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5 Oct - 27 Oct 2019
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4 sep 2019






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노노NuNu Hace un día
I really did not understand, does this mean that a new girl group will be formed under Big Hit management or what?
Jo Ris
Jo Ris Hace 9 días
I hope the new girl group would have the same concept with Glam because Big Hit have Gfriend already
youfreakmeout Hace un día
I Imagine their concept will likely be different than Gfriend's so they can target another audience Considering Min Hee Jin is involved with this group, I'm quite curious to see what she's going to bring to this group concept wise
hi Hace 2 días
Jo Ris tbh i kinda hope not because that concept is very overused nowadays with gg’s
Rine Emperado
Rine Emperado Hace 9 días
Can I ask if the audition are still open up until this year 2020 please😊cause I want to try and actually is it okay if I was a Filipino haha😂I don't speak Korean but in English you can say that I can hehe😅I just want to try actually I have a talent in singing and dancing and I can do a little rapping😊
Sandali Sinha
Sandali Sinha Hace 2 días
No they ended last year, if you wish to audition then you may look for other companies audition on google.
Xiki Hace 9 días
Xiki Hace 9 días
Ive wasted so many hours searching for that song :’) haven’t found it yet
Ummu Shiyatune
Ummu Shiyatune Hace 14 días
Ini pasti bakal debutin grup ini mah
Hoy TV
Hoy TV Hace 17 días
I can speak korean i can dance i can sing (vocal and rap) but i don't live in korea i want be an IDOL 😅
Yessica EC
Yessica EC Hace 18 días
Si fuera en México ,Guadalajara Jalisco ha hubiese muerto, en si soñaria con ser cantante, y todo eso,...pero tristemente oportunidades así no tengo
Eclipse Hace 21 un día
I'm never gonna join, my voice is bad and I have stage fright. Even if I want to, my parents won't let me 😔
chisi rozario
chisi rozario Hace 26 días
Still waiting till Indonesia can do the global auditions...🤣💜😌😔🙃I want to give it a shot 🙌🙌🙌
Jojo Game
Jojo Game Hace 26 días
اول عربية اقصد للبنات: اهلن بيكم في عالم الكيبوب شرفتون منو متحمس لحتى يشوف البنات😍😀😀 👇👍👍🖑🖐👏👏👌
patricia mendoza
patricia mendoza Hace 26 días
bighit yo quisiera audisionar pero por problemas que estoy en otro pais no puedo yo puedo bailar porfavor contratame
andrea alogo park
andrea alogo park Hace 27 días
Yo sigo esperando a que saquéis ya el grupo femenino
Kim lisa
Kim lisa Hace 27 días
Y las audiciones en Latinoamérica??😲😢
Shane Kim
Shane Kim Hace 29 días
I can sing I can dance I can rap I can speak Korean words a little bit and I'm born in 2004 but how can I be an idollll?..my dream was to become an idol to make my parents proud but I don't know how it would be happen because I'm just a simple girl living in Philippines and I can't afford to go to Korea 😭 please can someone help me???I really really want to be an idol 😭😭😭
Shane Kim
Shane Kim Hace 29 días
Even if I'm not a Korean I will try my best to become an idollll somedayyyyyyy😭💜
Shane Kim
Shane Kim Hace 29 días
I'm too lateee😭😭😭
Grazielem Fragozo
Grazielem Fragozo Hace 29 días
Ah, eu quero
sarah Hace un mes
BH y'all better debut a super super badass girl group or i quit
sarah Hace 2 días
hi I understand what are you saying. I’m just too imaginative lol. I personally don’t find nowadays gg attractive, neither badass (if it’s their concept). To be honest I don’t know that much except Mamamoo. I listened a few songs by red relvet and clc but it’s missing something, I’m not saying that they are not cool but yess you are right it’s not that unique. But it’s the same for boys groups right? I mean The style are not that different but for some reason BTS is unique, they are versatile (others groups too) but they have their own way to make it different and really catching. So I think BH can made up a girl group with very unique and stylish girls. Imagine a girl group who are breaking the “basic” kpop gg: Women who are taking power. But it’s sounds complicated in their society. But as far as I know they are not ready to debut a girl group so I’m just dreaming.
hi Hace 2 días
sarah but that concept is so overused and not unique nowadays
Rekha Nikale
Rekha Nikale Hace un mes
BIGHIT plz report his account
Rekha Nikale
Rekha Nikale Hace un mes
@btsxtxt07:Guys if you are true army of BTS then plz report his account bcz he make bad memes of BTS . Go to Instagram and Check out his account@raavan_memes
Sam Head
Sam Head Hace un mes
anyone else hopes these girls get a storyline concept too?
