Philadelphia Union vs. LAFC | Can The Returning Vela Make The Difference? | HIGHLIGHTS

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Philadelphia Union look to defeat juggernaut Los Angeles Football Club in what could be an MLS Cup preview Saturday night at Talen Energy Stadium in this Week 28 match-up of the 2019 MLS Regular Season.


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15 sep 2019






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Xá Quê TV
Xá Quê TV Hace 23 días
I like
Manuel Marzolla
Manuel Marzolla Hace 24 días
We should've lost...btw next year I hope we'll get an experienced defender, cause this defence is... Much love from Italy ❤️
BlaKJ Ops
BlaKJ Ops Hace 26 días
Dio is garbage. There always seems to be that one player that can't finish. 2018: Ureña - Kovar 2019: Ramirez - Now Dio Smh Miller & Zimmerman are not the same like the start of the season.
Sam Cooper
Sam Cooper Hace 27 días
What the heck was 23 doing at 1:15?? Terrible positioning and you gotta follow shots like that to sweep up the trash
Sam Cooper
Sam Cooper Hace 27 días
One of the better looking mls games. There were moments I thought I was watching European football. Fun to watch. Union will take it all this year
CM M Hace 27 días
Phila would've won, if weren't for poor defense in 43`
GAMEZSTAA Hace 27 días
Philadelphia is a difficult team to play against. I remember early on when they were putrid on the field but now they are MLS Cup contenders.
Tornike Mefarishvili
Tornike Mefarishvili Hace 28 días
''if the keeper was 3 inches taller'' ..well if my aunt had a dick she would be my uncle.
beto m
beto m Hace 28 días
we needed carlos vela🤗
juan andrade
juan andrade Hace 28 días
Vela mucho mejor que zlatan haces falta en la selecion vela no mames wey
Diego Teran
Diego Teran Hace 28 días
No lo compares con zlatan el tiene mucho mas años que vela bro
#32 Josh
#32 Josh Hace 28 días
Union should've won this game. Disappointed they didn't get one more, but still good game*
#32 Josh
#32 Josh Hace 27 días
@Urbana Piedra damn you big mad the Union almost won
Urbana Piedra
Urbana Piedra Hace 28 días
#32 Josh LMAO are you dumb or are you dumb LAFC out played you guys from every point of view yall scored because the defender didn't step on his man he stepped forward so he had a clear header and union got some good saves that's why yall didn't lose
Roberto Castillo Joliveau
Go Union!
serge458 Hace 28 días
Eveyone keeps complaining about the handball non call at the end of the game on Blackmon (which it wasn’t). It hit his shoulder while his arm was tight to his body. What about the non call for Atuesta getting tripped I believe just inside the box. Point is, both sides got no calls on important plays.
John Rambo
John Rambo Hace 28 días
2:32 Diomande, get yo goofy ass up
kaushik ghosh
kaushik ghosh Hace 28 días
How come nobody's talking about Aaronson
ggsnubs Hace 28 días
1:09 if #23 just continues his runs it’s the easiest goal he’s ever had...lazy
André Lopes
André Lopes Hace 28 días
He had plenty of time to catch the ball and score
Erick Martinez
Erick Martinez Hace 28 días
I think he was still not good
M S Hace 29 días
Philly went toe to toe with LA with Vela. Can't wait for playoffs when there's more pressure. Philly has a lot of grit and determination unlike LAFC who ride Vela all season for results.
Chamberlain Achilihu
Chamberlain Achilihu Hace 29 días
Philidaphia had become something else in MLS for real.
cholhwa Hace 29 días
It could have easily been 2-1 if Kacper Przybylko have followed up with the rebound
Javier Solano
Javier Solano Hace 27 días
Yea I seen that and thought to myself lazy! Lol
Le Moineau Irritable
Le Moineau Irritable Hace 29 días
Glad Miller leaved Seattle
Alex esparza
Alex esparza Hace 29 días
Ever since Miller came back from playing with the US he has been getting scored on .-.
Javier Solano
Javier Solano Hace 27 días
Nah he just sucks
Paweł Games
Paweł Games Hace 29 días
Przybyło !!!!!
Truong Do
Truong Do Hace 29 días
The ref keeps getting in the way of the players.
u0L1akayolo Hace 29 días
Lafc mls cup champions
Vern Battick
Vern Battick Hace 29 días
Blake 👀 🇯🇲🔥
Roy Good
Roy Good Hace 29 días
Vela eres un crack
Ito Ito No Mi
Ito Ito No Mi Hace 29 días
Lafc will choke again in the playoffs mark my words. They can’t perform in big games you heard it here first.
Raul Salazar
Raul Salazar Hace 28 días
@Carlos C you guys haven't beaten us, doesn't that tell you something? You guys have done nothing. Being in first place only shows how desperate you guys are to prove that you guys are a joke.
Carlos C
Carlos C Hace 28 días
@Raul Salazar We suck? Have you looked at the table? How's the view looking up at us from below the playoff line? No one is crying on our side this season.
Mxyzptlk Hace 28 días
Ito Ito No Mi your mom liked your comment
Mike DeBrosse
Mike DeBrosse Hace 29 días
The doop song is really catching
Jonathan White
Jonathan White Hace 29 días
Lol where you been? Been big for 7 years now
Bora Ulutürk
Bora Ulutürk Hace 29 días
What do we have VAR for if they’re not gonna call the handball that didn’t make it into the highlights?
