Poppy Playtime: Chapter 2

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Playing through Poppy Playtime Chapter 2. Is Huggy Wuggy going to make an appearance? Who is this long legged nightmare? Let's find out together, shall we?


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15 may 2022






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Memetastic Hace un mes
Markiplier doing everything in the game besides actually progressing the game is the most Markiplier thing ever.
Zander Leyes
Zander Leyes Hace 4 horas
Tracy Rice
Tracy Rice Hace un día
That is basically what I seid
Tracy Rice
Tracy Rice Hace un día
Yea that’s what I sais
Psycho Emoji
Psycho Emoji Hace un día
Danny Beane
Danny Beane Hace 10 días
Sometimes I think the best way to trap Markiplier is leave him in a room with an open door.
sadsugar 12
sadsugar 12 Hace 2 días
H Hace 2 días
lunagames200 Hace 2 días
Life with trust issues be like
veritism Hace 3 días
you have to have him on stream, but otherwise it's actually most likely true
Theif behind the Mask
@dust rose its because he thinks theres so much more to it then just walking out the door.
MIKUU Hace 10 días
Me: *Why is this 3 hours??* Mark: *Spends almost 20 minutes trying to get and kill Popppy instead of going through the door next to her* Me: *oh. Okay.*
Google made me do it
Yeah, skipped more than half of it cos his "jokes" are so dumb.
andrei23 Hace 2 días
@Raysa Oviatt Difference? You likely didn’t spend 20 minutes in a room trying to get into a vent that you can’t enter.
Danielle Donohue
Danielle Donohue Hace 3 días
Yeah mark is always overreacting!
MIKUU Hace 3 días
@Rachel Hall HaHAUAHAA
Raysa Oviatt
Raysa Oviatt Hace 3 días
That’s not even that bad, it’s took me like 4 hours to beat the game, and that was mostly cause of the swinging and the whack a wuggies
AllyTheBean Hace 8 días
“Mommy knows… Other… ways to play with you” Mark: “I’m not the only one right? I can’t be the only one”
CCaffie Hace un día
and I am proof
Rachel Hall
Rachel Hall Hace 3 días
Korde Muñiz
Korde Muñiz Hace 5 días
@Telekinesys he was not
Telekinesys Hace 7 días
He was the only one
JadeLovesBoba Hace 8 días
Every other youtuber who played the game: swings across the gap Mark: *L A D D E R.*
Uapastan Hace 9 horas
@Bunny Bunny meme 28
Dead Microwave
Dead Microwave Hace 16 horas
Forever Nenaa: *relatable.*
Jara Tan
Jara Tan Hace un día
MASSIVE CAP some of them did use the swing BUT 99% OF THEM used the ladder
Bunny Bunny meme
Bunny Bunny meme Hace un día
Me I watched a short and It said June 21 is you birthday Markiplier
Diane Catzie
Diane Catzie Hace 2 días
Forever Neena: *clears throat*
Karli Linne'
Karli Linne' Hace un mes
Never underestimate Mark's ability to find an object, grow emotionally attached, and bring it with him through the game.
le roi chat
le roi chat Hace un día
@Blue _Star Le
Kyle Thomas Mutchler
@Jordan Galloway beer i choose you! What!? A beer is evolving?
@Naisaiah Sanchez when he would spend a minute everytime he was reminded of her just to look at it ❤
Andre Merrick
Andre Merrick Hace 10 días
Remember the shoe from prey?
Nakey Jakey
Nakey Jakey Hace 12 días
@Blue _Star i miss tiny box tim
GabeDaBabe Hace 8 días
Markiplier-“I’m not into Mommy!” Also Markiplier 30 minutes later-*Flirts with her hands*
Shannon Wade
Shannon Wade Hace 21 un hora
@Tropical Gamer Yoshikage Kira. A jjba character. They spelled they're name right and they weren't hating on him. The only reason they said that is because Kira has a hand fetish
Rachel Hall
Rachel Hall Hace 3 días
Me:What are you gonna do have a baby made of fingernails!!?!?
bee Hace 4 días
@Tropical Gamer theyre saying they mightve misspelled kira’s name??? dont act dumb
Tropical Gamer
Tropical Gamer Hace 4 días
@Atomic Reactor They did spell his name right, don't make little reasons to hate on someone.
