Peyton Manning vs. Tony Romo in an EPIC Shootout Broncos vs. Cowboys Week 5, 2013 Full Game

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28 nov 2022






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Matthew Skillo
Matthew Skillo Hace 11 meses
RIP Demaryius Thomas - one of the all time greats who passed too young. My heart and condolences go out to his family.
Walter White
Walter White Hace 5 meses
I dont know about HOF certainly all pro caliber always fun to watch; who made Tebowmania a thing by always being open in 2011.
Tom Knapp
Tom Knapp Hace 2 años
I'm going to take 7 games from Romo's career in which he had 17 TDs, 3 ints, 101 passer rating, and led the Cowboys to an average of 28 points. If those were the first 7 games of a season, there could be MVP talks. Why these specific 7 games? They are all from 2013 in which the Cowboys lost because the defense gave up an average of 37 points. In fact, I went back and looked at the stats that each QB had against Dallas and the rest of the league. Those opposing 7 QB averaged 20 points higher in the passer rating against Dallas. In fact, yards, yards per attempt, TDs, and completion percentage were significantly higher EVERY SINGLE TIME. Yet, Romo took the blame. This is Romo's legacy. It happened to him A LOT.
B_A Palmer
B_A Palmer Hace 3 meses
Romo wasn't the problem. There were 2 other problems. Jason Garrett and the owner who hasn't done anything since he fired JJ.
zone5breezy Hace 3 meses
Meh....same with Matt Ryan but they are the face of the team so they take the brunt of the blame.
LQPrimeTime Hace 4 meses
@Walter White I am lifelong Cowboys fan, and Skip Bayless has made a comment about being a Cowboy fan vs NFC rivalries, that he knows Giants are a rivalry but he respects it, he doesn't like the Giants, but he respects the team and rivalry, BUT he HATES the Eagles, just can't stand the Eagles rivalry, and recently sort of started saying it about washington. I think it is any Philly rivalry because they are nuts, where the Giants, with Eli back then was a sophisticated rivalry.
Walter White
Walter White Hace 5 meses
I am a lifelong Giants fan. I hated the Cowboys; but can appreciate old games in retrospect since they're not the main obstacle to my hometeam winning a division. TONY ROMO is the only reason they mattered EVERY season he played. Without Romo from 2007-2015 they wouldn't even be hatable, they'd be below the Redskins.
JoJo Beast
JoJo Beast Hace 5 meses
Tom most people here just saying dumb crap cuz they either just hate the cowboys or are not educated on statistical proof and or not actually watching Tony play. I agree with you
RayBanVision13 Hace 2 años
Imagine this 2013 Denver offense combined with the defense of the 2015 team. Hard to believe they were only 2 years apart.
Mohar Legend
Mohar Legend Hace 14 días
@Hector Martinez not only the top offense the best offense of all time
Noel López
Noel López Hace un año
Similar with the 2017 Steelers offense and 2019 Steelers defense. Obviously the broncos were better though.
Scruff D0g
Scruff D0g Hace un año
Manning left it all out the field in 2013 because in 2015 Peyton Manning was cooked.
L Thom
L Thom Hace un año
Best team ever without a doubt
AD Hace un año
Hard to believe Peyton regressed those 2 years too
FRODILES Hace un año
This game hurts as a Cowboys fan but watching Romo was so exciting, watching Dak is too but Romo was the ultimate underdog it was fun to root for him.
J Hill
J Hill Hace un mes
Watching Dak is not exciting bruh, Stop it!!
Adolfo Sevilla
Adolfo Sevilla Hace 2 años
Man I miss tony so much, he was such a great quarterback who never had any help. Jerry Jones let Jason Garrett waste his career.. tony could’ve been an mvp if he had help, 2014 season shows it. It’s just so sad 😞
Terrell Weathersby
Terrell Weathersby Hace 4 meses
@david ellsworth I think 1year out of 10yrs as a starter proves his point. There was no reason JG deserved 10years as the head coach. Too much of the game was determined on Romo having to play hero ball. The same complaints have persisted from 3-4 different sets of WRs. That's a problem. They've made no attempts to add talent to the defense DWare was the last great. DLaw has never had real help and Parsons was a lucky pick cause they weren't drafting him as a rusher
david ellsworth
david ellsworth Hace 5 meses
BS he had a great team in 2007 and he choke
Julian Shipp Jr.
