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29 mar 2021






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SSSniperWolf Hace 4 meses
Btw my hat is Urahara’s hat from Bleach :3
ᕼOᑭᗴ Hace 2 días
I like your hat! :)
Scarlett Young
Scarlett Young Hace 13 días
I want that hat :(
CPS Mokopane
CPS Mokopane Hace un mes
I love it
OlliviaUnicorn Hace un mes
:3 ily sm
Spooky ANAS
Spooky ANAS Hace un mes
@•Sunflower_Day• j
Erdal Kolcu
Erdal Kolcu Hace 3 horas
He said:,is you me: thats sauer Content my tun is sauer like lemons
John Deang
John Deang Hace 3 horas
That is a sad story no matter what that bad girl is gettingGetting a scouted to prom with the hottest boy in the class
Avocado 👨🏼
Avocado 👨🏼 Hace 4 horas
Skinny= doesnt mean your beautiful Any body shape: BEAUTY
Jammer R
Jammer R Hace 6 horas
Sanji if he sees her wasting food: DON'T WASTE FOOD.
Ursula Manja
Ursula Manja Hace 7 horas
Honestly, she makes Dhar Mann Videos a 1000 times better.
Alpha Gamer
Alpha Gamer Hace 8 horas
7:44 boom roasted
Alpha Gamer
Alpha Gamer Hace 8 horas
the new name of this channel RRRoasterWolf lol
Yukiko Shōsha
Yukiko Shōsha Hace 8 horas
Rainbow Neon Liv
Rainbow Neon Liv Hace 9 horas
What is it with the “You see,”
saidy ledesma
saidy ledesma Hace 14 horas
Bro not all that but I go talk about being skinny but she doesn’t like why would she be looking like a stick and she didn’t even notice that it should be fat shaming all the people
The Carni Rator
The Carni Rator Hace 16 horas
You are beautiful snnniperwolf,that's why you don't know what it's like.
Dosso Ndessomin
Dosso Ndessomin Hace 16 horas
A the lollipop game I see the host last night
Mackenzie Sanchez
Mackenzie Sanchez Hace 16 horas
I learned a lot today beauty is not in the outside it is in the inside but good thing I'm both.
XxLunar EditsxX
XxLunar EditsxX Hace 17 horas
can we all just appreciate how lia can pull out any outfit
Khassidy Edwards
Khassidy Edwards Hace 18 horas
RETA YOUNG Hace 19 horas
you look stuning with out you glassis
phoenixia Hace 19 horas
I also clap when the other student clap to even im fat i dont care do you care about beauty or life witch do you choose
Kiki Lee
Kiki Lee Hace 19 horas
Bru are you wearing a Philza Minecraft hat?!😧 where did you get it?
Manreet Kaur
Manreet Kaur Hace 20 horas
I know why your famouse , because of your kindness , Your funny and standing up for othe4 people!
Troy Seaman
Troy Seaman Hace 20 horas
My little sister calls me fat because I eat too much you have my dad and he eats much
Godzilla Hace 20 horas
i eat so much and im still skinny bruh-
Gacha_Lia_Lover_ Hace 21 un hora
HECXHOCK Games Hace 21 un hora
Oh how the turn tables
Sqouty Gaming
Sqouty Gaming Hace 22 horas
When i saw ur hat i was like PHILZAS HAT
gog Hace un día
That was so sweet when she did the “so you see” :)
narcie garcia
narcie garcia Hace un día
Miss Gurl Lookin like Ariana Grande lol also i love your vids keep up the hard work
Alicia Leggett
Alicia Leggett Hace un día
1:41 The way she said that was funny lol
HarukoNotFound Hace un día
HarukoNotFound Hace un día
ıɯ ɐnsʇɹɐlıɐu
Keanu Botha
Keanu Botha Hace un día
That's tro and i get mad van vor beang skinie
Stargaze Hace un día
Bruh I swear I just looked at the philza hat and thought “this is the best video ever”
{*Itzz_Jessica*} Hace un día
more like .. REVENGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Andrea Elliott
Andrea Elliott Hace un día
mi thwet
mi thwet Hace un día
Its art time
Its art time Hace un día
Cuddly&Co Hace un día
I love you soo much ❤️❤️❤️
Chris Hardenbrook
Chris Hardenbrook Hace un día
Im sorry- philza hat?- xD lol sry
Catherine BRULEZ
Catherine BRULEZ Hace un día
Hello sssniperwolf I hope you are having a good time today
the minuite i looked at the hat i realised
Anishka Bhuvanesh
Anishka Bhuvanesh Hace un día
love u sssniperwolf
Abby Buchner
Abby Buchner Hace un día
you have philza hat YOU LOOK LIKE PHLIZA
Julia Betro
Julia Betro Hace un día
You know what is it mean your outfits or cute The outfits might be cute but your face is not too full yeah talk to you now you're a sniper Wolf
Julia Betro
Julia Betro Hace un día
Your girlfriend outside
IAAS PH Hace un día
the mean girl is kinda bit like arianna grande with a skinny stinky face bruh buy btw i love your videos and i love your videos so much
Boss boy
Boss boy Hace un día
I have one of those hat
Dino Bells
Dino Bells Hace un día
Idk why yall complaining about Chelsea being chubby like she prolly give the BEST hugs
Alissandra Mundoc
Alissandra Mundoc Hace un día
ok im a big fooodie,but whenever i eat food i don't gain weight...
