Pop Smoke - Mood Swings (Audio) ft. Lil Tjay

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Music video by Pop Smoke performing Mood Swings (Audio). © 2020 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc. & Victor Victor Worldwide


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9 jul 2020






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Vision Hace 8 minutos
He survived the hood just to dye in holly wood Pop u will always be my idol
Sassy Dika
Sassy Dika Hace 40 minutos
Knew this even before I heard it on tik tok amma big fan of pip smoke I know most of his songs... Rip smoke love yah 💖💖💖💖
Ann Jean
Ann Jean Hace un hora
na.to/girlxxxxxm489 කිරීමට ප්රධාන චරිත බවට පනින්න ඇඳ) පුදුම දේ විශාල බාධක පැන
Ana Alvarado
Ana Alvarado Hace 2 horas
Musa Ibrahim
Musa Ibrahim Hace 2 horas
rip pop smoke
Musa Ibrahim
Musa Ibrahim Hace 2 horas
Aakelan Thompson
Aakelan Thompson Hace 3 horas
Most wins in the best because I like it
Sofiane Hace 4 horas
les Français ??????
The420Shawty Hace 5 horas
I like this
ellet elder
ellet elder Hace 5 horas
my fav rapper i always listen to him
Hannah Miguel
Hannah Miguel Hace 5 horas
I love this song
Marco Avalos
Marco Avalos Hace 6 horas
Ryan Turner
Ryan Turner Hace 7 horas
after this its juice wrld
RONYA ART Hace 8 horas
Amanda Stephenson
Amanda Stephenson Hace 8 horas
This song is so amazing (RIP) POP SMOKE
Majed Abdullah
Majed Abdullah Hace 10 horas
مين جاي من الطفلة 😂😃
Bekircan Hace 10 horas
Rosita Venturita
Rosita Venturita Hace 12 horas
Why pop smoke have rip
olk 1
olk 1 Hace 12 horas
algum brasileiro?
rodrigowxd Hace 16 horas
Forever Pop🖤
Amanuel King
Amanuel King Hace 17 horas
I like you music
I_lik3_to_draw Official
I heard about pop smokes album back when it was about to come out and I was interested and imma be honest I didn't know who he was but I listened to this album and now I'm a fan and it's sad that I didn't know about pop smoke before his death LL pop smoke 🕊️
kupujohn amoamo
kupujohn amoamo Hace 18 horas
RIP: Michael Jackson RIP: Paul Walker RIP: Johan Cruyff RIP: Stan Lee RIP:Juice World RIP:Pop Smoke :( :(^
Bakugou Katsuki
Bakugou Katsuki Hace 19 horas
Why didn't i listen to him before? This music is so good..i feel so bad for not knowing him.
herve Hace 20 horas
tiktok ruined tf out this song 🤦🏽‍♂️
Kvng Los
Kvng Los Hace 22 horas
Shawty a lil baddie. Keep on singing reply to this
jaquan fields
jaquan fields Hace 22 horas
Gone but not forgotten 💚🔥🔥🚀💯😎😎😭😢
DDG Squad
DDG Squad Hace 23 horas
When he says I’m goin keep I lookin like a dime there’s no imperfections girl u fine that my fav
greta dillon
greta dillon Hace un día
R.N.P love u
•Ingrid Cerqueira•
Só eu br? ;-;
Michaela Hackle
Michaela Hackle Hace un día
Erbody that ACTUALLY MISSES pop smoke, like this comment
Lizbeth Ruiz
Lizbeth Ruiz Hace un día
Sky St.hilaire
Sky St.hilaire Hace un día
My favorite part she said she a virgin and it’s hurtin
Blue_Snow Hace un día
Plot twist: Pop Smoke was talking about his dog.
Ben Robinson
Ben Robinson Hace un día
Sent you to your crib to gggggggggg
Super Mario Brandon
Super Mario Brandon Hace un día
This so sad cause he started his fame in 2018 and it’s 2020 I wish he’s still alive
ITZ wizyシ
ITZ wizyシ Hace un día
This is the one song pop is a bit meh on
Auyoon Hace un día
ervin acosta
ervin acosta Hace un día
F hoover st
NBA GOD Hace un día
Kids I’m in class what kind of genre is this song I need to know
Hadeel Hace un día
جوي جوي
Sanaa Achan
Sanaa Achan Hace un día
the best rapper
Yudi Soares
Yudi Soares Hace un día
Alguém já viu a versão do Liam Payne
youngboyg 13
youngboyg 13 Hace un día
Rip king pop live on 💪🏾✊🏾
rosadine pierre
rosadine pierre Hace un día
did you know my man pop could sing, NO then shut the fuck upppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp
Lucas Gomes
Lucas Gomes Hace un día
Quem é do Brasil e tá escutando esta obra de arte
Zakaria Aden
Zakaria Aden Hace un día
Rip to a real one 😪 🙏 💔
Usman Bashir
Usman Bashir Hace un día
If u come from tik tok or u don’t u a legend for listening to the king of New York
Aiden Pain.Te.
