Top Hits 2020 - Top 40 Popular Songs 2020 - Best Music Playlist on Spotify

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Top Hits 2020 - Top 40 Popular Songs 2020 - Best Music Playlist on Spotify
Top Hits 2020 - Top 40 Popular Songs 2020 - Best Music Playlist on Spotify


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18 ene 2020






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TOP Music
TOP Music Hace un mes
Pop Hits 2020 - Top 40 Popular Songs 2020 - Best Music Playlist on Spotify Wish you happy listening music. If you don't mind please " LIKE ", " Share " videos and " SUBSCRIBE " my channel to listen to the latest and hottest songs. THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!
鈴木健人 Hace 25 días
Music 24 ら
Mister NooB
Mister NooB Hace 27 días
love from northeast india
David Hernandez
David Hernandez Hace 29 días
Can anyone tell me who's is the blonde singer on TOPMusic?
Triton45 Hace un mes
Bonne Année 2020. :)
mar montess
mar montess Hace un mes
Top 💔
Nada Komelj
Nada Komelj Hace 6 días
Amazing T O P songs💞🙏
Kermit The Frog
Kermit The Frog Hace 14 días
Can someone please reply to this comment with a playlist of all the ORIGINAL songs, no hate, I just prefer the original
Megan D
Megan D Hace 17 días
Isla Dolash
Josiane Santos
Josiane Santos Hace 18 días
Amooooo musicas.!
Star Keenan
Star Keenan Hace 19 días
I'm so sad lm missing my friends for y5 lm going to year six
Star Keenan
Star Keenan Hace 19 días
makayla aquino
makayla aquino Hace 22 días
I laughed when bad guy played but I liked it
0kley Hace 22 días
Someone you loved the song made me sad as i played it more on the raido..Because my grandpa died form sickness and i bringed him ballons and flowers everyday and he wouldnt eat for days So I had this picture on my phone and as the music played i looked at picture...
ExilyYT Hace 23 días
All my favorite songs in one video fantastic ❤️
Ferdia Gangster unicorns
I love billie eilish 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Jaylan Lainhart
Jaylan Lainhart Hace 23 días
Jenna Cloud
Jenna Cloud Hace 23 días
the lyrics are wrong
Heba Hussien
Heba Hussien Hace 24 días
would be great if singer names added beside songs
МАЛЫШ ТВ Hace 24 días
@t. mutual subscription
Hậu Tran
Hậu Tran Hace 24 días
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-L0Mld3-Fvp8.html music for you
Marie Christine Dubois
Coucou bonj je suis lise ♥️♥️♥️💋😁😍☺️
Marie Christine Dubois
Coucou bonj je suis lise
Mٍusic Hace 26 días
Squirrel is my love
Squirrel is my love Hace 26 días
mouna jemni
mouna jemni Hace 26 días
mouzike lesbian uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Kristi Thomas
Kristi Thomas Hace 26 días
I'm glad memories is on here even though I don't think it is the original
Jeasel Bataluna
Jeasel Bataluna Hace 23 días
so good
Lucky Mao
Lucky Mao Hace 27 días
Advertisement spoil my mood of listening to the music
Nihma Mahir
Nihma Mahir Hace 27 días
Who sang the first song?
John Roussetos
John Roussetos Hace 27 días
why do you have comercials, you did not even make these songs.. its a pain on this user.
Tianna Mitchell
Tianna Mitchell Hace 28 días
This is Uncle tik Tok
Mari Manzini
Mari Manzini Hace 28 días
this actually helped me relax and focus on my homework!!!
jocelyn hines
jocelyn hines Hace 28 días
Arvina Rogtao
Arvina Rogtao Hace 28 días
Arvina Rogtao
Arvina Rogtao Hace 28 días
{hhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuu hhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuu h huckleberry p:Buddhist
