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Post Malone “Better Now” and “Psycho” Medley (Live From The AMAs / 2018)

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Better Off and Psycho (Live From The AMAs / 2018)

Get “Better Off” and “Psycho” off the album “beerbongs & bentleys” Here: PostMalone.lnk.to/bbYD
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Aired October 9th, 2018

Music video by Post Malone performing Better Now and Psycho. © 2018 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


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10 oct 2018

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Monkey Monkey
Monkey Monkey Hace un hora
1:59 hey look it’s 21 savage from rockstar
penny z
penny z Hace 4 horas
beverly batucan
beverly batucan Hace 4 horas
1:46 cute little hip sway 😄
Cozydudew Hace 4 horas
0:26 when the word bozo came up he put the mic below his mouth. im not saying he isnt good in fact i listen to his songs all the time but i just wanted to point that out there
assasinon1209 Hace 16 horas
Fuck y’all mean he sound the same live bro you gotta be deaf to not hear the 2 packs of cigs he smokes a day. And he’s already said he won’t stop till lung cancer. 😢😢
Benjamin Smith
Benjamin Smith Hace 16 horas
Know who was really physco was old dirty bastard and he didn't need face tattoos to make him badass no auto tune just real ! R.I.P dirt mcgirt o.d.b these young kids have no idea
Dallas Harris
Dallas Harris Hace 16 horas
Post definitely is 1 in million.
Kayy Eee
Kayy Eee Hace 18 horas
he look so cute with his hair and his clothing style
Pam Massie
Pam Massie Hace 21 un hora
Here getting my post Malone fix
Mar Athon
Mar Athon Hace 22 horas
who else saw that he put "Better Off" instead of "Better now" in the description I really like this medley though. Post Malone, you are one of my favourite artists
13X oXorp X
13X oXorp X Hace 22 horas
U can definitely tell the autotune dif. But he has a really good voice anyway for a second I forgot he had no autotune.
José Luis Guarese
José Luis Guarese Hace 23 horas
Best 2:19
Ghost Ninja99
Ghost Ninja99 Hace un día
Ty was using auto tune
Unknown Hace un día
He is amazing but has so many haters, can someone tell me why?
Little gamer Angle
Little gamer Angle Hace un día
Reply:like post Malone. Or Ty Dalla $ign.
Vitamin Memes
Vitamin Memes Hace un día
Y'all smell that?? 👃👃
Amy Clark
Amy Clark Hace un día
Rebecca Ingeborg Honey
Worst sound qouality ever lol
Bev Carr
Bev Carr Hace un día
I love both songs !!! I’m not sure if they’re mics weren’t turned up high enough or they just weren’t singing/rapping loud enough 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ wtf. I thought of possibly going to one of Post’s concerts..I really hope he has more stage presence than this in his concerts😐😐 cuz a bish like me ain’t finna waste my money if that’s the case. SB: Lauren from Fifth Harmony singing along to her man’s verse..she looks so hot!😍😍 LoL she actually had more rhythm in that clip than she does performing on stage with her group☕️☕️💅🏾
The Dragon
The Dragon Hace un día
I do not like urban music, i do not like new music, and i feel like my dad right now. That being said, I really like this guy. I know that doesn't mean much to Mr Malone and his fans, but i just wanted to put that out there. He seems very genuine and an awesome dude to hang out with. Good for him for being real.
Badass Momma
Badass Momma Hace un día
He's so damn cute😍. I love his songs, they are so inspiring. I hope to meet him one day.
MICAH Silverberg
MICAH Silverberg Hace un día
Those new tats on his face look like one drunk night and that hair cut looks like it happened the same night 😂😂☠️☠️
George Pillar
George Pillar Hace un día
2:00 21 Savage!
Ola Albahayat
Ola Albahayat Hace un día
God he is so cute😊😊❤️❤️
Lele Payne
Lele Payne Hace un día
Two real artists! So much better without auto tune!
Claudio Mendes
Claudio Mendes Hace un día
But the tattoo on his forehead?
Lenni Hernández
Lenni Hernández Hace un día
Desde EEUU
Lenni Hernández
Lenni Hernández Hace un día
Hello post malone
Daniel Castaneda
Daniel Castaneda Hace un día
Who is the drummer?
Anine Helle Weber
Anine Helle Weber Hace un día
My mom kept saying hurry up AMA post Malone got to pee 😂😂
DJAY yep
DJAY yep Hace 2 días
Randy Edwards
Randy Edwards Hace 2 días
He should quit smoking, sounds out of breath
i just want to say this was the music that they played on my weding. Luv you henrique!
Maria Clara Domiciano dosSantos
amo demaissssssssss
Maya Fala
Maya Fala Hace 3 días
I love you so muchhhhhh
Je Gabon
Je Gabon Hace 3 días