Aiden Pain.Te. Hace un día
Aysha Imran
Aysha Imran Hace un día
I wish he was still alive😭😭😭
edwin_ avila_14
edwin_ avila_14 Hace un día
Rip pop smoke
Alejandro Ariza
Alejandro Ariza Hace un día
Like para los que hablan español
Oceane Musubao Mupiri élève
I have no word for this song its so good!
UnknownCuddly Hace 2 días
My friends said they hated pop smoke he’s a bitch and now they In the hospital bc I whooped they as...😰
POP SMOKE Hace 2 días
Oumar Kone
Oumar Kone Hace 2 días
Crazy 😢
4kbaby rapper
4kbaby rapper Hace 2 días
Subsribe op mij youtube canaal
Cortavia Billups
Cortavia Billups Hace 2 días
I love this song
Eugene Lamar
Eugene Lamar Hace 2 días
Jibswag123 Hace 2 días
Lets be honest every body is here for Its hurtinnnn
Zy Smith
Zy Smith Hace 2 días
You are the best raper
Kevin's Chili
Kevin's Chili Hace un día
Give the phone back to mommy
Furios gaming
Furios gaming Hace 2 días
yo everyone song I hear SHE SAY SHE A VIRGINE
Zahra khan
Zahra khan Hace 2 días
bruuuuh this is my fav song then for the night- by pop smoke then what you know bout love- by pop smoke
MTM TV in the groove
RIP pop smoke :(
Eric Lopez
Eric Lopez Hace 2 días
Tjay a lame
Help me to reach 50k subscribers with one video
Now tell me who left, 1. RIP: *Michael* *Jackson* 2. RIP: *Paul* *Walker* 3. RIP: *Johan* *Cruyff* 4. RIP: *Stan* *Lee* 5. RIP: *George* *Michael* 6. RIP: *Lil* *Peep* 7. RIP: *Stephen* *Hawking* 8. RIP: *Avicii* 9. RIP: *XXXTENTACION* 10. RIP: *Mac* *Miller* 11. RIP: *Cameron* *Boyce* 12. RIP: *Juice* *Wrld* 13. RIP: *Kobe Bryant* *Gianna Bryant* 14. RIP: *Dr* *APJ* *Abdul* *kalam* 15. RIP: *Irrfan* *Khan* 16. RIP: *Sushant* *Singh* *Rajput* 17. RIP: *Rishi* *kapoor* 18. RIP: *Pop* *Smoke* 19. RIP: *Naya* *Rivera* 20. RIP: *Chadwick* *Boseman* 21. RIP: *John* *Lenon* 22. RIP: *Tupac* *shakur* 23. RIP: *Eazy* *E* 24. RIP: *Freddie* *Mercury* 25. RIP: *Whitney* *houston* 26. RIP: *George* *harrison* 27. RIP: *Bob* *marley* 28. RIP: *Dona* *summer* 29. RIP: *Elvis* *presley* 30. RIP: *Marilyn* *Monroe* 31. RIP: *Amy* *Winehouse* 32. RIP: *kurt* *Cobain* 33. RIP: *Freddie* *Mercury* 34. RIP: *Audrey* *Hepburn* 35. RIP: *Mohammed* *Ali* 36. RIP: *Dolores* *O'Riordan* 37. RIP: *Biggie* *small* 38. RIP: *Rick* *May* 39. RIP: *Princess* *dianna* 40. RIP: *Heath* *ledger* 41. RIP: *Frank* *sinatra* 42. RIP: *Aaliyah* 43. RIP: *Marvin* *Gaye* 44. RIP: *James* *dean* 45. RIP: *Selena* *Quintanilla* 46. RIP: *Lisa* *Lopes* 47. RIP: *Barry* *White* 48. RIP: *Brad* *delp* 49. RIP: *Chris* *Cornell* 50. RIP: *Robin* *williams* 51. RIP: *Chester* *Bennington* 52. RIP: *jimmi* *Hendrix* 53. RIP: *Nipsey* *hussle* 54. RIP: *George* *Floyd* 55. RIP: *Eddie* *van* *halen* 56. RIP: *Jimmy* *wopo* 57. RIP: *Bernie* *mac* 58. RIP: *Muhmmad* *ali* 59. RIP: *Nate* *dog* 60. RIP: *Big* *L* 61. RIP: *Charlie* *murphy* 62. RIP: *Brittany* *Murphy* 63. RIP: *Canserbero* 64. RIP: *Anthoine* *Hubert* 65. RIP: *Jules* *bianchi* 66. RIP: *Ayerton* *senna* 67. RIP: *Roland* *ratsenburger* 68. RIP: *Niki* *lauda* 69. RIP: *Stephen* *hillenburg* 70. RIP: *Stephen* *karl* 71. RIP: *Bruce* *lee* 72. RIP: *Scott* *Hutchinson* 73. RIP: *Chalino* *sanchez* 74. RIP: *Rosa* *parks* 75. RIP: *Little* *Richard* 76. RIP: *Randy* *rhoads* 77. RIP: *Alan* *Rickman* 78. RIP: *Joe* *cocker* Legends never die they live in our hearts ❤️
