Pianist SHOCKS Audience With Moonlight Sonata Dubstep Remix

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Relive the moment Kennedy Center experienced the Dubstep version of Moonlight Sonata for the first time...

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19 mar 2022






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MusicalBasics Hace 3 meses
Come to My Upcoming Concert Near You: www.musicalbasics.com/concerts Watch the full version of this remix: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-ZbBybGKiU0c.html
PMS Hace 19 días
Both beautiful and fierce... a remarkable performance!
ac2586 Hace 20 días
This is amazing!
Rovsau Hace 21 un día
Spectacular! Subbed :)
David Califano
David Califano Hace 21 un día
My hats off wow this guy plays damn fantastic, and amazing.
Галина Духовская
@Lana L согласна. Бедный бетховен. Впрочем,это отражение нашего бездушного времени где за внешними эффектами содержания нет
Lone-R Hace 3 meses
I'm so honoured that my backing track even made it into your Concert! That's a very Transcendent performance, I'm very happy for you!
Graham Hood
Graham Hood Hace 26 minutos
Great job pal nice nice nice nice nice nice or as we say in South Africa LEKKER
Word Warrior
Word Warrior Hace 9 días
In your opinion as well as a few thousand people. Isn´t that sooooo nice.
Matsuna13 Hace 9 días
You made a fantastic remix of this! Who would have thought a classic piece and EDM worked so well together?
Word Warrior
Word Warrior Hace 11 días
@Chris Sosa Wht are lies? be more clear, OK?
Chris Sosa
Chris Sosa Hace 11 días
KarlMaldensNose Hace 20 días
As someone who knows nothing about classical music, its history, its norms, its context, etc., this simply sounded awesome and made me feel awesome. Isn’t that ultimately what counts?
Nevarl Hace 15 días
Thanks for this video WOW. I played many years ago. I always felt that old school kept classical music shoehorned the classics. I read a study going back to the original metronome standards which was incredibly fast. That is the beats per minutes for the movement of music. They checked the metronomes of the time versus modern metronomes thinking that the calibration was off. It was not. They investigated the orchestras and the pianos of the time. The pianos were not modern without a huge sound board and the size of the orchestras were small more like a chamber size which is a lighter sound. This is a good and forward focus of music.
Livin the Dream
Livin the Dream Hace 16 días
@NowAndrew I disagree. I have seen a lot of art that does not move me and I do not understand it but to many it is art. Why must people always find fault?
Biaka H. Parte
Biaka H. Parte Hace 16 días
As a man who cannot play any instrumeny except the drum, i expect a lot more from our current composers... But they play all these classics like it is their own creation... It's not their creation and they should be ashamed to not advance in music ... Play your own music..
NowAndrew Hace 17 días
I would even argue that an art piece that 'can't' reach 'general' people, without inside knowledge of the piece and/or genre (no matter the medium), isn't really art at all.
Matt Huber
Matt Huber Hace 17 días
The original sounds even more awesome tho....
captainMAE Hace 21 un día
5:44 thank you to the guy who stood up. That would have been me if I was there. You totally and completely deserved a standing ovation.
Aaron Lowe
Aaron Lowe Hace 9 días
@Matthew Seinafo Ohhh, yes he does! _(wait, that's pantomime)_
Matthew Seinafo
Matthew Seinafo Hace 9 días
No he doesnt
Stephanie Smith
Stephanie Smith Hace 19 días
I stood up here at home! Most excellante success!
Laineytang Hace 19 días
@Aaron Lowe I saw that too! 😂 Or he was like, “Sacrilege!! I’m out!” 🤣🤣🤣
Aaron Lowe
Aaron Lowe Hace 20 días
And the old man bursting for a pee finally decides to make a beeline for the loo. 😂
Happy Trekkers
Happy Trekkers Hace 24 días
I LOVE when musical styles collide. Its music. Its meant to move you. Just because its traditionally played one way does not mean it must always be played that way. This was soo good. Im 52 and I freakin loved it.
P S Hace 14 días
I agree totally, same for food i.e. fusion! 😁
c g
c g Hace 20 días
Also 52, coulnd't agree more!
Brad Forsythe
Brad Forsythe Hace 21 un día
Great music ALWAYS transcends boundries.
Cliff Scott
Cliff Scott Hace 22 días
This was so beautiful. It made me miss my Mother badly. She was a concert pianist and passed Nov 16, 2021 at 88.