Tropical Gamer
Tropical Gamer Hace 4 días
@Atomic Reactor, what are even you talking about?
Nulizor Hace 6 días
Fun Fact: In a beta of Chapter 2 found in the game’s files, there are actually subtitles, making it truly a mystery to why they got rid of them for the final version.
LuvUCammm -_-
LuvUCammm -_- Hace 2 días
Nah d b kb iwho is t Dm
diggy's games
diggy's games Hace 3 días
Maybe to keep that eeriness of quiet. Or just stupid devs, more likely.
KaŁ._. Hace 10 días
me: wondering how it’s almost 3 hours long?!? mark: stays in a room 10+ min to get in a vent that he can’t get in, bringing any stuffed animals he sees, playing in a playground instead of actually play that actual game, screaming at walls and pipes me:oh nvm.
KaŁ._. Hace 3 días
@Raysa Oviatt oml 😭😭
Raysa Oviatt
Raysa Oviatt Hace 3 días
Bro, that’s not that bad for markier on this game, it took me 4 hours, but then again I went to get every collectiblw
andrei23 Hace 6 días
@Saul Goodman Funny, did laugh
Saul Goodman
Saul Goodman Hace 8 días
not funny, didnt laugh
~KadeFox~ Hace 4 días
Kissy: struggled to open gate Mark: Now that's someone with power
~KadeFox~ Hace 2 días
@Thecatintheskybluehat wise words
Those who never hesitate to show their weaknesses have true power
Andre Castle
Andre Castle Hace un mes
After watching this I can safely say that Mark is the epitome of "doing the wrong equation and getting the right answer"
human plays GAMES i guess
Or trail and error...
Raysa Oviatt
Raysa Oviatt Hace 3 días
That’s me, I remember I did a math question in the complete wrong way, but still got it right
stony D11
stony D11 Hace 8 días
Fr tho 😂😂😂 FAX
Hayden Lowenthal
Hayden Lowenthal Hace 12 días
Im beginning to wonder if markipliar is a genius. Except like...how do I say this? His brain is backwards. And inside out.
Jello Bowl
Jello Bowl Hace 16 días
@Jasmine Irwin Perfectly said. 😌👌
Hyperbolic Raider
Hyperbolic Raider Hace 10 días
Mommy: Starts counting Every Gamer: Simply does wha any child would do if their mother starts counting down when mad Mark: _ight bet_
Emilia Escobedo
Emilia Escobedo Hace 6 días
I fucking love that Mark is just rambling how good he is at his job while he absolutely annihilates this game, breaking it apart piece by piece
Emilia Escobedo
Emilia Escobedo Hace 5 días
Hi JEUEHRHRHGR Hace 9 días
42:30 "I know when your birthday is! June 28th!" markiplier: *visibly confused on how a cardboard cutout knows when his birthday is*
Spencer Wenner
Spencer Wenner Hace 9 días
Mark: YOU THINK TOU CAN GET A REACTION OUT OF ME!? Also mark: *screams at the steam pipe as if that is not a very extreme reaction*
Spencer Wenner
Spencer Wenner Hace 9 días
CleanUpNick Hace un mes
MatPat: Where's the Lore Dawko: Where's the Scares Jack: where's my tape? Mark: how can i put my feet on every square inch of every object in this game?
Kitkat Hace 2 días
Aphmau:where's my mcdoodles?!!?
Michael Pitlick
Michael Pitlick Hace 8 días
@DarkFalcon Productions what is love??