Arvina Rogtao
Arvina Rogtao Hace 28 días
Nothing yeah no no no yes yes feel it blow!~
Arvina Rogtao
Arvina Rogtao Hace 28 días
Lallalalallalalalalala everything is here but other things our you! ~
Arvina Rogtao
Arvina Rogtao Hace 28 días
Teah me too!?!?
Arvina Rogtao
Arvina Rogtao Hace 28 días
Me t{oooooo~
Aneta Romagnolo
Aneta Romagnolo Hace 28 días
What the heck I hate this 😡 😠 different people are singing
Mohammed abdul qader
Mohammed abdul qader Hace 28 días
😮 one girl covering these all songs
Steven Robinson
Steven Robinson Hace 28 días
my fave is i love you 3000
All Around Bits
All Around Bits Hace 28 días
I love this music
Kyra King
Kyra King Hace 29 días
i don't like yummy how is it here? ;-; who else thinks so i want to know ;-;
Aøki Ito
Aøki Ito Hace 23 días
Just because you don't like it doesn't mean other people can't.
Holly Waterfield
Holly Waterfield Hace 28 días
Kyra King I know it’s terrible
Carolina Ocañas Mercury
I’m crying sooo bad right now THE FIRST ONEEEE :( I got sad cuz my cat died I can’t stop thinking of him I WILL NEVER FORGET HIM NEVER I love him no matter what
Out of The Hat
Out of The Hat Hace 29 días
Yummy is not a top song, it just has a scammy marketing team cheating to make the stats look good for it
Brianna Karam
Brianna Karam Hace 29 días
Brianna Karam
Brianna Karam Hace 29 días
Jim Wilson
Jim Wilson Hace 29 días
yayy did is soo cool
sxphiieee_rgr lul
sxphiieee_rgr lul Hace 29 días
What' is the song 59:48?
SanVokz JS
SanVokz JS Hace 28 días
@sxphiieee_rgr lul De nd :DDDD
SanVokz JS
SanVokz JS Hace 29 días
38 bro
$agar kerketta
$agar kerketta Hace 29 días
Slow version .. I spit this type of song
one eno
one eno Hace 29 días
track 10. and 09. are misplaced
Kubra Hace 29 días
I like the song but not the voice of the songs 🙄its Beautiful ,but I love the Orginial voice of songs
and tonight falls!!!! i love this song!!
Carla Saba
Carla Saba Hace 29 días
diffrent people singing diffrent songs
Natalie  Woods
Natalie Woods Hace 29 días
g uh g YOU know I don't have a lot
Itz Ella Gacha!
Itz Ella Gacha! Hace 29 días
2020:teens listen to kids songs And kids listens to teen songs
Marcus Böetius
Marcus Böetius Hace 29 días
The Post Malone Circles is defnitely not the original
Φωτεινή Γεωργίου
Poli kalo
Pék Backer
Pék Backer Hace 29 días
34:28 name of this cover pls? i think 13.without me
sxphiieee_rgr lul
sxphiieee_rgr lul Hace 29 días
Yes It's 13
Dahmani Soufiane
Dahmani Soufiane Hace 29 días
Kajee Faej
Kajee Faej Hace 29 días
Kon neya
사양 Hace 29 días
Who is the girl in photo??
Geoffrey Faustine
Geoffrey Faustine Hace 29 días
@geordiediver Thank you for helping!
geordiediver Hace 29 días
it's Bebe Rexha
Zed Man Tutorials
Zed Man Tutorials Hace 29 días
Thanks .... This is awesome 👏
N Islam Emon
N Islam Emon Hace 29 días
This Is The BesT Channel For PoP Music..JusT Awsomw
Think Positive
Think Positive Hace 29 días
this was made today wow
Leona Leona
Leona Leona Hace un mes
Um you forgot 'get out of my room', if you wanna play this tiktok game
Leona Leona
Leona Leona Hace 28 días
@Carolina Ocañas Mercury Lol XD
Carolina Ocañas Mercury
Leona Leona sooo true ur my gurl XD
DOUG VELEZ Hace un mes
Kaylah Johnson
Kaylah Johnson Hace un mes
Wth some of these are literally from 2018
Ricardo Marfil Jr.
Ricardo Marfil Jr. Hace un mes
1:07:43 done 👍👍 awesome!
Kaden Mcinnis
Kaden Mcinnis Hace un mes
most of the voices are so bad lmfao
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