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President Barack Obama and the First Family attended Sunday's game between Oregon State and Maryland at the Comcast Center. Oregon State head coach Craig Robinson is Michelle Obama's brother. Watch here to see the highlights of the President's visit to College Park!
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President Barack Obama Attends Oregon State vs Maryland Basketball Game | ACCDigitalNetwork


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17 nov 2013






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That Guy Named Luke
That Guy Named Luke Hace 16 días
But we still lost to Oregon state. FUCK!
Kevin L
Kevin L Hace 19 días
Wonder how many agents were present in the game.
Mohamed Bin elias
Mohamed Bin elias Hace 22 días
Please help me I am sorry Thank you very much
Kirk Thomas
Kirk Thomas Hace 28 días
Must be nice to be able to go to a basketball game while being a black forrest gump and a moron at your job!
Kirk Thomas
Kirk Thomas Hace 28 días
And no guns in the arena...pity.
Arsene Yale
Arsene Yale Hace 28 días
40 Having known God, you will not make peace with the wolf and the fox, and it does not belong to politicians, whiskey drinkers to give you the right to worship God. It is better to be true and absent than to be false and existing. When Satan sends ten thousand Mao Zedong and when all religions submit to Mao Zedong around you, you will keep your identity of son of God. Mao Zedong and your presidents are neither God nor prophets. They will go to judgement before God like you. The God who created you loves you. And if you love God too, keep his commandments that I am prescribing to you today and know that you cannot love God and Satan at the same time. #ProphetKacouPhilippe
Kirk Thomas
Kirk Thomas Hace 29 días
Glad "president" Boy had time for basketball but little time to fix the problems that President Trump has resolved
Gabriel Yulaw
Gabriel Yulaw Hace 28 días
@Kirk Thomas cringe
Kirk Thomas
Kirk Thomas Hace 28 días
@Gabriel Yulaw The amoeba has a brain cell ladies and gentlemen
Gabriel Yulaw
Gabriel Yulaw Hace 28 días
@Kirk Thomas *Cringe*
Kirk Thomas
Kirk Thomas Hace 28 días
Gabriel Yulaw want to throw down boy?
Gabriel Yulaw
Gabriel Yulaw Hace 28 días
So sad that "president" Buffoon trump can't resolve his own presidency while he's begging President Xi Jinping of China to help him win a 2020 reelection. Trump will go down in history as the worse president ever.
Orlando Bloom
Orlando Bloom Hace un mes
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-ULBleIzhgiEI.html all thanks to Dr. Umoru who cured me from Herpes with his effective herbal medicine.
hadhirou fakihi
hadhirou fakihi Hace un mes
L'homme fort
Lanny Yeomans
Lanny Yeomans Hace un mes
ya they wondered what that shit smell came from?
Lu Ann Benitez
Lu Ann Benitez Hace un mes
Is Obama running for president? All this propaganda will not make me view him with favor and trust. Obama, Clinton, and the Dem elites used dirty politics to remove Bernie from the presidential race, denying us our right to choose our candidate. They alscv Bideno cramed Bidden down our throats, even though he is a poor candidate. Do they expect to replace Biden with Obama shortly after he is sworn in as president, because he is unable to function well?