Zero Striker
Zero Striker Hace 10 días
I'm sorry for your loss
NenaPR51 Hace 14 días
So sorry for your loss Cliff🥹
IAintWonder Woman
IAintWonder Woman Hace 17 días
I’m so sorry…she sounds lovely. Hope this helps your grieving♥️🦋🙏🏻
Kitn Wills
Kitn Wills Hace 18 días
So sorry for you loss, dear.
cbiltcliffe Hace 3 meses
As a classically trained musician myself, it even took me a while to realize what I'm going to say: We tend to think of classical music as traditional and old. When Beethoven was writing this, though, it wasn't old, and it wasn't traditional. When classical composers were writing their music, it was contemporary. Yes, the stuff that's survived was certainly more intellectual than Justin Bieber, but it was still contemporary. They were experimenting with new chords, harmonies, and sounds. Haydn's "Symphony No. 94 - 'Surprise'" was specifically written to scare the crap out of listeners. Tchaikovsky's "1812 Overture"used actual cannons as part of the percussive sounds. So, no. This isn't sacrilegious at all. If Beethoven were alive today, and heard this, I think he'd think it was pretty cool.
A snark
A snark Hace 7 días
@dmwalker24 If you don't shoot, you never score. There are only so many Beethoven-level talents in the history of the art.
Raven Angelo Murawski
Raven Angelo Murawski Hace 11 días
@ricobarth ha, fucking nailed it
SuperTuesday Hace 13 días
Imagine what Beethoven can do with Dubstep if he is alive today... 😉
Cathy New York
Cathy New York Hace 15 días
@D Well said! You clearly know that Beethoven sadly lost his hearing, but when he could hear, he cared about beautiful melodies -- and these harsh sounds are NOT beautiful. You understand!!! Yes, he was an original. He did not take someone else's work and ruin it, like the kid in this video did. You are wise.
Reesey Byers
Reesey Byers Hace 19 días
I'm surprised there wasn't a standing ovation after that performance. You definitely deserved one. That was absolutely amazing and inspiring. 🔥
GreenFace Vault
GreenFace Vault Hace 5 días
There are many forms of appreciations, not just standing ovation. Giving it or not, doesn't have more or less appreciation meaning in it. And appreciation is subjective. You can't force people to do or not do anything you want 🤷‍♂️
Livin the Dream
Livin the Dream Hace 10 días
@shawna wilson I guess that’s true you give a standing at the end as compliment to the whole program.
shawna wilson
shawna wilson Hace 10 días
there's rules to a concert setting, so I'm not surprised at all. There's lots of pieces that deserve standing, but its a beginning of a concert itself, so they are surprised and wanting more. People don't stand and clap for a 5 star dish when they are done with the first course out of many on the way
Raven Angelo Murawski
Raven Angelo Murawski Hace 11 días
@NenaPR51 ikr what a joke. Very few people can combine different sorts of music together and make it fit like a puzzle, he's simply amazing
NenaPR51 Hace 14 días
Precisely my thoughts. He deserved a standing ovation. It did not happen because most of the audience was ignorant about music. 606Rabbit is a rap expert thinking he knows classical.
Hannah Violette
Hannah Violette Hace 22 días
I was a performing pianist and vocalist before the pandemic…walked away from all of it and reinvented myself. I haven’t missed music at all which has had me so curious…this performance was the first musical excitement I have felt in years. I have played the entire sonata multiple times and I think both Ludwig and Frederic would celebrate what you have done here.
Hila Bar
Hila Bar Hace 19 días
@Hannah Violette Ah, you were in education. I can understand that. There is something fundamentally wrong with the system. If I could I'd homeschool my kids. I'm so glad you found something that you love and I hope you still continue to play!🎵
Hannah Violette
Hannah Violette Hace 19 días
@Hila Bar Because I saw what was happening in education and refused to go along with it...it was time to re-create my life that I lived on my own terms. Now I help people with their health and weight loss goals and am loving life! I'll figure out where music fits in someday.
Hila Bar
Hila Bar Hace 19 días
I'm so curious as to why you walked away from your music. What are you doing now?
Diego Gonzalez
Diego Gonzalez Hace 20 días
I know how it feels
Cheryl Carpenter
Cheryl Carpenter Hace 21 un día
It's talent I've only dreamt of. I hope this reawakens your love/passion to play again if only for your enjoyment. Music connects us all and these masterpieces stand the test of time. Love and respect to all musicians
DJ Sig
DJ Sig Hace 9 días
I canNOT believe this didn't get a standing O! That was phenomenal. The mashup was seamless and invigorating. I would have been standing AND whistling had I been there in person, and I'm a 70+ y/o great grandma!
Sossitttaa Hace 13 horas
I feel like you need to hear this in the audience with headphones and bass to feel the vibrations in your soul! So good!
George Markey
George Markey Hace 2 meses
In all seriousness, Beethoven wanted people to innovate on his pieces. This is absolutely amazing! I love it, and I truly believe Beethoven would’ve loved it too!
sebmaio4 Hace 9 días
And you know this, HOW?? Truly believe all you want, but a fact or two would be nice. Have you ever created anything? Anything? a piece of music, or a fine art painting? If you had, you might realize that someone else reinterpreting/innovating on top of your discovery might not be so "cool." An artist's creation is personal; if someone else wants to innovate, let them take the artistic chances and live or die by their creation...for my money, and my creations, it's hands off, brother.
