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We’ve secretly been building a PC for none other than PewDiePie - and its finally done! Housed inside this custom Creeper PC chassis we’ve got a SWEET gaming rig, and we’ll show you how we did it!
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Thanks to Corsair, EVGA, Asus, Intel, G-Skill and Silverstone for providing hardware for this project
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28 mar 2020






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John Ashley
John Ashley Hace 7 meses
Linus: "those celebrity PCs... and takes a freekin year to build it" *Jayztwocents has boarded a plane to British Columbia*
Football Hobbies
Football Hobbies Hace 4 días
Is that a joke??
Pronator Tendon
Pronator Tendon Hace 15 días
Roopal Rastogi
Roopal Rastogi Hace 15 días
Pronator Tendon
Pronator Tendon Hace 24 días
He was boliviated
Nick Lounsbury
Nick Lounsbury Hace 29 días
@Avi Makkar It’s a joke
StClarus Hace 4 horas
$1500CAD for 2x32gb? It's £250 on Amazon right now for 2x32gb, damn
Sharingan Slayer
Sharingan Slayer Hace 15 horas
Wait till it over heats *Boom* Huh just like a creeper
DickDastardly Hace 16 horas
I honestly don’t get why they would “skimp” on the power supply?
DickDastardly Hace 16 horas
Good thing there’s enough room to upgrade to the 3000 series cards...
DickDastardly Hace 16 horas
The “notice me senpai” in the intro was fantastic
9807 Hace 21 un hora
does pewdiepie use it?
Storm Miller
Storm Miller Hace un día
Should have built an Among Us themed pc and gone Ryzen 5000 and RTX 3000. Next time remember to time travel when you build something like 4 months out, you'll save yourself a lot of headache lol
Justasnowycat Hace un día
You know you have a chad pc when it’s almost twice the height of the monitor
Kirschi Hace 2 días
That person in the back constantly looking triggers me. Don´t u have enough space to just move into another room?
FALSEY Hace 2 días
Frusu Hace 2 días
Looks like what we call a ‘sinterklaas surprise’ in the Netherlands. Only Dutch people will know what I meant.
Lil Load
Lil Load Hace 2 días
New pc name... A big cock.
Dylan Sturch
Dylan Sturch Hace 2 días
Aww man
Nycore Stormblade
Nycore Stormblade Hace 2 días
F’s in chat
Airbotic Hace 2 días
Crotch cooling. Why?
Schnapsbrenner Hace 3 días
One month... And still looks like a penis.
Some Random
Some Random Hace 4 días
if it actually blew up...
Deb Roy
Deb Roy Hace 4 días
That's looks like a dick
Lance Mharcilouz Salcedo
Running an rtx shader will make this pc explode
Troublingmink59 J
Troublingmink59 J Hace 4 días
3070 users right now looking down at this crappy card.
The Best Bros
The Best Bros Hace 5 días
6:58 F
MaybeMichal Hace 5 días
Mark Rizzo Field
Mark Rizzo Field Hace 5 días
lol. “Bad Linus”
TooIQ Hace 5 días
POV: Your looking for PewDiePie's comment
Grant Parker
Grant Parker Hace 5 días
I saw the creeper and I knew I had to click on the video
Alan Yammine
Alan Yammine Hace 5 días
"Ok, we might have to live with this particular little design flaw" "It's a fEatURe" He's a senior programmer for sure.
Grumpy Brownie
Grumpy Brownie Hace 6 días
When the ram costs more than your setup
NotJisoo Hace 6 días
Pewdiepie did not comment :(
Finnegan Brust
Finnegan Brust Hace 6 días
i really like this idea
AcobraYT Hace 7 días
Doesn't PewDiePie already have a PC
Vader The Darth
Vader The Darth Hace 7 días
Imagine if Linus worked with the hacksmith
THIS AND THAT Hace 7 días
a video before everything went south...2020
TheUnknownOne TUO
TheUnknownOne TUO Hace 8 días
I've watched this when this came out knowing nothing about pc hardwares... And then I came back now... Knowing just a little bit more than last time, lol
Maylar The Dragon
Maylar The Dragon Hace 8 días
imagine the hell of a story that it would be to tell that your *creeper* pc blew up trying to run minecraft with rtx on
Johnny Munz
Johnny Munz Hace 8 días
What a fucking creeper!