Shah Islam
Shah Islam Hace 2 meses
Wake up all the thuggish Leaderships of the world!!!! In absence of Properly designed Justice and Civil Authorities, only the less greedy or 'motivated by humanitarian thoughts for working selflessly' dictatorial in nature leaderships would be highly appreciated by coming generations of this century. Putin or Donald Trump type small minded ones with primate aim of personal gains and 'profiteering agendas for self only on minds to become trillionaires' must be brought to justice (as per HGP policies), and only then, global folks would be able to see that no organizations, institutions and companies would dare to attempt to cheat public funds, stealing /virtual robbing the banks, evade government taxes in the future. Keep reading ..... soon all the leaderships world wide will begin to see: 1). Opportunities, in light of HGP-thought-works, establishing electronically advanced and totally transparent services of policing, financing, voting etc. and finally a new global model of Department of justice for all the States world wide. The possible emerging of the said new model is extremely necessary for permanently stopping Government sponsored international crimes. Therefore, starting with consolidating morally higher and correct exercising of all governmental powers, (i.e. building very low cost but bigger prisons, correctional facilities with massive capacity surrounded by various type of training centers, merged together the military garrisons and police stations etc.etc., . 2). Stopping crimes at the very beginning: Filing false cases in courts, by anyone regardless, citizens or government agents, shall be considered as heinous crimes and therefore, should work like a boomerang against the perpetrators. Only then, each and every Leadership in any corner of the globe can be forced to and would be bound to run their States without personal monetary gains (unlike current 'too greedy ministers, mayors, presidents and other opportunists in beauraucratic heads of governments'. So, hope is there for never to give up! Of course, there is an alternative in HGP's light/insights. Sooner or later help would be available everywhere in proper time. Humanitarian new concepts recently recommended to North American US-CA leaderships. [{ Try to get the meaning from the following: .... jb, jb, Joe Biden, what are you doing!!!! .... bs(Sanders) was a better candidate, our that mission could be propelled faster but his (Sanders) hebruish background made it too risky to support and realise the mission, now looks like you are listening dumbfounded englo-hebruish advisers that actually wants dt to be re-elected or get someone morally worse than him, and it's going to happen unless you remotely take HGP's insights /my advice without wasting any time .... begin acting right away differently ..... instill hope for much bigger positive change than bo did in 2008, try your best to keep the audiences/spectators in a mood of dreaming .... and change your family-story-telling mode, no more trying to praise self! (I'd help you in new image making efforts). Among some most important ones start now talking about such things: China (copy dt in this regard to secure winning, dt copied Reagan's lines, Malanie copied Michelle and dt won in 2016. jb, now is the time to start talk about 'totally balanced trade policies without deficits' with China and all other nations like Bangladesh (BGD is capable of importing annually hundreds of shiploads of North American agricultural products such as milk powders, lentils, onions, potatoes etc.) including UK and ECU. In no time declare that new 'never to fail' policies regarding millions of homeland job creations, Bidencare/healthcare, medicines, trades, military/policing etc. shall be kicked in as soon as you take the office and immediately create millions of new down-to-earth-small-jobs on USA-CA lands. "We are soon to replace the nonsense sounding name 'climate change' with realistically echoing, more acceptable or popular one", otherwise, it will continue to be a fruitless endeavor just like useless Darwin's theory of evolution! Please listen and act in no time, otherwise, exactly like how that group played hc, they are going to use you and get unscrupulously better selection than you to be acting as next potus in their favor. }].
Ese presidente es humilde de corazón que presidente va a un juego nada más el ex presidente Obama es único que Dios lo bendiga
Sikander Khan
Sikander Khan Hace 2 meses
THE, MAREEKH UNO WORLD'SC1 👽 Eagle Blood Pari Son 👽
翁国平 Hace 3 meses
Richard Goller
Richard Goller Hace 3 meses
Still a LOSER !!!😂
Rashard Davis
Rashard Davis Hace 2 meses
Shutup you bigot obama is the one true god.
enivv umv
enivv umv Hace 3 meses
i never found celebrity a after in india wo i I
Hello Hola Familia Salam Salama
Renato Reis
Renato Reis Hace 4 meses
Homem digno não arrumou uma ninfeta 30 anos mais jovem que ele , sem contar a humildade
Clinton Alleyne
Clinton Alleyne Hace 5 meses
He was the president of the world.