Raven Angelo Murawski
Raven Angelo Murawski Hace 11 días
@Nad Navlis no u
Pat Kennedy
Pat Kennedy Hace 23 días
@Virginia Cubberley Yes he did; his most profound music
Laurelie Irvine
Laurelie Irvine Hace un mes
@PignickelSRC He could feel the bass at least. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Beethoven actually did saw the legs off his piano after he went deaf so that he could "hear" his playing.
MiKel S
MiKel S Hace un mes
I don't think Renuar would want someone painting over his works. To take a piece that has survived hundreds of years and considered a major work of art, and then to paint over it like this only lessens it. Granted, he is a fantastic artist, and unfortunately his art functionally requires him to conform to the existing music, but since he does seem to be able to write some, let him write his own new masterpieces on his own.
BJM Graphics
BJM Graphics Hace 21 un día
That was amazing! It's the first time I ever heard a remix done with a classical piece. I think it's about time in this modern era to have classical remixes. Thank you
Sherry Birchall
Sherry Birchall Hace 20 días
Stunning and beautiful.
Baroness Elsa von Freytag- Loringhoven
William Orbit has done some albums of electronic interpretations of classical music. The Great Kat is Jiulliard trained and shreds classical on the electric guitar.
Naina Holsve
Naina Holsve Hace 7 días
"And that was the guy who made me fall in love with classical music... ❤️"
Janis Kara
Janis Kara Hace 24 días
How incredibly moving. I’m a pianist and this performance brought a happy lump to my throat. I may have to do more experimenting with the classics. Thank you for the inspiration.
Yevangelina Andreus
Yevangelina Andreus Hace 23 días
help this is so good it gives me back the passion i have for my musical instrument
Nina Dee
Nina Dee Hace un mes
Beethoven was one of the rock musicians of his day. He'd totally approve.
Lil A
Lil A Hace 19 días
He would!
222mozart Hace 27 días
@Tri Arb I'm too educated and cultured for such filth. And unlike you, I love art. And I respect the original of a work of art.
Tri Arb
Tri Arb Hace 27 días
@222mozart I love how you are speaking for someone who has been dead for almost 200 years as though you knew him personally. Maybe that's why you don't like this, you are just too old.
thedarkemissary Hace un mes
2 cello
KodalyCat Hace un mes
Not really, though it's tempting to draw that stretch of a conclusion (but probably some leeway considering what is defined as the sensibility, temperament etc. of a rock musician). Mozart would have been more likely to approve, but mainly on personal performance principles, if you will, as we extrapolate from historical sources. But really, who knows. Liszt, on the other hand, with all the transcriptions and documented proclivity toward improvisation...more likely to approve, but again - wk. Why is it that folks are much more inclined to say B, or M, or L are the rock musicians of their day - very rarely, the jazz musicians. Evidently not cool enough. Not relatable enough.
Phillip Molis
Phillip Molis Hace 20 días
First of all, Thank You for the beauty you bring into this world and sharing it here; a real treasure. I must say, Moonlight Sonata is by far my favorite musical piece/song of all time and I am an incredibly loyal man. That being said, I absolutely loved the exquisite classical musical dmt trip you laid before us!!! Thank you for pushing musical boundaries and finding gems like this for us all!
Beth A.
Beth A. Hace 19 días
Absolutely beautiful! This musician has not only worked incredibly hard to become an artist but clearly plays with his heart and soul. You can feel his music head to toe. 💕
Margot Blanchette
Margot Blanchette Hace 21 un día
Brilliant. Classical with a 21st century addition without losing any originality of it's composer. I'm always moved with this Piece of Beethovens. Being more of Chopin lover with his Polonaises, B Flats, Concerto's, Songs, etc. Thank You young man for a Magnificent performance. 👏💐
Brenda Farmer
Brenda Farmer Hace 19 días
I played piano for many years, and played accompaniment to school choirs, church choirs, and played for church services. Of course this song was one I enjoyed playing. SO, I just thought I'd give a listen to a True Professional play it! WHAT A SURPRISE!! MY HEART JUMPED INTO MY THROAT, My Hands Clenched! THANK YOU!!
Andre Cloete
Andre Cloete Hace 24 días
It's a masterpiece... Love the flow and the theme was recognizable through the entire performance. Wish I was in the audience.
Made In France ASMR
Made In France ASMR Hace 2 meses
I guess you guys aren't ready for that, yet. But your kids are gonna love it.