Robert Pirlot
Robert Pirlot Hace 9 días
Just $10K and this thing can be yours.
Dorucke Ducky
Dorucke Ducky Hace 9 días
creeper,aww man
Ficzd Hace 9 días
It’s a shame looking at this and then seeing what happened to it in shipping, just like Linus had said.
Anay Bansal
Anay Bansal Hace 9 días
Kishore Kumar
Kishore Kumar Hace 10 días
Why can't you just 3D scan every component and put it together in CAD and check if it fits?
D.I Z12
D.I Z12 Hace 10 días
Fun Fact: PewDiePie doesn't edit his videos and sive edits the videos on his own PC,
Egor Yakubenku
Egor Yakubenku Hace 10 días
“Speakers that double as a speaker”
Mohammad Hamza
Mohammad Hamza Hace 12 días
Hope it doesn't explodes like the real creeper
kflip 06
kflip 06 Hace 12 días
Did he ever get it?
Yawnyan. M4A
Yawnyan. M4A Hace 12 días
I wish i was a great gamer
Wholesome Bat
Wholesome Bat Hace 13 días
There is an Indian youtuber named "Flying Beast" whose pc has 128 gigs of ram just to play among us lol
Wholesome Bat
Wholesome Bat Hace 13 días
his head's actually diagonal ,,,,his legs aren't of equal heights,,,or probably the head straps are a mess
SHAGGY -OW Hace 13 días
It doid😟
Jenes Barcelona
Jenes Barcelona Hace 13 días
Yah i notice you
Rebecca Hardesty
Rebecca Hardesty Hace 13 días
Right now I’m getting my Dell OptiPlex 330 fixed
Dominik Kowalczyk
Dominik Kowalczyk Hace 13 días
It's too slow We need Intel core 2 duo e8400 in that pc
kyle widrig
kyle widrig Hace 14 días
My first recommendation was Pewds getting the pc
DomDaBomb20 Hace 14 días
32gb of ram in 1 stick shouldn’t be that expensive pcpartpicker.com/list/tkcGL2
Toshi Bishi Bashi
Toshi Bishi Bashi Hace 14 días
Damn, should have gone with a clear glass or acrylic with see-through pixel designed vinyl and have green RGB in the internal body of the Creep.
bhootpurv manusya
bhootpurv manusya Hace 14 días
wait it cant be just me who think this looks a lot like lund.
Neutrino Tech
Neutrino Tech Hace 14 días
ivailo petkov
ivailo petkov Hace 15 días
if I had that I'd remove the head and turn it in to a hulk cock
Yolopolotyu R
Yolopolotyu R Hace 15 días
Shame he wont use it i would use it
Alejuangames Hace 16 días
¿Dónde están los subtítulos? 😔
Connor Rose
Connor Rose Hace 16 días
Nice pp case, I mean pc case
Steak Winter
Steak Winter Hace 17 días
Thais Not a Creeper its a fat Dick
Rainer Tristan
Rainer Tristan Hace 17 días
"Ejaculate" "Nut" "Cheating" "Cat" *I feel very uncomfy*
Adar Nudellman
Adar Nudellman Hace 17 días
Linus:'I think I found another oversight'... other than letting you handle a mallet on a 4 month project? the anxiety when he used it goddamn....
