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Lufthansa Airbus A380 landing in San Francisco KSFO -
Original version with English Subtitles.
Partly taken from the DVD | BD "PilotsEYE.tv A380 SAN FRANCISCO - The final flights of JR Jürgen Raps"
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Cockpit Landeszenen auf San Francisco SFO KSFO Int'l - Runway 28R - Originalton - Bestandteil der DVD | BD "PilotsEYE.tv A380 SAN FRANCISCO - The final flights of JR Jürgen Raps" more...
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10 jul 2013






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Frank Avila
Frank Avila Hace 7 horas
Yazmin bolaos
Yazmin bolaos Hace 16 horas
No se que pasión siento por los aviones Cada vez que los veo es como si fueran parte de Mi vida pasada cuando los veo aterrizar o despegar 🛫 Amo estos momentos me Dan tranquilidad cada vídeo q Veo 🛫🙏🏻😍
Lina Dedase
Lina Dedase Hace 21 un hora
Wondering if those pilots are still employed because almost no A380 is flying in pandemic.
Lukáš Kohout
Lukáš Kohout Hace 11 horas
Captain Juergen Raps retired already
KrownSkull Hace 2 días
to where? AXMUL!
Geek Slider
Geek Slider Hace 2 días
just imagine the average per capita income of the passengers
Dave Saunders
Dave Saunders Hace 2 días
@Geek Slider - Not everyone who flies to San Francisco works in tech and those who are wealthy will fly privately. I fly Business Class to SFO four times a year [or I did before covid-19 and the US government falling to neo-fascists] and I'm not rich.
Geek Slider
Geek Slider Hace 2 días
@Dave Saunders what i meant is those who go to SV will be earning very well.
Dave Saunders
Dave Saunders Hace 2 días
It is relatively inexpensive to fly to San Francisco.
K RS10
K RS10 Hace 2 días
da werde ich wohl nie wieder mit fliegen können....
Cuong Nguyen
Cuong Nguyen Hace un día
Warum ?
охотник Hace 3 días
+++ !
paul destanko
paul destanko Hace 3 días
I wouldnt fly that plane again with when you have a plane calling you a retard in a british accent.
Dave Saunders
Dave Saunders Hace 2 días
@Mark S - I would say the rural US was Ground Zero for bad dentistry. The rest of the country has plastic veneers.
Dave Saunders
Dave Saunders Hace 2 días
No such thing as a "British accent".
Mark S
Mark S Hace 3 días
Could have been worse. Could have something like, “Buck teeth. Buck teeth.” 😀
Carmen Luz
Carmen Luz Hace 4 días
Those men ball of bull
barry mcdougal
barry mcdougal Hace 4 días
With all the technology available with driverless cars --- you would think the pilots should be passengers by now.
Charles Wesley
Charles Wesley Hace 5 días
Damned if I would fly a plane calling me a retard lol.
Dave Saunders
Dave Saunders Hace 2 días
@rollin bower - How about you look up the word "retard" in the dictionary?
Dave Saunders
Dave Saunders Hace 2 días
Congratulations on being only the 7000th person to make the same shit, unfunny, predictable "joke"!
rollin bower
rollin bower Hace 5 días
Wha what do they mean when they say retard
es fantastico ver la nave, enorme pajaro de aluminio , acero y plastico,, Zarabia y Fierro le hubieran dado la vuelta al mundo, los hermanos ---- se asombrarian , sin comentarios, como es posible, la fisica con sus secretos, un madero chueco levanta un avion chico, solo aire lo hace avanzar, velocidad y parriva, ahora ochenta toneladas de carga, mas el peso del avion es cosa diaria en todo el mundo, las turbinas resultaron mejor qur las aspas, otro milagro del cerebro humano, prodigio natural que tenemos,amen ,
no me axcorde.
atila jose
atila jose Hace 5 días
Faisal Aleyali
Faisal Aleyali Hace 5 días
Công Thành Trần
Công Thành Trần Hace 5 días
Tham vọng của Airbus khi chế tạo A-380 là để đánh bại Boeing nhưng " mưu sự tại nhân, thành sự tại thiên". A-380 đã ngừng xuất xưởng vì khó bay đầy. Lổ nặng !