Julian Shipp Jr. Hace 2 años
Imagine how many fantasy points Peyton and Romo combined
Noel López
Noel López Hace un año
@Yetz22 my friend lost by less than a point once because Manning was taking a couple knees
Condor Gaming
Condor Gaming Hace 2 años
I had romo that year as my QB and he had somewhere between 40 or 45 fantasy points. Dont exactly remember but it was definitely in the 40s
Yetz22 Hace 2 años
@Just N/A I had Peyton, Decker and Dez(Decker got 17.7, Dez got 30.1), so I was pretty happy about this game. I also had Matt Forte, Le'Veon Bell, and Greg Olsen that year. Best FF season ever.
Just N/A
Just N/A Hace 2 años
If only a fantasy player have two of them.
Yetz22 Hace 2 años
Using ESPN standard scoring, Peyton scored 35.8, Romo scored 35.3. Keep in mind that the average game for a QB in that scoring system is around 17.
Zach Brisnehan
Zach Brisnehan Hace 2 años
I love this game because peyton ran it for a touchdown and caught everyone off guard
Oscar Fairley
Oscar Fairley Hace 18 días
I'm here just because I saw the play on Tic Tok .
The imaginator
The imaginator Hace 2 meses
That was definitely the greatest highlight of the game!
Bryan Leaf
Bryan Leaf Hace 7 meses
Idk how he does it. I guess the Cowboys EDGEs playing overaggressive was a big tell, but how did he know the cowboys would get into a goal line formation like that?
tmklunk Hace un año
How many concussions did he cause? Ask Dallas Clark!
@Trash Account (I use another one) 💯💯💯bro
Elijah Kane (1505ekoe)
One of the best game in Broncos history.
Gunnar White
Gunnar White Hace 2 años
This game was epic. Instant classic 👌🏼
Hunchoo The Legend
Hunchoo The Legend Hace 2 años
One of the most exciting, underrated games ever💯 Tony Romo played such a good game & doesn’t get the respect he deserves. Peyton Manning is just being himself truly one of the 🐐. I recommend this game‼️
ryan ciani
ryan ciani Hace un año
hey whos the one thats been in 4 super bowls?
Fred Bear
Fred Bear Hace un año
Two of the best QBs in the league in their prime.
Bazor 80
Bazor 80 Hace 2 años
Man I miss Knowshon Moreno!! Loved how much heart he had. He ran so hard
Martin W
Martin W Hace 2 años
I would have the Romo play at 20:55 in my top three best Romo plays of all time. Wow!
SolidSnake8295 Hace un año
506 passing yards 5 TDs 1 turnover (more WR’s fault than Romo’s) 140 passer rating 48 points of offense Gets blamed for the loss. Unfortunately this game was Tony Romo’s career in a nutshell.
Peyton Manning fooled the entire nation with that keeper😂 #LEGENDARY
Robmck Robmck
Robmck Robmck Hace 9 meses
hilarious he gets run down in one and a half steps
Whitney Shults
Whitney Shults Hace 2 años
One of THE most memorable games I’ve watched in the last 52 years! Back and forth could not sit down!
1990Thunderbolt Hace 2 años
this was one of the best games in that season!
Pablo Ramos
Pablo Ramos Hace 2 años
Loved watching this game live 💯💯💯 Watching Romo Show his true talent but man was i sad at the end
Bryant 88
Bryant 88 Hace un año
That profile pic 🔥
Conspo Hace 2 años
One of the greatest games in Peyton Manning career
alwaysopen Hace 9 meses
@D.I.G.G. Respectable? WTF does that even mean?
William Clogston
William Clogston Hace 2 años
It was fun to watch live.
alwaysopen Hace 2 años
@Jim Johnson Romo pushed him harder than any other QB.
alwaysopen Hace 2 años
JayPharmD 💊💉
JayPharmD 💊💉 Hace 2 años
Considering he had the #1 offense playing the Cowboys 31st ranked defense under Monte Kiffin forcing Dallas in a 4-3 without the right players.
Omar Hace 2 años
Romo was actually a great QB
Tom Knapp
Tom Knapp Hace 5 meses
@April C. Maybe they lost faith in Murray when he had a clear touchdown, but the ball was poked out and GB recovered. But, that must have been Romo's fault also.
RoboGreek Hace 5 meses
@Fred Bear agreed dak is BORING
April C.
