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Michael B. Jordan and Jimmy take turns giving answers to personal questions that only they know, forcing each other to take a mystery shot if they refuse to reveal the question.
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Pour It Out with Michael B. Jordan


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12 ene 2019

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Ki hearts the flash
Ki hearts the flash Hace 18 horas
U can hear him say " Who before your life " That's how the question start but idk how it ends? Lol do anyone has idea 💭
Ki hearts the flash
Ki hearts the flash Hace 18 horas
At 3:25 u can hear MBJ saying the the first 3 or 4 words of the question 😂. When the crowed went quite, lol I think he notice he was reading out loud and that's when he shut up😂
Tafalagilua Pedro
Tafalagilua Pedro Hace un día
I have to kill my brother because as soon as we clicked on the video he said, and I quote “ hey that’s him, will Smith” see y’all in jail
shawty329 812
shawty329 812 Hace 3 días
my baby daddy
Freddy Vasquez
Freddy Vasquez Hace 5 días
band should've played "careless whisper" at one point haha
Danielle Lopez
Danielle Lopez Hace 5 días
please do pour it out with jennifer lawrence!!
Jared Weldon
Jared Weldon Hace 9 días
What Micheal B.Jordan is what going here. Is doing game with the Drinks. Jaime Kinder is looking he acting high. I would try this .
Kiren Sethi
Kiren Sethi Hace 9 días
Is no one gonna talk about how accurate that Jerry Seinfeld impression was?
Daniel Wong
Daniel Wong Hace 10 días
snuck in
Mike Hace 12 días
Chadwick huh? Over Sylvester ? What a joke.
Sammy Liker
Sammy Liker Hace 23 días
4:17 “Yes” 🤣 i cracked up idk why
riko stronger
riko stronger Hace 29 días
Maddie Gillis
Maddie Gillis Hace un mes
Hold onnnnn I thought this was loaded questions?!?!
human being
human being Hace un mes
I absolutely love jimmy Fallon so much 😭😭
die brojos
die brojos Hace un mes
Before He says Tessa tompson He mumbles a little Bit of the question and He mumbles which one do you hate
Vjosa S
Vjosa S Hace 26 días
yeah, heard it too. but "hate" as in what way I wonder...
Titanium Wolfe
Titanium Wolfe Hace un mes
die brojos good ear dude! I replayed it and it totally sounds like that.
Zia M
Zia M Hace un mes
That raspberry one looked so good😍 I would’ve totally taken it with or without the question😜
Ray Shepherd
Ray Shepherd Hace un mes
"I won't read the name, dude, i promise dude, bro wakanda forever dude. I swear." 💀💀💀 Every black and white person conversation ever lol
Moain Anar
Moain Anar Hace un mes
Michael B Jordan is giving me the vibes of one my classmate
Gus N.
Gus N. Hace un mes
jimmy seems like such a fun guy to drink with fr
Brain Hace un mes
6:21 Roots are awesome 🤣
Brain Hace un mes
Jimmy All Intriged”Test Of Times” 🤣🤣
The Nick
The Nick Hace un mes
There should Hot sauce instead of shots, what y'all think?
Ethan Watson
Ethan Watson Hace un mes
anyone else think about the seinfeld episode about the toothbrush
Eileen Hace un mes
Jimmy's reaction to MBJ's 2nd answer is me.
math2222322 Hace un mes
This is just a game of blue balls.
Kin Sum
Kin Sum Hace un mes
He almost step the same way with Chris Evans
Marvin Rodriguez
Marvin Rodriguez Hace un mes
Killmonger rules
KHLODIZZLE _ Hace un mes
Cup tray- “who is your celebrity crush?” Michael- “Tessa Thompson” *drinks shot* 🥺 I’m so hurt
Mr. Tintin
Mr. Tintin Hace un mes
Do this with James Corden.
