President Trump Spoke Publicly for 56 Total Minutes Last Week

Late Night with Seth Meyers
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Seth Meyers' monologue from Wednesday, August 14.
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President Trump Spoke Publicly for 56 Total Minutes Last Week- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


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15 ago 2019






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debbie duccini-day
debbie duccini-day Hace 5 meses
56 minutes? And nothing was said that was worth a damn.
Thomas Horrego
Thomas Horrego Hace 5 meses
don't forget LeBron wants to trademark 'Taco Tuesday'
Tommy Nice
Tommy Nice Hace 5 meses
You are not Norm MacDonald.
Philip Puglisi
Philip Puglisi Hace 5 meses
Everyone loves trump
N S Hace 5 meses
America was Cyber attached by Russia in 2016. Russia won the Cyber battle, and installed Trump in the Whitehouse. If Trump wins in 2020, Russia wins the Cyber War. Trump is a wannabe Oligarch. VOTE Democrat to save democracy.
Gal Dagon
Gal Dagon Hace 6 meses
"The Glenlivet" is trademarked.
Ken PH
Ken PH Hace 6 meses
I guess that snake wanted to escape(2:30) zoo before it would close due to trumps stupid policies
bill w
bill w Hace 6 meses
PacoGooseflesh 6610
PacoGooseflesh 6610 Hace 6 meses
*The Logical Dimension and the Physic of Positivity in Emotional Expressions* What does one expect in an empire whose creative force created in only the logical dimensions of language? The music and scripts read like legal documents or a scientific treatise. The scripts and music lack positivity and emotional quality. It's as though there is a dance party full of exposed wire run by Benjamin Franklin. Whether these are Vogons, Vulcans, or Stormtroopers is beyond me. Maybe, studying rhetoric more for the psychological dimension, or some emotional quality would help? Maybe, an overall change in tone from diction and abstraction to a richer connotation of words without becoming pedantic or product propagandists would be more desirable? While science and history are necessary elements in the elementary world I believe they present a conundrum in the world of emotional expression. The human experience is more than rote work, warfare and calculus. This catharsis needs more hortation not my personal annotations. * See, The Trivium, "The Logical and Psychological Dimensions of Language " **Note, This is a claim of policy and value on their motif and diction, not necessarily their enjabments.
Primo Benavides
Primo Benavides Hace 6 meses
Who listens to what the lying president has to say? 56 Minutes of lies.
jettsoma Hace 6 meses
Nice change of pace not having trump in the whole thing. 😂
John Brooks
John Brooks Hace 6 meses
Trump is my President all day fools you must hate america shamefull
Felix Philippe
Felix Philippe Hace 6 meses
lol how old are you?
Michael Puig
Michael Puig Hace 6 meses
Trump speeches are like his idols, Adolph & Fidel.
Wild Wesley
Wild Wesley Hace 6 meses
That last story was a missed opportunity for a good Harry Potter joke.
azae00 Vids
azae00 Vids Hace 6 meses
So yeah if you read random word in a dictionary doesn’t mean you understand the dictionary
Anne Bradley
Anne Bradley Hace 6 meses
5+6=11 Inside Freemsons: ILLUMINATI You bet you a$$ they want to take over the world, so either buckle up or hopefully take your gloves off!
Anne Bradley
Anne Bradley Hace 6 meses
Angels Demons Freemasons Amazon Prime Video Notes At 25 min 8/17/2019 Saturday At about 25 minutes: There is in nature but one single force. There is a single person who could possess himself of it and know how to direct it, could revolutionize and change the whole face of the world. This force was known to the ancients. Secrets were possessed by the secret schools of Present Day. It is universal agent, whose supreme law Is Equilibrium. And whereby once science can learn how to control it It will be possible to send a thought in an instant around the world. To heal or slay at a distance To give our words universal success, and make them reverberate every day." ( I separated this according to what stood out to me) FYI
Anne Bradley
Anne Bradley Hace 6 meses
Obama's father was probably "Minister Malcolm X", to further the cult into the NWO Satanic ILLUMINATI agenda. His mother banged him when he spoke at UN in NYC -pregnant by the time she went to HA. "Malcolm X - Interview At Berkeley (1963)" on ESvid esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-FZMrti8QcPA.html
Anne Bradley
Anne Bradley Hace 6 meses
Gematria Effect News Watch "Rice Cooker Scare a Boston Marathon Tribute" Reporting @freetofindtruth esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-5hu7JqWllzE.html
Mr. Jazzbo
Mr. Jazzbo Hace 6 meses
New joke writer?
DIESEL0759 Hace 6 meses
OK, "Sweet Child O'Wine" was a BAD, BAD, BAD joke!!
Robert Peterson
Robert Peterson Hace 6 meses
Whomever writes his punch lines sucks. They’re not funny.
Nicolle Barrett
Nicolle Barrett Hace 6 meses
They should call Epstein a rape trafficker, not a sex trafficker.
Todd Crabtree
Todd Crabtree Hace 6 meses
Trump spoke publicly for 56 minutes. It was the live, commercial free premiere of the new season of American Horror Story.
sgbobsg Hace 6 meses
Milk and Cooks are more proof that millennials are poorly educated.
Felix Philippe
Felix Philippe Hace 6 meses
you're saying that systematically hollowing out public education isn't the way to go?
mytexas days
mytexas days Hace 6 meses
Which baby formula? I want a baby like that.
Freddy Palacios
Freddy Palacios Hace 6 meses
56 minutes of bullshit, unhelpful lies
