Picked Up The NEW AUDI S8! *WOW*!!!

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My dudes! There are very few times when a car is so good it makes you reevaluate a brand...
Audi’s new S8 has put Audi in a whole different category in my book! Check it out!!






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Matt W
Matt W Hace 20 horas
You forgot that the back of the passenger seat (behind the footrest) is actually a foot massager. No joke. Push your feet against it and it will do some dope massaging
dule savic
dule savic Hace 3 días
The grille ruins the whole car
bloodwork91 Hace 8 días
man, I follow you for years now and I am just so glad that you recognize how fcking great this car is. Its the best car I have ever owned. Greetings from germany!
Christiannov1911 Hace 9 días
Bentley flying spur best sedan try it
Pur3_Kolby d
Pur3_Kolby d Hace 10 días
I have the 2015 Audi S8 and this car is Awesome
Ethereal Hace 11 días
One thing I think was missed was storage space. I have an A6 Prestige that has almost no storage in the console and this drives me a little crazy even though I love my Audi.
Paul J
Paul J Hace 11 días
News Flash!!!!!!!!!!! TESLA's for the past 4 years have been using foam in the tire to cancel road noise. Audi is just copying them.
Ricky paa Paa
Ricky paa Paa Hace 11 días
Like si lo ves en inglés pero eres de México
AstonGoesOut Hace 14 días
Now I might have to get a new Audi instead of a Maserati I was planning on.... Good review Salomondrin !
EV Future
EV Future Hace 17 días
I have good friends , I just need the S8 buying kind. Better yet let me work had and be that friend.🤔. I am not hating on your intro just thinking out aloud.
schoppekloppen Hace 20 días
empty weight = 2305 kg , thats 575 kg heavier !!!!!!!!! than the first generation Audi S8
Marian Suta
Marian Suta Hace 20 días
Volkswagen Group actually owns Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, Seat, Skoda and obviously Volkswagen. More than that they also own Ducati and TRATON as well as MAN and SCANIA. Volkswagen Group is owned by the holding company Porsche SE. Can you find a better package? You have the fastest production car in the world as well as the most driven cars worldwide. On top of that VW Group holds the title for most sold cars worldwide. I‘m a happy #VW-Group customer.
ZIHAO YE Hace 22 días
That engine is actually developed by Porsche GT devision,which you can find it in a Panamera turbo. And Porsche shares it for the Audi and Lambo group
Dharav Shukla
Dharav Shukla Hace 25 días
Can it noise cancel my wife? Jk I’m 14
Haseeb Rahman
Haseeb Rahman Hace 26 días
Oh man stop stop now you are killing me 😣 the way you are saying about that car you know that fucking Audi is my dream car 🤤🤤
Eleonik 76
Eleonik 76 Hace 27 días
The guy is painfully dumb. Calling an Audi engine and Audi screens Lamborghini.And then what is so amazing about glossy tablets,its beyond stupidity. Fingerprint and dust magnet all round. Cheap piano lack in stead of brushed aluminum. But as i said,the guy probably comes from Chrysler 300 C,so i can totally forgive him,
doherpa Hace 28 días
Love this car! I love me an AMG S63, but I’m now preferring the S8. Great video, Alejandro!
Attila Hace 29 días
I can watch dvds in 2020? How about some netflix? Lol
Taran Lathrop
Taran Lathrop Hace 29 días
I smell Audi fanboy #boringcar
ich Hace un mes
That’s what I call deutsche Ingenieurskunst. Man this car is elegant and sexy at the same time unrealllll
expose the Truth
expose the Truth Hace un mes
Come with me or something? Lol
expose the Truth
expose the Truth Hace un mes
Can anyone tell me plz what song is playing at the back ?
Nishchaiy Dakhane
Nishchaiy Dakhane Hace un mes
Incredible a8👍🏻💯
Mino Naru
Mino Naru Hace un mes
When you have this type of car, you don't drive it man, hope you have a private driver....otherwise waist....lol
jfrag911 Hace un mes
Full of shit
ROBERT TOMIĆ Hace un mes
Manexkiller03 Hace un mes
Austin H
Austin H Hace un mes
An Audi advertisement on coke. Snort a line and take a spin!!!
Eugene Hace un mes
Audi is the most underrated car company.
Helio Ilha
Helio Ilha Hace un mes
Salomondrin you need to review the rs6 and rs7
Big lad Stu
Big lad Stu Hace un mes
I really want audi to make an s65 competitor and do something mad like an aventador v12 (even tho that’s probably impossible)
DAILY DRIVEway Hace un mes
Great video Ali..! Similar underpinnings to the Bentley flying spur?
You neeed to try the new C8 RS6, it is amazing!
Bart Messie
Bart Messie Hace un mes
We Europeans already know this for ages;) But thanks for finally giving Audi some love. Get the new RS6 though. I believe they finally released this in the us as well. Looking forward!
German Zablodski
German Zablodski Hace un mes
Thank you for great review!
luis carlos gonzalez reyes
Canal en Ingles y español no cualquiera lo tiene perro
Josh Supnick
Josh Supnick Hace un mes
Wait until you own a Stage 2 S8. Shit is ridiculous.