rahmat mmm
rahmat mmm Hace 6 meses
Cisse Socoro
Cisse Socoro Hace 8 meses
Salam Mr madame Obama merci Cissé sokoro Paris 🤩🇲🇫
Ken Grassa
Ken Grassa Hace 8 meses
Obama 8 years of nothingness
Mohammed Kamran Ali
Mohammed Kamran Ali Hace 10 meses
What ha ha haaha shaikh pay what I want salary hahaha
군산속보기자 Hace 10 meses
Nobodyin Particular
Nobodyin Particular Hace 10 meses
Obama the Community Organizer “What does a “community organizer” do? Good question. Ever since former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani mocked Senator Barack Obama at the Republican convention in September 2008, for the senator’s community organizing past, and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin said that her previous experience as mayor was “sort of like a ‘community organizer,’ except that you have actual responsibilities,” [Obama’s] supporters have been furiously spinning this one. They’ve suggested a fanciful interpretation of “community organizer” that includes organizing church picnics and bake sales. Some have even had the cheek to suggest that Jesus Christ was a community organizer. “In that spirit, we suggest a better historical precedent: Lenin. Community organizing is leftist, anti-capitalist agitation. It’s about making people angry so they push for change, and the kind of change they seek is rarely good. Community organizers are essentially professional political activists who believe that something is terribly wrong with America and that they are the ones we’ve been waiting for to fix it.” Dr. Thomas Sowell, the eminent Stanford University sociologist, offers this assessment of what community organizers do: “For ‘community organizers’ … racial resentments are a stock in trade…. What does a community organizer do? What he does not do is organize a community. What he organizes are the resentments and paranoia within a community, directing those feelings against other communities, from whom either benefits or revenge are to be gotten, using whatever rhetoric or tactics will accomplish that purpose.” Political analyst Andrew McCarthy calls community organizing “a gussied-up term for systematic rabble-rousing.” He adds: “The quest for raw power is the gospel according to the seminal organizer, Saul Alinsky…. In Obama terminology, ‘hope’ is the possibility that power may be wrested from society’s ‘haves’ by infiltrating their political system. Just as Willie Sutton robbed banks because that’s where the money is, organizers must target the very system they reject to acquire power-making themselves attractive to the great mass of society despite having ‘contemptuously rejected the values and the way of life of the middle class,’ as Alinsky put it. This is the formula for transformational ‘change’: the exploitation of power, once acquired, to redistribute wealth and elevate the left’s professionally aggrieved vanguard. “Though this quest for ‘social justice’ must tread through regular politics, it cannot be achieved by regular politics. That’s where the pitchforks come in. ‘Direct action’-as Mr. Obama’s longtime confederates at ACORN (the Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now) euphemistically put it-is the organizer’s signal tactic. Action, Alinsky taught, is the very point of organizing. ‘Direct action’ is barely disguised code for the occasional use, and the omnipresent threat, of mob mischief, unleashed against the law-abiding bourgeoisie. The organizer prospers by defining down our ethical boundaries-or, looked at the other way, by legitimizing extortion…. “In the short run, the goal of direct action is sheer extortion-i.e., to coerce capitulation in the controversy of the moment, be it a private business’s right to compensate employees or build production plants as it sees fit; a state’s sovereign power to defend itself by enforcing immigration laws; or Leviathan’s grab of one-sixth of the U.S. economy under the banner of ‘healthcare reform.’ Over the long haul, the goal is to demoralize civil society, to convince opponents that the ‘change’ in regular processes-particularly, reliance on the law-will be unavailing.”
Joe Last Name
Joe Last Name Hace 4 meses
What in the goddamn hell are you talking about?
GreenerHill Hace 10 meses
When the President wasn't a moron.
Toad Toast
Toad Toast Hace 10 días
lol ik.
Miu Miu
Miu Miu Hace 23 días
6y esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-4m5xdyWQVfs.html 4m5xdyWQVfs
mostafa saadinasab
mostafa saadinasab Hace 10 meses
Nelly Bartolo
Nelly Bartolo Hace 11 meses
Susi Susi
Susi Susi Hace un año
Buah jatuh tak jauh dari pohon nya.💕💕💕💕👍🏼
Весёлый друг
ちおかおり Hace un año
Miles de millones de oraciones para usted señor
下地等 Hace un año
下地等 Hace un año
Marlena Maizar
Marlena Maizar Hace un año
Oh look the Kenyan rises again...
Marlena Maizar
Marlena Maizar Hace 4 meses
lemba franck why are bringing Cruz into this? The only discussion is BHO and his ineligibility for US president, that is all.