Milos Tomasev
Milos Tomasev Hace 2 días
WOW i actually didnt know that much people died R.I.P everyone
Mikaylee Garcia
Mikaylee Garcia Hace 2 días
I’m so sorry you past away
avina414 Hace 2 días
If you wanna have sex this is the music for you
Chyenne Mitchell
Chyenne Mitchell Hace 2 días
yes i accept the hate for not knowing he was dead until now...sorry I'm late i didn't know he was dead
Adrien Jacobs
Adrien Jacobs Hace 2 días
We’re a ass hole
Ethan Salmon
Ethan Salmon Hace 2 días
Antoaneta Aleksieva
Antoaneta Aleksieva Hace 2 días
jordy hipex
jordy hipex Hace 2 días
I love dissemination song
ItsBenni Hace 2 días
Why is there no music video with him Rip legend 🕊
Pumping Iron
Pumping Iron Hace 2 días
I love Pop Smoke but I can't express to you how much I hate this shit piece of a song
DOOM4PRO Hace 2 días
Seriously tiktok ruins all songs
خالد ميكر
خالد ميكر Hace 2 días
rip gg
I love this song nd I don't want stop 😪🥺
Shon Checkroun
Shon Checkroun Hace 2 días
Idk how to feel with this song. Like I wanne have sex and cry at the same time 😔🤘
Wilson antonio Taveras Ureña
Se busca comentario en español 😭🥺🥺🥺🙃🙃
Alexander Santiago
Alexander Santiago Hace 2 días
Rip xxx Juice WRLD pop smoke
Dylan Remsburg
Dylan Remsburg Hace 3 días
Rap falling apart with all these legends dying rip juice, xxx, pop smoke
Deajah Wilson
Deajah Wilson Hace 3 días
I miss pop smoke
Adrien Jacobs
Adrien Jacobs Hace 3 días
Everybody is a ass hole
Adrien Jacobs
Adrien Jacobs Hace 3 días
I like this ass hole
Jaquese Nicholson
Jaquese Nicholson Hace 3 días
Mmnnhhjjjbv hi mmnnbbb
Any Salgado
Any Salgado Hace 3 días
3:00the best part
Norvxde _
Norvxde _ Hace 3 días
Damn, I fuccin miss him. Still fucc all the blixkys
Dylan and Akiles gamer YT
hey niggas
brittney love
brittney love Hace 3 días
Everytime I listen him I say they should've protected hom💕🦋🙏🏾
John Lopez
John Lopez Hace 3 días
How does this song have 12k dislike
Devon Wilford
Devon Wilford Hace 3 días
Delicia Seivwright
Delicia Seivwright Hace 3 días
This song is a whole mood 🤗🤗
Wendy Padilla
Wendy Padilla Hace 3 días
Smoke gots some talent an tjay has talent to 🤟
Wendy Padilla
Wendy Padilla Hace 3 días
This song goes hard rip smoke
Wise ManOnceSaid
Wise ManOnceSaid Hace 3 días
I played this song very loud. my neighbor called the cops. they arrested him. the cop came to me like: ''Shawty a lil baddie".
Linda Blonda
Linda Blonda Hace 13 horas
*Only 18+* 👇👇👇 🔞 i95218145.sexygirlsx.ru
Rihanna Komarova
Rihanna Komarova Hace 14 horas
*Only 18+* 👇👇👇 🔞 i94439350.sexygirlsx.ru
Kevin PUBG
Kevin PUBG Hace 3 días
Destiny Campbell
Destiny Campbell Hace 3 días
At 3:13 Lil Tjay corny for that,
Destiny Campbell
Destiny Campbell Hace 3 días
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