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The world’s top assassin, Duncan Vizla, aka The Black Kaiser (Mads Mikkelsen), is settling into retirement when his former employer marks him as a liability to the firm. Against his will, he finds himself back in the game going head to head with an army of younger, faster, ruthless killers who will stop at nothing to have him silenced.
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Polar | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix


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7 ene 2019

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Comentarios 7 164
Psyisgaming Hace 8 minutos
John wick chapter 4: neflix
Christopher Cardozo
Christopher Cardozo Hace 13 minutos
Is this movie a Hideo Kojima reference? Mmmmmmmm Big boss is that you!
Asip Hace 30 minutos
i like to see him as Solid Snake...
ivan antonio rodriguez duran
Jhon wick brother
Devil Shoez
Devil Shoez Hace 54 minutos
Hannibal Wick Pt 1
Vincent Vega
Vincent Vega Hace 56 minutos
Dear Netflix, Villa La Angostura is an Argentinian town, not a chilean one. Is it too difficult to check in Google Maps?
levorne Hace un hora
GQ Tuesday
GQ Tuesday Hace 2 horas
John Wick
Justin Case
Justin Case Hace 2 horas
Vanessa hudgens always looking like a snack :)
Будни Блудня
ЗАЕБИСЬ! Ждем, ставь Лукас😌👍🏼
Ichigo Uzumaki
Ichigo Uzumaki Hace 2 horas
Netflix has been making some awesome stuff 👌
hal jordan
hal jordan Hace 3 horas
0:42 looks like deadmau5' house
Enteng Kabz
Enteng Kabz Hace 3 horas
Damn im gonna watch this fo sure
TTV Mutiny
TTV Mutiny Hace 3 horas
Wow. Mads coulda been a great John wick as well probs. Keanu is great though and was great. John wick Is Golden.
NIKS Hace 3 horas
you pretty good!
TheSuperQuail Hace 3 horas
Jean Wick
Oz El Coskuner
Oz El Coskuner Hace 4 horas
Screw John wick... This is cool :)
Mr Potato
Mr Potato Hace 4 horas
0:03 Borat? 0.o
Hanniffy Dinn
Hanniffy Dinn Hace 4 horas
kranti singh
kranti singh Hace 4 horas
jonstallionfox Hace 4 horas
I’m looking forward to this.
Leonidas Hace 4 horas
If anyone was wondering why Netflix upped their fee. Its bc they’re competing with Disney. plus their series and movies will become better and better.
dave schmit
dave schmit Hace 4 horas
Mads is a top shelf actor.
Strix Zez
Strix Zez Hace 4 horas
John wick rip off version
Bigman Dejavu
Bigman Dejavu Hace 5 horas
Not only me who thinking about "John Wick"
1738 Creations
1738 Creations Hace 5 horas
It's lucky they put the Netflix logo on there, thought it was an Asylum film.
zioncartel Hace 6 horas
he looks like rugal from kof
Daniel Soto
Daniel Soto Hace 6 horas
Hannibal lecter becomes John Wick
asd sd
asd sd Hace 6 horas
how to check netflix films? deep breath and press "CTRL+W"
LuftWaffe ME 109bf
LuftWaffe ME 109bf Hace 6 horas
All this for 8 million dollars ? Kinda ridicule for a company to be this greedy especially that in companies scale this price is pretty low .
Haryo Hace 7 horas
why now all old retired killer show up on the screen..what happened to the younger one?..cant wait for james bond retirement version
Elly CHANNEL Hace 7 horas
It's Metal Gear Assasin Live action
Sam gaur
Sam gaur Hace 7 horas
If someone will going to make movie on ..witcher game series plz take..mads mikkelson..
dschonsie Hace 7 horas
john wick is a ripoff, older movies like point blank, payback, kill bill or history of violence have nearly the same storyline
Steven Burns
Steven Burns Hace 7 horas
What an actor..Hannibal then this
Recklezz Hace 8 horas
Mads Mikkelsen and Deadmau5 a combo I hadn't expected, but I won't complain =D
Zhenyu Wang
Zhenyu Wang Hace 8 horas
Like I said : Do not bother killers’friends or dogs
Insomnila Hace 8 horas
big boss
Robert Higgins
Robert Higgins Hace 8 horas
Lamore biat100
Lamore biat100 Hace 8 horas
Whats the blonde girl name
Ricardo Martins Saraiva
Metal gear solid????
From A to Z
From A to Z Hace 8 horas
0:38 Johnny Knoxville !!!!
Nightmares Unleashed
Oh crap bloody shirtless mads gives me Valhalla rising flashbacks. Time to rewatch it
M-Dev Media
M-Dev Media Hace 9 horas
This was Nick Furry Has to be Bad Ass
THat guy Overthere
THat guy Overthere Hace 9 horas
Netflix trying to cash in on that John wick money
dschonsie Hace 8 horas
so what, do you really think "john wick" was the first movie of that kind?
Rijo Thomas
Rijo Thomas Hace 9 horas
polar action movie
Ashley Reinhardt
Ashley Reinhardt Hace 10 horas
My Queen Lagertha! 👑
Stanley Ndomo
Stanley Ndomo Hace 10 horas
I see Mads... click
Sympa Dm
Sympa Dm Hace 10 horas
He kinda looks like Old man Dante from devil may cry.