Xx_HellArtist_xX Hace 10 días
@🐸Pan To The Max🌈 better question WHO'S gamora
Hampter Hace 12 días
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Hace 12 días
Mark: spends 15-20 minutes figuring out how to get through a door. Also Mark: easily solves one of the hardest puzzles immediately.
Mikah Caps
Mikah Caps Hace 10 días
At what time?
panoraxe Hace 10 días
@Blood Fang have you watched a play through of the game
Blood Fang
Blood Fang Hace 10 días
What's the hardest puzzle?
Luna Calderon
Luna Calderon Hace 11 días
Mark: that's what I call a big brain move Also Mark: *completely misses what he was actually supposed to do*
RiZUMUmusic Hace 8 días
My favorite part of watching any ESvidr play this game is seeing their reaction to Jacksepticeye being a part of the game, it's so cute
KURAMA Mastah Hace 7 días
1:30:22 I'd love to see Markiplier in a room scape series wondering how to put the circle in a square hole while the rest of the group is doing all the job sacrifying themselves solving every puzzle. Just so Mark can finish the game someday, but first he has to discover what to do with the square he found in the other corner of the room. Best saw movie ever
david fernelz
david fernelz Hace un día
He's done an actual escape room before but the video has since been deleted
Hazel Hace un mes
Me: *Wondering how this video is 3 hours long* Mark: *Starts stacking office chairs to get into a vent smaller than him* Me: *"Oh..."*
Rachel Hall
Rachel Hall Hace 4 días
Vexgnos Hace 5 días
It took him like 15 minutes 😂
PhantomSpringtrap Hace 8 días
Me also watching him try to murder poppy
Lisa Bicanich
Lisa Bicanich Hace 10 días
You mean 2 hours long
Fragmentious [GD]
Fragmentious [GD] Hace 11 días
and trying to strangle poppy
•Rita Pizza•
•Rita Pizza• Hace 7 días
I love how Mark just casually slaps Mommy's face while she talks
Thedabisme Hace 6 días
“This game really just doesn’t want me to break it” They forgot to put collision near the office wall. At the start and he somehow missed that
Markiplier: YOU DIDNT EXPECT ME TO PLAYING THIS GAME DID YA? Bunzo cutout: *laugh*
Aster Anderson
Aster Anderson Hace 8 días
Mark: *playing in the playground* Horror game: *horror noises* Mark: 🤨
Asdf Asdf
Asdf Asdf Hace un mes
Mark embodies the meme: “this sign can’t stop me cause I can’t read” and I love him for it
Kyle Thomas Mutchler
haha your poetry powers don’t work on us. Because we’re illiterate!
Asdf Asdf
Asdf Asdf Hace 22 días
@NiclasWA basically
NiclasWA Hace 22 días
Game: “do a thing” Mark: “what if I don’t” Game: … Mark: …
Jude B
Jude B Hace 22 días
ESvid just asked me if this is a good comment. I think it is 🤔
blip blop
blip blop Hace un mes
More puzzle, less horror. Chapter 2 sucks
Catz GrimReaper
Catz GrimReaper Hace 7 días
you know that frustrated feeling of watching a friend play a game you play or watch all the time and then watching them do all the wrong things? thats this whole video
Me: "omg why is this 3 hours?" Me: "sees it literally took Markiplier 1 hour to do the basics" *"Oh.."*
MahmoudAlam - 286
MahmoudAlam - 286 Hace 9 días
Mark: You didn't expect I would be playing?? You didn't expect this brain would be coming into this arena? MOB Games *When it comes to the Easter Egg:* never.....
Dark_Hoodie Hace 12 días
Marks chaos knows no bounds xD he spends like 5 minutes in a storage room trying to climb a fence he clearly can't but then solves one of the hardest puzzles instantly lol
Isabelle Faith
Isabelle Faith Hace un mes
Mark: I'm not a masochist Mommy Long Legs: I'm gonna eat your insides while you're still alive Mark: I trust spaghetti lady
@Isabella Fortune "I know other ways to play.."
