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Video of Pentakill’s “live musical carnage” in Bandle City, performing Mortal Reminder from the new album Grasp of the Undying, recorded in the catacombs of the Shadow Isles.
Pentakill official site: pentakillmusic.com
Alex "Scherzo" Temple - Orchestration on “Mortal Reminder”
Billy "The Buck" Banjoman - Banjos and Slide Gueetars on "Mortal Reminder"
Bob "FriendlyRainbow" DeBelina - Production Coordinator
Christian "Praeco" Linke - Executive Producer, Engineer
Eugene "kyugene" Kang - Bass Guitars
Jason "chupacobbler" Willey aka ProtoShredanoid - Lead Guitars
Joe "Keytar Dragon" Atlan - Keyboards, Piano
JORN Lande - Vocals on "Mortal Reminder" and "The Bloodthirster"
F.A.M.E.'S. Macedonian Symphonic Orchestra & Choir - Strings on "Mortal Reminder"
Mike “PitmanDrums” Pitman - Producer, Drums, Rhythm Guitars, Lead Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, and Synths
Noora Louhimo - Vocals on "Tear of the Goddess"
Richard “RickyTee” Thomson - Drums, Rhythm Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Lead Guitars & Synths
Scott Kirkland - Synths on “The Bloodthirster”
Smiley Sean - Drum Recording & Engineering
Viranda "Viranimal" Tantula - Producer
All Music & Lyrics written by Pentakill.
Engineered and Produced by Riot Games in Los Angeles, CA and London, UK.
Mixed and Mastered by Jacob Hansen.
Blinded by hate brought by the fall
As I swear death to all
You will feel my vengeance
As I claim your mortal soul
I will punish and destroy
Those responsible for this ploy
I will seek a thousand deaths
I will bring a thousand years of war
All that I had taken away
My home is gone, and my love ones slain
For every sleep claims a piece of me
Every waking moment, every single dream
As the masses came
Like a shadow through this land
They laid siege to all we ever had
I stood strong, I was honor bound
I stand defiant, I stand ever proud
I am the chosen
I am the guardian, the guardian
Now I seek the blood of those
Who claimed the innocent
I will hunt the enemy to the last
I will banish and rejoice
The final breath of foes
You will see what you have made
You will see what I have finally become
All that I had laid to the waste
My spirit broken and just memories remain
For every day claims a piece of me
Every waking hour claims my inner peace
My inner peace
As the masses came
Like a shadow through this land
They laid siege to all we ever had
I stood strong, I was honor bound
I stand defiant, I stand ever proud
I am the chosen
I am the guardian, the guardian
Smite and Ignite (debut album): esvid.net/group/PLbAFXJC0J5Gb9hzEYU5buZd4udIuIUheP

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Hell yeah you can play as members of the band: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-BGtROJeMPeE.html


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alephcrowe7 Hace 2 horas
i love how riot's first impression on teemo when they made it was he's a brave hero who stood for everyone even though he is small, now teemo is getting kicked in the face like its nothing
Jefferson Jonsson
Jefferson Jonsson Hace 4 horas
Teemo levando um bicudão = tudo pra mim
Vinicius Lima
Vinicius Lima Hace 5 horas
"As the masses came like a shadow through this land, they laid siege to all we ever had" They knew about KD/A 😱
Nug King
Nug King Hace 9 horas
Teemo is a hero
Charlie Cabanlit
Charlie Cabanlit Hace 10 horas
4:02 the most satisfying part of the video
marko petrovic
marko petrovic Hace 12 horas
1:45 Warning! DOOM slayer has entered the facility
dann Ruiz
dann Ruiz Hace 17 horas
4:02 best part
Zoom In VAPING Hace 18 horas
That Teemo part is EPIC
ta tien Anh
ta tien Anh Hace un día
OMG my Teemo haha
KnightMysterio Hace un día
Part of me thinks that this whole bit was just Pentakill's way of welcoming Kayle to the group. They even left Teemo alone just so she could be the one to kick the little munchkin.
samuel tp
samuel tp Hace un día
F por teemo
Adrian Soto
Adrian Soto Hace un día
Esto es mejor que las KDA 2
Lu isaid Saucedo
Lu isaid Saucedo Hace un día
Wow rock yeaaaaaaa si
Lu isaid Saucedo
Lu isaid Saucedo Hace un día
Rockalor Siiiiiiiii
Ahmyx Hace un día
3 years later, still best song, better than the reckoning called seraphine
cherry go boom
cherry go boom Hace un día
We need a comeback of penta kill
RandomBro Hace un día
I came here again if theres a news about the Pentakill Albums
Uncle Sam
Uncle Sam Hace un día
Топ:Нет я не фидел мордекайзера! Мордекайзер: 1:44
Maria Cleo Deane Casio
4:02 *OOF*
MisterJohnsonCruise Hace 2 días
4:01 best scene of all cinematics
D Jason01
D Jason01 Hace 2 días
4:02 when you still brave to get penta, but ACE
Camron Diaz
Camron Diaz Hace 2 días
i just came to watch teemo get kicked
AndrewTheGoodBoy Hace 2 días
Can we just talk about how at 1:45 Mordekaiser Exits the Death realm and then at 2:59 he uses his current Q all doing that with his current Pentakill new model 2 years before the rework got even announced?