Marlena Maizar
Marlena Maizar Hace 4 meses
lemba franck I didn’t support Ted Cruz. I supported Dr. Ben Carson. And I still do. Obama’s i Birth certificate was a fraud. It used the term African American which did not go on birth certificates until 8-10 years later. All his files were sealed. The only person who could corroborate his claim of HA birth was conveniently the only person killed in a plane crash. Why are all his College and university documents sealed? By the CIA no less??? Because he is the original Manchuria Candidate, a creation of the CIA and continues the GHWBush NWO agenda.
lemba franck
lemba franck Hace 4 meses
Marlena Maizar all of this because the debunked and false birthirism was conspiracies it s ridiculous my dear because me obama was born in Hawaii who after my least fact checking is a us states and even if in fact he was born in Kenya his mother being American by the law he would have been electable like ted Cruz whom father is Cuban and he was born in Calgary Canada but you had no problem whith Cruz bringing the nomination in 2916 it s hypocrisy and racism get over it
Marlena Maizar
Marlena Maizar Hace 4 meses
No....the point is he wasn’t a legitimate President. He wasn’t born in the US. He was born in Kenya, a foreigner. Dr. Ben Carson would have made a fine President. Thomas Sowell, would make an outstanding President. It is not racism, it’s the law.
lemba franck
lemba franck Hace 4 meses
Huss father was a Kenyan and harvard grad respected here in Kenya he worked for the government what is your point ? Racissm?
Metro Mmdk
Metro Mmdk Hace un año
ali sadjadi
ali sadjadi Hace un año
واقعا آدم خوبی هستید ! آقای اوباما ! معلومه کشور و مردمت رو دوست داری !
Metro Mmdk
Metro Mmdk Hace un año
Fuck obama.
Metro Mmdk
Metro Mmdk Hace un año
THE ISLAMIC 🙊🙉🙈🐒👺💣🕋🕌💣🕋🕌🐷🕸💩💩💩💩👿😠💥🐖👹👎👎👎👎💀💀💀🦍🦍💀💀💀💀🦍🦍🦍🦍🙊🐒🙉🙈👺👹🕋🕋🕋🕋🕋🐷🕌💣
Rick Kerr
Rick Kerr Hace un año
Never call that fraud President!
comedychannels Hace un año
Those girls are not their children ... it's so obvious.
MarbleDwarf 5987
MarbleDwarf 5987 Hace un año
We miss Obama
flak jac
flak jac Hace un año
I bet he encountered allotta racism
#TheVoiceOfMilkAndHoney Heidi
past tense, really?
Bonzy Wells
Bonzy Wells Hace un año
redomega24 Hace un año
Terrible president. but I don't mind the guy personally.
Body Guard
Body Guard Hace 5 meses
Fuck Trump Fuck Pence Are You Kidding Me Man Stop Playing
redomega24 Hace un año
@#TheVoiceOfMilkAndHoney Heidi the economy and zero wars he's put us in says otherwise. Also nobody rates a president on how well he's liked ya jackass... that only happened recently with the annointed one Obama.
#TheVoiceOfMilkAndHoney Heidi
too bad about the current guy being someone I don't like personally AND he's a terrible president.
Dioross Orozco
Dioross Orozco Hace un año
I bet obama gave hard time to secret service.
William Weir
William Weir Hace un año
I wish our toffee nosed leaders here in the UK were more like President Obama. Everywhere he goes, you can clearly see the feel good factor. I would have him our prime minister in a minute.
Nick Hamill
Nick Hamill Hace un año
His daughters look bitchy
StuLenS Hace un año
Nick Hamill your mother too
#TheVoiceOfMilkAndHoney Heidi
HIs daughters looked like kids being dragged to a basketball game. like ANY teenage girls going somewhere with their parents that they didn't vote on. duh.
Joseph Davis
Joseph Davis Hace 3 años
I like how they were trying to drown out the boos by talking loudly lol
Joe Last Name
Joe Last Name Hace 4 meses
They're literally cheering at the start.
