
Thefifthjack05 Hace un día
Yeah! But idk man
Poskii Hace un día
One time at band camp
Poskii Hace un día
+Thefifthjack05 only the og's remember
Thefifthjack05 Hace un día
Avi Ben Shushan
Avi Ben Shushan Hace un día
Kinda funny that it's written "F U" on the reward
Thefifthjack05 Hace un día
That’s the trophy everyone wants
Gary DeForve
Gary DeForve Hace un día
...and libertarianism.
Thefifthjack05 Hace un día
Jimmy Hace un día
The charging brick is a tiny battery pack and he turns it on with an NFC tag hidden somewhere in his hand. This was my first guess as soon as I saw him put his hand on Teller's hand.
Thefifthjack05 Hace un día
Sean Skyhawk
Sean Skyhawk Hace un día
I've seen those moves, basically a mod take on Fiber Optic... HMMMM I gots to try that sometime!
Colton Newkirk
Colton Newkirk Hace un día
Plug walk
Thefifthjack05 Hace un día
A powerbank
Cristian Marcu
Cristian Marcu Hace un día
The actual charger is in the white small box and it is activated when your skin acts like a conductor between the 2 plugs. Easy!
Thefifthjack05 Hace un día
Yeah I think he was using a powerbank
Scruff_Rodriguez Hace un día
Hentai pops up on the screen when it charged
Thefifthjack05 Hace un día
Lmao stop it ahahah
Sydical Hace un día
So HE'S the one who i hear on commercials!
Thefifthjack05 Hace un día
Yeah wordp
Michael Hawthorne
Michael Hawthorne Hace un día
1 Hace un día
You're gonna like the way you look-I guarantee it
Thefifthjack05 Hace un día
Hahaha yeah
lastmanxa Hace un día
3:41 camera cut prove that penn and teller show is a fake
Thefifthjack05 Hace un día
I doubt it
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