Arthur Raimondi
Arthur Raimondi Hace 2 días
Pentakill>>>>>>> KDA
luidy penteado
luidy penteado Hace 2 días
4:00 u're welcome
Ali Eren 'AlEr' Akar
I like how the banjo guy plays lightbringer after listening to them
• xTakeOverTheMoonx •
Thank you to whoever kicked Teemo into oblivion
MacSims Hace 2 días
2:17 WAHOU !
Not Worth
Not Worth Hace 2 días
even though this is from pre-rework mord hes looking pretty post reworky
Victor Costa
Victor Costa Hace 2 días
Pra que chutar o Teemo
Aika Tuazon
Aika Tuazon Hace 3 días
Aika Tuazon
Aika Tuazon Hace 3 días
Aika Tuazon
Aika Tuazon Hace 3 días
Aika Tuazon
Aika Tuazon Hace 3 días
Aika Tuazon
Aika Tuazon Hace 3 días
Aika Tuazon
Aika Tuazon Hace 3 días
local devilcat
local devilcat Hace 3 días
theyre so cool......
IchiPopp Hace 3 días
Forget KDA and True Damage can we get Pentakill back?
Walter Moment
Walter Moment Hace 3 días
Pentakill superiority
Lekinho CS
Lekinho CS Hace 3 días
Miss tha Riot 😔
Hulkmutant_HD Hace 3 días
1:40 how the morde is with the new items on pbe
Perinzinho Hace 3 días
I just want to know, why riot gave up on pentakill... THIS BAND IS PERFECT
Elle van Veelen
Elle van Veelen Hace 3 días
The perfect blend between epic and adorable.
little teemo
little teemo Hace 3 días
Clip is legendary!!!!! Teemo pls open ur eyes
Reza Hace 3 días
we need a new pentakill video riot why are you focusing on kda and all those other ones???? :/
Malphite Hace 2 días
darwin dela cruz
darwin dela cruz Hace 3 días
If it isn't of that league post about kda and pentakill.. i wouldn't know that Pentakill mv/s exist.. glad I have learned about this
T R A I N Hace 3 días
So, KDA had a comeback but not Pentakill????
T R A I N Hace 3 días
If you think you are useless, just think about Kyles purpose in the band of this video.
Night Crawler
Night Crawler Hace 3 días
they attacked bandle city😢😆
Moonlight Hace 3 días
I want pentakill comeback.
Ana Beatriz de Lima
Ana Beatriz de Lima Hace 4 días
agora a Riot só lança kpop, malditos kpopers...
Romeo Salazar
Romeo Salazar Hace 4 días
We need another album and a music video.
AdventureSteve7 Hace 4 días
Since K-Pop is such a sucess for Riot, I don't think we'll be getting new Pentakill stuff in a while, but all we have from Pentakill so far is better than KDA will ever get Pentakill and True Damage are just the superior bands
Malphite Hace 3 días
True damage is trash.
Whereistheteddy Hace 4 días
In 2020 it was supposed to drop another Pentakill album tho, but due to corona was delayed. Still, i don’t even like kpop but the first kda song was a hit, couldn’t compare in numbers nor reception to true damage 🤷🏻‍♀️
Andrew Cadorna
Andrew Cadorna Hace 4 días
League of LeDjents XD
K0sic Hace 4 días
Pentakill 2 when?
jadrian Acedilla
jadrian Acedilla Hace 5 días
plot twist: at the end teemo kills them all and gets a penta
LivingHell99 Hace 5 días
1:48 poppy is like "hey man whats up this is completely normal"
TigerChuu Hace 6 días
The plot line of this video is basically, No one wanted to listen to them so they made people listen
Michael Andrew
Michael Andrew Hace 6 días
can we take a moment to apreciate this masterpiece that is likely not coming back?
T-virus Hace 6 días
Guitar Hero: Penta Kill
Dylan Hace 6 días
pray for teemo
Ride Power
Ride Power Hace 6 días
bad project
Emin Mapper
Emin Mapper Hace 4 días
Kes la
I can't get over this. **replays the part Teemo got kicked** 04:02
Rune Tensai
Rune Tensai Hace 7 días
True damage Yasou: T-pose Pentakill Kayle: just photobombing the music video.
