Playing an RPG for the second time

Joel Haver
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Adventure awaits again.
The third installment of the RPG series - esvid.net/group/PLKtIcOP0WvJB29YkQlSKhxwsab4JlysSj
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12 ene 2021






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Joel Haver
Joel Haver Hace 10 días
This is by far my most involved animation yet, I’m so happy to see everyone enjoying. Big thanks to Trent for making it with me and keeping me company over discord over long hours of animating. I’m realizing now that people might see this before the first two, so here’s the whole series in one convenient playlist - esvid.net/group/PLKtIcOP0WvJB29YkQlSKhxwsab4JlysSj
Mathew Sakwa
Mathew Sakwa Hace 4 horas
this is hilarious
DarkStarzWinning Hace 7 horas
Please make a long one or two of these rpg a week and youll become a youtube legend
DarkStarzWinning Hace 7 horas
Please make one of these every week to twice a week and youll become a youtube legend
Greshen Gaines
Greshen Gaines Hace 17 horas
It’s amazing
Society of the Spectacle
@Cole Ozaeta I honestly do like the style
Creegopunk Hace 4 horas
IM SO SICK, OF DOING, EVERYTHING every video game ever where YOU gotta do everything for everyone
Simon Smoy
Simon Smoy Hace 4 horas
Man I love your videos. Keep up the good work and the good comedy! HUZZZAAAAAAAAAAHHH
Brandon Vallier
Brandon Vallier Hace 4 horas
The feels when he's confronting marshal, oof. I got seriously immersed in that moment especially when he gets calm and says "adventure awaits". The ending was also such an amazing way to finish it and a great throwback to your previous animation.
Roni Kurniawan
Roni Kurniawan Hace 4 horas
Somehow we forgot that 'jacob' is the strongest character in the series..
Dandertuts Hace 5 horas
I thought this was going to be a rick roll what the fuck is this
Buffalo Hace 5 horas
the redemption arc
It's ya boy alex
It's ya boy alex Hace 5 horas
Is nobody curious what song plays when he fights the rat?
Atomic Potato
Atomic Potato Hace 5 horas
i wish the wholesome chat between the giant and main character was a lot longer so i could sleep to it even if it was very minimal or just the ambiance of them
Elijah Thurlow
Elijah Thurlow Hace 5 horas
your content is overwhelmingly good.
Oat Blenders
Oat Blenders Hace 5 horas
"I am so sick of doing everything wrong!" and screaming are my life.
Mohamed Taymour
Mohamed Taymour Hace 5 horas
The man playing the adventurer is a pro, he parried 3 GUNSHOTS WITH A SWORD What a gaming mad lad
Eustachy Motyka
Eustachy Motyka Hace 6 horas
I watch it at least once a week. It gives me some strange kind of peace. Nice. I have some water after. But not after I sit on it for a sec. I want to watch the sunset.
Sepia Smith
Sepia Smith Hace 6 horas
Better plot and lore than lots of movies nowadays
Krist Hace 6 horas
lemongrab origin story
max 99
max 99 Hace 6 horas
i new it marshal was evil
Code Hace 6 horas
Dude, is that the @Rats mod rat sounds for minecraft? That sound is the bane of my existence
Jacks Animated
Jacks Animated Hace 6 horas
I had to come back and watch it again after learning he animated this with a mouse and keyboard.
SkySires Hace 6 horas
0:01 - 0:08 How it feels at first picking yourself up after blowing it on a test or quiz.
Kdawg562 Hace 6 horas
The ending is so wholesome.
xXAquatic_BlazeXx Hace 6 horas
Petition to make him animate a jacob vs marshal fight
GaySpoon Hace 6 horas
The giant is my favourite reoccurring character
Ronnie Wood
Ronnie Wood Hace 6 horas
"He's got a gun!"