April C. Hace 10 meses
@Omar it was 4th and 2! Why didn’t they run the ball for the 1st down and then try for the TD.? The Cowboys will ALWAYS and have ALWAYS abandoned the run game. They wasted Demarco Murray and they will waste Zeke Elliot.
B-GaMeR Hace un año
@Tom Knapp cowboys fan and I can't even deny that but defense still was bad
Tom Knapp
Tom Knapp Hace un año
@B-GaMeR It wasn't just the defense. I saw a lot of players make mistakes that had a very low chance of happening. Like when playing the Giants, Romo threw to Witten and it would have been incomplete, except Witten's heel hit the ball before it hit the ground, bounced up and I think it resulted in a pick 6. These kinds of things were happening all the time to Romo.
Music Guy
Music Guy Hace 2 años
Packersfan Hace un año
@David Stewart and 49ers saints
David Stewart
David Stewart Hace 2 años
Great shootout. 5 years later a shootout with the Chiefs and Rams happened on a Monday night
Ruellibilly Hace 2 años
Also broke your CAPSLOCK
David J
David J Hace 2 años
Romo did not lose that game. Romo played lights out, and went above and beyond what any coach should have to ask his QB to do. Manning threw for 414 YDS, 4 TD, 1 INT. Romo threw for 506 YDS, 5 TD, 1 INT. That's insane. The question that should be asked, is how do you lose a game when your QB puts up record numbers like that? Any football fan worth his salt should know the answer to that. It's because your defense is absolutely WORTHLESS.....that's how. And this was the case for most of Romo's career with Dallas. Romo couldn't play offense and defense too. And any QB that has to throw for more than 500 yards in a game, will inevitably throw a interception, it's that simple. Romo did his job in that game, but our defense should have been ashamed of themselves. A whole lot of players and coaches on the defense should have been fired after that game.
5X Champs
5X Champs Hace un año
I was lucky enough to be at this game. Second row seats in the end zone. It was incredible.
ShakeandJake Hace 2 años
Best shootout game ever. Nothing tops this.
Maurice Cotman
Maurice Cotman Hace 3 meses
Rams chiefs
TaoReviews Hace 2 años
I remember seeing this game live when Peyton ran it in for the TD and caught everyone lacking hard to believe this was 6 years ago 1:05:08
William Clogston
William Clogston Hace un año
Me too, it happened right in front of me. Our seats were like 30-40 seats from that corner of the End Zone where he ended up running it in.
Blah Blah
Blah Blah Hace 2 años
Totero lol
Salted Llama
Salted Llama Hace un año
I love how fired up the crowd was for their very talented Cowboys to take on the juggernaut of that season in the Broncos. Even when they were up 14-0 and had forced some fumbles, however, there was an uneasy buzz when Denver started driving because they could tell there was no stopping that offense. Even when that #99 clearly tried to bounty Manning by blatantly grabbing at his facemask with no other visible agenda, they couldn't stop him.
Martin Bradstreet
Martin Bradstreet Hace 2 años
Romo was great!! I'm no Cowboys fan but I wish Tony Romo won that trophy once - he deserved one!!
Return to Nature
Return to Nature Hace 2 años
If he actually deserved one he would have won one.
Clyde Stanton
Clyde Stanton Hace un año
The Week 5 Interconference Matchup, in the National Football League, between the Denver Broncos and the Dallas Cowboys, was and still is a classic Texas shootout. A very competitive game on offense, for both teams, that went down to the very last second, with the Broncos making a field goal as the time in regulation expired. A very memorable game. 51-48 Broncos!!!
Randy T
Randy T Hace un año
As a die hard fan sad this cowboys group couldn't win the big one really heart breaking well talent players
Spur Bronc
Spur Bronc Hace 2 años
Romo was 1 mistake away from best game a QB has played and still lost! What a game!!
Hunter Hace 2 años
Romo was so underrated his entire career. He’s a legend no matter what anybody says! True gunslinger...
Josh Hace 2 años
@Death2sion yeah but still, to be a starter and flourish as an undrafted qb is exceptional. Tony Romo is a legend because of it.
James Daniels
James Daniels Hace 2 años
@Franklin Turtle guess you were wrong
Goat9998 Gaming
Goat9998 Gaming Hace 2 años
@Death2sion i agree romo was unclutch af but dont disrespect him and put him in the same sentence as dak
Tom Knapp
Tom Knapp Hace 2 años
@Hope In Troubled Times H.I.T.T When you think that Smith, Newton, and Palmer are better than Romo, you automatically lose all credibility. Romo is also better than Ryan or Rivers, but I'll concede that is up for debate. Romo carried the Cowboys. But, one man can only do so much. Just about everyone you say is easily better than Romo had weapons. The difference is that Romo made weapons. Many times, his receivers and running backs that had all star years went to another team (or Dak) and flamed out.