- IMTHECAT- Hace 9 días
@Isabella Fortune OOF
Ollie Bird
Ollie Bird Hace 9 días
@Isabella Fortune OOF
777 333
777 333 Hace 9 días
chien thi
chien thi Hace 28 días
Sisters_Club1000 Hace un día
Me: why is this 3 hrs long? Mark: takes half and hour to get through a door while trying to kill poppy, yelling at pipes, playing on the playground, dragging animals around
Elijah Torgerson
Elijah Torgerson Hace 10 días
As mark is playing musical memory and starts to laugh and then gets serious when he hears round 2
Stanley Hace 8 días
28:05 She looked so fed up at how long it took Mark to finally get up there 😭
mel dova
mel dova Hace 2 días
I just wanna say, this video is absolutely timeless. No matter how many times I watch it, it's equally as funny every time. I watched it last night with my boyfriend and we were howling, especially since both Mark and I have ADHD and everything he did I would yell "Same!! I would do the exact same!!". I'm watching it again now and I know I'm still gonna laugh at it
yeE Thot
yeE Thot Hace un mes
Mark would make a great playtester considering how he literally does everything except what the game tells him to
Eli GBell
Eli GBell Hace 12 días
@AmyndonSingsSunshine he probably wouldn't be able to release videos to the public of a game being play tested. NDA's and company policies are fun like that. i have a current job playtesting a game and we can't share funny bugs we find to the public even after those items have gone live and are in the public eye
Justin Spurlock
Justin Spurlock Hace 14 días
an engineer walks into a bar....
Luciano Hace 23 días
@Bliss I don't think so, considering his whole apathy towards following the rules comes from playing the same kind of games for a decade. By now there's little that can surprise him.
Wallace Dias
Wallace Dias Hace 25 días
Funny you say you are not a Dye yt?
R B Hace un mes
That’s why he always breaks games. Because he spends time on things most people don’t and stumbles across things people were never intended to see or do in game.
Luna Starien Rose
Luna Starien Rose Hace 5 días
As someone who also likes exploring every avenue before following a game's obvious path, watching Mark doing the same and just having fun makes it fun to watch. I always find myself laughing at things I would do while playing games. His gameplay and commentary make it enjoyable! I don't care how fast a gamer does the game if they are enjoying it that's what matters. He also warned, in the beginning, he was not going to play to finish fast and not doing what others were doing so let the arrows fly but I ended up laughing so much that the arrows fell out of my hands haha again making a fun time while just enjoying myself along the way hahaha XD. It's fun to watch and enjoy every time! Always love your videos, Mark.
Literal Dog
Literal Dog Hace 10 días
Why is nobody talking about how marks play through of chapter two is EXACTLY 1 hour longer than jacks play through
Cookie_Fox Hace 11 días
It's like watching a toddler trying to play a game 😂
Zi Lynn
Zi Lynn Hace 5 días
I laughed way too hard at this 😅😂
GlitchBlob_ Hace 12 días
markiplier: laughing how easy musical memory is for him Game: **round 2.** Also markiplier:what 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆
Skywarped 33
Skywarped 33 Hace un mes
Me: wondering why marks playthrough is like an hour longer than everyone else's... (Watches video) Me: oh, nevermind 😂
Skywarped 33
Skywarped 33 Hace un mes
@ShogunPug it was a rhetorical question but okie 👍
ShogunPug Hace un mes
It's because this is streamed and unedited. Do you think all the content people put out is the final product?
Ic3y_3y Hace un mes
Raptros Pt
Raptros Pt Hace un mes
@Lucas P it kinda is when you start noticing a pattern and Mark starts trolling the chat when it gets out of hand because you can't really do anything about it. Backseating is what ruined undertale for him and made him quit the first time.