DarkStarzWinning Hace 7 horas
Please make a long one to two of these rpg a week and youll become youtube legend
upgradesky56 Hace 7 horas
>marshal has a tiny Glock huh, didn't know they made mouse guns
SpikeVallen Hace 7 horas
"adventure awaits, huzaah" is the best
GuideToNothing Hace 7 horas
we'll shale sing tales of the nameless hero in nights to come
Drop Therapy
Drop Therapy Hace 7 horas
Honestly the health bar idea in this video would make for an interesting game mechanic
Highonlife77 Hace 7 horas
That was the most powerful huzzah I’ve ever heard
dennis15497 Hace 7 horas
Goosebumps 3:10
MizManTheFryingP Hace 7 horas
I love the character development here. There's even Spot the family pet!
Charly Falcon
Charly Falcon Hace 7 horas
"He haa a gun!" That killed me XD
Carson Klein
Carson Klein Hace 8 horas
Fable 1
Lizzy Behr
Lizzy Behr Hace 8 horas
I love these
Vaniste Valor non brand
Hey men, this would be amazing if this becomes a series lol (been watching this on repeat)
Akrista Hace 8 horas
Was getting the guy out of the cage a reference to the old Atari Superman game?
K Noelle
K Noelle Hace 8 horas
What a twist. 😱
Milo Baisch
Milo Baisch Hace 8 horas
LoTR could never be this deep. Truly stunning.
Maulana Winata
Maulana Winata Hace 8 horas
Adventure, awaits Feels like Avengers, assemble More like bore ragnarok
Gathorn Hace 8 horas
better than most movie plots
Joey Kidd
Joey Kidd Hace 8 horas
But how did Marshall turn evil why did he turn evil what else is there to the story that we're not seeing?! Find out in the next episode of "THE KNIGHT OF TIME"!!!
Danielowator X100
Danielowator X100 Hace 9 horas
1:43 When he said "Oh fuck." In that sad tone.
Discorded Hace 9 horas
We really need T shirts that have "Adventure awaits, HUZZZZZAAAAHHHH"
BESTPRAWN Hace 9 horas
This was some what entertaining
Douglas Johnson
Douglas Johnson Hace 9 horas
The rare instance where the third installment of a series is the best so far. I was laughing out loud, a lot. This turned into quite the epic, and I was happy to be along for the ride. I love the zen-like ending with the giant too, a perfectly peaceful and funny way, to ease us out of the waking dream. Bravo!
Sorcerer Media
Sorcerer Media Hace 10 horas
Now we wait for 'Playing an RPG for the third time'
tristen tyler
tristen tyler Hace 10 horas
1:45 the best part of this whole video 🤣
Eric Tan
Eric Tan Hace 10 horas
Amazing story. I'm sold.
Communist Pootis Birb
Communist Pootis Birb Hace 11 horas
1:50 Me in math class
Jordan Perez
Jordan Perez Hace 11 horas
I shed a tear. Thank you.
UJustGotGamed Hace 11 horas
i like how marshal has a glock in medieval times
Da Boss
Da Boss Hace 11 horas
1:40 memes by cowbelly used this
Jimmy Breuer
Jimmy Breuer Hace 11 horas
MeekDegree Inc.
MeekDegree Inc. Hace 11 horas
Nobody's gonna talk about how Marshall has a gun?
Razagan Hace 11 horas
JEbus that was more emotional then it had any right to
The Bamboozler
The Bamboozler Hace 12 horas
adventure... Awaits! HUZZZAAAAHHHH oddly triumphant
Mihos Krijgsman
Mihos Krijgsman Hace 12 horas
3:09 kinda hit me ngl
Lapin Logic
Lapin Logic Hace 12 horas
This is my favourite, I KEEP coming back to rewatch it.
Jack S
Jack S Hace 12 horas
How is this animation style achieved?
V.E /A
V.E /A Hace 12 horas
How i never notice he was naruto running while saving the old man son
Zach Devita-Paulson
Zach Devita-Paulson Hace 13 horas
3:10 sea hawk
PH4T JOKER Hace 13 horas
There is a deeper connection i must be missing .