DWYS WYSD Hace 6 días
Computer needs to update vocabulary, can't call people a retard these days... ; )
yuhendri januar
yuhendri januar Hace 6 días
Lahti music
Tarcisio Ferreira
Tarcisio Ferreira Hace 6 días
Extremely cold, man
Ronald Morrison
Ronald Morrison Hace 6 días
Nice show of expertise!
Mark S
Mark S Hace 3 días
I flew in SFO last summer in the dark and left in the dark so this is what I missed.
Krikstergg Hace 7 días
I flew on that exact flight, thought not the same day
madhukar majmudar
madhukar majmudar Hace 7 días
An exiting vedeo of A380 landing Why sprincling water on air craft , wnen landing is so smooth !
gajustempus Hace 2 días
it was the captain's last time he landed in San Francisco due to him retiring. Spraying the airplane is some kind of "goodbye"-tradition among aircraft pilots and ground crews
cherry marchan
cherry marchan Hace 7 días
Why spray water to a380 on the ground while taxying?
NBC deadmou5
NBC deadmou5 Hace un día
@Ed that's not how you clean an aircraft it was a joke that was a water salute
Ed Hace 4 días
Eelmin3 no, they said that they clean the aircrafts on Mondays
Eelmin3 Hace 6 días
it's a water salute, it was captain's last flight
alf3k1 Hace 7 días
The crew said it: "Monday is washing day." for their planes.
cherry marchan
cherry marchan Hace 7 días
First tym to see a380 lands
Tan Nguyen
Tan Nguyen Hace 8 días
The pilot seems so calm.
Chris Norman
Chris Norman Hace 8 días
The ugliest airliner ever.
Eelmin3 Hace 6 días
Cody Sy
Cody Sy Hace 8 días
Why does it say there a retard when they land
Eelmin3 Hace 2 días
@DWYS WYSD if the captain was mentally disabled he wouldn't be allowed to fly an airplane
DWYS WYSD Hace 6 días
Need different vocabulary for today's sensitive captains. What if the pilot was indeed mentally disabled, it would be insulting ! ;)
Eelmin3 Hace 6 días
it means to idle to throttle
Arjun Sama
Arjun Sama Hace 8 días
But it would be really funny if it was calling the pilot a retard
Arjun Sama
Arjun Sama Hace 8 días
It is an instruction to retard the throttles
serG Gorj
serG Gorj Hace 8 días
Glenn Rusmiputera
Glenn Rusmiputera Hace 9 días
Captain Tobias
Captain Tobias Hace 9 días
It's a great shame that the A380 will be no more. Very sad.
Peter Chippas
Peter Chippas Hace 9 días
Great vid👍
Rick Davidson
Rick Davidson Hace 9 días
Years ago I at SFO I watched one of these land, empty, refuel, fill up and depart while waiting for my budget airline announcing a delay due to local foggy conditions. Yea......
Peer van Engelen-Sofilj
Yep....cheap comes with fucks
Mortimer Duke
Mortimer Duke Hace 9 días
Such a beautiful approach. Hard to believe just 12 miles NNW the sidewalks are covered with syringes and human excrement.
Dave Saunders
Dave Saunders Hace 2 días
@Chris Stromberg - It's true though. San Francisco is an obscene contrast of gargantuan wealth and abject destitution. If ever you needed an argument for the extinction of the human race, it's San Francisco. See also: the entire USA.
Chris Stromberg
Chris Stromberg Hace 9 días
Hard to believe that it took over 7800 comments before someone turned this political!
Miguel Angeles
Miguel Angeles Hace 9 días
The retard order of the plane computer deserves and explanation or comment
Enigmatic Reality
Enigmatic Reality Hace 8 días
@Matthew Crich Boeings don't have that call out. It's "1000," then "500 --> 100," then "50-40-30-20-10."
Don Strimbu
Don Strimbu Hace 9 días
@Matthew Crich that's my understanding.
Matthew Crich
Matthew Crich Hace 9 días
@Don Strimbu Correct me if I’m wrong but the “Retard” call out is only on Airbus. Not on Boeing??