Lucas P
Lucas P Hace un mes
@Raptros Pt mate this is no big deal, ur kinda aggressive about it.
The Princess Of Hell
The bunny actually guessing Mark's actual birthday gives it more creepy vibes to the game..
Leah and Penny’s  channel
I love how he says he knows how to play the game meanwhile him: trying to parkour to poppy also ignores the obvious vent 😆
Mekeru Hace 3 días
I love how you can actually see how surprised he is when he figures out you can grab the electricity again with the hand
Rosemary Kaye
Rosemary Kaye Hace 5 días
That is hilarious! I love how he is determined to get Everywhere! And he does! And the stacking things. The using a ladder to get past the first swing puzzle! Very cool! The overthinking the swing puzzle. Then easily does the complex one.
kayla’ Hace 29 días
Everyone ever playing this game: “hA ThaTs NOt eVEn mY BiRtHdAy-“ Markiplier: 😀
PPCheese Hace 2 días
No cause jack just simply said it wasnt his so i don think so.
Backup whatever
Backup whatever Hace 5 días
@AsexualSpringTrap_Fnaf yup
Pixel Hace 20 días
@caylus_beam no
Pixel Hace 20 días
It's because mob games likes popular youtubers
Pixel Hace 20 días
@Funkenomenon yes I saw on a ESvid shorts
Lucy Howlter
Lucy Howlter Hace 3 días
1:32:30 Mark looks like a proud parent watching his kid on stage at a school play. It's so adorable and funny!
Sparkling Chi
Sparkling Chi Hace 3 días
1:32:28 I honestly love Mark's reaction when he saw Jack's VHS tape.
nman551 Hace 9 días
I love how mark tries to see the good in this game, but he still gives honest criticism.
Jorge Castillo
Jorge Castillo Hace 12 días
1:30:00 just close your eyes and listen to this without context and all you’ll think about is mark going clinically insane Kinda sounds like an npc from an outlast game lol
Bam5000000 Hace un mes
Mark: Solves a platform puzzle in 30 seconds. Also Mark: Plays with furniture for 5 minutes for no reason whatsoever.
When he solved that puzzle that quickly my jaw was on the floor
Kanter Robert
Kanter Robert Hace 16 días
@Tyler Henshaw yep i agree as fellow member
Tyler Henshaw
Tyler Henshaw Hace 19 días
@Kanter Robert As someone with ADHD, I can confidently say that I saw what Mark saw in that puzzle. (ADHD is a blessing and a curse)
I did that. Its so funny
HS Hace un mes
Was looking for this comment.
Amanda Giles
Amanda Giles Hace 3 días
markiplier using a ladder to get across when he easily could've just swung across markiplier: "know that was a big brain move just then"
NO NAME Hace un día
One minute in and Mark already is volunteering to be a ventilator for the vents that need to vent? Its beyond caring for fans now this guy is just a good person in general
Freddy_Fazbear Lover
Freddy_Fazbear Lover Hace 12 días
42:32 - 43:49 love the reaction!🤣
Kim Jiwon
Kim Jiwon Hace 10 días
Mark:im really good at this game * Literally having trouble on the most easiest Puzzles*
Riseo Hace un mes
I love that he also carries around that puppy. xD And that they actually got Mark's birthday. Very funny.
Morgan Hottel
Morgan Hottel Hace un mes
At first i thought it was like everyones own birthday and the game gets it from stream but then I watched shaun (jackspecticeye) play it and it was the same day but the made it funnier
veil Hace un mes
@Lone Wolve we don’t talk about ohmwrecker
Andżelika Piwko
Andżelika Piwko Hace un mes
i actually thought the birthday thing is personlised, like when u buy the game they take that data and have recorded 365 versions of the date.
Bardic Shenanigans
Bardic Shenanigans Hace un mes
It’s my birthday too. Freaked me out at first so I did research to see if it just picked that day and says it every time. I knew it was coming when he got to it and I died laughing. His reaction was perfect!
