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The world’s top assassin, Duncan Vizla, aka The Black Kaiser (Mads Mikkelsen), is settling into retirement when his former employer marks him as a liability to the firm. Against his will, he finds himself back in the game going head to head with an army of younger, faster, ruthless killers who will stop at nothing to have him silenced.
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Polar | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix


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7 ene 2019

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Comentarios 9 937
chicho Hace 21 un hora
No es recomendable verla en familia ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) pero si esta muy buena la película sobretodo esa mamacita.
Raqsi Fauzan
Raqsi Fauzan Hace un día
kenin baos
kenin baos Hace un día
El papá de jhon wick que se fue a comprar cigarrillos
gremian gremlin
gremian gremlin Hace un día
He look like solid snake
McCloud Gordon
McCloud Gordon Hace un día
deadmau5 brought me here!
Damian Martinez
Damian Martinez Hace 3 días
Not bad if you dont mind the cheesey characters and unrealisticness here and there..... I wrote this when I started it..... I came back to edit and I totally retract my ignorant ass statement. It's a bad ass fucking movie!!!!
ImAFluffyMexican 1976
I think my eyes just had a orgasm
Gelina Bongon
Gelina Bongon Hace 5 días
Put Arctic on Netflix, too!
Shoudii JDH
Shoudii JDH Hace 5 días
This movie gives me feels for some reason
Shoudii JDH
Shoudii JDH Hace 5 días
John Dinsky
John Dinsky Hace 6 días
I don't remember this episode of Little Britain
Steve Thea
Steve Thea Hace 5 días
wheres David Walliams
Johnny Blast
Johnny Blast Hace 7 días
watched it all the way through, sucked. Predictable gore-fest for the sake of gore, terrible acting minus the lead, worse writing. And basically a porno
Awesome G
Awesome G Hace 8 días
Damn! This was a badass movie, I just finished watching it on Netflix! 😳
Steve Thea
Steve Thea Hace 5 días
enjoying the sex scenes? 😛
Johnny Blast
Johnny Blast Hace 8 días
0/10 (SPOILERS) f@ck you for killing Rusty within seconds. John Wick my ass.
Mr CòòL
Mr CòòL Hace 8 días
Hope they will find who wanted her father dead 😉
roel villose
roel villose Hace 12 días
I see metal gear of him
Dewi Anggraini
Dewi Anggraini Hace 12 días
Mads ass..
Cosmic Sad Boy
Cosmic Sad Boy Hace 12 días
another wick's relative
11capes Hace 12 días
more like snake after mgs4
Tatiana Annie
Tatiana Annie Hace 12 días
The s*x scene crazy, man. Had to skip cause grandma was sleeping smh
gremian gremlin
gremian gremlin Hace un día
Seems like they rly fucked
Steve Thea
Steve Thea Hace 5 días
Same , lovely scenes, finish it with me
prince gnana selvan
prince gnana selvan Hace 13 días
Anyone here for katheryn winnick?!!!
Nugtroen Hace 13 días
Next Assassin's Cinematic Universe - John W!ck vs Duncan Vizla vs Atomic Blonde
Emil Gazizyanov
Emil Gazizyanov Hace 13 días
Очень понравился фильм! Неожиданная концовка )
Mil A
Mil A Hace 14 días
I don't get those who say the tonal differences of the two storylines/groups of people (that eventually run in together) were too different that they felt they were watching two different films like it was a bad thing -- don't they understand that the movie is called "Polar"; the title literately states that you will be seeing *polar* differences in this world that they try to show?
justaskfor bob
justaskfor bob Hace 14 días
Im pleasent surpised by this movie! I think is way better than John Wick and Wick is really good! I think He should be the new Punisher, it needs this kind of actor and personality!
Nakul Bamaniya
Nakul Bamaniya Hace 14 días
Netflix's baba yaga..!!!
joethetimelord Hace 15 días
Adventures of Cliff looks fuckin rad.
Savidu Haritha
Savidu Haritha Hace 16 días
Duncan- try not to fear.
broccoli commando
broccoli commando Hace 16 días
When is netflix making the polar2
bogart pogi
bogart pogi Hace 16 días
love the movie.. hes perfect role for solid snake! hope they make a Metal Gear movie....