Samsonian Hace 6 meses
You sure you don’t mean “Milk and Crooks?”
oldrrocr Hace 6 meses
I like it when Don the Commie is "trump-splaining" something and he realizes he doesn't know enough about the subject, and goes into his woody-allen hand gestures. Finishing by telling us that it was Clinton's fault (or Obama) and stating that only he can fix it. Trouble is: he is not a comedian -but a poor excuse for a president*.
Tre Bucketz
Tre Bucketz Hace 6 meses
Which is kind of amazing since neither Trump nor his followers have an attention span that long.
Mike Grant
Mike Grant Hace 6 meses
56 minutes of him attempting to get his official lie count daily rate back up to the 10 a day average.
Amara  Jordan
Amara Jordan Hace 6 meses
He spoke for 56 minutes, but did he actually say anything?
Felix Philippe
Felix Philippe Hace 6 meses
bing bing bing bong bong
andyreiter Hace 6 meses
You need new writers.
Orion 99
Orion 99 Hace 6 meses
the guards were asleep on a pile of money
Lucie Křížková
Lucie Křížková Hace 6 meses
Neal Caffrey made fedoras hot for me. :)
thingamagig Hace 6 meses
Milk n Kooks lol
maryinsanfrancisco Hace 6 meses
The Pillsbury Doughboy is what your baby looks like when your husband is the Michelin Man.
Mike Grant
Mike Grant Hace 6 meses
I do see the resemblance
Moss Stirling
Moss Stirling Hace 6 meses
Felix Philippe
Felix Philippe Hace 6 meses
Patricia M
Patricia M Hace 6 meses
Talk? Trailer Trash Traitor Trump rambles incoherently.
MIZ. SHE Hace 6 meses
Man, just use d. chump for a model for Jabba!
Marie Smith
Marie Smith Hace 6 meses
'WASHINGTON - The federal prison system paid $1.6 million in bonuses to its top executives and wardens during the past two years despite chronic staffing shortages and sharp critiques of prison management leveled by Congress.The payments - the latest in a series of annual awards - ranged from $5,400 to $23,800 per official. The largest sums went to the agency’s leadership team, including $20,399 to the U.S. Bureau of Prisons' acting director, Hugh Hurwitz, and the wardens of prisons who confronted what union officials described as dangerous shortages of guards"... USA TODAY. U.S. Atty. Bill Barr is the authoority over Hurwitz. He should recuse himself from the investigation.
Smoke of Spades
Smoke of Spades Hace 6 meses
How bigly of Trump. Also how's the wall going
Story Teller of Evil
fun fact. workers at OSU are made to say THE. it's basically part of THE uniform.
Arielsummers Hace 6 meses
I worked at a multi-billion dollar company as a Security Officer...we had one officer in another building come clock in while wearing her robe and slippers. Apparently she had done this for years without an incident...but when the sprinkling system, fire alarm and robotic machinery went wild she was busted. This company was and is an international company moved it manufacturing plant to Mexico and builds computers for the world.
Hazel Pearson
Hazel Pearson Hace 6 meses
56 minutes of shouting over the noise of helicopter engines, the sound of smooth running engines preferable to the empty noise coming out of his lying mouth, at least they work and serve a useful purpose.
Don't want to have to go to jelly school, but Barbie the Hut is a bit of a butherface...
lich109 Hace 6 meses
I think the snake was appointed to a position of power by Trump. Like attracts like after all.
tenacious645 Hace 6 meses
He lied for almost an hour then.
roger peet
roger peet Hace 6 meses
I will go to a hypnotist and have these days removed.
James Bates
James Bates Hace 6 meses
Hey did you liberals see Billy Clinton in a blue dress? Demokratz are so silly..
northerniltree Hace 6 meses
Yeah? Well, everyone at my wife's tea parties can talk 61 minutes in an hour.
C JL Hace 6 meses
O - H!!
Ryan Ehlis
Ryan Ehlis Hace 6 meses
Stephanie Logan
Stephanie Logan Hace 6 meses
*_LMMFAO_* unrealistic body standards for Hutts! They might be getting harassed by the rest of the universe, though..considering the best known Hutt standard is currently the resident in the WH.
Vanessa Awada
Vanessa Awada Hace 6 meses
The joke about the pillsbury baby is UNDERRATED
Jaunty Hat Society
Jaunty Hat Society Hace 6 meses
I laughed so hard at that :-)
Ro G
Ro G Hace 6 meses
56 minutes, eh?🤔 That's one minute for every time t'rump fantasized about banging his own daughter. That week. 😄😆😅😂
Teah Miller
Teah Miller Hace 6 meses
matter Hace 6 meses
. Any of these comments could be fake. I want assurances that I'm getting real people's opinions. X Companies or governments could cheaply influence public opinion through fake comments. Google needs a fix fast.
ErykaSoleil Hace 6 meses
Is Pitt actually wearing a fedora in that shot? I thought it looked like a Panama. 🤔 Maybe a trilby? (Edited to add the trilby.)
Mike Grant
Mike Grant Hace 6 meses
But not a bowler or a Tam 'O Shanter.... certainly not a yamulke or a fez. Too small for a ten gallon cowboy hat.... I have no idea what it could be.... only people in show biz wear hat stuff.
C. A. C.
C. A. C. Hace 6 meses
SO FUNNY !!! LISTEN (CLICK LINK BELOW) " (Short but to the point) "I AM A CRAZY DEMOCRAT SONG"" esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-ghUOmttv75o.html
adam forbes
adam forbes Hace 6 meses
Hi, I'd like to waste 56 minutes of my time with stupidity and total cluelessness. ..say no more, I got you.
Hermann Fegelein
Hermann Fegelein Hace 6 meses
The Hutts joke is wrong. Hutts see being fat as a good thing as it is a symbol of your powerful. You can spend all day on your ass while your goons do everything else.
ValirAmaril Hace 6 meses
Still too much
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