Cassie E Carpenter
Cassie E Carpenter Hace un día
Her hat looks like a minecraft youtubers hat
Janessah rose
Janessah rose Hace un día
I love it
I think that megan needs to eat a sandwich
Peter Fisher
Peter Fisher Hace 2 días
She’s wearing a Philza’s hat today
Jada Smith
Jada Smith Hace 2 días
That is not mean but that girl that be calling people mean is that she is mean are you going to she’s so cute are you grande she just like mine to her business not being mean to people like she’s like I love you I love you fail to love everyone yeah that’s all right Hyundai and I’m a big fan of Ariana Grande Ariana Grande she’s my biggest fan
Jada Smith
Jada Smith Hace 2 días
Yeah bro come on come on you I’m not that cute like you can’t be talking to request they think that your questions gonna ask you to the poem
Jada Smith
Jada Smith Hace 2 días
What what what what what what that girl that just don’t hurt search the way he’s going to get it from me as he can with my dad to the police about tell my teacher to anyone I know and said your schedule now you want to be rude you are so nothing else wrote like you did to them then he
Jada Smith
Jada Smith Hace 2 días
But I like you very pretty
Jena Coates
Jena Coates Hace 2 días
Welcome World
Welcome World Hace 2 días
How much fashion can you have @sssniperwolf, why triple S, just asking
ございます Hace 2 días
✨You don't have to be skinny to be beautyful! ✨
3:01, excuse me what 🤠
ARMLINK 💜💜 Hace 2 días
Stella Hedström
Stella Hedström Hace 2 días
I get skinny shame in school
Kerem Nejdet
Kerem Nejdet Hace 2 días
So what if she's fat just be yourself and you are not the Queen anddd your a student dummy ;/
Bruh im so sknny irl that i look live ive been staved all my life but im still Ugly 😫
Rosa Hace 2 días
How could sandwiches make you fat?
brwnidgrl33 Hace 2 días
She was being so mean to Chelsea and it was so funny I forgot to laugh
Bailey Maness
Bailey Maness Hace 2 días
And when they were in the bathroom I would have just took the clothes she got and wacked me guy in the face
Bailey Maness
Bailey Maness Hace 2 días
Rude girl: Omg girl look it’s vinny! Me: Omg look it’s a trash bag that acts so cool but only cares about herself.
Quackattack Hace 2 días
Popular girl: "She's just jealous 'cause she could never look like us" Lia: "Ain't nobody wanna look like you" SAVAGE
Tired Gremlin
Tired Gremlin Hace 2 días
“imagine not eating!” that hurt-
jhen de leon
jhen de leon Hace 2 días
You got the philza hat
ᕼOᑭᗴ Hace 2 días
I don’t eat much at dinner and that’s what has caused me to pass out 5 times! I’m literally only 10.
MissLittleUnicorn Hace 2 días
Megan looks like Ariana or maybe she is IM CRYING ARI IS SO MEAN BUT THIS IS ONLY A ACT WAAAAA
Roberta Carpenter
Roberta Carpenter Hace 2 días
She so skinny
Violet Zimmerman
Violet Zimmerman Hace 2 días
Her: he just smiled at me Me: ummm I think he was laughing with his friends
Jolene Davis
Jolene Davis Hace 2 días
If she said that to a girl I would of slapped her right then and there
Luna_kun Bean
Luna_kun Bean Hace 2 días
sparks lillan
sparks lillan Hace 2 días
Benny be like your the on being ugly
Rainbow Rora
Rainbow Rora Hace 2 días
Im fat and im proud!
eli likes grubhub is sus
There in the 2nd grade I saw a kid
Alieu Hace 2 días
I feel like dhar mann is kinda dumb ngl as u could work out and eat healthy food instead of eating nothing and well... almost dying soooooo think again bud
Lazerfan Hace 3 días
50 seconds what did she saaaaaaaaaaaaaaay meme
Brittney Lewis
Brittney Lewis Hace 3 días
Do more darrmann
Dream Konigferander
Dream Konigferander Hace 3 días
Jacob MAJOR Hace 3 días
Nobody: Me:laughed to nobody wanna he you 😆
Violet Jan
Violet Jan Hace 3 días
Does she have philzas hat?
Sloth Peak
Sloth Peak Hace 3 días
So emotional😭😭😭😭😭
Xx_Zoey_xX Hace 3 días
Philza MineCraft Hat??
Alex Hace 3 días
Am fatand I think am ugly 😔🥺
Mary Adomako Frimpong
This video is solo inspiring and really helpful if someone thinks you're ugly have a nice day😊😊
Jessica marl erdne
Jessica marl erdne Hace 3 días
I love sssniperwolf she’s like one of the best ESvidrs are you always watch her🐺❤️💖💋😍🥰
Sleepy.Dummy21 Hace 3 días
These days the way everyone is acting would be the opposite irl
Eve_Sinclair Hace 3 días
That hat lowkey looks like philza's hat
Misty Weldy
Misty Weldy Hace 3 días
Your beautiful
Paulina Bucio
Paulina Bucio Hace 3 días
Ok but can we talk about in the captions it said darm and monday
Laura Dyson
Laura Dyson Hace 3 días
her: 'of cores a fat girl would say that' her in her head: 'what she said is true, but i still wanna be skinny and beautiful'
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