Demkkar Hace 13 horas
I wished for the huzzah adventures to never end, this was an amazing story.
ZeFrankz Hace 13 horas
This is legit my favorite youtube series right now
Joe Lalgi
Joe Lalgi Hace 13 horas
Better RPG than cyberpunk
SaGe OwL
SaGe OwL Hace 14 horas
It was the rat all along.
Doom Fatto catto
Doom Fatto catto Hace 14 horas
New game plus
Harrymac522 Gaming
Harrymac522 Gaming Hace 14 horas
Why did the king look like morgz
FinnTheHuman Hace 14 horas
I am interested ,if you release video about how you making this .but i also can understand not to choose show your artsyle making.
Devilbrine Hace 15 horas
3:11 Gave me fuckin’ chills, yo!
GenoX1987 Hace 15 horas
2:20 for some reason I love the little head bob he does.
Fabio_P Hace 16 horas
If Remy from ratatouille had a gun
Lithium Hace 16 horas
Reward: our eternal gratitude
Jack Robinson
Jack Robinson Hace 17 horas
I keep coming back to this because it is so original and just amazing. Thanks Joel!
Max Wolfe
Max Wolfe Hace 18 horas
Had to go back and watch the others again after this.
Logan G
Logan G Hace 19 horas
That last Hazaah! Had me dead
alex marshall
alex marshall Hace 19 horas
Love how he’s tearing up as he sees his health bar and just says “oh fuck...” in such a defeated tone.
DanFire Flare
DanFire Flare Hace 19 horas
“You do this everyday?” “Y-Yeah.” “It’s nice.” “Yup.” I feel at peace, this is one of the most peaceful conversations I’ve heard for a while
BrreakfastBandit Hace 19 horas
I'm sorry to say - the thumbnail put me off of watching this for a while, but it autoplayed, and I'm so glad I let it play. These animated skits are golden.
Hoagie Hace 20 horas
So are there any Adventure Huzzah! t-shirts we can purchase cuz I'm in love with this
fakemommy23 Hace 20 horas
CopyCat Hace 20 horas
SolidSol Hace 20 horas
Did marshal make it home okay?
Grunt Korf
Grunt Korf Hace 20 horas
God, this animation style is so uncanny I love it.
SDipl Hace 21 un hora
it's funny how everything is so akward but realistic
Dream Hollow
Dream Hollow Hace 21 un hora
I accidentally saw this video first, then it all made sense when I stopped and saw the first one.
Ninja Sushi
Ninja Sushi Hace 21 un hora
Thumbs up if you're going to go back to and watch it all the episodes now.
Ninja Sushi
Ninja Sushi Hace 21 un hora
The Oblivion music is great.
Ninja Sushi
Ninja Sushi Hace 21 un hora
How do you shit post at this level? Most impressive.
Ninja Sushi
Ninja Sushi Hace 21 un hora
LOLOLOLOL he fixes it!
Sky The Looker
Sky The Looker Hace 21 un hora
This is litterally the best thing ever
KuroSly Hace 22 horas
Who knew this twist would come?
Strike Hace 22 horas
Did the rat get the gun from Tony Lazuto?
g guysjugju
g guysjugju Hace 22 horas
I predict, if there is another outside the trilogy, it will be playing an RPGs for th 100th time
Tyler Cappi
Tyler Cappi Hace 22 horas
This is the same plot as Re:Zero
Ciaran Smith
Ciaran Smith Hace 23 horas
this unironically might be the best use of rotoscoping ever. it adds such a unique awkwardness to the comedy.
Freeblade Invictus
Freeblade Invictus Hace 23 horas
The “adventure....awaits....” line is unironically epic to me
Budz 1369
Budz 1369 Hace 23 horas
When choice actually matters in an RPG.
Gabriel Moore
Gabriel Moore Hace 23 horas
Im from townton
Alessandra Gonzales
Alessandra Gonzales Hace 23 horas
1:42 The hardest hitting "Oh fuck." on ESvid
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