TILL THE END Hace 4 años
Obama will go down as one of the worse Presidents ever, the next president, and I hope it's Trump, will spend much time trying to do damage control because this administration has caused !major problems across the earth, and we the people, by voting for trump, have got Government shitting their pants because trump will expose the shit we all no is going on, and are sick of it.
Drew Drewski
Drew Drewski Hace 2 años
You are a dumb fuck who got conned...
epicgirlrainbows RBLX
You're fired.
Kevin Freeman
Kevin Freeman Hace 4 años
Sally Mendoza
Sally Mendoza Hace 4 años
Thats all this token president does travels on our dime and gives communist type speeches.
Hafis Hafis
Hafis Hafis Hace 3 meses
youlooksobeautifuilovetseeyousomuch ltsnicetoseeyoulmcrazytoseeyouiloveyousomueh 😍💝🌷😝💋💘👍mdhafis +96171188132 Leabnon 🆗💪💋💋💘willingtogotoyourcountry Loveyou2lnaveapassport hafis0995@gmail.com
#TheVoiceOfMilkAndHoney Heidi
Now we've got a russian subway token for president and all he does is take his entire adult family on world trips on our dime, INCLUDING people who are ADULTS who DO NOT work for the GOVERNMENT and yet WE PAY for them to TRAVEL and do things that people WITHOUT SECURITY clearances SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED to do.
Steve Borkowski
Steve Borkowski Hace 4 años
POS FAMILY !!!!!!!
George Sorass
George Sorass Hace 6 años
Not a pair of balls to be found between the 4 of them, unless you count golf balls & basketballs.
ripcitiboi Hace 6 años
Obama is so awesome!
exposing sandiego
exposing sandiego Hace 6 años
Valentina Sherren
Valentina Sherren Hace 6 años
It's great to see the Obama family - especially the President - just relaxing and enjoying themselves at the basketball game.
Jaisal K
Jaisal K Hace 4 meses
George Sorass keep that same energy with trump
George Sorass
George Sorass Hace 6 años
When is Capt. Jerkoff NOT relaxing & NOT working?
dav al
dav al Hace 6 años
WOW thought it was tv Nairobi
Gikash Motion
Gikash Motion Hace 10 meses
i'm from Nairobi.
David Groves
David Groves Hace 6 años
They sure look bored and sad what a pathetic display of nonsense. I just can't imagine this guy and his family being too happy about anything. Well join the rest of us cowardly traitor.
James Wentz
James Wentz Hace 6 años
Damn, 3 more years of that puppet of ZOG!
Abdirisaq Huseen
Abdirisaq Huseen Hace 6 años
What a shame on you fat porks but there's an old saying ugly face Neva shy I'm not American nor fan of America I'm telling ya da truth , sometimes true hurts
Torey D
Torey D Hace 6 años
Omg your insulting how somone looks!? & the president at that!? Lol get in line, no one gives a shit if your not a fan of america or think someone is ugly.
Cynthia Robison
Cynthia Robison Hace 6 años
As a child I was told you Never boo anyone. If you don't like something or someone then you don't clap your hands. You don't cheer, but Never boo. Everyone is so hateful and rude nowadays... IF you want to Hate, dead silence would have been more frightening. Think about it.
Hafis Hafis
Hafis Hafis Hace 3 meses
youlooksobeautifuilovetseeyousomuch ltsnicetoseeyoulmcrazytoseeyouiloveyousomueh 😍💝🌷😝💋💘👍mdhafis +96171188132 Leabnon 🆗💪💋💋💘willingtogotoyourcountry Loveyou2lnaveapassport hafis0995@gmail.com
1smartperson5656 Hace 6 años
Should have made I sign that said go do your job and stop using my tax money to take million dollar vacations.
#TheVoiceOfMilkAndHoney Heidi
if you'd have done it then you FOR SURE should be doing it NOW, baby....thirty something trips to Mar A Lago. the rates are RAISED and he OWNS it AND the GOVERNMENT PAYS FOR HIM AND all of his secret service and ALL of his CRONIES and anyone else he can think of....WE PAY THE RAISED RATES TO STAY THERE even though he and his family OWN IT!!!! Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it.
