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👉🏼FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/moonlight.guidance
🌟 Tarot Cards I use on my channel (These are also my favourites):
The Original Rider-Waite Tarot Deck
Everyday Tarot
Mystic Mondays Tarot
Golden Universal Tarot
Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand Tarot
After Tarot
Neo Tarot
Work Your Light Oracle Cards
The Romance Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue
Tarot of New Vision
Universal Tarot; Mini Tarot Cards
Fashion Oracle Cards
Kawaii Tarot
Fountain Tarot
Earth Magic Oracle Cards
The Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards
Wisdom Of The Oracle Cards
Cosmic Woman Tarot
Ok! Tarot
Tarot Made Easy
The Universe Has Your Back Oracle Cards
Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards
The Magic of Tarot
Tattoo Tarot Ink & Intuition
Art Oracle Cards
The Golden Tarot
Colour Your Own Tarot
Moon Oracle Cards
Keepers of the Light
Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards
Golden Art Nouveau Tarot Cards
Sacred Spirit Reading Cards
Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle
Otherkin Tarot
Forest Enchantment Tarot
Circle of Life Tarot
Everyday Witch Oracle
Le Tarot De Marseille
Trippin' Waite
Archangel Oracle
Black and Gold Edition Tarot
Universal Love Healing Oracle Cards
White Light Oracle
Heart and Soul Oracle Cards
Twin Tarot Oracle
Norse Divination Cards
Dreams of Gaia Tarot
Radiant Wise Spirit Tarot
Crystal Intentions Oracle Guidance and Affirmations
Romantic Tarot
The Kuan Yin Transmission Affirmation Cards
Millenium Thoth Tarot
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Q S Hace un mes
group 3 💛🌟
ihiitTerri Phillips
I chose #2. I enjoy these types of readings that we get to choose the cards. Thank you!
Claudia Lane
Claudia Lane Hace un mes
Pile 3, thank you for the reading 🐷 xx
Xgodark Hace un mes
Pal 2 I am alone again. hope it's over soon
meicathemodel Hace un mes
Group 2 💖💖
HoldOnTillMyLa Hace un mes
#2 im single and i been single every year for mg last 23 yrs in living i just want to smile n mean something to someone 💔😩 it is a bad day my crush basically rejected me so why should i feel like a bad bitch when my steve rogers ran out the door 😭😩
Stefani Oona ASMR
Stefani Oona ASMR Hace un mes
Free reading please~ much love
Queenfify Hace un mes
Pile 1 I feel great about myself and gave meself a red rose !! Hahaha this is so wonderful don't wait for someone to give it to me. I just love me and i'm so busy to day a lot of works to do. That 's so true !!
Henry Westwood
Henry Westwood Hace un mes
True love is the only key to be successful relationship and married when my husband left me heartbroken I was so lonely and i was so frustrated confused desperate i do all I can't to have my husband back home with me and the kids nothing work out luckily as i was browsing I saw people sharing a testimony of a great man call @dr_otor Home for the help he did for them. I decided to try i contacted @dr_otor Home he told me never to be worried again that my husband is going to be back with me within 48 hours I never believe to my greatest surprise my husband called me within 48 hours and start begging me for forgiveness for the pain him have cost me with the kids my husband is now back home with me and my family I am forever grateful for your help and saving my marriage sir ( otorspelltemple@gmail. com )
hcynthia11 Hace un mes
2 🙏 resonated ❤️
The Singing Idiot!
The Singing Idiot! Hace un mes
I chose Pile 1. Thanks. Your reading just confirmed something that I already believe in. Any day can be a Valentine, but till that time I find someone to share endless Valentines, I'm just taking it easy and trying to work towards my career. Anywhich ways, people have forgotten the true meaning of Valentine, that is universal love for humanity. (I don't blame them, it's the heavy marketing and advertising and all that Jazz along with the peer pressure. Lol. :) Today is the day to show your love and gratitude to anyone you care about, including pets, friends and family as well. :) But I do appreciate the romantic part as well. Guess what, I ordered breakfast and I got a complimentary heart shaped red cupcake with a beautiful red rose. Ya, that's marketing but it's nice. Lol. :) Happy Valentine's. :) N God bless. :)
Stacey Dominguez
Stacey Dominguez Hace un mes
Always enjoy your reads.
Blind Intuitive
Blind Intuitive Hace un mes
Group 3. 18:55 .
Rosen Bar
Rosen Bar Hace un mes
Pile 3: I’m buying a huge valentine box of chocolates for myself.
thelastmedici Hace un mes
For the first time I felt drawn to the 2 first groups and I watched both readings and the interesting fact was that they were similar even you notice that too. Blessings ♥ ♥ ♥
Theo Samuels
Theo Samuels Hace un mes
I chose 2. I shouldn't worry about Valentine's Day. I am still single and I do need to enjoy being single. I can do what I want. Love is going to happen this year. I have no clue when that will happen. Valentine's Day, I'll be working so I will treat it as a normal day.
Clara Jimenez
Clara Jimenez Hace un mes
What can I say? your readings make me smile and give me hope 😄
Simon Jenkins
Simon Jenkins Hace un mes
Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou for my pick a card Reading today for pile number 2 and it's looking pretty interesting Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou❤❤❤
Dana B
Dana B Hace un mes
Thank you for reminding me to pamper myself and that Valentine's is only one day.