Don Strimbu
Don Strimbu Hace 9 días
Retard == reduce engine throttle settings to idle
Nurudin Muh
Nurudin Muh Hace 10 días
Amazing... safe flight with Airbus A-380... big aircraft👍👍👍👍👍🇮🇩🇩🇪🇺🇸🙏
Non Zero Sum Game
Non Zero Sum Game Hace 10 días
"continue" lol
kcotte59 Hace 10 días
I thought the pilot's name was Way Too Low
TralfazConstruction Hace 10 días
Just another day at the office for this seasoned flight ✈️ crew. Me, a layman flight enthusiast, I'm worried about sink rate, going too fast, going too slow, falling out of the sky, etc. Just another day at the office for those outstanding people.
rlcoffman004 Hace 10 días
Wow the computer was calling the pilot a retard. It’s time for diode changes.
Eelmin3 Hace 6 días
That's a really old joke
Mikey Tyson
Mikey Tyson Hace 10 días
Me no speaka English, me crash zee how ewe say airioplanski. Me no understandablez zee wurdz ewe saiy so me crashy zee svvviss airocraftazee.
Peter Thiessen
Peter Thiessen Hace 10 días
My father has travelled all over the world basically, and he mentioned that flying Lufthansa is a very pleasant experience in every way.
Gavlar HD
Gavlar HD Hace 10 días
Pretty horrible of the aircraft calling the pilot a retard ://
kcotte59 Hace 10 días
you should here it in the morning after a rough night.. Retard is a compliment in comparison
Shivaram Alva
Shivaram Alva Hace 10 días
Bass Fishing with the Antichrist
It probably doesn't help when the auto pilot is calling you a "retard" the whole time you're trying to land. If he could land the plane he would be the captain and not you.
john smith
john smith Hace 11 días
Interesting video!
Gary Zuber
Gary Zuber Hace 11 días
Well done!
Phyllis Hamilton
Phyllis Hamilton Hace 11 días
And Tannhaeuser is the perfect accompaniment upon landing!!!
Top Star
Top Star Hace 11 días
Aleksey Sch
Aleksey Sch Hace 11 días
Странный отскок на посадке! Или нет?
Анатолий Владимиров
Для такой короткой полосы посадка такого аппарата по такой глиссаде штатная.
PilotsEYE.tv Hace 11 días
Большинство посадок выглядят так, не волнуйся.
nunyobiz Hace 11 días
“That turn is kind of sporty” 😂 In an A380. lol
Danilo Tironi
Danilo Tironi Hace 11 días
Ai love gubbai capitain
shifty dingo
shifty dingo Hace 12 días
Just absolute flawless flying.. even from a point of view in regards to human technology. To be able to fly from one stretch of designated road on one side of the globe to the complete other side to another piece of designated road in a matter of hours while wearing a pair of designer sunnies 300 people deep every minute of every hour effortless every single day for the past 50 years is absolutely incredible.. planes have just always fascinated me. They're amazing.
Wolfgang Scorpio
Wolfgang Scorpio Hace 12 días
I want to fly with this guy! Unfortunately, he retired many years ago as Lufthansa's pilot with the most flight hours. I just wonder whether they piped Wagner's Tannhäuser Overture, starting @10:11 mins, through the plane's loudspeakers or is that merely music spliced in the documentary? :-) The captain, Jürgen Raps, is, after all, from Bayreuth, Richard Wagner's "home."
Fit Connect
Fit Connect Hace 12 días
So on any fatal crash landing the last thing pilots will hear is the plane calling them a retard. 😆
The Bushwacker
The Bushwacker Hace 12 días
That Captain is kind of a dipshit and a prick.
The Bushwacker
The Bushwacker Hace 2 días
L @ Dave You gotta be a liberal. Or you're 8 years old. You didn't pick up on what was going on in the cockpit?.
Dave Saunders
Dave Saunders Hace 2 días
As are you.
kcotte59 Hace 10 días
MH370 may be you next time if you don't shut up
Wolfgang Scorpio
Wolfgang Scorpio Hace 12 días
I find him very entertaining with his comments in German and "that's gonna be a sporty turn" or how he expresses his frustration over faulty repetitions by his crew members or air control changing its mind from 28L to 28R -- note how he in playful frustration pushes the laptop control away, only to pull it back out a moment later.
Oleg Fedorov
Oleg Fedorov Hace 12 días
Who are the 8000+ downvoting retards?
Buck ey
Buck ey Hace 12 días
Duh, those would be the laid off Boeing employees who lost their jobs to Airbus...lol
TittySprinkles Hace 12 días
RIP A380. Glad I managed a round trip on one.