Tom Knapp
Tom Knapp Hace 2 años
@Hope In Troubled Times H.I.T.T You make it sound like he was a horrible QB and he wasn't. He was vastly superior to many SB MVP QBs (Eli, Dilfer, Flacco). And he was much better than all those "second tier" QBs that you mentioned. He wasn't the best, but he was seriously someone to be feared.
Scorpius Hace 2 años
This was a great game to watch! During this time of the Corona pandemic being able to watch these old games have really helped ! Most of the time i don't remember the scores and I don't peek to see the final score before I watch so it's almost like watching live football....almost! The one thing i was really happy about was the officiating didn't make any major bad calls! Some of the other games i have watched have really bad calls made having a major factor in the final scores! I think this was one of the best games I have ever watched, live or taped!
rizednb Hace 2 años
I miss Beasley. damn he's a good slot receiver. I saw every one of Romo's games. wish that poor bastard and 82 blue got A Superbowl.
rizednb Hace un año
@Ricky C money doesn’t always buy happiness. Sure he would of liked that Super Bowl
Ricky C
Ricky C Hace un año
your the bastard my friend.. he's a multi millionaire
Blah Blah
Blah Blah Hace 2 años
rizednb how do you feel about their playoff game this year? That tossed ball in the endzone, specifically. I felt that should have been a touchdown for them and would have given them an almost untouchable lead. I felt they were completely robbed. So yes. With Brady gone and the patriots appearing to do nothing. They should be fighting for top 3 seed. Does the 7 team playoffs start next season? Because if so that 1 seed having the only bye will be rough to get.
rizednb Hace 2 años
Blah Blah he sure did ! He should do well with the bills . Especially with no more Brady in their division ..
Blah Blah
Blah Blah Hace 2 años
rizednb he had a good revenge game against us
Noel López
Noel López Hace un año
This was a gem of a game. I'm just at myself for having forgotten about this game.
angell Hace 2 años
One of the greatest games of that season!
Ronald Johnson
Ronald Johnson Hace 2 años
Both QBs played like champions.WOW what a shootout.
Charlie Proctor
Charlie Proctor Hace 2 años
I still say. TONY ROMO had more football left in him
Mark McKissack
Mark McKissack Hace 10 meses
@Flossondatrack yeah he couldn’t stay healthy, just bad luck there, but Romo threw for 5 TDs and over 500 yards with only one INT, but yet the defense allowed 51 points….yeah you’re right, it was Romo’s fault 🤡🤡🤡
Flossondatrack Hace 10 meses
@Smoke Dizzle He could never stay healthy. and y'all acting like he didn't throw the interception that cost us the game we are watching right now.
Soccercrazyigboman Hace un año
@Jahmeir Duncan no Dak was the reason we didn't have a shot. The dude was iced the first half. Then came alive like he always does at the ending quarters of games
pretorious700 Hace un año
@Blah Blah Or the Giants? Or the Broncos? If speculation meant anything, they wouldn't play the games.
pretorious700 Hace un año
@Jahmeir Duncan Cowboy fan with bad grammar? Say it ain't so.
Jose Fernandez
Jose Fernandez Hace 2 años
One of the best games I’ve ever watched
AlexshKim Hace 2 años
I became a new nfl fan since 2018, and i am still learning the game. these games are perfect for me to learn. thanks nfl youtube team.
Pacific Boy
Pacific Boy Hace 2 años
Look up chiefs vs rams full game click the first video! Your welcome
alwaysopen Hace 2 años
I stopped halfway as I watched the game 7 years ago and know the score. Dallas had this game but the defense lost it. Romo and Manning put on a clinic.
Michael De La Rosa
Michael De La Rosa Hace 2 años
Man I was 13 when this game took place. I will be 20 in 1 month and a half Wow, feels like yesterday
Arif Garrison
Arif Garrison Hace 2 años
It's funny because people say he always looses in the end but he is among the best in terms of fourth quarter comebacks just had to do it a lot.