Why is it look like their still wearing the same clothes when they shot the pscho music video😂😂
aitor dd11
aitor dd11 Hace 3 días
I thought that ty dolla wouldn’t sing well on live
Zack DeFreitas
Zack DeFreitas Hace 3 días
Caught lip singing @ 0:27
D M Hace 3 días
His outfit tho 🔥🔥🔥
West Los
West Los Hace 4 días
Fuck. I’m in love with girl @2:18
Pro Player
Pro Player Hace 4 días
Where are girlfriend? postty
$tereo Hace 4 días
Shannon Corder
Shannon Corder Hace 4 días
Mrkreek fan
Mrkreek fan Hace 4 días
Post malone is a beautiful woman
tremaine butler
tremaine butler Hace 4 días
Little gamer Angle
Little gamer Angle Hace 4 días
Silver pants look tiny tight😣😣😣
natalie smith
natalie smith Hace 4 días
hairs on me neck stand up goose bumps all over. an has help me after loss my darling husband peter how much i love and miss so some much love you babe xx
Adam Lopez
Adam Lopez Hace 4 días
My two favorite songs on 1 video
Jadii Adorno
Jadii Adorno Hace 4 días
The way Lauren looking at him is so cute 😩
2nd Most Interesting Man in the world
3:39 Turns satanic.... What the fuck Malone...
Rainando Hace 5 días
He sounds good ya live. I mean he's not whitney but he hit all the notes and the raspy voice is really cool
Md Sayem
Md Sayem Hace 5 días
It's more better now hey hey hey
Gabba 333
Gabba 333 Hace 5 días
Sorry without autotune it sounds like shit
Arianna Woodman
Arianna Woodman Hace 5 días
He can sing idk he chooses to rap
Catalina Rosales
Catalina Rosales Hace 5 días
Nice 👌🏻
Leah Robinson
Leah Robinson Hace 5 días
Ur music tells me ur real
Martina Herrera
Martina Herrera Hace 5 días
Te voy a ver en el lola y esplotar
Martina Herrera
Martina Herrera Hace 5 días
Fan número uno de la vida
Its Julie
Its Julie Hace 5 días
❤️I love his natural vibrato
Crasset Jennifer
Crasset Jennifer Hace 6 días
👍Le costume 👍clip👏👏👏😉
Fiodoor Hace 6 días
his is the most aesthetically pleasing video I’ve ever seen
Leah Robinson
Leah Robinson Hace 6 días
Ur a musical genious
Callum Robson
Callum Robson Hace 6 días
Can't wait till February going to go watch post ❤️❤️
AngeltheProdigy Hace 6 días
Is that uncle Jesse in 2:43
januda games
januda games Hace 6 días
*WOW* I can't tell the difference
Mr Wisdom
Mr Wisdom Hace 6 días
Post Malone was the best performance of that night so young and talented. Hope he doesn't fall into the allumanati of the music business because that usually the case when you become famous. ❤️👏🏻✌🏻️
Aschika James
Aschika James Hace 6 días
This is legendary
Seth Andrews
Seth Andrews Hace 6 días
Is it just me or does Ty Dolla $ign look exactly like the crab from Moana?
LtoTheM.H Hace 7 días
2:00 Wtf is this?! Like, I fucking love it, but... WTF
Beenish Tanveer
Beenish Tanveer Hace 7 días
Who knows how to fix the replay button
Ludvig Mostue
Ludvig Mostue Hace 7 días
shoya 000
shoya 000 Hace 7 días
Fucking great
Ishmam Taha
Ishmam Taha Hace 7 días
HypEz _
HypEz _ Hace 7 días
2:43 21 Savage in the right like if u see.
Trap Nostalgia
Trap Nostalgia Hace 7 días
Just AnAsian
Just AnAsian Hace 7 días
Nice performance
diamond nest
diamond nest Hace 7 días
This is by the time that I would get the coke out... lolz Love it
Laura Gutierrez-Clark
Post Malone is the bomb! He is special.
DragzTheDestroyer 17
0:28 - 00PS
Ingrid Rc
Ingrid Rc Hace 7 días
Dan TDM Hace 7 días
Why is steve and Jesse of fuller house in post Malone video
Victor Speciali
Victor Speciali Hace 7 días
Bla bla bla playback ‘ fuc6 off
Zurixia Il {Trssx}
Zurixia Il {Trssx} Hace 7 días
Dolla sign as a good voice tho
Johnny Richard
Johnny Richard Hace 8 días
Amazing lead into a iconic song love u post from sauce and pre Malone
BladeW14 Hace 8 días
The way Post says "I was so broken over you" at 3:34 is so fucking great!😁😁
BladeW14 Hace 8 días
I love how the description says "Better Off" and "Psycho" like if you think Posty should create a song named better off
xScars Hace 8 días
unfortunately he is backtracking
Milla Ramadhena
Milla Ramadhena Hace 8 días
Liliane Lubaki
Liliane Lubaki Hace 8 días
Special songs, better now, better now...
What a voice. 👍👍👍
R_aliah Hace 8 días
😍💗........I covered better now please check it out if you have a moment to spare🙏💖
sixth of April
sixth of April Hace 8 días
Nice to see rappers with some class. Who would have thought? I really hope this catches on. Best wishes.
Danielle Gawek
Danielle Gawek Hace 8 días
Love posty
Andres ornelas Arias
Is it nice con esta canción llea
Eka Dimaonee
Eka Dimaonee Hace 8 días
Hanna Machore
Hanna Machore Hace 8 días
3:25 thats Twan?
Gigi Family
Gigi Family Hace 8 días
Who else screamed when they saw cardi b😹
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