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SWAT Officer Jose Medina is back to break down John Wick One Checkout his Website and Social Media!
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19 may 2019






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Jose Medina
Jose Medina Hace 5 meses
Just taking a moment to thank the crew of Generation Films for the opportunity to work on this with you guys and reaching out to me as well as to all your followers whether positive feedback or negative feedback about these segments, it shows the beauty of this world where we can all give our own feelings and opinions on any of this stuff and learn from each other. Great stuff guys and continued success in all your other projects. Stay safe all!
Soldat Daniels
Soldat Daniels Hace 12 días
Late to this, but glad you shared your knowledge. That's gonna save a lot of lives. I'm also glad you let us know that your work demands that you not make any mistakes. Rock on and I wish you a pleasant evening.
Digong DU30
Digong DU30 Hace 17 días
You are breathtaking!
jim graphicsvn
jim graphicsvn Hace un mes
React to John Wick 3! His reloading with the shot gun is so imppressive!
Xekai Force
Xekai Force Hace 2 meses
After watching your explanation, it seems some police guy out there teaching the actor how to do it properly
Sacred Onion
Sacred Onion Hace 2 meses
Correct me if I'm wrong but that first reload would be a Tactical Reload instead of a Combat Reload since he still had rounds in his weapon. Great video Sir and we really appreciated your experienced words.
jovelnom Hace 3 horas
SnowGmx Hace 2 días
Not realistic at all, the "Tactical" team looks very "trainned" when they enter the house until Wick opens fire, instead of looking for cover and try to spot the shooter (Wick) they just keep running into Wick´s line of fire and this happens in every scene.
Marie World
Marie World Hace 3 días
Keanu reeves forever
So basically he said “John wick scenes are so bad ass”
Jonathan Van Winkle
Jonathan Van Winkle Hace 3 días
I always love it when a guy goes into a group of bad guys THEN JACKS THE SLIDE ON THE SHOTGUN,,,so, of course he went in unloaded. Like in TERMINATOR,,how many times did he jack that gun 2-3,,before KYLE ever shot,,,?
Rev. Ken Lochan
Rev. Ken Lochan Hace 4 días
Great commentary, really enjoyed this video
Jonathan Van Winkle
Jonathan Van Winkle Hace 4 días
Jose, I wonder what your bench press is,,damn your chest is thick as I ever saw!
Carlos Ramirez
Carlos Ramirez Hace 6 días
Keanu Reeves did real firearm training and marital arts he also rode his own motorcycle sence on the bridge
froy mark
froy mark Hace 9 días
Wellll keanu reeves is a method actor😇
Random Cat On The Internet
4:05 i troll my friend for fun till he really pissed off at me, getting hard poke at your throat is actually really painful it made your breath stuck for a second
Christ Jin
Christ Jin Hace 12 días
Ryu The Keeper
Ryu The Keeper Hace 13 días
U know what is the difference between John Wick and Police? John Wick is More Skilled Than a Police
Avast Hace 15 días
John Wick is just an copy of Keanu Reeves
crgzero Hace 15 días
I find it pretty amazing he went from Bill and Ted to ,,, well,, this.
N E W Hace 16 días
Who cares. It looks cool
Joseph Balasolla
Joseph Balasolla Hace 16 días
So how tactically acurate is killing three people with a *pencil*
MUJ_ WASIF Hace 18 días
John wick movies r action porn
Ratna Padmawati Tanuwijaya
I loving you
望月千 Hace 19 días
And now let's see what the experts think in the comments section.
the zodiac guru
the zodiac guru Hace 22 días
Even though I agree that Keanu Reeves is very well trained however there's something that he Lacks post position will you keep the gun in the center of your chest at all times ready to lift and tilting his head when he shoots for that he should train with Jerry Miculek I used to tilt my head too when I shoot for the longest time but watching Jerry helped me a lot you got a lot more accurate when you stand Square and don't tilt your head both eyes on target football vision just like Jerry does
CodeguruX Hace 23 días
Yeah, he's meant to be the impossible task completing assassin all other assassins shit their pants at the mere mention of. Doesn't matter what level of combat efficiency you have, you aren't the fictional character who's job is to get the job done. If John Wick kills someone, then he got it right.
