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We take Ping Pong Trick Shots to the ULTIMATE level!
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Comment: Can't wait for Ping Pong Trick Shots 6!!!
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Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect Hace 10 meses
Stoked that y'all like the vid!! Next up, Overtime 9! 🚨 COME SEE US ON TOUR! 🎟 DudePerfect.com/Tour
يوون يزون انسا
تااتورغو بفتىقاةىرثقب زننلبؤؤر ةتتلؤبفف وتا
Daniel Bonelli
Daniel Bonelli Hace 11 días
Massimiliano Marconi
Massimiliano Marconi Hace 24 días
Dude Perfect ffyfc che-(f
Valerie Allen
Valerie Allen Hace un mes
Fire Star306 /HNB./
unDURYEAted Hace 2 meses
Dude Perfect can we get a video of your guy’s favorite bloopers from all the years? it would be hilarious to see all the behind the scene footage of all the crazy mishaps through all the years. i’ve seen some in the end of some of your videos spliced in here and there and would love to see more. thanks guys!
Al Dishman
Al Dishman Hace 5 horas
I’ve been a fan for five years You’re my favorite childhood ESvidrs I grew up in Texas love in your videos and whenever I drove past Alison I always beg my parents to go see your office
Isaias Marquez
Isaias Marquez Hace 9 horas
Like: if you love your mother Dislike: if you hate your mother
Canhüseyn Hüseynov
Canhüseyn Hüseynov Hace 14 horas
1.000.likes o my goodddddddddnnnnnneeeeeeeesssssssssss
Mr. Frosty
Mr. Frosty Hace 15 horas
*Dude* that's *Perfect* *Dude Perfect*
Marcy B.
Marcy B. Hace 18 horas
itioivido sonoecezonali
joshua de San jose
joshua de San jose Hace 19 horas
Me team Coby and cory
Stephen Bryan
Stephen Bryan Hace 20 horas
How long did it take you to do that contraption?🤷🏻‍♀️ I guess 6 hours is that right?
SpaghettiDance Hace un día
At 5:45 look at the ping pong ball closely, it launches a bit late after Ty swings 🤔
Oofinator .-.
Oofinator .-. Hace un día
Imagine doing all of those contraptions and you miss the last shot
javier alberto sarmiento jimenez
javier alberto sarmiento jimenez
Me enseña
javier alberto sarmiento jimenez
Que bacano
Maria Macon
Maria Macon Hace un día
Please suscribe to maria macon
syedshahid iqbal
syedshahid iqbal Hace un día
At 3:13 what is he doing at the back Kinda weird dance*
l h
l h Hace un día
I love dude perfect
Joshua Latham
Joshua Latham Hace un día
must of taken forever to set up intro
Owens Noel
Owens Noel Hace un día
4:32 Ok end it!!!🤣🤣🤣
Yuvraj Sharma PYP5C International School of Helsingborg
3:14 , Tyler behind dancing and shaking ! Anyone noticed , like it !
Emppi _58
Emppi _58 Hace un día
آموزش کامپوتر و انواع نرم افزار
that was perfect Hi pleas see my channel
Johnson Tran
Johnson Tran Hace 2 días
Chandler (from mrbeast) vs Coby (from dudeperfect) who will win? Like:Coby Comment:Chandler
How many likes is how many times they took to make and test it
Gsean leon nocub gascon
Bharath M
Bharath M Hace 2 días
lot's of effort. keep it up guys
Cricket Epic Gamer
Cricket Epic Gamer Hace 2 días
Can't wait for Ping Pong Trick Shots 6!!!
nevastuica 234
nevastuica 234 Hace 2 días
LB Woolley
LB Woolley Hace 2 días
I love you guys. You are awesome!!!!!
Mr Sheeshcabob
Mr Sheeshcabob Hace 2 días
1 year later: welcome to the anniversary of ping pong trick shots=ping pong trick shots 1000
Kyle Smuth
Kyle Smuth Hace 2 días
Dude perfect:*ping pong noises*. Their neighbors:ah I see they must be very safissticated Dude perfect:**ping pong noises stop** AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH YEEAHHHHHHH OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO thEir neighbors:????!!!
Can't wait for Ping Pong Trick Shots 6!!!