Craig Brittain
Craig Brittain Hace 6 años
Obama being booed for mishandling the Midwest Tornadoes. Many people died. A lot of the people booing are black. Not racism - in this case it's a response to mishandling of human lives
kenway road
kenway road Hace un año
Craig Brittain that's Oregon tho I live in the deep South blacks don't boo him actually they wish to meet him also isn't Oregon a small state mostly country people?
Me Hace 6 años
Man... to think I used to be embarrassed to be seen with MY parents
CynicismOrDie Hace 6 años
I'm moving to Narnia. No politics there; just Aslan.
alladi durgaprasad
alladi durgaprasad Hace 3 horas
Let me come with you
4883 Soccer is the number 1 and most important sport on Earth and its huge in over 240 countries. Soccer is the number 1 sport in more than 180 countries. Basketball is only big in less than 40 countries wjbs
Sam Pompa
Sam Pompa Hace un año
Marie N. Diaz
Marie N. Diaz Hace 6 años
Jajajaja Me too..... n.n*
D POLO Hace 6 años
Fucking dick obama
Chris Brubaker
Chris Brubaker Hace 6 años
Obama sucks
David Stone
David Stone Hace 6 años
Take a look at :30 sec. into this video. Michelle Obamas face is priceless. When caught candidly she always looks so miserable.
#TheVoiceOfMilkAndHoney Heidi
Look at Michelle at any other moment in the game. You caught a half second image without context. typical.
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts Hace 6 años
16 years of George Bush
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts Hace 2 meses
MANCHESTER UNITED Because even stupid people can play soccer.
5884 Soccer is the number 1 and most important sport on Earth and its huge in over 240 countries. Soccer is the number 1 sport in more than 180 countries. Basketball is only big in less than 40 countries wgfs
cowlark2000 Hace 6 años
Nailed it.
BellaElsman Hace 6 años
Nice, beautiful family! Funny the racist TeaBaggers on this post think President Obama has to spend all his time in the Oval Office. No one complained when Bush went to sporting events, wonder why? #Privilege
Tedrick Johnson
Tedrick Johnson Hace 2 años
+Craig Brittain u conservatives lie about everything
Craig Brittain
Craig Brittain Hace 6 años
No, it's because of how the disasters (tornadoes) were handled by this administration. A lot of the people booing him in Oregon are black and are not members of the Tea Party. Your argument is simply incorrect.
Sercer25 Hace 6 años
I like how you just blurt out that the Tea Party is racist. You immediately assume we're part of them and you assume the entire party is racist. That's all you liberals have to play with. The race card. Fuck off back to your cave, subhuman.
rayc76knoxville Hace 6 años
Is this what he means when he says that he "will spend every minute of every day doing everything in my power to make this economy work for working Americans again...." So sad unfortunately, we have much talk AND no effective action.
kenway road
kenway road Hace un año
@#TheVoiceOfMilkAndHoney Heidi Obama 2nd term
#TheVoiceOfMilkAndHoney Heidi
GUESS how long our Economy has been growing! GUESS under whose administration that economy STARTED GROWING.
kenway road
kenway road Hace un año
@Your Silly I think I know enough about the economy since Obama's economic decisions kept a constant increase even through the Trump administration
Your Silly
Your Silly Hace un año
road you know nuttin twat
kenway road
kenway road Hace un año
@Your Silly you realize that the rise of the economy was actually Obama trump hasn't done much considering trying to lower taxes with tax cuts but didn't benefit the lower classes
Snake Plissken
Snake Plissken Hace 6 años
He may be a huge fan of basketball, but he fucking sucks when he tries to play it. Every video clip online proves that to be the case. Just like his presidency all talk and no show.
Dukkee Hace 6 años
@***** You're right. But it just shows how much that person doesn't know how difficult it is leading a 9.6 million km squared of land inhabited by roughly 314 million people. Rather I think the truth of the matter is the presidents that are coming into office lately don't understand the difficulty of leading this nation neither.
BellaElsman Hace 6 años
Like you could do better .... at either.
bobbybrady8 Hace 6 años
I would much like to see and hear JUST the raw footage.
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