Aaron-kun Hace 24 días
Just the fact that keanu reloads is real enough
Edwin Alvarez
Edwin Alvarez Hace 24 días
Please do punisher
Dreydon Stanford
Dreydon Stanford Hace 25 días
It’s a fucking movie bruh
EquinoxFTW Hace 26 días
You dont rate john wick, john wick rates you
William Eagleman
William Eagleman Hace 27 días
3 Tudo Games
3 Tudo Games Hace 27 días
No matter what you say, he is Johnathan Wick
Dark Basty
Dark Basty Hace 28 días
He is John wick.. He never do anything wrong
Braden Vester
Braden Vester Hace 29 días
So Keanu has actually been trained in proper CQB techniques.
Francesco Ferreira
Francesco Ferreira Hace 29 días
Still a pig. But i like it
Mr Shadow
Mr Shadow Hace un mes
Police trainer explains what JW got right, Military officer explains what JW got right, SWAT officer explains what JW got right, ER Doctor explains how movie would last only 10 minutes :))))
Toxic Rhino2129
Toxic Rhino2129 Hace un mes
I feel like a marine combat trainer would have been more appropriate but this is still pretty cool
Xeta6 Hace un mes
How realistic is John Wick?? Bro, they made John Wick into a real Fkn person named Keany Reeves!! That's how real he is.
Tarik Fretes
Tarik Fretes Hace un mes
could it be that ellie is johns secret daughter. i mean comeon she killed 15+ men and a canibal psychopath in age of 14
Ronnie Alvarez
Ronnie Alvarez Hace un mes
Where is the pencil scene?
Ronnie Alvarez
Ronnie Alvarez Hace un mes
The real question is would you arrest john wick?
Ronnie Alvarez
Ronnie Alvarez Hace 29 días
@★Zoechu★ legend
★Zoechu★ Hace 29 días
the real question is... *_could_* you arrest John Wick?
Qwert Y
Qwert Y Hace un mes
Song at 3:40?
Boss John
Boss John Hace un mes
Laughwondugh Steel
Laughwondugh Steel Hace un mes
You see a lot of this stuff in airsoft
gacha_g4m3r yeah
gacha_g4m3r yeah Hace un mes
His dog died pretty realistic
brownb1959 Hace un mes
Nice, but it's still a movie and crazy folks aren't going to allow you to just walk through and shoot them one by one. They'll waste friendly targets just to get to you!! Realistically.....Wick is dead in less than one minute. Again, its just a movie.
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez Hace un mes
Excellent movie, excellent coreography but that does not have to do with real life, honestly.
vcomplexxx Hace un mes
long story short, he perfected it
Myka Smith
Myka Smith Hace un mes
Cops suck though they always gettin killed
Max S.
Max S. Hace un mes
4:04 If the gun runs dry, wouldn't (on a live fire gun) the slide lock back?
Cesar Guerrero
Cesar Guerrero Hace un mes
Lucas Hood
Lucas Hood Hace un mes
Is this a joke!? Coming from an ex military man this cop doesn’t know shit. Go eat your doughnuts leave the critiques to real gunfighters
IGPX Satomi
IGPX Satomi Hace un mes
Polo shirt platform
SODM Hace un mes
this dude has to have atleast a 13 inch dick full metal and a working apartment down there jesus the amount of fucking power this dude has is mindfuckingblowing, everytime he moves he is lifting about 130-200 KGs enough to kill 3 insurgents in one room with those packs and arms and im not even talking about that massive glorious head he has. holy fuck we have been blessed
clarkxxkent1 Hace un mes
if SHTF, Keanu could probably legit kill a man with BUTTER
Rubixxsツ Hace un mes
“Police trainer explains what John Wick got right” Me: **everything**
TDS 727
TDS 727 Hace un mes
Ya but john wick killed cops like you very very easily
Simon Willis
Simon Willis Hace un mes
It’s great he actually trained for this
Official Frenzyz
Official Frenzyz Hace un mes
The guy in the movie should make a "Movie"
Mihari Hace un mes
why do i get the feeling that this guy really wants to say what's wrong here
Johann Alyosha Van Tassel
its so accurate because he actually killed a bunch of people.
Daniel Lam3
Daniel Lam3 Hace un mes
C a s p e r r o x
C a s p e r r o x Hace un mes
So are you telling me, he’s not an actor he is the boogie man him self
Dan T he Man
Dan T he Man Hace un mes
Keanu Reeves has done so much training in order to makes the John Wick series the masterpiece that it is. Admittedly, some of the script isn’t all that great, but they’re action movies, and that’s usually what critics will evaluate. He’s extremely proficient in 3-gun competition, as well as various forms of Martial Arts. That’s what really makes the John Wick series stand out from so many other actions films. Reeves puts in the work. He gives the audience a textbook experience that’s not reliant on stunt doubles and CGI. Absolutely love these movies, although I haven’t seen chapter 3 yet.
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