SAron Kc
SAron Kc Hace un mes
Pile 2🖐️ Thank you soo much 😘 i got answer all of my questions.Lots of love from me❤️❤️❤️🇳🇵
Latasha Ford
Latasha Ford Hace un mes
I chose #2 ❤️
TJ Hace un mes
Usually when Valentine’s Day come around I get to ugh because I see people getting and giving cute gifts and all the couples doing couples shit but this year I feel different in a positive way. Enjoying being single and not letting the day get me feeling upset. I love love.
Sharon U
Sharon U Hace un mes
Thankyou for all your readings, your very nice x
Indyhayhay Hace un mes
I’m single on V day and I love it haha
Ellie Dex
Ellie Dex Hace un mes
Pile 2) I lost my husband just over 3 years ago, he gave me his blessings if I was lucky enough to meet someone else. Thank you for your lovely readings love and light ❤️💡xxx
Shantella Spruiell
Shantella Spruiell Hace un mes
Pile3 thanks 😗
Francie Barnard
Francie Barnard Hace un mes
I would love a free reading. Thank you for all your hard work. Really appreciated.
Tamita Coklow
Tamita Coklow Hace un mes
Feeling hopeful 💖💖💖
Beatrix Villalon
Beatrix Villalon Hace un mes
Chose pile 1 and it’s so crazy! I just saw 11:11 show in my clock just before watching this video! And it’s true, I am feeling great this month despite all the hiccups!
Zanoxolo Tsabedze
Zanoxolo Tsabedze Hace un mes
Pile 3.... I feel great at this time, being single is a blessing in its own way, always stay positive y'all and by spreading love even in the simplest way, you may just make someone's day....Happy Valentine's Day lovelies💚💛💙💜❤💘
Zanoxolo Tsabedze
Zanoxolo Tsabedze Hace un mes
Rebecca Lydia
Rebecca Lydia Hace un mes
Xotic Diva
Xotic Diva Hace un mes
Idk if it’s me but the audio is on the softer side. Now, I find my pile 🤩
Islandress Vaz
Islandress Vaz Hace un mes
#2 I keep telling myself that. Even if he's quiet he might be busy. And when he's ready he'll msg. 14feb Valentine's day is just another day. But he loves me forever. I just need to be patient will come to me soon. keeping my fingers crossed..
lovejaycakes Hace un mes
Picked pile 2. Also just wanna say I’m loving the marble table!
Thomas Henderson
Thomas Henderson Hace un mes
Hi, I am a Disabled American Veteran, I trying to be positive, I like this woman a lot my friends have said to me take easy, they said I should nothing about the Valentines Day, they told me that, I look good at this time, I have come long as well , maybe I should I trust the Lord in heavens above and Universe as well. Thank you, for good reading, Moonlight Guidance
Sandra Stout
Sandra Stout Hace un mes
I'm conflicted between 2 & 3.
Weronika Wronska
Weronika Wronska Hace un mes
Pile 1-resonated :) I am single and am happy at this stage of my life! Thank you for your time and beautiful energy, have a lovely V-day !!!
cerokills Hace un mes
cerokills Hace un mes
Wowww I choose OP 2 and I'm saggy and it's the same each reading match wow thank u
April Smith
April Smith Hace un mes
💖 group #1
Chelsea Tuhakaraina
Feeling strong and confident in myself.. Even with this ugly coldsore on my lip 🤣💁‍♀️💃 Lemme jus win this free reading 😉
glitter sunflower
glitter sunflower Hace un mes
1) 2:47 2) 10:55 3) 18:55 picked card 3 thank you xxx
tracey perry
tracey perry Hace un mes
Pile 3 resonated with me. I love the way you explain what each card means. Much appreciated 💫💖
Mann kaur
Mann kaur Hace un mes
#3 i am waiting for him pls come soon my love🙏🙏🙏💑💑💑💑
Messages From Lexi
Messages From Lexi Hace un mes
Thank you!! ❤❤❤
Richa Ajmera
Richa Ajmera Hace un mes
Too much explanation on each & every card... Please change your style of reading cards ....
Richa Ajmera
Richa Ajmera Hace un mes
And stop mocking others ... when you don't even have a penny to pay her...
Richa Ajmera
Richa Ajmera Hace un mes
I must say that she is doing a huge favour on you... I understand completely ... please pay her 1 million dollars...
Messages From Lexi
Messages From Lexi Hace un mes
Sending the energy back to you. 2x2 ❤
Messages From Lexi
Messages From Lexi Hace un mes
@Richa Ajmera🤣🙄🤣
Richa Ajmera
Richa Ajmera Hace un mes
@Messages From Lexi Shame on you as well for mocking me.... Everybody has the right to speak their mind.... You racist
mentoswatthehell Hace un mes
Timestamps: 1) 2:47 2) 10:55 3) 18:55
Yakira Ven
Yakira Ven Hace un mes
Group number 2 thank you for the advice 🥺💜 resonates when you’re newly broken up I claim it ! Spot on
Sabrina Jerin
Sabrina Jerin Hace un mes
Always sad in velentine day.. So choose black
Julie Kubiak
Julie Kubiak Hace un mes
Love the idea of this video. Thanks for posting it to us ‘singles’ x
Lakeisha Welch
Lakeisha Welch Hace un mes
I was drawn to piles 2 and 3 and both messages were on the money! I'll let you know if my wish comes true sending love and light
Regina Craig
Regina Craig Hace un mes
Pile #2 11:04
Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones Hace un mes
chose #1 thank you for the messages
Priysha Kapoor
Priysha Kapoor Hace un mes
Thank you. I love your mini bottles.
Dana Sbragia
Dana Sbragia Hace un mes
Pile 3: 19:05
JJ Jessica
JJ Jessica Hace un mes
2# ☮️💟🌞
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