Safira Isnabila12J
Safira Isnabila12J Hace 3 días
bagus bagus bagus bagus👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😍😍😍😍😍
Danielle Carlin
Danielle Carlin Hace 3 días
I saw ty open the door and start dancing
Luca Venzi
Luca Venzi Hace 3 días
GAMEROYALE 2005 Hace 3 días
5:30 is that a ping pong trick shot? The arrow would have done the same even without the ball attached to it
Daisy McRell
Daisy McRell Hace 3 días
How many trick shots was that
Clay Sproule
Clay Sproule Hace 3 días
How long did it take to put it all back if the first one didn’t work
BIL67_LZO Hace 3 días
Tout les français 👇👇
Saejoon Hong
Saejoon Hong Hace 4 días
this somehow has less views than the first ping pong trick shot video. the first one has 70 million
Gudang Film Bioskop
Gudang Film Bioskop Hace 4 días
Wow that is so amazing and impossible
Stts Bg
Stts Bg Hace 4 días
Stts Bg
Stts Bg Hace 4 días
Youhou this is gonna be aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawesoooooooooooooomeeeeeeee!
The Great Tube
The Great Tube Hace 4 días
Something's wrong with the shot 3:46
JakesterGD Hace 4 días
Jumbo Shrimp
Jumbo Shrimp Hace 4 días
Why does ty have to do everything
Muhammad Jasim
Muhammad Jasim Hace 4 días
Look Ty behind Coby ...... 3:14 ..... dancing 😁
Cory Burns
Cory Burns Hace 5 días
Do 6
Clint Wheeler
Clint Wheeler Hace 5 días
Wow that's hard!
That's Awesome
That's Awesome Hace 5 días
Of all things, ping pong?
TETRIS테트리스 Hace 6 días
OH!☺ Now I know my abc
Charles Sammon
Charles Sammon Hace 6 días
that....... was.......... SO COOL!!!!!!😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮
Hi I am god
Hi I am god Hace 6 días
This intro must have taken forever
Naomie Hamelin
Naomie Hamelin Hace 6 días
Lob The Bean Boy
Lob The Bean Boy Hace 6 días
Next ping pong video intro will be them pulling the moon into a gainant red party cup
Paul Kovyazin
Paul Kovyazin Hace 6 días
All fake. Gar probably had like 20 bounces. Also, am I the only one who doesn't like Garrett at all???
Addy Bianco
Addy Bianco Hace 6 días
R official
R official Hace 6 días
Dont know what's the music
Scrappy Boi
Scrappy Boi Hace 6 días
3:47 why do i have the same R.C. car 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤭🤭
Southern Custom Performance
Uuuuuuummmmmmmm 2020
Dj gacha Xx
Dj gacha Xx Hace 6 días
You guys are really lucky but lucky-er cause the prettiest of them all I want to be a girlfriend
Jen Patterson
Jen Patterson Hace 6 días
what day is the show
The Legend Cuber
The Legend Cuber Hace 6 días
What is the tat table called the small one
Virginia Michael
Virginia Michael Hace 7 días
Yes i like to 4
Eaiden Thekkekkara
Eaiden Thekkekkara Hace 7 días
ty tho
ty walton
ty walton Hace 7 días
3:14 like if you saw ty dancing behind cody
Keith Bourassa
Keith Bourassa Hace 7 días
nicholas hagen
nicholas hagen Hace 7 días
i love yore shose and cool not cool it a masing
James Smith
James Smith Hace 7 días
That intro probably took forever to make
WING KAI MAK Hace 7 días
Jacopo Fiorio
Jacopo Fiorio Hace 7 días
Mafaz Ansari
Mafaz Ansari Hace 8 días
Did anyone noticed the beats mached by garret 6:18
It’s a Leon 1688
It’s a Leon 1688 Hace 8 días
That Intro is Insane!
Flaming Wolf
Flaming Wolf Hace 8 días
3:13 why was ty dancing
Zelalem Bekele
Zelalem Bekele Hace 8 días
You guys should do magnets trick shots
Zachary Gottlieb
Zachary Gottlieb Hace 8 días
matteteo1905 Hace 8 días
i like you video but im french
D S Hace 8 días
I love so much.
Dr. DJ Savato
Dr. DJ Savato Hace 8 días
On Ping Pong Trick Shots 6: Tiny Pong table shoots an Oreo-designed ping pong ball into a sliding Nerf Hoverkup with a Pringles can inside it and the can is filled with milk. LET’S GO ADS!
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