- PotatoManPlays -
- PotatoManPlays - Hace un mes
@RavenMatthew 1 out of 1, it was intentional, i was waiting for mark's playthrough cuz i knew they used his bd
Karysta Nickless
Karysta Nickless Hace 2 días
Mark every 5 mins: "If I can move this and wedge it perfectly, then I should be able to--
Khromadruid Hace 11 días
His reaction to seeing poppy for the first time on 14:25 is priceless
KURAMA Mastah Hace 7 días
Marky going "die die ahhh" sounds like an Adult Bakugo after dropping a mumbo jumbo nuke at a lvl1 villain
Geometry Dash Levels
Geometry Dash Levels Hace 14 horas
Markup lier has earned my respect and brings joy to everyone good youtuber and the funniest part is where the clown guesses your birthday keep up the good work man you will never be forgotten and will always have memories.
braven tubon
braven tubon Hace un mes
Mark is literally the example of “mission failed successfully”
Linda McGrath
Linda McGrath Hace 8 días
Meow Hace 9 días
he dies but in a COOL way
Hunter Romano
Hunter Romano Hace 27 días
right. the ladder in the first like 10 minutes with a clear swing mechanic above him
Kermie The Second
Kermie The Second Hace 29 días
He is more like mission succeeded failfully
Protogen4life Animations
Yes indeed
Kidneys Are Considered Snacks
Who else sat for the 10-20 minutes of Mark running around the room and trying to find a way to kill Poppy instead of grabbing onto a pipe and throwing himself into the vent while Poppy watches intensely.
Masked7449 Hace 7 días
I love this new way of playing where you don’t edit out anything so we can watch your amazing gameplay to its fullest of power
seven Hace 2 días
i love watching mark xD whether he big brains or overthinks stuff, it's all very funny and I love it HAHAHAHAH
Paige E.
Paige E. Hace 11 días
Mark: I’ve connected it Me: You didn’t connect shit Mark: I’ve connected it
Ashton Graeler
Ashton Graeler Hace un mes
Mark, being himself, managed to double the average time of beating the game, just by messing around
Tester Wulf :3
Tester Wulf :3 Hace un mes
@kareem Where the hell did you get snake from?!
Tester Wulf :3
Tester Wulf :3 Hace un mes
@Motafu It's a pug caterpillar
Motafu Hace un mes
@kareem no its not, snakes don't have legs and also not dog faces
kareem Hace un mes
@Motafu its a snake- 😭😭😭
Jordyn Zachriel Babacyao
Its kinda creepy the fact that mark looks around super ominuosly when the hand shakes
hawk james
hawk james Hace 10 días
42:33 toy guesses marks actual birthday. I’ve been looking for this time stamp for the past 10 minutes, saw it on a short. So worth hearing his reaction.
ubamaba Hace 5 días
same. I ended up watching the whole thing😂
SanJoku Hace 8 días
My head hurts after the first 30 minutes. Also I love how mark takes 20 minutes to get back to that office but one minute to finish the electricity puzzle after that
Tyroon Gerald
Tyroon Gerald Hace 10 días
I just finished watching markipliers 2nd episode for Power Washing Simulator where hes doing deep talking saying that he loves his job and all and cut to 1:30:00 when he starts maniacally starts laughing like a person who just got out of the mental asylum ready to kill all of his minecraft dogs.