Richard Calderon
Richard Calderon Hace un año
alwaysopen Hace 2 años
@Tom Knapp esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-2e-BSd06y3A.html
Tom Knapp
Tom Knapp Hace 2 años
Just the highest 4th quarter/overtime passer rating EVER. Even better than Rodgers. But, go back and watch some of his "losses" again and watch him put the Cowboy in a position to win only to have someone else screw up badly. Kind of like the year this game is from. In the Cowboys 7 losses with Romo, they gave up an AVERAGE of 37 points. Yet, all fingers were will pointed at Romo.
HereIsWisdom 1318
HereIsWisdom 1318 Hace un año
The first drive to open the game was just masterful by Romo.
Quan Thomas
Quan Thomas Hace un año
Romo had a MVP type season that year. I remember watching this game😂😂😂 it's hard to beat Manning he's locked in tho
Simple Mindset
Simple Mindset Hace 2 años
What a game .. awesome ❤
RockieRok Hace 2 años
I was in Dallas on business and at this game watching 3 rows up from the field, was the most amazing game you could ever want to see in person! Several Cowboys fans around me were literally tearing up and praying they would not make the winning field goal. Tony Romo was a SAVAGE BEAST this game and seemed to shock Peyton and the Broncos because they just couldnt put him away all night, I was so nervous these lit Cowboys were about to clinch the victory, but TRUST me, that Romo interception was no doubt the key to my Broncos victory and WOW did we need it. These two teams battled it from beginning to end and what an epic game it was, this game should be watched and studied, a true example of football talent from both teams.
btqy Hace 2 años
The reason Romo threw that interception was because he had a 311 lbs guy #77 step on his foot when he threw it
Abel Aguilera
Abel Aguilera Hace un año
One for the ages. I felt bad for Romo at the end when his line men stepped in him costing the Interception
Bob Jonsun
Bob Jonsun Hace un año
I love watching these older games when Dallas had a defense and the heart to win!;
No Fame Here
No Fame Here Hace 6 meses
This game was so good, the perfect ending
Germie Harville
Germie Harville Hace 2 años
didn't realize one of the offensve lineman stepped on Tony's foot when he threw that interception.... Whyyyyyy. so many gut renching moments as a cowboy fan
TiCuhWoods Hace un año
@Tom Knapp understatement of the century.
Tom Knapp
Tom Knapp Hace 2 años
Romo just had a lot of bad luck. A lot of games lost because of mistake made by other people.
Shunsha Hace 2 años
I remember this fantasy week. I had manning and my opponent had Romo.
Buffalobills 1990
Buffalobills 1990 Hace un año
Who won
DaSkarekrow Hace un año
I have a Romo jersey, I have Dez Bryant one, and I also got Dak and Zeke... I love being a Cowboys fan, but the '07 year broke my heart, I thought we had a shot, and '13, the year of this video, I thought was another shot.... Romo is amazing, but our defense for the most part was our achilles heel...this Broncos/Cowboys game was awesome, thanks for the upload
MariosNum OneFan
MariosNum OneFan Hace 6 meses
We had the worst defense this year. The eagles were much better team than us that year with their record. We lost stupid games like the Green Bay ones. Tough schedule as well. We bounced back the next season though until… well you know
Ketchapchuuu Hace 2 años
This is probably the best game I ever seen I remember it was back and forth back and forth I hate Manning because he was unstoppable at this point haha
Ishan Puri
Ishan Puri Hace 2 años
I was actually at this game and it was insane!!! Being there in the stadium for one of the greatest games ever was incredible
Carter Hace 11 meses
I wish the cowboys would. Win!!!
William Clogston
William Clogston Hace un año
Yeah I was too, it was nuts that it was such a high scoring game.
D1nonly1 Hace 2 años
Romo was so fun to watch.
REM Hace 2 años
One of THE most memorable games I’ve watched in the last 52 years! Back and forth could not sit down!
William Clogston
William Clogston Hace 2 años
I was there live for this one. Peyton Manning’s bootleg TD happened right in front of me.
William Clogston
William Clogston Hace un año
@Ashawn Bowman No lies here, I was there in person.