Pat Kennedy
Pat Kennedy Hace 14 días
Brilliant 🤩
NenaPR51 Hace 14 días
Ha ha ha ! Love it!
Pat Kennedy
Pat Kennedy Hace 23 días
Correl Freehand
Correl Freehand Hace un mes
@Ying Yang so are you saying detroit is only one race? or are there other races there as well? because last i checked detroit has all races there not just one. well at least he didn't say chicago.
Renata Stec
Renata Stec Hace 20 días
It's both sacrilegious and spectacular. Amazing skill and technique.
How in the hell could something so beautiful be sacrilegious? That was amazing!
winterfishes Hace 20 días
Man i would have been up OUT OF MY SEAT if I was in that crowd, the adrenaline while listening to that was insane
Brandon Valle
Brandon Valle Hace 10 días
Adrenaline? Check out Monomyth by Animals As Leaders. Trust
jhjet510 Hace 11 días
This was a brilliant performance! Wow! This was such a pleasure to watch and you totally deserved a standing ovation. Keep it up… I can’t wait to attend one of your concerts!
Exyl Hace 3 meses
man, that is just a phenomenal performance, i genuinely appreciate this line of work to bring the worlds of electronic and classical together :D
blue yes · 5 years ago
I agree with all of you, He has a nice logo.
pixxL_ Hace 2 meses
Just wanted to say that I like ur songs
Lord Vertice
Lord Vertice Hace 2 meses
Logo nice 🗿
Antony Cooke
Antony Cooke Hace 2 meses
You would.
sans clone
sans clone Hace 2 meses
His life sign spotted
Joseph Gargiulo
Joseph Gargiulo Hace 15 días
You really deepened the feeling this song has always given me since my childhood. I appreciate what you’ve done so much.
Britt Scott
Britt Scott Hace 21 un día
It was pretty common in the time of Mozart and Beethoven to improvise on other composers themes and take those themes places musically that the composer never would. Of course it would have been awesome back in Beethoven's day to see him perform and take a popular Mozart theme and hear Beethoven take it musically improvisational my somewhere Mozart never could have imagined.It would have been cool to hear Beethoven play anything,but hearing his interpretation on a popular theme written by another famous composer would have been great as well like The Barber of Seville by Rossini for instance.
ShikataGaNai100 Hace 20 días
That was so fu**ing fresh! I have been a professional vocalist and musician since 1966...and this moved me to tears. BRAVO! ...and why isn't that entire audience on their feet?!
Obvious Evil
Obvious Evil Hace 13 horas
Your version of this masterpiece made me cry when I was driving. The energy,mightiness and build up was just to much emotions for me. Sure some songs have moved me. But never made me cry and laugh at the same time. Just a fucking Epic masterpiece you have made. So many more notes to emhance rhis song. Much love from Sweden.
Yovany Nataren
Yovany Nataren Hace 3 meses
It's nice to see someone actually collaborate both old style and modern in one and actually sound great
sebmaio4 Hace 9 días
This is not a collaboration. This is not like jazz musicians voluntarily getting together to blend their individual talents. Beethoven created an individual masterpiece and this is some guy who decided to give it an uptempo, modern feel hundreds of years later. You may love it, but don't call it a collaboration. Think to yourself a hundred or two hundred years in the future when "some guy" decides to recode The Beatles, or The Who, or whoever your modern "bias" is, and played their music as if it were funeral dirges. If you were still around then would you realize how much the unique original sound had been distorted and the original meaning had been betrayed and obfuscated and misunderstood.
monk3yboy69 Hace 26 días
Perhaps the OP is extremely young….. We all know how that goes…..
Tri Arb
Tri Arb Hace 27 días
Queen did this too you know.
WooYaa Hace 2 meses
@Captain Teeko apashe is an absolute master at that
Ethos Music
Ethos Music Hace 2 meses
defiantreaper 23
defiantreaper 23 Hace 20 días
A beautiful and unique twist on a classical piece. You can really hear all the love and passion for music within it. Also extremely talented.
Suzette Bavier
Suzette Bavier Hace 22 días
Moonlight Sonata like we've never heard it before! Breathtaking! This guy's fingers are magical
mythandros Hace 14 días
I can probably count the number of times I've commented on a youtube video on one hand. This arrangement is inspired, transformative, and awe inspiring.
Pegi Haider
Pegi Haider Hace 17 días
This was played so masterfully. When he turned the bass on I literally had chills.
Claud Max
Claud Max Hace 7 días
That was a very interesting twist on the music. You asked if people thought it was sacrilegious or spectacular, I think it is a mix of both. To the classical music purists they would think the first, but to other people who appreciate classical music and can see outside the box, it was very innovative to incorporate a different style and make it work seamlessly.
Aussie Milo man
Aussie Milo man Hace 19 días
Steinway never would have dreamed that their wonderful pianos would ever be so versatile.