Samus Aran
Samus Aran Hace un mes
Mark: "I can't hear. This game needs subtitles." Also Mark: *mashes buttons and screams over dialogue*
Lyra Black
Lyra Black Hace un mes
@mars My point in showing the reasoning is because anything that makes something more accessible doesn't just help the people who have the least access to it, accessibility is beneficial to everyone. For example, while a wheelchair ramp does provide access for wheelchair users, it also provides access for anyone who has trouble with any height differences in the ground, pregnant people or anyone carrying something heavy, people who want to keep rolling a suitcase instead of lifting it above the change in height, etc. Accessibility is something to fight for, especially because our bodies are all aging and otherwise atrophying with time, and as it is right now, our societies aren't built to accommodate us, opting instead to accommodate cars rather than human bodies. We have to fight while we are able to, tomorrow is never guaranteed despite how secure our comfortable futures may seem Edit: tone indicators to clear up any potential misunderstandings: /info /nm /gen /srs
mars Hace un mes
@Lyra Black everyone agrees it needs subtitles, it’s just standard for games, no one is denying that, you don’t need to list the reasoning, mate lol
missiecutie Hace un mes
@poedack ayyee me too 😭 it isn't that hard to add captions esp if there's a script... annoying isn't it
Lyra Black
Lyra Black Hace un mes
@lord hoeron I don't know if I have APD or am just bad at paying attention/contextualizing stuff, but subtitles are definitely pog. And I do sometimes like to write stuff down for easy access, I can skim over something written way faster than I can watch a video or listen to audio to figure out what's going on, especially direct quotes (which again, I like to write down/cite/reference; definitely not echolalia hahaha…)
lord hoeron
lord hoeron Hace un mes
@Lyra Black yeah, i have pretty awful apd so like captions are. needed
Hannibal Barca
Hannibal Barca Hace un día
Marks reaction to bunzo at 50:51 gets me every time
That_one_kid Hace 8 días
Markiplier: I feel like I need some scariness Mommy long legs: *okay we can fix that*
Majokari Hace 10 días
I knew the “I know when your birthday isssss” line was going to be the best thing ever.
_p1x!! Hace un día
honestly the designers for the game pobably appreciate mark looking at every inch of the game that they spent tons of time trying to make look good.
SewerRat Hace un mes
Mark: “Gimme a challenge, this game is for babies” *gets a challenge* Mark: “Thats a little too difficult”
Toast Gaming
Toast Gaming Hace un mes
1:20:37 Mark reminds me of Benson from the Regular Show Meat Canyon video
VenomQuill Hace un mes
To be fair, the learning curve was really steep.
Mosept Yagami
Mosept Yagami Hace un mes
@Hello funny enough I somehow completed all of portal and portal two. (With a lot of help)
Hello Hace un mes
@Mosept Yagami have fun with the game portal then
Mosept Yagami
Mosept Yagami Hace un mes
@MGY for some it’s pretty difficult, I struggle with mind games and puzzles since I’m dyslexic so it’s fun to struggle and put my mind to the test
PanzerMuffin Hace 4 días
Fun fact: Mark’s birthday is June 28 and Bunzo’s answer is always June 28.
ChickyAdventuresPlayz Hace 11 días
52:33 Why is it every single person who plays chapter 2 doesn't expect musical memory to have multiple rounds Why would it be that quick and easy?
Gemma Low
Gemma Low Hace 8 días
I can't believe Mark had basically no reaction to Bunzo guessing his birthday
Les Hace 8 días
I love mark he playes the game how he want to and I enjoy every last bit ❤️
Nexel Ray
Nexel Ray Hace un mes
*Markiplier trying to kill Poppy for over 10 minutes* Chat: “Markiplier, no!!!” Markiplier: “Markiplier, YES!!!”
Kymani Brown
Kymani Brown Hace 28 días
53:40 OR GANGE
NerdAlert 8910
NerdAlert 8910 Hace un mes
@Shokann dbz abridged ref Goku "Vegeta no!" Vegeta " VEGETA YES!!!"
Shokann Hace un mes
Spongebob reference?