Samuel Katherine Diozarago
@Mario they are gone for good sadly.
Mario Hace 12 días
Lol I don't think they're QUITE out of commission yet
Wide Awake!
Wide Awake! Hace 12 días
Do people know what retard means in this comment section...?
Wide Awake!
Wide Awake! Hace 11 días
Phew 😂
Omar Shahaltough
Omar Shahaltough Hace 12 días
@Wolfgang Scorpio yes
Wolfgang Scorpio
Wolfgang Scorpio Hace 12 días
It means "slow down" = reduce the throttle position = move the thrust levers to their idle detent.
Wolfgang Scorpio
Wolfgang Scorpio Hace 12 días
@ctaukus No.
ctaukus Hace 12 días
Yes it was a joke
Владимир Литвинов
celtic0317 Hace 12 días
Love this
ctaukus Hace 12 días
I love how the plane calls the pilots retards @ 8:50 . I don't think someone thought that one through too well
Eelmin3 Hace 6 días
Really old joke
Ratty Woof
Ratty Woof Hace 11 días
It's only in the US that the word is perjorative. Everywhere else it just means pull back or slow down.
terry barta
terry barta Hace 12 días
Please get a dictionary and understand the word Before you make stupid comments
douds9 douds
douds9 douds Hace 12 días
freemindthinker ezrapound
How did they allow for the coriolis effect with the runways doing 500 mph that one always gets me, American football has to allow for it when taking a kick at goal
Mario Hace 12 días
Are you blind lol? They're not even doing 500mph. More like 160mph. And also, it's not hard. You just line the plane up with the runway ILS and then centreline. Plus there's not even any coriolis effect in the first place. It's a massive plane, not a lightweight football. It only does a short distance towards the runway from up in the air - it's not going halfway around the world just to land. How is the CORIOLIS effect gonna affect THAT? lol
YASFSPAD Hace 13 días
"Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking, we've just landed in Democrat-run Shithole San Francisco, run by a real shitbag Nancy Pelosi. Please watch your step when you walk around San Francisco or you might get robbed or killed by an illegal alien, accosted by a homeless person, stuck in the foot by a heroin addict's discarded government-issued syringe, step in and slip on human feces and fall into a puddle of urine. Well at least this AirBus didn't crash. Have a nice day."
The Bushwacker
The Bushwacker Hace 10 días
@kcotte59 Are you this naive? Really?
kcotte59 Hace 10 días
Nancy Pelosi does not run San Francisco or California. She is in the Federal Government in Washington DC, Here nephew is the governor and he doesn't run San Francisco either. If you're going to San Francisco be sure to wear some flowers in your hair & screw the masks. I do not think that you have never been to San Francisco.
Blogen Geezer
Blogen Geezer Hace 11 días
-'Green New Deal' Dems, when elected to Power, will happily keep shut down forever, an overwhelming majority of the world's airlines. Lefty Lib globalists have been programed to believe that contrails are CO2 loaded chemtrails, causing global climate change. Airlines business profits, all business profits to them, are greed, that must be ...... redistributed.. Welcome to the 'Brave New World'. Aldus Huxley would be proud.
ctaukus Hace 12 días
@Dreamdancer so what you're saying is you've never been to San Francisco, at least not in the last 3 years
The Bushwacker
The Bushwacker Hace 12 días
Watch your step because they allow people to shit on the sidewalks in Pelosi land.
Maria Young
Maria Young Hace 13 días
Excellent Excellent Video! Thank You!
Kevin McCauley
Kevin McCauley Hace 13 días
They make it look so easy
Kamadev888 Hace 13 días
Yes! And despite landing so skillfully, the automatic voice says 'retard' just as they're about to land! These guys are ANYTHING but retards!
Ian Southam
Ian Southam Hace 13 días
English. Thee, International flying language of the World. . . . Uniform Kilo 2020 West. ⚡️ Tango Roger Uniform Mike Pappa. 🇺🇸 20-24 The Concorde of Congress and The President off presence For AMERICA. . The Wright brothers were right and they gave US Wings to fly our Glorious Spitfires and Hurricanes and Lancasters and B-17' and the Mighty Mustangs together. Oh the sound of a MERLIN is the Voice of Angels We Shall Remember Them 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 🌹 🙏🏻 NEVER FORGOTTEN. Edit for R.J Mitchell. Sydney Camm, Boeing and Gutts Fighting Spirit. 👊🏻
Ian Southam
Ian Southam Hace 11 días
Thomas Mortimore Roger, Romeo, Juliette. Foxtrot Oscar Heading 101 W. 00 O N/E Different Airspace.