Jordan Bozukov
Jordan Bozukov Hace un mes
And still prefer bmw m760li and s65 AMG more sportier bigger engine
Jordan Bozukov
Jordan Bozukov Hace un mes
Hahaha your talking .... Your head is gonna explode dude
Jordan Bozukov
Jordan Bozukov Hace un mes
It is looking the same as a6/s6 aaand ...a3 a4 a5 a7
Gm Rivera
Gm Rivera Hace un mes
Great review!!
mario rivas
mario rivas Hace un mes
Alejandro, I read that some current Audis have this kind of gear box which (when you press the throttle) it takes a good second to find the gear and pull. This doesn't happen with this S8? You said the transmission is perfect, would love to have more info though
swisslu Hace un mes
He‘s so excited that he didn‘t notice the backseat feet-massage function
Ivanolk Hace un mes
S8, S63, 750, ok... let's just ignore BMW M760Li with the same 3,8 sec 0-60
Hhvx Sueus
Hhvx Sueus Hace un mes
Audi is the best
Tarik Hadzimusic
Tarik Hadzimusic Hace un mes
as10076 Hace un mes
I really used to get so jealous of Salomondrin going balls deep on all these European luxuries can’t ever afford car videos. That is until I started watching Scotty Kilmer. Dude will bring all this look at this and that,head in the clouds, talk back down to reality. Go check out his take on all these luxurious brands. Heads up your going to hear the term “money pits” a lot.
Kevin Noble
Kevin Noble Hace un mes
it's about damn time someone made a high end luxury car where you ACTUALLY get your money's worth.
Nikola Datzev
Nikola Datzev Hace un mes
if you think these headlights are amazing , you should see the EU version
jaheim ferdinand
jaheim ferdinand Hace un mes
Ik he would’ve loved Audi sum day
Kakukk 1990
Kakukk 1990 Hace un mes
Older one was nicer
obbad soufiane
obbad soufiane Hace un mes
Audi S8 it's the Glory of Germany
obbad soufiane
obbad soufiane Hace un mes
Audi S8 it's thé Glory of Germany.
Remus Gherase
Remus Gherase Hace un mes
good honest review. Love that. More on this kind of videos!
Kenny Quinn
Kenny Quinn Hace un mes
But...do you fit in the trunk?
TheLaCarGuy TheLaCarGuy
S8 is definitely a great car but the S63 is actually faster 🤷‍♂️
Matus Dubrava
Matus Dubrava Hace un mes
yep yep yep. audi knows shit. I mean personally would take rs6abt but you know. drove older a8 and exactly as you said you feel like going so slower when on high speeds, and the suspension is like chill out chilll the fuck out please :D
Alexander Parshykov
You should take a nicely specced BMW M760 and try it out! Same with Mercedes S63. I’m sure you’ll be as surprised
Tobias Grünbaum
Tobias Grünbaum Hace un mes
I can't hear the word 'glorious' anymore, literally everyone's saying it while describing an engine
Michael M
Michael M Hace un mes
Until shit starts breaking around 40,000 miles... And you have to start fixing over more than the car's worth. Because it dropped 10 times in value..
hopkins JR
hopkins JR Hace un mes
The fact that this car amazed someone who has owned from Rolls-Royces to mclarens really tells the story
Bernardo Vilarinho
Bernardo Vilarinho Hace un mes
Damn Alejandro, some of those facts were way off, sounding a bit biased there
Dorito Gamma
Dorito Gamma Hace un mes
we love the cinematic shots but there are a bit to many
NOLIMIT302 Hace un mes
Speaking from experience and an owner of five Audi's. Audi is by far the best cars out there. I recently purchased a 2020 BMW X3M biggest mistake of my car was in the service department two months out of the five that I owned it. I went back to Audi and bought an RS5 sportback. My dream car is to buy an Audi s8 or an R8. Or both would be nice
KevOnDabus S
KevOnDabus S Hace un mes
One of my favorite cars the S8 best of both worlds
j Shang
j Shang Hace un mes
What happened to you dude. I remember back in the days you wouldnt even care about cars at this level. Now you talk like it’s the most precious thing in your life
Sisekelo Duma
Sisekelo Duma Hace un mes
It's actually Audi Screens. Lambo sources parts from Audi. The engine is a "Porsche" engine.
Bangbus 661
Bangbus 661 Hace un mes
You say that about every car OMG the LiGhts
Abstracted Drift
Abstracted Drift Hace un mes
They should have put Blu-ray we’re in 2020
Chris Au
Chris Au Hace un mes
You being paid by audi?
erik hallingstad
erik hallingstad Hace un mes
No back shot!?!? We got nearly every part of ur head but Never once did we get the back end of the car.. we caught a glimpse of the exhaust and diffuser with some weird angle shot. Its a car review how hard is to atleast walk around the car like a normal person and just get a decent shot of the car itself. No rolling shots, no back shots barely got a full grill shot. WTF!!
Kayne Hace un mes
Those wheels are absolutely hideous wth and the offset is terrible.
Kaelan Patel
Kaelan Patel Hace un mes
Nice car! I can definitely see myself driving that!
TheyCallMeDaddy 4
TheyCallMeDaddy 4 Hace un mes
So Audi really gonna play a 14 min ad before the video without a skip button huh
R. Storchie
R. Storchie Hace un mes
DVD changer in 2020, hello blu-ray
jeff yu
jeff yu Hace un mes
If you talk about favorite sedan my favorite one is Toyota century
Sang Pham
Sang Pham Hace un mes
dvd in 2020??? but the rest is perfection man uhwee
Beka Machurishvili
Beka Machurishvili Hace un mes
Great car but please Next time please dont even compare audi s8 to momsterus s63 amg. The amg is a king on road along side with m760li.
Andrew Myers
Andrew Myers Hace un mes
BMW 7 series has all of this and more. This really feels like a paid spot.
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