Iain Yggdrassil
Iain Yggdrassil Hace un mes
No,no, im with mark on this one
Kaitlin Swindell
Kaitlin Swindell Hace un mes
GazKerber Hace 11 días
1:08:50 Mark cursing the steam pipe was one of the highlights of this gameplay 😂😂
Switzertt Hace 2 días
42:33 The developers did that specifically for him to troll him knowing there would be popular ESvidrs playing the game
Majora Hellsing
Majora Hellsing Hace 9 días
I like how he spent all that time trying to get on top of the pipe just to find a simple way to walk right on it XD
Keane V
Keane V Hace 19 horas
The best part of this is the segment I like to call: Markeplier being an absolute idiot in the very beggining of the game
EverythingButCarp Hace un mes
Other gamers: terrified and run away when Mommy counts down Mark: literally stands in her face.
Mary Joy Gelizon
Mary Joy Gelizon Hace un mes
Mark: "im not a masochist" and "im not into lady spaghetti"
Beanbean Hace un mes
He’s built different 🤣
Lu na
Lu na Hace un mes
I just knew he would not listed to her order him 😂
probably dead inside
alpha gamer move on his part
Basil Leigh
Basil Leigh Hace un mes
Mark: it's not a segsual thing I don't know why everybody keeps saying that....it's about *power* . It's not about pleasure it's about *POWER*
MoeGamess Hace 9 días
Normally I'd be bothered by people not taking the very CLEAR LINEAR path but it's Mark. I'm baffled by the creativity that goes into his brain 😂❤️
鹿の肝臓😽 Hace 7 días
How can Markiplier do the musical memory thing without getting jumpscared once, but cannot for the life of him find the door to follow Poppy-
Pennebaker House
Pennebaker House Hace 2 días
Cynthia Thompson
Cynthia Thompson Hace 3 días
I watched the interview where you said you had already suffered a heart attack. Sleep has a lot to do with cardiovascular health. You should look up the statistics relevant to heart attacks and time changes. It significantly goes down when people get an extra hour of sleep and drastically goes up when they lose an hour.
Roguekriger Hace un mes
Me, initially: "How did Mark take like an hour longer on this than all the other people I watch?" Me, exactly 16 minutes in: "Ah."
Paulette Christy
Paulette Christy Hace 28 días
Literally almost 30 minutes in and he still hasn’t even figured out to get in the vent bro 😭😭
Mushroom in Trench 🍄
He spent so much time in the game station just playing at the playgrounds with PJ puggipillar 💀
derpums Hace un mes
He wasted 13 minutes on the one puzzle trying to break the game.
Zee_! Hace un mes
Yep 😭
A Window
A Window Hace 8 días
I adore Mark's reaction to seeing Jack
Me before watching: how did this take him nearly 3 hours? Me after watching: how did he fit this in under 3 hours when all he does is slap stuff?
Jordyn Zachriel Babacyao
Mark: didnt realise you have to collect the collectables Also Mark: *accedentally clicked* *realised* ohh
Whitney Salter
Whitney Salter Hace 6 días
I love how bonzoe says “I know when your birthday is June 28th” just to scare markaplier and Preston
quintin lovett
quintin lovett Hace un mes
Watching Jack play: this is going well Watching Mark play: well, its going
Heidi Charles
Heidi Charles Hace un mes
We as fans are getting two different experiences from two different goofs
B.R.S. 🏳️‍⚧️
To be fair Jack even said he cut out the parts he got stuck at.
mavvi Hace un mes
@DomExists lmao
Jupiter Ruth
Jupiter Ruth Hace un mes
Barely lol
boredom120 Hace un mes
I just came from Jacksepticeye video as well.
Max the nature and gamer lover
The way markiplier was trying to swing across the darkness is 🤣
Beckie Oneill
Beckie Oneill Hace un día
Markpillar: I'm to smart for some of these puzzles First one: takes about 5 minutes to do
OakenToken Hace 7 días
If the ending of Half-Life was made by indie devs: "Time to choose, Mr. Freeman." *Stands perfectly still for the rest of eternity, waiting for Gordon to go through the door.*
American National space station
When The game scares you: "I know when your birthday is *June 28 1989* " -Markiplier
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