Ashawn Bowman
Ashawn Bowman Hace un año
Stop lying 🤣🤣🤣🤣 i
emmaandlizvids Hace 2 años
This was a great game man I miss peyton manning
Andy Villarreal
Andy Villarreal Hace 2 años
Fantastic game as a cowboys and vols fan i was cheering whole ass time
Mr. Exxon240
Mr. Exxon240 Hace 2 años
Funny thing is I guessed right on that play on everything!! I said to myself " watch he keep it" And sure enough he did.. Fooled the world except me 😆
Forever Independent Individual Archangel
The whole era of players for me from 98-15 are Legends
Leogodzilla28 Hace 2 años
That final drive by manning was MONEY
Almighty Hernandez
Almighty Hernandez Hace 2 años
Man I miss my bronco games 💯
T Brads
T Brads Hace 2 años
What a really really fun game to watch!!
Jefe Muga
Jefe Muga Hace un año
absolutely one of the most electrifying offensive games I've ever seen.
HereIsWisdom 1318
HereIsWisdom 1318 Hace un año
Dwayne Harris and Terrence Williams were such a treat to have on this Dallas team that year.
Sandwich Owner
Sandwich Owner Hace 4 meses
From undrafted to holding a lot qb records on a team known for its legendary QB's, Romo was hella underrated
BravoFoxtrot LLC
BravoFoxtrot LLC Hace 13 días
Jeff Willaby
Jeff Willaby Hace 2 años
I was at this game and watched Peyton fake the handoff and stroll the opposite direction into the end zone. It was awesome , me and another Bronco fan were screaming he had the ball and were elated to see him score! There were so many bronco fans at that game.
piijay14 Hace 2 años
Whatta Shootout! And as usual it came down to which team could make the fewest mistakes.
Cybermonk FPV
Cybermonk FPV Hace 7 meses
What a great game!!!🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈 football for the win!
JayyOhh56 Hace 2 años
My 2 favorite QBs of all time. ROMO Will forever be one of the greatest QBs to me. IMAGINE if he pulled this game off.
Bryant 88
Bryant 88 Hace un año
@Tom Knapp i remember all those games too sadly
Tom Knapp
Tom Knapp Hace 2 años
@Chris Phoenix How about facts? Romo did blow some games, but not nearly as many as you would think. Many the Cowboys were in a position to win when someone else blew it. The dropped FG attempt in Seattle? The Cowboys had the lead with less than 7 minutes to go with the ball. Glenn gives up a safety, and four plays later the Seahawks take the lead for good. This game against the Broncos? It is hard to win when your defense forces ZERO punts or gives up an average of 37 points in each loss. 2014 playoffs against GB? Both Murray and Bryant helped there. Murray had a TD, but the ball was poked out and GB recovered. Dez didn't need to get a TD, he just needed to come down with it, but he tried to extend the play and the play was incorrectly called incomplete. And that 2007 defense? They did a great job against the Giants holding Eli to only 40 yards for 22:15 of the game. But, in that other 50 seconds, a 53 yard TD (after an offsides nullified a 3rd down stop) and about an 80 yard drive in roughly 40 seconds. I remember another loss against the Giants in which Romo got it to Dez for a last second TD, but as he came down, he pinky was outstretched from the ball and barely touched out of bounds, Giants win. A last second TD against the Redskins to win the game! Only to be called back for holding and the time run off ends the game. And it goes on and on and on......... You see things like this when you actually watch the games instead of just reading headlines.
CLAY COLLINS Hace 2 años
Well, he didnt. Go Broncos.
loudpackalumni Hace 6 meses
Peyton set a ton of records that season but Romo almost broke one from 1951
Bee Walk34
Bee Walk34 Hace un año
DeMarco was a beast. I've never seen a team use, abuse, then toss away a back like that
Kevin Turk
Kevin Turk Hace 11 meses
The only cowboy game i ever saw in person.. The one thing that surprised me was how orange the stands were.
HereIsWisdom 1318
HereIsWisdom 1318 Hace un año
21:00 to 21:10 is the reason why we (I) love Romo!
Royce Randolph
Royce Randolph Hace 8 meses
My old man and I went to this game as broncos fans. Talk about hitting the full emotional spectrum haha. What a game. This was the last time Denver didn't just mop Dallas.
C C Hace 2 meses
From an offensive standpoint one of the best games I've ever seen. I liked Chiefs/Rams and Saints/49ers playoff game
Russell Cramer
Russell Cramer Hace un año
All of the undeserved hate Romo received throughout his career made me become so emotionally invested in him winning a superbowl that since he's retired I'm not as passionate of a cowboy fan. Part of me would hate to win a SB only for a narrative to form that his successor was able to get done what Tony couldn't.