Thomas Mortimore
Thomas Mortimore Hace 11 días
Ian Southam and btw it’s Romeo, not Roger
Ian Southam
Ian Southam Hace 11 días
Thomas Mortimore Yes I am aware off different languages in other circumstances that's why I said international -- of the world, otherwords, the most common language through The World.
Thomas Mortimore
Thomas Mortimore Hace 11 días
You do know right that there are several languages ICAO accept. Everyone pilot needs to learn and speak English to a set level but if a french pilot is landing at Paris they can speak french to ATC.
Travis Stearns
Travis Stearns Hace 13 días
Love. Too flying
Nosferatu 85
Nosferatu 85 Hace 13 días
Uhg German, go away
Yves Roy
Yves Roy Hace 13 días
Who you calling a retard mothafucka. I’m offended. Take this video down!
Omar Shahaltough
Omar Shahaltough Hace 12 días
@rennnnsemml r/woooosh
ctaukus Hace 12 días
Apparently everyone's too damn stiff on this board they don't know a joke
rennnnsemml Hace 13 días
@Mike Dont try to explain easy things to Mofos... they won't understand...
Mike Hace 13 días
In aviation, “retard” is a command to reduce the throttle position.
Neil Deakin
Neil Deakin Hace 13 días
The Graphics are better in MS Flightsim 2020
Neil Deakin
Neil Deakin Hace 6 días
@Eelmin3 Real life needs to up its game. The textures are looking old school compared to microsoft
Eelmin3 Hace 6 días
Yeah it's real life lol
Taut Tech / Minus Managed Music
Sound Track: Enter the German Silly Cone Valley ahead...
JOSEPH Charles
JOSEPH Charles Hace 12 días
Good day to you, do you have the name of the classic music playing at 14:30 thanks
Cyril Katatak
Cyril Katatak Hace 14 días
Captain seems like an Asshole
Pete Urbann
Pete Urbann Hace 13 días
He's a Captain!
Rhyme& Reason
Rhyme& Reason Hace 14 días
Pretty rude cockpit system calling the captain a "retard" when he lands... must be a French thing...
Ratty Woof
Ratty Woof Hace 11 días
I assume you're just joking and that you know that it's only in the US that it's an insult - everywhere else it just means pull back or slow down.
ctaukus Hace 12 días
floxy20 Hace 13 días
Where has civility gone?
robert green
robert green Hace 14 días
What a sweet plain...... 380. Fire trucks welcomed!!!!!
Blackasaurus Hace 14 días
I love when my plane calls me a retard right before landing.
Eelmin3 Hace 6 días
Old joke
Dreamdancer Hace 12 días
Plane knows your too busy right now to yell at it or to club it with your rolled newspaper - so it takes its chances
Dave Lynch
Dave Lynch Hace 14 días
Excuse me but am I correct in saying that a computer is doing all the flying of the plane, and they are just monitoring all the controls?? All I see are keyboards, o stick no throttle, etc.?? Whoa !!
Eelmin3 Hace 6 días
try it yourself
Bruce Linton
Bruce Linton Hace 12 días
Fly by wire. The side stick controls are on the left and right side of the cockpit.
TittySprinkles Hace 12 días
The video literally said "Autopilot disengaged"
brkr78 Hace 14 días
At 6:22 you can hear the AP disengage, from then on everything is hand flown. When he pressed the two red knobs on the thrus levers at 5:02 he disengaged the auto-thrust, thus managing the engines. You can clearly see the side sticks in various shots. Thing is - the A380 is actually able to autoland. But pilots usually don't do it. But while they are en route - yeah, the AP is flying the plane and the crew is monitoring it. Same on Boeing though, shortly after takeoff, but at latest after reaching their cruising altitude they engange the AP. Ascend and Descend are usually also managed by the computer, because he is better at it, thus saving fuel. Again, that is something Airbus and Boeing are both doing. And every modern plane, be it Boeing or Airbus, are using Fly-By-Wire nowadays, Boeing just refuses to let go of the yoke because its their "thing". But IMHO the sidestick-configuration is way more confortable, because the pilots can actually use the space in front of them. For eating, for "paperwork" with their laptops, even for taking a short nap (they even have a foot rest for that in the cockpit). Edit: Typos
Jesse Warren
Jesse Warren Hace 14 días
You are way off in that observation. Setting the controls as ATC commands allows pilots to digest those commands and apply the appropriate instructions. In land ing in places like SFO there are literally dozens of similar aircraft sharing exactly the same instructions within seconds of other approaches.