Renz Rafael
Renz Rafael Hace 17 días
Be careful. It might explode
Aayan Ali
Aayan Ali Hace 17 días
Linus: Makes fun of alibaba and aliexpress Alibaba: here take this money Linus: aLiBaBa HeAdPhOnEs
DholocronKeeper Hace 14 días
I tell you, once you sell your soul you can get a lot of sponsorships
Sir Dexnnis
Sir Dexnnis Hace 17 días
EgleBoy2 Hace 17 días
feet sides wrong dark corner go to the bottom front...
Jonah's Epic YouTube Channel!
Linus in 2025: The all LTT gaming PC!!!
CorteS Hace 17 días
It is really disgraceful for PewDiePie not even leaving a comment on this video.
Sky Avila
Sky Avila Hace 18 días
That must be the ugliest pc Ive seen haha
Matiur Rahaman
Matiur Rahaman Hace 18 días
Hey mAn!put there a intel hd graphics 610 and 2 gb ram and a i3 first gen processor and then run gta v. And then the creeper goes kaboom.
LetsPlayMinecraft Hace 18 días
Hello Everyone ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
bytahhh Hace 18 días
You should’ve removed the vents so it actually has a chance to explode
Darki Hace 18 días
The Creeper PC: I'm Fine... Also The Creeper PC: Hsssss.
Manash Biswas
Manash Biswas Hace 19 días
Did he mention zayztwocents @ the beginning
Abdur-Rahmaan Muhammad
You know creepers blow up right?
Did Beets
Did Beets Hace 19 días
Why would you people dislike
Defender Hace 19 días
pavale Hace 19 días
no one will know the terrible word i just said hehe
Ahmed Aziz
Ahmed Aziz Hace 20 días
Pewdiepie had secretly watched this video🤭🤭
OriGin4LPr0DigY Gaming
Can't have a flaccid creeper... the design of this pc.......... lmfao it doesn't look like a creeper at first lol. I feel like I'm 13 again lmfao
Mr Pixel Pug
Mr Pixel Pug Hace 20 días
Minecraft is the best way to test a pc test a pc make sure cheats are on and do /give at command_block and in the block write /summon ender_dragon set the command block to repeat and place a redstone block it u lag=bad oc
Mr Pixel Pug
Mr Pixel Pug Hace 20 días
And dragons will spawn btw
chris murray
chris murray Hace 20 días
how much would it cost for a creeper taste?
Free Fire GAMMING Hace 21 un día
Pure genius work loved it❤️
comment comment
comment comment Hace 21 un día
creeper awww man
Jeremiah Louder
Jeremiah Louder Hace 21 un día
fffffffffffffffffffffff ffffffffffffffffffffffffff ffffffffffffffffffffffffff ffffffffffffffffffffffffff
Gabriel Hynek
Gabriel Hynek Hace 21 un día
6:07 wait how old is this video ???
Rami Hace 15 días
U can see
Selu Is trash
Selu Is trash Hace 21 un día
Explosion moment
RGB Kat Hace 22 días
That computer broke! Fix it or the meme lord will be angry!
biofrog Hace 22 días
Can you please block me so I want to see your videos if you support PewDiePie I really don't want to ever see anything you have
WesPlays Hace 21 un día
Andre Tse
Andre Tse Hace 22 días
Imagine an earthquake happening
Ranelle Ronquillo
Ranelle Ronquillo Hace 22 días
wait..thats a p*nis!!
Jellyboi 259
Jellyboi 259 Hace 22 días
Why you didn’t make it frickable
A-OK KICK Hace 22 días
2:10 haha pp funny moment.
Ivy Oh
Ivy Oh Hace 22 días
god this was only uploaded in march? Jesus this year is slow...
Diamond Dog
Diamond Dog Hace 23 días
The person who did the pc
The Real Bee MinecraftPE
3:16 lil' creeper is sad
The Real Bee MinecraftPE
Linus can u make me one ill pay $100,000.00 for that
Rami Hace 15 días
The Real Bee MinecraftPE
I'll be very very happy
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