Porsche 718 Cayman S (350hp) - pure SOUND (60FPS)

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Today I would like to share tome pure exhaust SOUND footage of the new 2017 Porsche 718 Cayman S being equipped with the optional sports exhaust. Whereas the start sound of course doesn't come near a 3.4 liter Boxer 6 the acceleration sound inside and out is quite decent....especially if you hear it in real-life! If you LIKE watching clips like this please don't hesitate to COMMENT / SUBSCRIBE and stay tuned for lots of more footage of this 718 Cayman S. Cheers!
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9 abr 2017






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Mango 31
Mango 31 Hace 15 días
sounds like a ducati
nuromie uwu
nuromie uwu Hace un mes
They could have at least given us something that sounded like and Alfa 4C, the exhaust pipe configuration makes it sound stupid.
Dani L.
Dani L. Hace 2 meses
Great car, bad sound...
miles max
miles max Hace 3 meses
Good car
Yuli Andian Tama
Yuli Andian Tama Hace 3 meses
How much this car now ??
Honest Phil
Honest Phil Hace 3 meses
compare this to the 6 pot engine - this sounds like a lawnmower
John Kroll
John Kroll Hace 3 meses
Bull shittttttttt, sounds like Subaru or Craftsman lawn mover😁
James Wilkinson
James Wilkinson Hace 4 meses
This has different pipes on it, surely? The standard Cayman sounds like a lawnmower. What’s with the sound on this?..
Аитор Хара
Аитор Хара Hace 4 meses
I wouldn't buy a porsche as much as it costs with a 4 cilinders engine. Sounds disgusting, not like a Porsche
eeehmm what
eeehmm what Hace 5 meses
Saw one yesterday driving past me with full throttle. The best 4cyl i‘ve heard. It sounds heavenly
Mat. Eh.
Mat. Eh. Hace 5 meses
Sounds like my sleep apnea machine!
mark a
mark a Hace 5 meses
wow the flat 4 sounds like crap. what a waste
Mino Marazzini
Mino Marazzini Hace 5 meses
4 cylinders... Mmm don't know
Hooded Claw
Hooded Claw Hace 6 meses
I’ve got a cayman s and I hate the sound, it’s a nice car to drive but it just sounds terrible. Who in the factory thought this was a good idea? There are kids in my street that have made their Ford focus’s sound better.
Franco Cortese
Franco Cortese Hace 6 meses
Ich hätte nie gedacht, dass ein 4Zylinder Turbo sich so geil anhören kann. Es wiederspiegelt irgendwie einen V8. Genau so wie der RS3, der den V10 vom R8 wiederspiegelt.
Kevin Griffith
Kevin Griffith Hace 6 meses
All this complaining about the sound of the 718 bites. In the next 30 years you won't be seeing that many more ICEs, because the global warming crew doesn't want you to burn dino juice. In fact you will all be seeing electric versions of these great cars pretty soon or maybe in hybrid versions. If the noise really bothers you swap the OEM exhaust with an aftermarket one, and believe me even the base model rocks! I've driven both H6 and H4 + turbo versions, and the H4 is lighter, and quicker and has at least 300 hp. All you need is the base model in a manual and you're good to go.
V Hace 6 meses
Kevin Griffith THEY ARE AMAZING 😍😍😍
Kevin Griffith
Kevin Griffith Hace 6 meses
@V Agreed. I have an electric vehicle too. It is very quick. Quicker than some of the ICE cars out there. But there's this part of the car that's missing. It's the rumble, vibration, and the smell, the engine. This is where we are headed.
V Hace 6 meses
Kevin Griffith Actually there’s no way back so I think most of us prefer loud cars
JoTokutora Hace 6 meses
Alfa 4c 4cyl sounds so much better
B T Hace 6 meses
AMG Sounds better than this
J Ko
J Ko Hace 7 meses
all this money for a 4 cylinders, this is nuts.
D K Hace 7 meses
Can you get a better exhaust for these? I'd like to get one. But I want it more grumbly. Maybe I should just get a 4s instead?
Troy Rollwitz
Troy Rollwitz Hace 7 meses
At least it doesn’t sound like a lawn mower
scooter6958 Hace 9 meses
Sorry you can't beat the Cayman /Box straight six !!!!
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi Hace 7 meses
Flat **
K. B.
K. B. Hace 9 meses
Unpopular opinion: it sounds good.
Santa Calibry
Santa Calibry Hace 26 días
K. B. esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-TBtQ6B8mMvk.html
Tkcb 2799
Tkcb 2799 Hace 2 meses
Аитор Хара that's not true
Mathias de Vries
Mathias de Vries Hace 4 meses
@Sazz .X It sounds so bad for a porsche though. Yeah sure it sounds better than a prius or the new civic, but this sound from a very expensive sports car? Bruh...
Sazz .X
Sazz .X Hace 4 meses
@Аитор Хара what a nonsense
Аитор Хара
Аитор Хара Hace 4 meses
It's unpopular because if you know something about cars you don't think that
skyphab Hace 10 meses
I prefer that sound coming out of a Subaru
Раш Дэйс
Раш Дэйс Hace 10 meses
Sex )
sld dus
sld dus Hace 11 meses
It's louder than c63 amg
Michael Francis Australia
Sorry sounds like a fart in a bottle
burgundyexpress Hace un año
Al Pena
Al Pena Hace un año
I hate yellow cars tho!