Senpai-Kingz Hace 2 años
I love games like this❤ Broncos
Amir V. C.
Amir V. C. Hace 2 años
In this game we can see all the Broncos' defensive weaknesses and how Seattle destrroy him at SBXLVIII.
Patrick Stovall
Patrick Stovall Hace 2 años
How did everyone fall for that Peyton Manning run.
JQ Hace 2 años
1:09:15 THAT is some vintage Tony Romo. (And then his idiot receiver stays in bounds--that's the Cowboys.) I hate Dallas, but as a football fan, Tony Romo was a stone baller and fun as hell to watch.
pretorious700 Hace un año
Career .500 player who played small in the playoffs.
Blah Blah
Blah Blah Hace 2 años
JQ 22:55
The Poetry of MandyCore
God!! What a game that year!
Forever Independent Individual Archangel
Greatest Quarterback of all time 🙏🏿
Adam Castagnetti
Adam Castagnetti Hace un año
hell nah
Daniel Gutierrez
Daniel Gutierrez Hace un año
man watching this reminds me of when I actually started paying attention to football when I was a kid
CLAY COLLINS Hace 2 años
This game is a perfect metaphor for Romo's career.
TK Hace un año
yea tony choko...lol
JQ Hace 2 años
Well, yeah. The only reason this wasn't a humiliating blowout was Romo's incredible play. Just like the only reason those 2011-13 teams went 8-8 and not 2-14, and came close to making the playoffs, was Romo balling out. Bottom tier defense, o-line and run game for three years, plus sub-par coaching, but the Cowboys were somehow competitive--because Tony Romo gave them a deadly air game. But it's somehow supposed to be his fault that they didn't win. The mind reels.
Heath N
Heath N Hace 5 meses
Peyton's Rushing TD took forever🤣. That's the slowest Rushing TD I've ever seen and I'll never forget it. It made Big Ben's Rushing TDs look like Derrick Henry lol
Whitney Shults
Whitney Shults Hace 2 años
Man I was 13 when this game took place. I will be 20 in 1 month and a half Wow, feels like yesterday
M L Hace un año
Still breaks my heart till this day, but not as bad as the screw-job we got in Green Bay. #itwasacatch
Alfredo Alcantar
Alfredo Alcantar Hace 2 años
It was a emotional win 😂
MrFab99 Hace 2 años
Look at the ball placement on this play, 30:33. I hope Dak can someday be this good. I loved Romo but most cowboys fans took this dude for granted. I skipped through the cowboys defensive possessions because it was to hard to watch that garbage.
Sean Daniels
Sean Daniels Hace 5 meses
Dez and romo were an underrated duo! X!
Jorge Zuniga
Jorge Zuniga Hace 2 años
Antonio Ramiro Romo. As a new Dallas cowboys fan. This is one of the reasons I became a Dallas cowboys fan. Because you are a an example of the American dream. Jerry Jones my respect to you you are a master of reality. I will petition for your name in the Dallas cowboy's Hall of Fame. and I wish that Jerry Jones will consider you for a coaching job. Yes I feel that you are worthy of a Superbowl ring I feel that now is the time to apply for a mentor to Dak prescott. My respect for the future first Mexican quarterback in the football Hall of Fame. Also to Tom flores and Anthony Munoz thanks for your legacies. I have no propaganda . No agenda . Only freewill. The condor69
Angelo Romero
Angelo Romero Hace un año
Imagine if the Broncos were this good still😒
Nicole DeRhone
Nicole DeRhone Hace 6 meses
I remember watching this game. I was so happy Denver won but I felt terrible for Romo. I knew all anyone would remember was that last interception
btqy Hace 4 meses
OL stepped on his foot.
Scott Conner
Scott Conner Hace un año
Peyton Manning #18 Comeback Magic
Shut-_-Up_Bro Hace un año
Before Covid, this was one hell of a game
Spawn Hace un año
Tony Romo deserves to be in the hall of fame
Tony Perez
Tony Perez Hace 10 meses
Does not matter if its 2013 or 2022 The Cowboys always find a way to lose!!! Good Game!! Miss Payton.
Stoned Caterpillar
Stoned Caterpillar Hace 7 meses
I miss this type of football.
Sandbox Aperture
Sandbox Aperture Hace un año
Terrance Williams not going out of bounds to save time really reminds me of a giants game a few years later.
Ryan Hace 2 años
Watching the sheriff go to work man. Will never forget that 4 year ride!
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