Dakota Garcia
Dakota Garcia Hace 17 días
Oh wow. The way the music built up with such POWER. It made me emotional to hear this
Steven Seven
Steven Seven Hace 20 días
Fantastic! Loved it! Would love to see this gentleman perform in person!
Doyle Maston
Doyle Maston Hace 11 días
Just heard/saw this for the first time today. BRILLIANT!! Absolutely BRILLIANT!! I am blown away!!
сладкий медвежонок
This is simply *IMPROVISATION* something that pianist from around the time of Beethoven did on a regular basis. You get 2 of the best pianist in a room and see who outdoes the other. The best man/woman wins! *NOTHING TO BE SHOCKED* It's been done for centuries!
Andie Hace 18 días
That was spectacular!! Cheers mate! Bravo!👏👏
Terry Elston
Terry Elston Hace 18 días
Uncontrollably fabulous. Devastatingly beautiful and new. Remarkable to say the least. Your talent your vision your imagination whew
Victor Mead
Victor Mead Hace 24 días
I can't understand how anyone could play like this. He is simply amazing.
Brent Shuffler
Brent Shuffler Hace 16 días
Genius! I have always admired those that can keep so much music in their head and play without music in front of them. Likewise, those who can sing without words or music......
Puma Hace 19 días
Simply the greatest version I’ve ever heard. Thank you for sharing!!!🥰🥰🥰
D. Leighann Batemon
D. Leighann Batemon Hace 17 días
That was absolutely epic. I wish I could've been there. I love classical piano, and I love good dubstep. Now I'm going to put in headphones and listen again.
NewTypexvii Hace 2 meses
Doesn't matter if its sacrilegious or spectacular. You made a choice and you performed your heart out. And that's what makes an artist. And as an audience member that's what I appreciate.
KitWriter Hace 2 meses
@Duncan lance oliver he might have been furious at first until he saw this performance, lll
KitWriter Hace 2 meses
Beethoven felt the same way. He once said that it is human to hit a wrong note, but unforgivable to play without passion.
Duncan lance oliver
Duncan lance oliver Hace 2 meses
@Alan Canon beethoven would have been beating this guy up for playing his peices any way other then his way sorry but we have historical report of his behavour heck watch one of the many movies about him so why try to sell lies heck
Dan Danimal
Dan Danimal Hace 2 meses
Spot on!
Dan Danimal
Dan Danimal Hace 2 meses
@xWabbli AMAZING anime!
Shann Sue
Shann Sue Hace 10 días
Absolument magnifique. Les mots me manquent pour décrire l'émotion que je ressens devant tant de talent.
aristayos Hace 17 días
I'm stuck! My heart beats like a drum and I can't stop the tears running... Genial, ergreifend und schlichtweg atemberaubend
Merry Aijlman
Merry Aijlman Hace 22 días
Beautiful. I have loved Moonlight Sonata since I was a kid in the 50s. I was a weird kid who loved classical music. Your rendition was awesome. 🤗🤗🤗❤
PrinzCharls Hace 3 meses
What a concert! I can only imagine how this must have sound live. The speakers of my tv couldn't render the beautiful sounds of these different instruments not anywhere near. So many people attended the concert, who didn't even know Lionel before! And i was sitting here in my room wishing, that i could see this show from close up.😅 This new version of the moonlight sonata is lit!❤‍🔥The piece you played for Andreas was really good too. Whats the name of this piece? Last time Saudade really reflected the pain due to his loss. This time this piece just showed pure gratefulness. 😊I hope everyone enjoyed the concert and the meet and greet afterwards. I totaly would have bought some merch in order to support the people in need too!
Adam Hace 2 meses
They're all lying to you... it sounds just like it's coming thru a TV, when it was played live and even on ESvid via great headphones. I'm not sure why all these people say otherwise. Trinitron sound, frankly.
wilsjane Hace 2 meses
@Thomas Le Guenne Although I prefer a crossover pair, the microphone was an ideal distance to capture the harmonics and hall reverberations. I think that the recording engineer did not expect the dynamic range and the recording started clipping. It also sounded like a digital recording at an insufficient bit rate. Recordings such as this sound impressive at first, but soon cause audio fatigue to the listener.
Thomas Le Guenne
Thomas Le Guenne Hace 2 meses
Even with headphones the sound is really bad, the mics are not good ones for piano recording and they are too far from the strings
kev mc
kev mc Hace 3 meses
Plug your device into a hifi system
pkguy3 Hace 3 meses
get some good headphones,, amazing sound
Iris Magnussen
Iris Magnussen Hace 9 días
I think they absolutely would approve of this! Wonderful interpretation! Music is organic and lives.