Samantha Maupin
Samantha Maupin Hace un mes
I love Chrissy for this because I’m obsessed with this game haha
Taylor Watson
Taylor Watson Hace un mes
Michaels second question definitely said “name one person who you have worked with that you would smash”
Trin 1312
Trin 1312 Hace 2 meses
I see Michael B. Jordan I click
beeski Hace 2 meses
“He’s the next generation, gotta protect them at all costs” OH MY GOSH Michael’s such a nice guy
Nicoh Raymod
Nicoh Raymod Hace 2 meses
Have you done the addendum with employment for the Day right Mr the work
Nicoh Raymod
Nicoh Raymod Hace 2 meses
Hi rent is we are still available to pick up your email receipt please let us
Girly_ Gamer
Girly_ Gamer Hace 2 meses
I love the fact that Michael b Jordan is such an open person and told most of the questions.
unique young
unique young Hace 2 meses
I love tessa Thompson!
Selena Barron
Selena Barron Hace 2 meses
Michael B Jordan is such a beautiful man 😍❤️
Jessica Berbey
Jessica Berbey Hace 2 meses
the drinks should be gross so people reveal their questions. This is too easy
Holly McGarrah
Holly McGarrah Hace 2 meses
Jimmy has to go pee or something lol! 😂
Jo Jenny
Jo Jenny Hace 2 meses
I would love to take a shot of Michael B. Jordan 🥰🥰🥰
Taylor Adams
Taylor Adams Hace 2 meses
He’s soooo fineeeee
Nova I Felix
Nova I Felix Hace 2 meses
I just like the stories they are discussing but I don't get the point of the game Maybe I'm just dumb
Rae-Anne Chu Wai chow
Does anyone else has a crush on Micheal B Jordan
ivy Hace 2 meses
Whenever I see Micheal j and jimmy with eachother, all I can think is THEY. KISSED.
No Context
No Context Hace 2 meses
I bet the 2nd question for MBJ is who is your Marvel crush
Mayaba Sanoe
Mayaba Sanoe Hace 2 meses
How is Michael B Jordan more famous Chadwick Boseman
Vargas Bynthiaa
Vargas Bynthiaa Hace 3 meses
they should take the other shots do its not a waste and will be like gotta take 2 shots
Grace Willis
Grace Willis Hace 3 meses
If he doesn’t stop clenching his jaw I will faint.
Sommer Sacco
Sommer Sacco Hace 3 meses
This game could’ve been better if u guys read the question out loud then u would have to choose to either take the shot or tell everyone ur answer, but the shots will be filled with something disgusting 👍🏼
SqueakyClean _
SqueakyClean _ Hace 3 meses
wakanda forever looooool
taygan cleo
taygan cleo Hace 3 meses
mbj is such a daddy, like bend me over plz
Josue2018 Hace 3 meses
very pretty black man. Hope he doesn't become a Jussie Smollet or R. Kelly.
Ethan Hananel
Ethan Hananel Hace 3 meses
He wont, Michael B. Jordan is too badass and chill to be a little bitch like either of those assholes
Leah Renee
Leah Renee Hace 3 meses
What street does Michael live in, in Orlando???? DO YOU KNOW!??? IT’S FOR MY HOME WORK.
space man
space man Hace 3 meses
You’re sure the game wasn’t inspired by Soulja Boy??
Evie-Ru Trout
Evie-Ru Trout Hace 3 meses
When he played with Chrissy Teagan (sorry, spelling) she didn't reveal any of the questions and she had to reveal at least one.
Vivian N
Vivian N Hace 3 meses
that's probably because since she invented the game, it was the first one so they didn't think that part through
**** America
**** America Hace 3 meses
Jimmy Fallon Seinfeld impersonation 👌 spot on
amanda dingman
amanda dingman Hace 3 meses
I’m surprised he told us two of the three questions 😂😂
Daniella Charles
Daniella Charles Hace 3 meses
Michael Wish wife lol love you happy 😇😎🌹😁
makenzie kellogg
makenzie kellogg Hace 3 meses
Barrington Harrison
Barrington Harrison Hace 3 meses
Jimmy does a very good Seinfeld voice
OneGermanBoi Hace 3 meses
Jimmy saying "The Test of times" like he is hiding something...
Emma 123
Emma 123 Hace 3 meses
Omg if I didn’t read the title I would’ve thought it was Nick Cannon 😂
Courtney Grobe
Courtney Grobe Hace 3 meses
i think he should do this with kevin hart!!
inno choi
inno choi Hace 3 meses
Wakanda 4ever!!!!!! So slim and hot...