Fahad Wasi
Fahad Wasi Hace 10 horas
Copy of John wick
activelink activdisc
activelink activdisc Hace 10 horas
First we have to watch our favorite jhon wick 3 perebulum then we welecom new ideas.
Robert Pilla
Robert Pilla Hace 10 horas
betrayal followed by shoot, stabby, shoot, shoot, stabby, neck break, stabby, stabby, head shot, head shot. Did I miss any of the plot points?
Tsepo Dladla
Tsepo Dladla Hace 10 horas
Seems like another John Wick movie
Sith Monstour
Sith Monstour Hace 10 horas
John Wick and this guy would be killing the whole 'bad' population. . .literally.
Ignis V
Ignis V Hace 10 horas
1:31 oh they had something like that in thor ragnarok
Ramazan Qaisar 7A
Ramazan Qaisar 7A Hace 10 horas
Nah, man. I'mma go watch John Wick 3! Like if you too!
Black Man
Black Man Hace 10 horas
seefiboy Hace 10 horas
looks more like solid snake
RandyRandy Hace 10 horas
Shoulda made this a Snake Plissken come back! Escape from Retirement!
René Moncayo
René Moncayo Hace 10 horas
Anyone who thinks that The black Káiser is a cool code name deserves to die, debate me.
dave's dead
dave's dead Hace 10 horas
man john wick just can not catch a break
ibex33 Hace 11 horas
Eyes of Snow Leopard
Eyes of Snow Leopard Hace 11 horas
What's the song name
David B
David B Hace 11 horas
Post Credit John Wick 3....phone rings, John picks up "Black.. Kaiser"..line drops...
baek tosan
baek tosan Hace 11 horas
jhon wick in big boss body
Yeah Yeah
Yeah Yeah Hace 11 horas
Oh no no
Wendy Ziem
Wendy Ziem Hace 11 horas
Feels like John Wick😕 Love the laser shooting scene though
Lucifer Leota
Lucifer Leota Hace 11 horas
John wick vibes
Nadaan Parinda
Nadaan Parinda Hace 11 horas
But, can he kill with a fucking pencil?
Raj Kumar
Raj Kumar Hace 12 horas
Wow so *Lagertha* finally escaped from Valhalla
Nikolay Pro
Nikolay Pro Hace 12 horas
что-то заебатое)
kudocrisostomo93 Hace 13 horas
Hells yes. Been waiting for Mads to get his very own hitman movie.
Co ChiTam
Co ChiTam Hace 13 horas
John is dat u ??
akmal naim
akmal naim Hace 13 horas
Hannibal side job
Džoný Nitkass
Džoný Nitkass Hace 13 horas
Solid Snake movie finally
UPLEVELtube Hace 13 horas
Who is here because deadmau5?
Arpit Jha
Arpit Jha Hace 14 horas
Stfu with eyepatches
zend11xx Hace 14 horas
i thought mads mikkelsen is a brother of liam neeson
Bro Den
Bro Den Hace 14 horas
Thought it was solid snake movies or something.
Mohd Aamir
Mohd Aamir Hace 14 horas
This luks like john wik mashup......ha ha
TheMothman001 Hace 14 horas
Don't fuck with the Mad's!!
PG de Jonge
PG de Jonge Hace 15 horas
John Wick 4: The Wickening!
Clain Wahyu Darmawan
Clain Wahyu Darmawan Hace 16 horas
Swap him to Geralt de Rivia please
person8203 Hace 16 horas
Yea I know
Rancel Aneslagon
Rancel Aneslagon Hace 16 horas
He looks like butler from overlord
arambaii meitei
arambaii meitei Hace 16 horas
Shreyas Patil
Shreyas Patil Hace 16 horas
that reminds me of a 6 feet 8 inch man with google prototype glassess who is always in violence,high speed,moment n 2 times champion....anyone knows him XD
Brandon Matthews
Brandon Matthews Hace 16 horas
John Wick>Duncan Vizla.
Luke Lemaster
Luke Lemaster Hace 16 horas
aris ton
aris ton Hace 16 horas
0:12 expectations vs reality
Derp Herp
Derp Herp Hace 16 horas
John Weak
FractalNoize Hace 17 horas
I love how the villains have a very vibrant colour palette.
Faishal FAI
Faishal FAI Hace 17 horas
Snaaaakeee... Snaaaakeee...
ikhwan nurudin
ikhwan nurudin Hace 17 horas
Is he solid snake??
CIA Hace 17 horas
Jesus Christ it's Hannibal Lecter!
T REX chelsea
T REX chelsea Hace 18 horas
Snaaakkee !!! Is that you??
PC Better
PC Better Hace 18 horas
The European equalizer?
Miracle Salad
Miracle Salad Hace 19 horas
Spray the machine guns with your hands like valkyrie in thor.
Harry Singh
Harry Singh Hace 19 horas
Netflix's version of John Wick.
von madrigal
von madrigal Hace 19 horas
Mr Hannibal is that you
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