Chris Macolley
Chris Macolley Hace 23 días
I think it’s beautiful, adds new depth to a masterpiece created centuries ago
Callye Jamerson
Callye Jamerson Hace 5 días
just so you know that is always been one of my favorite songs of all time I have never gotten so emotional over the way did you play this you are awesome actually Beyond awesome thank you
Jason Ryg
Jason Ryg Hace 4 días
Hello 👋
vittorio tuvo
vittorio tuvo Hace 20 días
I love classical music but this version is amazing!
Binary Ruffian
Binary Ruffian Hace un mes
It’s not about impressing everyone, it’s about trying something new and different. You are paving the way for others to do the same, that would have otherwise been more reluctant. You’re also helping classical music be heard by a bigger audience, well done.
Pete Mitchell
Pete Mitchell Hace un mes
Lol@paving the way 🤣🤡
alphagt62 Hace un mes
I was impressed! And this video has 250K likes, so apparently I’m not alone? I did wonder about the comments scrolling in the top corner? I couldn’t even see them, who knows if they are good comments or not?
Luceat Lux
Luceat Lux Hace un mes
yeah...although i wonder what the point was of showing all those comments (that didn't add anything except showing how impressed the plebs were).
DAVID P Hace un mes
I didn't really like it
Ursa Major
Ursa Major Hace un mes
I mean, TransSiberian Orchestra exists LOL I do absolutely agree with you, but TSO definitely opened up my eyes to classical music in a new way as a kid and I love that this generation gets all sorts of options like this talented man.
Flower Girl
Flower Girl Hace 19 días
Absolutely BRILLIANT! And real commitment. To have to play in the tempo of the track.
Shane Morrison
Shane Morrison Hace un día
I saw the genius at work, it was in the playing and composition. It did'nt need the intrusive beat to give it color. Linking that Chopin with the presto fused in an epic theme was mind blowing. It pushed a lot of energy through my sleepy classical circuits and woke up new ones.
Beastie snr
Beastie snr Hace 23 días
I dont comment much on ESvid, but thank you, the play style, and the movement between styles was absolutely wonderful
ClassicCaryGrant Hace 20 días
Incredibly innovated version of these great pieces and a standing ovation should have happened, I just wish for future uploads that you can wait until the end of the piece for your comments and chat box highlights. (sorry but it was distracting to the music/artists performance) Thank you for sharing this amazing moment and hope to find more from you in the future.
KECOG Hace 7 días
I rather liked the effect of classical music, highlighted with the ultra modern chat box; it foreshadowed the direction of his playing, I think. I've seen this one several times, and it's done well, IMO.
dolita windo
dolita windo Hace 2 meses
In all seriousness, Beethoven wanted people to innovate on his pieces. This is absolutely amazing! I love it, and I truly believe Beethoven would’ve loved it too!
szkari65 Hace 11 días
​@Raven Angelo Murawski Fame is not valuable in itself. There are about 50.000 or more absolutely unknown pianists all around the world who can play Beethoven and Chopin better than this guy. I'm only one of them. This guy is also unknown for the 99.999999% of the world. But these 50.000 don't play dubstep, therefore that thousands of people who love dubstep don't know them, and (I'm afraid) 95% of dubstep-fans don't know neither Beethoven nor Chopin. I think it because if somebody likes classical music, probably will not like dubstep. If somebody likes and understands Beethoven and Chopin, probably will not make dubstep from their music.
Raven Angelo Murawski
Raven Angelo Murawski Hace 11 días
@szkari65 I strongly doubt you can do better and are making music that thousands of people love, cause that's what he is doing while you are unknown
JZS Hace 19 días
@szkari65 I quite agree with your opinions, and I think you eloquently defended them. evidently, youtube comments can be a very frustrating place to have a discussion...
Hank Kingsley
Hank Kingsley Hace 19 días
Yeah he probably would have been fine with innovation but...maybe not so much with how sloppy this was in technique
Cam Ziron
Cam Ziron Hace un mes
This is great, but Tokio is better. Have a listen to him.
WaterMelancholia Hace 13 días
Shout out to the Livestream chat who were able to hype this man when the audience had to be polite
Laurel Johnson
Laurel Johnson Hace 6 días
Paul Miner
Paul Miner Hace 2 días
Moonlight Sonata holds a special place in my heart. It was one of the only songs I really listened to as a kid, because it was used as the intro to Thexder, my favorite game (1980s).
Shaman Aah
Shaman Aah Hace 11 días
AMAZING!! Gave me goosebumps and made me cry. Absolutely love it!!! Thx for sharing!!
Trehan Creek Outdoors
As a former National Piano Guild member I played so many of the great classical pieces and although also a fan of dubstep, I never considered merging the two. MAGNIFICENT! You Sir, are a genius and I salute you both for your courage to take music to a new level and the skill you displayed in your performance! Bravo! I hope you continue to expand the bounds of music in this manner.