Javier Regaliza
Javier Regaliza Hace un año
Kosta Triantafillou
Kosta Triantafillou Hace un año
Sorry Porsche. You killed this car when you went 4 cylinders.
stride Hace 7 meses
You mean made it faster and sound BETTER?
MFK Liegenschaften
MFK Liegenschaften Hace un año
Machen wir es kurz. Der Turbo will nicht drehen! Er will schieben. Der 6er hingegen schreit immer nach noch mehr Drehzahl.
Shalindu Viduranga
Shalindu Viduranga Hace un año
I've also ownes a cayman s in my experience i can this kind sound only in tunnel 😂 not in the road in road its only sounds in inside .
T K Hace un año
Könnte auch ein abarth 500 sein, vom sound her.
SabretoothSnail Hace un año
Sounds awesome. Especially for a sub entry level porsche.
Han Solo
Han Solo Hace 5 meses
SabretoothSnail sub entry GT Porsche.. not regular 718 2.0 turbos .. wait, why is GT4 not 6 cylinder... hold on I am at the wrong ESvid video 😂
gmjpharmd Hace un año
Uses a boxer engine just like my Subaru :)
Reference Channel
Reference Channel Hace 5 meses
gmjpharmd give me a break....poor Subaru...no reability compared to this
kevin Martin
kevin Martin Hace un año
I love it this sound perfect toys
iZajRes GS
iZajRes GS Hace un año
I prefer the BRZ.
Very Good
Very Good Hace un año
It sounds like it has a cold.
Sir William Withey Gull
Go back for an atmospheric 6
Fritz Fischer
Fritz Fischer Hace un año
Super Sound
Eeeishhh Hace un año
It sounds like a fly breaking the sound barrier followed by splatter farts.
Daniel Vargas
Daniel Vargas Hace un año
sounds like crap
Ferdy 01 LCM
Ferdy 01 LCM Hace un año
Sie sind gelb gestrichen, da dies das billigste und am einfachsten herzustellende Produkt ist. Wenn Sie also gelb werden oder sich gelb färben oder die öffentlichen Bereiche aus gelbem Kunststoff schmutzig machen, haben sie es verschluckt.
amaz1ngpizza Hace un año
People who complain probably can't afford it anyway
Sherot 1000
Sherot 1000 Hace un año
Ihr habt doch alle noch nie einen in echt gesehen oder gehört oder? Alle haten wegen des 4 Zylinders aber ihr habt wahrscheinlich wie gesagt noch nie eien gehört oder gefahren.... Er ist geil wie der Vorgänger und anhören tut er sich auch gut auch im unteren Drehbereich... Im hohen schreit er richtig also hatet nd nur weil ihr es euch nicht leisten könnt
Amin Bekteshi
Amin Bekteshi Hace un año
Ist einfach so lol
Stephen Hace un año
Sounds like shit
#V3 NoxX
#V3 NoxX Hace un año
It sounds like a V8 AMG
Mark Hace un año
I have new one, some people stop me in the street to tell me how beautiful the car is
Santa Calibry
Santa Calibry Hace 26 días
Mark esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-TBtQ6B8mMvk.html
ABOlsen80X Hace un mes
@Playmobil City We have members on Ferrarichat with similar grammar skills. Do you have issues with people who have nicer cars than you?
mk2_ben Hace 3 meses
@Playmobil City he might not be from an english speaking country, so dont argue about his grammar, im not aswell
Playmobil City
Playmobil City Hace 5 meses
You can afford a Porsche, yet you don't have good grammar. And, I've never heard of somebody stopping a car in the middle of the road just to say, "Nice car" I'm detecting some lies here
d e a t h d r e a m
d e a t h d r e a m Hace un año
Call me crazy but I would never open my Porsche like a sea donkey like that
Ali-Ben- Gator
Ali-Ben- Gator Hace un año
If a small car would sound like this, nobody would like it. It's sounds like nothing. I can't understand, how somebody can pay money for this cars.
Chris Kingston
Chris Kingston Hace un año
Rpms not high enough
Pepperoni Productions Plushie Movies
Not my favorite sound, but do love the pops and bangs, and that is one crazy performance for a 4 cylinder turbocharged engine. Think I’m getting this one.
mjhmotorsport Hace un año
What sound? All I can hear is a hairdrier.....
Damon Wayans
Damon Wayans Hace un año
Still shit compared to a flat 6 porsche
Airbag1010674 Hace un año
You got the title wrong. It's a Subaru 718, not a Porsche. Porsches have real engines
Spudchucker92 Hace un año
It doesn't sound terrible.....but it doesn't sound right either. Literally it sounds like someone just dropped a Subaru EJ20 into a Porsche body and said here ya go...
Gustavo Simões
Gustavo Simões Hace un año
Bad sound...
johnc5clive Hace un año
Sounds shit
John Nickolsen
John Nickolsen Hace un año
I love the car but I don't like the "Jiffy Pop" exhaust note. I think I would rather sacrifice the horsepower and have the flat six back. Also, naturally aspirated engines have better longevity than turbos.
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