Kozaikin2008 Hace 16 días
I love John Wick but this is waaaayyyyyy bettttteeeerrrrrr❤️☺️10/10
Ugyen Tshering
Ugyen Tshering Hace 16 días
Kozaikin2008 hmmm its okay
Jabolzy Fun Gaming
Jabolzy Fun Gaming Hace 17 días
big boss of metal gear solid shows up like john wick! P.S: only gamers understand this ;)
Silent Butter Bruh
Silent Butter Bruh Hace 17 días
This movie was absolutely insane, is there a sequel?
musab zahoor
musab zahoor Hace 17 días
the old man did his best but the story sucks. an other netflix shit again.
Ashdroid 07
Ashdroid 07 Hace 17 días
This guy looks exactly like solid snake GG
Steve Thea
Steve Thea Hace 5 días
whos solid snake
Sheep Dog
Sheep Dog Hace 17 días
Looks entertaining.
bust D' Abduls
bust D' Abduls Hace 17 días
This movie made me a big fan of Mads Mikkelsen. It's freaking awesome! Best i have ever seen!
Robert Z
Robert Z Hace 17 días
I liked this much better when it was called RED.
saidaino Hace 17 días
netflix low cost fake john wick xDD
Marcin P
Marcin P Hace 17 días
Netflix as always producing movies for unaware audience that doesnt care for details. What a fkn joke of a movie.
Mikooljohn Hace 17 días
andey heavy
andey heavy Hace 18 días
2020 POLAR 2 2021 POLAR 3 est...
Yavuz Selim Ayyıldız
ötüm gibi film
Zarar Bangash
Zarar Bangash Hace 18 días
Why is John wick's brother after underaged girls
Patrick Wall
Patrick Wall Hace 19 días
Good show.
BaK Nascimento
BaK Nascimento Hace 20 días
Esse filme é Bom !
Nonagon Hace 21 un día
me just coming here for deadmau5 xD
justpaynmydues Hace 21 un día
I NEED THIZ ON DVD! XTREME TO THE 7TH PWR!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👍🏼👍🏼😎😎😎✌🏽✌🏼
I'M YOUR PAPI Hace 21 un día
Amazing story the guy actually take damage I liked it.
Liam Patrick
Liam Patrick Hace 21 un día
J35h13 Hace 22 días
That's not John Wick you crazy assholes ..
Brian Grossett
Brian Grossett Hace 22 días
I wonder who else thought the lead actor was Mickey Rourke.
P. Roy
P. Roy Hace 22 días
One of the best movies I've watched in a long time. Loved it. Mads Mikaelson is the definition of BADASS.
Tuco The rat
Tuco The rat Hace 23 días
A new snake pliskin film please with mads that eye patch and scar ..even metal gear solid
naxel37 Hace 23 días
Good. has decent action but alot of sex, drugs and gore jus so u kno.
2689 5467
2689 5467 Hace 23 días
wow..i just finished watching the movie.......we gone need johnwick and the black kaiser crossover universe.whiew
Marc Vegas15
Marc Vegas15 Hace 24 días
I didn't know John Wick had an Uncle.
rocket raccoon
rocket raccoon Hace 24 días
john wick is that u
Bill Jnr
Bill Jnr Hace 24 días
He should play deathstroke
Heather Robertson
Heather Robertson Hace 24 días
Good flick, favorite was seeing ole lagertha lothbrok, least fave was how in this movie getting shot with real guns like 9s and 45s doesnt mean much and some people get capped 1-2-3-4 times and act like received few bb gun or paint balls lol but i digress, its an entertaining enough flick worth WAtching
starz gonzales
starz gonzales Hace 25 días
BadAss Movie!
XII XII Hace 26 días
I'm here because Mads♥babe👀
Wilson Kwong
Wilson Kwong Hace 26 días
Black Kaiser, John Wick, Robert McCall. These 3 can EASILY take on the High Table, take over the world.
Steve Thea
Steve Thea Hace 5 días
RObert from where?
Wilson Kwong
Wilson Kwong Hace 26 días
LoL I love this movie.