Virgy Brazzoni
Virgy Brazzoni Hace 3 meses
Juliet Germanotta
Juliet Germanotta Hace 3 meses
Bettie Bacall
Bettie Bacall Hace 3 meses
Jimmy is just pure cocaine by now
Sway Dizzy
Sway Dizzy Hace 3 meses
2nd question for micheal b jordan was who was the best person you have kissed on set.
Kelly Schweizer
Kelly Schweizer Hace 3 meses
I thought this bit was called "loaded questions"
Mitchell Grosvenor
Mitchell Grosvenor Hace 3 meses
I’m trying the wakanda sunrise
juicy mae
juicy mae Hace 3 meses
I wanna know the tessa thompson question now
Shavone Hace 3 meses
Jimmy!!!!!! 🤘🏾🤘🏾
Joe Sanders
Joe Sanders Hace 3 meses
The music on the last one.
Dylan Courville
Dylan Courville Hace 3 meses
dude when jimmy said yes like that haha i replayed it like 5 times and still lauged out loud lol!
Kim Chau
Kim Chau Hace 3 meses
@thetonightshowstarringJimmyFallon: This is such a fun game, but there needs to be more incentive for your guests to share the question. So perhaps up the ante: The drink or food should be something unappetizing so that would force the guest to eat something nasty or share the question!
Sub to PewDiePie
Sub to PewDiePie Hace 3 meses
🐕 Omg max come back sorry about my dog but hey can you like this comment ( inspired by a video )
Kristin Leigh
Kristin Leigh Hace 3 meses
Still don’t get why they aren’t doing it Jeopardy style and the other person guesses the question....
Sunidhi Sharma
Sunidhi Sharma Hace 3 meses
Sad thing is that whoever made this question-coaster things will know what that second question about Tessa Thompson was. Only that one lad.
enmity Hace 3 meses
3:57 that giggling.. why is fallon so weird
Frank K
Frank K Hace 3 meses
txrn Hace 3 meses
“Would you do it?” “I’ll do it if you do it.” *music starts* “No no that’s not what we meant!” Got me dying man
rock tales
rock tales Hace 3 meses
His second question started with pick between (listen closely)
SimplyLiving Hace 3 meses
Yo. Higgins knew there was some dirt in his phone lol
Daddy_Kolumbus Hace 3 meses
remember when you was talking about your kiss with him some other game XD
Jess C
Jess C Hace 3 meses
How old is he?
Philip Bridges
Philip Bridges Hace 3 meses
Man, that kick in the raspberries looked tasty. Probably low alcohol content, but I love raspberries. And alcohol. Win-win.
The Asian Beast
The Asian Beast Hace 3 meses
Aslam khan
Aslam khan Hace 4 meses
What a fucking hot n sexy black man.. I just imagine about his dick.. Guys can you guess how big his dick?
NotJustVick Hace 4 meses
Dude wakanda forever bro lol
Anna Quan
Anna Quan Hace 4 meses
you should add a rule to the game that if the other person is able to guess the question from your answer, then you have to take the shot
x daazex
x daazex Hace 4 meses
“yes” was that my voice😂😂😂😂
Priyanka Maurya
Priyanka Maurya Hace 4 meses
The title sounds so erotic I CAME FOR SONE QUALITY CONTENT
Inutsiaq Petersen
Inutsiaq Petersen Hace 4 meses
Even if i revealed the questions i would still take the shots..😂👍🏻
Austin Stone
Austin Stone Hace 4 meses
Both of them are such humble guys if the world was filled with people like them it would be an extraordinary place to be
Rose Bowen
Rose Bowen Hace 4 meses
This seems a lot like the game paranoia
Abe B
Abe B Hace 4 meses
His phone is on airplane mode... How did he just get a text
MariahP Hace 4 meses
What were the questions????!??
FreeMusic54 Hace 4 meses
who is that? son of michael jordan? dont know him. (from germany)
alex quimby
alex quimby Hace 4 meses
*147* *Mang*
*147* *Mang* Hace 4 meses
The writers knows a lot of tea.... Lol
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