Mercychoke Hace 2 meses
@Marius Piedallu van Wyk 100% AGREED! 🤔🤯🧐🎶🎹
Mercychoke Hace 2 meses
@Jim Harvey Are you, by chance, a fan of Weird Al Yankovic..? Don't misunderstand me here- I'm obviously joking, because I am not the type to go around insulting people. But I think my point is made, regardless of the satirical statement herein...😉☮
Mercychoke Hace 2 meses
@Biggie Smalls You have a right to your opinion, but so do I. I completely agree that music is to be experienced differently by all, that is at the very heart of what art is meant to do. Part of its' unwavering appeal. But a masterpiece is a masterpiece, and to change it, (especially in the case of a score that has stood the test of time) undercuts, or at least distorts, the historical significance of it- as well as the composers' vision for it, imo. Out of respect for Beethovens' legacy- I believe that it should stand, as it is, and frankly- was MEANT to be. I understand that art is conceptual and that artists evolve, and I support said evolution- just not in this particular instance... 🤯🎹🎶
Mercychoke Hace 2 meses
@Jim Harvey That depends on your definition of enhanced...🙄
Sum Ting Wong
Sum Ting Wong Hace 2 meses
@Aaron Brown now that was funny. Brilliant actually.
Stephen Faulk
Stephen Faulk Hace 8 días
Goosebumps at every drop! LOVE IT!!
Danielle Welch
Danielle Welch Hace 12 días
Phenomenal, spectacular, amazing! Still in shock---Incredible!
Leatrice Taylor
Leatrice Taylor Hace 8 días
I always loved Moonlight Sonata but this takes it another step better. Thank you!
Rita Secrease
Rita Secrease Hace 21 un día
Antony de Navarro
Antony de Navarro Hace 2 meses
5:44 I think this moment sums up the performance. One man stands to give you a standing ovation, another leaves quickly. You know what they say about art? ‘Make them feel SOMETHING. Whether they like it not at least they felt an emotion’. Bravo
Jake Voutilainen
Jake Voutilainen Hace 2 meses
@MrJohnnyDistortion He probably just crapped his pants. ;)
MC Hace 2 meses
Ahhh, that is what it is all about! To be affected!
Katholeen Love it
Katholeen Love it Hace 2 meses
👏👏👏👏👏👏 well said
MrJohnnyDistortion Hace 2 meses
The man that left quickly probably had to pee and held it for as long as he could.
Eco Hace 2 meses
Yeah, definitely a toilet break, dude was probably holding it in for the sake of watching that masterpiece, and after it was done, he went to the toilet to answer nature’s call as quickly as he could
Enrico Montalto
Enrico Montalto Hace 6 días
Oh my god what I just listened... You guys take an already perfect piece to a whole new level. That's incredible.
Samuele Zara
Samuele Zara Hace 24 días
Classical music is the only musical genre that works with every other genre and makes them perfect. That's why classical music is universal, and the best.
Pdbrighteyes Hace 16 días
It was beautiful and should be heard all around the world because you brought classical music into the new age with the mashup! Love it!
Debonair Gaming
Debonair Gaming Hace 24 días
I think the original composers would be honored by your renewal of their original vision. They were on the cutting edge of music for their time, and now here you are doing your best interpretation of being on the cutting edge of music and yet still paying homage to the greats. Loved it my man.
Tore Jens Oftenæs
Tore Jens Oftenæs Hace un mes
In Beethoven's time, it was common to improvise and make variations and to impress like this, so it is quite possible Beetoven(who was an excellent improviser) did something similar himself in concert or just for fun at home. Excellent performance.
Tore Jens Oftenæs
Tore Jens Oftenæs Hace un mes
@Richard Knox Yes Beethoven also channeled a dark side, among many many other things.
Richard Knox
Richard Knox Hace un mes
Although this isn't actually improvisation, it's a written remix, I do believe Beethoven would have loved the complexity and darkness. Beethoven definetly channeled the dark side of things when he composed. I strongly believe he had an inner darkness that he could only get out through music. I think he would love this, it very much channels the same spirit in all of Beethovens music.
Will Eggleston
Will Eggleston Hace un mes
@Max Horn when he tried "[loop 10 hours]" and lost three fingers
Mike Brown
Mike Brown Hace un mes
Beethoven probably would have liked it. He was quite the rebellious one, not at all sticking to tradition. He loved epic music and you can hear that he's basicly the godfather of the romantic epoch in his later masterpieces. Most likely Beethoven would have made a variety of music including modern electronic and metal today. He was a virtuoso, a composer who pushed the boundaries and he was always willing to implement new ideas, that's why I'm pretty sure he would have loved this modern interpretation on his timeless music.