Badhon Ebrahim
Badhon Ebrahim Hace 27 días
Venessa is so OLD & so UGLY
Beyza Kaya
Beyza Kaya Hace 27 días
I will watch it just for Mass Mikkelsen (miss Hannibal Lecter)
Miko Piko
Miko Piko Hace un mes
Solid Snake
Johnny Zane
Johnny Zane Hace un mes
Ah ah ah wanna be John Wick
Boots Hace un mes
offbrand John wick
Godric Green
Godric Green Hace un mes
This was a wonderful movie. I love watching Mads Michelson, and he rocked it on this one. I wouldn't say no to him playing Big Boss. The role fits him like a glove.
TechNStuff Hace un mes
This movie is good I mean it’s not 10/10 but it doesn’t deserve the bad ratings rotten tomato gave And I would definitely see him and John wick head to head or team up
Lemuel M
Lemuel M Hace un mes
rip Rusty
Prin Mccloud
Prin Mccloud Hace un mes
Metal ... Gear ???
Lord Krythic
Lord Krythic Hace un mes
"Only on Netflix" We'll yeah, if you're an idiot and don't know how to use tpb or Solarmovie. Lol.
norbel semaj
norbel semaj Hace un mes
Awesome movie. .
Diptesh Sarkar
Diptesh Sarkar Hace un mes
Haven't watched this yet but the reviews are terrible.
Liam Patrick
Liam Patrick Hace 20 días
@norbel semaj Not really
Akash Lubana
Akash Lubana Hace un mes
@norbel semaj in which country it s available
norbel semaj
norbel semaj Hace un mes
Worth to watch dude. .
micheuu Hace un mes
deadmau5 brought me here
Reet Bhattacharya
Reet Bhattacharya Hace un mes
Don't know about This movie but Mads Mikkelsen can be an awesome Snake from metal gear solid movies
Silent Butter Bruh
Silent Butter Bruh Hace 17 días
I very much enjoyed it. Ending was nutty...
Leonardo Mendoza
Leonardo Mendoza Hace un mes
Fantastic movie with a great actor Mads Mikkelsen👏
gamingsfinest1 Hace un mes
This is the hipsteriest shit ive ever seen
Giannis Kapodistrias
I know a good psychologist to go Mr Vizla......Its called Hannibal
Jacob Cooper
Jacob Cooper Hace un mes
Did not know this was deadmau5
dexter tolentino
dexter tolentino Hace un mes
its big boss
Dick Longflop
Dick Longflop Hace un mes
Oooh I like it I mean the movie looks like trash but any mads mikkelson movie is good
360 Once Upon a Time in Shaolin'll
So john wick and snake from metal solid did the fusion dance?
Annelies Alloune
Annelies Alloune Hace un mes
dιe ĸan мιn helpen
Tidus Zanarkand
Tidus Zanarkand Hace un mes
He's like John Wick's father or a more brutal Naked Snake
Moni 21
Moni 21 Hace un mes
This is one of the best movie I ever watch.
Techknowverse Hace un mes
This was a good movie-- reminds me of the movie-- Hannah.. which was a good movie. Even the Series Hannah was good.
The Adventures Of Pax & Kha
Its weird she says youre not a good man but youre doing a good thing. While im thinking he is a good man, Doing the wrong things.
Dawid Szamreta
Dawid Szamreta Hace un mes
He looks like Snake from metal gear solid
Mr Big Onix
Mr Big Onix Hace un mes
Literally my favorite movie now
BARAN Hace un mes
NekoBoyOfficial Hace un mes
1:59 They even filmed at Deadmau5's house!
Leticia Herrera
Leticia Herrera Hace un mes
Es una de las historias más impactantes de espionaje que he visto, totalmente 2029...súper proyecto de NETFLIX juro que ya la mire como 30 veces esta película me tiene trastornada, todo acción y alto herotismo, pasión lucha, futurismo, sentimientos, drama y actores experimentados espero con ancias la parte 2...Netflix será un éxito.
nicolas lombo
nicolas lombo Hace un mes
brought me deadmau5
Sub to PewDiePie Fuck you T-series
Again, his eyes has a problem
Jon Col
Jon Col Hace un mes
I actually wonder, how tf did the old lady carry the heavy ass axe?
Catacobik Hace un mes
Chunk of the soundtrack is deadmau5 lmao
Catacobik Hace un mes
its drama free
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