Sona looks so strong with her Uzumaki chains
Afektowata Pacharzyna
Still waiting 2020
Xxben 12
Xxben 12 Hace 7 días
gaster969 Hace 7 días
Haha, the book after Poppy turns around: -Nail Salon (mani/pedi) -rotate mid -think about entire life/death (i believe its) -does Kayle have a boyfriend? and more.. xD
Doctor Aven
Doctor Aven Hace 7 días
Would be great if Seraphine join Pentakill You can hire Tatiana from Jinjer for make some nice cleans/growls
Malphite Hace 6 días
No seraphine. Better join some badass female champ like Sejuani or Illaoi.
alquin arroyo
alquin arroyo Hace 7 días
Jekir0 Hace 7 días
K/DA: Virgins Pentakill: Chads
Baitex Hace 7 días
Upvoted for the Teemo YEET.
Blockclinger Hace 7 días
Remember when Riot was about Heavy Metal and not kpop?
Jugger Nikos
Jugger Nikos Hace 7 días
When china holds the reins it can only be about K pop.
no Hace 7 días
riot music: 10/10 riot balance: NA
jthiel0711 Hace 8 días
KDA is great and all, but give me more of this!
Nemuru Hace 8 días
Carl Robert Barinos
Carl Robert Barinos Hace 8 días
Ilang years na naawa parin ako kay teemo dito
-Loli Slayer-
-Loli Slayer- Hace 8 días
They did Teemo dirty
G bot Animations
G bot Animations Hace 8 días
4:02 i loved this
Jermaine Lontoc
Jermaine Lontoc Hace 8 días
I feel bad for the yordles
Mr. Cold
Mr. Cold Hace 8 días
Iron Maiden + W.A.SP.
Imightdrugyou Hace 9 días
I love that the only act of direct violence was teemo getting his face kicked in.
Dr. CL
Dr. CL Hace 9 días
What about sona yeeting rumble?
Chris Santana
Chris Santana Hace 9 días
made me actually cry at how hype this was jesus. i need to stop the edibles
El Watanuki
El Watanuki Hace 10 días
Más de esto y menos kda
invenc Hace 10 días
Best Riot band, period.
Edwin Shiu
Edwin Shiu Hace 10 días
I’m glad we went from this to K/DA
Doctor Aven
Doctor Aven Hace 7 días
@Edwin Shiu Only if KDA would be really kpop stars instead of that G(i)dle girl and the others....
Edwin Shiu
Edwin Shiu Hace 9 días
@Malphite can’t be a weeb when I’m already asian
Malphite Hace 9 días
Looks like you are one of these weebs simping for half-naked characters that are not even real and they just cry about how much money they have. People like you should be banned from internet.
Eudes Munoz
Eudes Munoz Hace 10 días
actually kayle came late because she was farming the whole map before level 16 and just came back to the clash.
Alertz Masamune
Alertz Masamune Hace 10 días
Lol poor teemo
Juan Antonio
Juan Antonio Hace 10 días
morde no esta fedeado lo podemos detener el morde tirando tp y entrando a la tean fight: 1:42
Mohammed Blew up
Mohammed Blew up Hace 10 días
I was so happy to watch teemo get kicked
Dampierre Hace 10 días
Underrated Riot song
Jaraid Hace 10 días
So pentakill helped us to defeat teemo so he wasnt gonna be active in rift But they failed
Lucky Madrigal
Lucky Madrigal Hace 11 días
no matter how many times I watch this, I still think morde looks more like a rhythm guitarist, not a lead. and they got to give olaf a kit to play on, not just some rocks to bang on.
DerDimi Hace 11 días
The only thing missing now is an easter egg where, when you play full Pentakill comp, if everyone dances, they play this song together!
Crazed Dog
Crazed Dog Hace 4 días
Ninja the most dangerus TH
on 3:50 starts the TRUE ALPHA PART
KrypticSlime Hace 11 días
Tell me how pentakill is in the title and katarina isn't included in this video (the red haired woman isn't kat its sona)
Ninjakimm Hace 11 días
animation has surely improved over the years
Ninjakimm Hace 11 días
or the budget
Kaan 58
Kaan 58 Hace 11 días
vallah teemo hätte wenn der feeded wäre alle genommen
Прохор Савченко
You will pay for captain Teemo...
ECLYPSO Hace 11 días
This is the only music video that i don't like
Dimi H
Dimi H Hace 11 días
Man I would love a new good Pentakill song like this for this years Worlds instead of KDA coming back 😅
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