Max Horn
Max Horn Hace un mes
Yes I too love when he played Fur Elise to the backing track by the name of "Lofi beats to relax/study to"
Tangent Gaming
Tangent Gaming Hace 21 un día
There was nothing sacrilegious about that music man. It was punk rock extream, straight Jazz. Kudos and good job. ! Much Love - NC 🇺🇸
Centry ISA
Centry ISA Hace 13 días
No words... Epic. Just epic. Leave me a message when doing a tour through germany. I'd love to feel that sound live. Thank you for such emotional sounds, for being able to be part of your passion.
Twave Hace 22 días
What would make this just slightly more epic is a very lightly sounding chorus every time the sound builds and it switching off the piano to a chorus in key moments.
Rachael Nicholls
Rachael Nicholls Hace 21 un día
I really want to watch a dance specifically choreographed to this piece. Be freaking amazing. Great job bringing new life to this masterpiece. 🙌
chopsticksGO Hace 3 meses
This was an already insane mix, but I can only imagine how LIT that had been in the Kennedy Center! I nearly cried when the dubstep track started kicking in 😭👏
Joseph Ballard
Joseph Ballard Hace 3 meses
I teared up as well!!!❤❤❤
DarkTodd Hace 3 meses
69th like lol
Westy Hace 8 días
Absolutely incredible talent spectacular performance most gifted pianist on the planet 👏
Captain Glasgow
Captain Glasgow Hace 21 un día
This was so powerful, I actually cried at this, it was that emotional, this is on my favorite songs list 😁😀👍
Maj Hace 18 días
Wow! That was awesome! Was listening with a big smile and tears in my eyes! Exactly what music is all about ; you moved me :-)
Blackmountaingal1 Hace 18 días
I loved it! It encapsulated the energy and spirit of Moonlight Sonata and then embellished the piece with a fully artistic interpretation and arrangement. Bravo sir continue on!
Anna Wilman
Anna Wilman Hace 2 días
This music is so inspiring and full of life energy! Thank you so much for sharing!
Greig Clement
Greig Clement Hace 10 días
Having fun with established classical pieces must be very rewarding. Taking all the techniques you have learnt and shaking it up keeps music interesting.
Anne POITRINEAU Hace 24 días
Why would Mozart and Beethoven not approve? this sort of performance breathes so much life into music and this is exactly what composers want: life.
MagicalKid Hace 22 días
@Anne POITRINEAU I think that's what they were saying: No, composers want 'kocain'
Anne POITRINEAU Hace 22 días
@Gabba Gandalf That's where yyou might be wrong: just check history and you will notice how many composers had addiction problems.
Gabba Gandalf
Gabba Gandalf Hace 22 días
No composers want cokain
Donna Warlick
Donna Warlick Hace 2 días
So beautiful. Thank you for this experience of hearing you play.
Ben Jo
Ben Jo Hace 2 meses
I'm older (70+) and the sonata is my all time favorite piece of music. But I have to say I really loved the treatment of this piece. It rocked, it brought tears and was just absolutely marvelous!! Thank you.
soul2soulhealing global
aceman1126 Hace 17 días
How was that foolish audience not giving a standing ovation for that?! Absolutely amazing work. Great job
L Gascco
L Gascco Hace 23 días
That was so epically emotional that I started crying 😭 … that doesn’t happen often
Catheleya Hace 24 días
This is so cool. I love the arrangement.
Mary Krekeler
Mary Krekeler Hace 19 días
All I can say is FABULOUS. Thank you. I am overwhelmed with emotion that I've not felt for a very long time.
Matt Fossa
Matt Fossa Hace 2 meses
Wow! I'm a pro orchestra musician of 25 years and I am LOOOOOVING this!! Way to go!! I actually think Beethoven might actually approve if he knew what 21st Century technology can do for music. Heck, if he lived now, he could well have written the first Dubstep Sonata! Keep going and all the best to you!
Sebum Post Mortem
Sebum Post Mortem Hace 2 meses
Same for me as a ballerina. This is how art grows and lives forever. Imagine Beethoven and Burial writting microdubstep tempos on a pentagram 😍🤯
Stephen Leader
Stephen Leader Hace 2 meses
Not only approve. If Beethoven was alive today, I think this is the music he would be producing.
nleippe Hace 2 meses
@agnes15101968 no doubt. Both Beethoven and Liszt would have loved modern music capabilities.
Eva Marietje
Eva Marietje Hace 2 meses
Im thinking soooo often what classicalmuscisians would think about contemporary music. Heck i'm wondering what queen and MJ would think about their remixes
Valentina St. John
Valentina St. John Hace 15 días
This original piece is already so moving, but, this gave me waves of chills.
Scott Siler
Scott Siler Hace 9 días
Have to wonder how many people got introduced to something they thought they would hate that day, and walked away loving every second of it :D NICELY DONE!!!!!!
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