fcchelsea136 Hace 29 días
Hit off his upper shoulder not his hand. Looked like one but definitely wasn't.
Vela es una vela....
Big Spot562
Big Spot562 Hace 29 días
Does everyone have same kit...
Rutuj Bhatt
Rutuj Bhatt Hace 28 días
Are you dumb??
Big White
Big White Hace 29 días
Pussy Vela should play international games like real pros
Tucker Knight
Tucker Knight Hace 29 días
There was a hand ball in the box that this recap doesn’t show in the second minute of extra time. Union should have had a pk and won the game.
fcchelsea136 Hace 29 días
It was off his upper shoulder. Looked like a handball but clearly wasn't in the second viewing.
Jonathan White
Jonathan White Hace 29 días
@Jon Wolf if rhe scenario was the other way around L.A. wins 2-1
Jon Wolf
Jon Wolf Hace 29 días
I love the U, but no way would a ref call that a handball and award a PK. His arm was in a natural place and there was no intent to make a play on the ball. That would have been a cheap handout. I'll take the hard fought 1 point earned
Christian Juarez
Christian Juarez Hace 29 días
Morgan still looking for one hundred?
Pizza687 Hace 28 días
Christian Juarez I literally just got that ad
Jordan Singer
Jordan Singer Hace 29 días
Refs gave LAFC a ~hand~ in this one
2ndEndingVintage Hace 29 días
Said it at start of 2nd half of season: LAFC will not maintain that sorta momentum. And they haven't. They ain't gonna make it to Cup game. It also seems that ref failed to award PHI a PK late in game (oddly absent from MLS highlights).
fcchelsea136 Hace 29 días
@Jon Warner if you watch the clip you see it hit against his shoulder. Never a pen for me as a Union fan.
zislow Hace 29 días
@Jon Warner Just watch a clip, he actually did move his arm out of the way and the part of the arm that was hit was against his body
Jon Warner
Jon Warner Hace 29 días
@zislow His arm was away from his body. Made no attempt to move his arm away from the ball. It doesn't matter where on the arm it strikes. It's a handball
zislow Hace 29 días
@Jon Warner I was only suggesting why the ref may have not called it a handball. Aside from that it just wasn't a handball, it hit far enough up his arm where he really couldn't have moved his arm regardless. It would have been an incredibly harsh call not even considering the time and score
Jon Warner
Jon Warner Hace 29 días
@zislow It doesn't matter the time. If it's a handball it's a handball and that's exactly what it was. Arm wasn't by the side and it struck him on the arm. That's a handball and a penalty
Lexington Leffall
Lexington Leffall Hace 29 días
No matter who your favorite team is and wether you like the MLS or not, I think we can all agree that Nima Sagafi is hot trash
Raul Salazar
Raul Salazar Hace 28 días
@Shibs not at all
Shibs Hace 28 días
@Raul Salazar don't you think you have a bit of a natural bias as an la Galaxy fan 😂😂
Raul Salazar
Raul Salazar Hace 28 días
@Shibs he's so trash that he flops and relays on the refs to help him score. Even Zlatan tells him to stop flopping.
SoggyWaffles24 Hace 28 días
Lexington Leffall Yeah. I’m an L.A Galaxy fan, but I admit that Diomande is good. He passes defenders a lot, and has some great goals.
Mateo Rodriguez
Mateo Rodriguez Hace 29 días
fcchelsea136 Hace 29 días
It looked like a handball live but the replay showed it wasn't.
Eder Cortes
Eder Cortes Hace 29 días
Mateo Rodriguez That’s funny because when NYCFC match against Toronto on Wed we had the same issue and most of you Philly fans say we didn’t deserve it, now you know how it feels when the ref robs you a PK .. Karma
Eekvan 27
Eekvan 27 Hace 29 días
0:19 seconds, Attack on Titan reference?
Celldweller Fangirl
Celldweller Fangirl Hace 29 días
Thank you for changing the title to not spoil the results.
PastaPasta7768 Hace 27 días
@Shibs don't ask and then be a douchebag. Take your micropenis somewhere else
Shibs Hace 28 días
@Erik Arzate English?
Erik Arzate
Erik Arzate Hace 28 días
Shibs something like lafc though loss or houston makes game winning penalty stuff like that
Shibs Hace 29 días
What was the original title?
Sam Johnson
Sam Johnson Hace 29 días
Early 🙋🏾‍♂️
Jon Warner
Jon Warner Hace 29 días
That was a fucking handball at the end. Complete bullshit
CJC_11 Hace 29 días
I like how you didn’t spoil the game in the title
Dave Kummer
Dave Kummer Hace 29 días
That was a hand ball I was there it was bs
Dave Kummer
Dave Kummer Hace 28 días
I still mad but whatever
fcchelsea136 Hace 29 días
@Dave Kummer it wasn't a handball. It looked like on live but the replay showed it hit his shoulder. Would never give a pen there even as a Union fan.
Dave Kummer
Dave Kummer Hace 29 días
It was a hand ball it hit la guys fore arm I was on the screen
Carlos C
Carlos C Hace 29 días
That wasn't a handball. If that was penalty, then the Philadelphia defender taking Dio down in the box should have been a penalty too
Elijah Wahba
Elijah Wahba Hace 29 días
Nice result, also love the music that plays after the goals.
Aged P
Aged P Hace 29 días
Sebastian Loos
Sebastian Loos Hace 29 días
First xD
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