Prosper has entered the chat
Y'all acting like not being Korean is gonna hinder you. It literally says Plus GLOBAL audition. Correct me if I'm wrong
Danielle Hill
Danielle Hill Hace un mes
This wouldn't work out for me because: 1- Im black 2- I can't sing that good 3- I'm not the best at dance 4- I'm only 14 5- I'm too lazy 6- I don't live in Korea
Camila Hace un mes
eman elbadrawy
eman elbadrawy Hace un mes
I don't want audition just to see bts or txt I'm just inspired by them to be an idol but I'm tan comes from an Arabian country and I'm a mess even if I auditioned and debuted I'll get a massive amount of hate that I can't take
Suresh Dalal
Suresh Dalal Hace un mes
Do anyone know about z-pop dream 😊
arzoo kathiat
arzoo kathiat Hace un mes
Wait...I can rap, dance,am Asian, know korean *Realises isn't a korean girl*
Heaven Falls
Heaven Falls Hace un mes
It's okay army because girl in source music calm down calm down
Min Yoongi
Min Yoongi Hace un mes
Bighit : What's your talent? Me : I can breath Bighit : that's not a tal- Yoongi : ACCEPTED
Nabila Liank
Nabila Liank Hace un mes
😭😭😭😭 whyyyyy
Sara valentina Gracias
Ella va estar en el grupo de chicas
tannie v
tannie v Hace un mes
1- ugly 2- cant sing 3-cant rap 4-not asian 5-cant speak korean
Kim borahae
Kim borahae Hace un mes
If i ever passed or auditioned i think i will be maknae of the group cause you know im still young
Brisa Paredes
Brisa Paredes Hace un mes
name of the song?
Yun Cho
Yun Cho Hace un mes
I can audition I'm Korean can speak English can rap sing dance and etc.ㅋㅋ
lindi ,
lindi , Hace un mes
Eu acho melhor não ter um girlgroup,pois eu acho que maiorias das garotas vão estar pensando de estar ao lado do BTS e não pensar de estar em grupo de kpop, talvez seja uma paranóia minha mas eu não sei,eu não gostaria que tivesse uma audição para um grupo feminino,e se tiver uma saseng ( fingindo que é apenas uma idol) nesse grupo para coletar informações dentro da Big Hit? Desculpe talvez seja uma paranóia ou sla, acho que estou ficando louca haha
Laura ;
Laura ; Hace un mes
Muitas pessoas dizem que é o "sonho" delas, porém eu duvido muito, algumas delas acham que estão em uma fanfic que vão ser idols e algum integrante do BTS vai se apaixonar por ela. :/
taecloud Hace un mes
Duolingo HERE I GO.
BTS express
BTS express Hace un mes
my problems that i cant apply for audition Age
honey yoongs
honey yoongs Hace un mes
okay but can you pls do an audition in other countries too if you could give us a chance in the Philippines because i really want to audition and i want my dreams to come true!~ i promise that i will work hard so i can be a trainee and debut one day :)💖
Chimmeneringed Hace un mes
I can proudly say that I can sing but not so good and I'm Asian. So I guess a lot of practice and money to go to Korea and Audition in the near future
DAZAICITYS Hace un mes
when you're asian but you can't sing, dance, or rap-- smh
Hadeel Khalid
Hadeel Khalid Hace un mes
I'll try to lift your spirits a little bit.... I'm literally attracted to every Asian guy I mean just looking at them make my heart beat I know....It's weird 🙂
•Cute Demon•
•Cute Demon• Hace un mes
I can speak English and I can dance & sing but I can't speak Korean and I don't live in korea No problem ?????
I Follow
I Follow Hace un mes
Can you audition even if you are not asian?
Sundae Hace un mes
Como se compite contra esto?!
on 2023/2024 I will join you. wait for me
Liza yaa
Liza yaa Hace un mes
Kek di bali
i want yoongis train to choo choo down my rail
When you can definitely sing but you don’t have the face 🤦🏻‍♀️
11.11 Hace un mes
Yui Sabrina
Yui Sabrina Hace un mes
i want yoongis train to choo choo down my rail
When you can definitely sing but you don’t have the face 🤦🏻‍♀️
Naru Hace un mes
I can rap and sing I can dance very well But i don't know why i don't try ,i think i will try?
turkishcoffee Hace un mes
Bighit: why you are here ? you don't meet the criteria Me: i come from the same continent: Asia! BTS : well... everybody say N.O
Irmak Bülgü
Irmak Bülgü Hace un mes
Why any company doesn't want Turkish in their company?
софа ким
софа ким Hace un mes
┏┓┏┳━┳┓┏┓┏━━┓ ┃┗┛┃━┫┃┃┃┃╭╮┃ ┃┏┓┃━┫┗┫┗┫╰╯┃ ┗┛┗┻━┻━┻━┻2020
Xulenha Hace un mes
나는 ibighit을 사랑❤️💓
ッ마 갈리
ッ마 갈리 Hace un mes
Creo que Latinoamérica no está en el globo terráqueo .
Min Yoongi
Min Yoongi Hace un mes
I love how bighit posted these videos and then dipped as soon as it got recognition. Bighit: Lol we are gonna have a girl group Fans: **Gets exited** wait really?! Bighit: Actually, we took a rain check, we aren't doing this
Min Yoongi
Min Yoongi Hace un mes
@hi I figured, but Bighit gets all of our hopes up and just leaves us in the dark
hi Hace un mes
Min Yoongi they’re still making the group tho
strwbunnymilks Hace un mes
girl groups probably gon be placed on source music
Camila Hace 20 días
both bighit and source
Princess Yomna
Princess Yomna Hace un mes
هو دا اى
ッ마 갈리
ッ마 갈리 Hace un mes
Y Latinoamérica ?
Aarshi Karki
Aarshi Karki Hace un mes
Sad as in cant audition for it 😭 -Nepal
Eliyatul Fitriya
Eliyatul Fitriya Hace un mes
I hope bighit debut girlgrub bad girl and swag same with BTS..
Mikmik mikimi
Mikmik mikimi Hace un mes
jung coat
jung coat Hace 2 meses
Is she a trainee?
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