David Schmiedeberg
David Schmiedeberg Hace 14 días
The aircraft is an Airbus--but which one?
David Schmiedeberg
David Schmiedeberg Hace 10 días
@Nico Uhland It's a "duh" moment for me.
Nico Uhland
Nico Uhland Hace 11 días
Read the title
Gary Allen
Gary Allen Hace 13 días
A380 baby all the way!!!
David Schmiedeberg
David Schmiedeberg Hace 14 días
@Pilot Tim thanks Tim
Pilot Tim
Pilot Tim Hace 14 días
David Schmiedeberg An A380
Gary Stevens
Gary Stevens Hace 14 días
Great landing guys
モカモカ Hace 14 días
Difficult to see because the viewpoint is changed too much
f r
f r Hace 15 días
Whether you are ground crew or those who built this gem, how could you not feel proud about your role in helping people move around the world? Everyone beats each other up when it fails, but I always give all of them thumbs up everywhere. Just like cooks at restaurants. Amazing because I cant do that and they are
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith Hace 15 días
Das LH Air Bus don't give a damn about SFO
Gary Stevens
Gary Stevens Hace 14 días
I do care
Theodore Ochsen
Theodore Ochsen Hace 15 días
I love how the plane calls the pilot a retard like 4 times at 8:50
David Schmiedeberg
David Schmiedeberg Hace 14 días
I hope the pilot's feelings were not hurt.
f r
f r Hace 15 días
Ahbat Shlikkat
Ahbat Shlikkat Hace 15 días
Miguel Ramirez
Miguel Ramirez Hace 15 días
At :44 seconds pilot cracks me up every time
Howard Birkbeck
Howard Birkbeck Hace 15 días
lufthansa fo fa fo
Anders Lundberg
Anders Lundberg Hace 16 días
Randay Snow
Randay Snow Hace 15 días
As a tut
Tim K.
Tim K. Hace 16 días
I want to see one of these made into a luxury super palace!
Tim K.
Tim K. Hace 16 días
That is one BIG sweet looking jet!!
bashir seddighi
bashir seddighi Hace 16 días
Sehr gut
chelseacharger Hace 16 días
Anyone notice the music from 'Bullitt' at 0:45? Cool.
Hasib Salihi
Hasib Salihi Hace 16 días
Shebin Shameer
Shebin Shameer Hace 16 días
Seems hes putins brother lol
John Andrews
John Andrews Hace 16 días
*Perfect landing at San Francisco airport and enjoyed the cockpit view, capt. Super has retd and now living in Phoenix Arizona!*
sadi Galley
sadi Galley Hace 16 días
Super atterrissage Bravo
Luis Nguyen
Luis Nguyen Hace 16 días
Perfect landing , good job , beautiful . Thanks ( RCAF veterans)🇺🇸🇨🇦🇫🇷🇬🇧
P33Kin Hace 16 días
my favorite part is the airplane shouting "retard, retard" at you. LOL
Александр Гниденко
nounoufriend Hace 17 días
Amazing video such a large aircraft flown by not much more than a computer joystick
nounoufriend Hace 16 días
@TheDrjehr But you can fly it in direct law even with triple ADR failure ie these million lines of code no longer running
TheDrjehr Hace 16 días
A joystick, and a million lines of computer code.
Sir HK91G3
Sir HK91G3 Hace 17 días
I love it at touchdown when the plane apparently keeps calling the pilot retard....retard....retard....retard!
Planes World Aviator
Planes World Aviator Hace 17 días
Nice video!
Abdul jaweed Mohammed
Abdul jaweed Mohammed Hace 17 días
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