Private Investigator Vs. Psychic: Can You Tell Who Has Seen A Dead Body?

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Who actually saw a corpse and who's lying?
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Comentarios 80
S baby
S baby Hace un día
devon is such a awful liar i can’t stand to listen to her 🥴🥴
Leah Johnson
Leah Johnson Hace un día
So it was her dads brother, so why was her dad talking to his sister? Was his sister married to his brother I’m confused
Mylla Assato
Mylla Assato Hace 6 días
I remembered Dan from his buzzfeed videos in a heartbeat. Ahhh, dan...
Wyatt Patterson
Wyatt Patterson Hace 7 días
I would’ve been perfect for this
Pyranyde Hace 9 días
The psychic lady looks like that nice teacher that always cares about her students.
Maro 1_24
Maro 1_24 Hace 11 días
Theres no such thing as a psychic
Viviane Laís
Viviane Laís Hace 11 días
17:15 only one didnt laughed... hm
Fact God
Fact God Hace 12 días
kimaya sharma
kimaya sharma Hace 13 días
D'vaughn to the detective: "It was in Winter" D'vaughn to the physic: "It was um like spring break?"😁😄
Zero Black
Zero Black Hace 16 días
Girlfriends are better than any psychic or private investigator. They knows when you lie or cheating without solid evidence. Only intuition.
Nyy B
Nyy B Hace 16 días
y'all over here saying who you think it is and i'm over here trying to figure out where they get these people from? 🤔
Shubham G
Shubham G Hace 17 días
Ugh... Imagine being asked 3 times about it. I wouldn't want to be the person telling.
Cheska Uy
Cheska Uy Hace 17 días
Psychic spoke so creepily
Van Johnson
Van Johnson Hace 19 días
Did anyone catch that the sicic said does your girlfriend usually go with you before the guy said anything about it
Clementino Gilbert Tj
Clementino Gilbert Tj Hace 19 días
Psychic? Really? -.-
Duck Duck Goose
Duck Duck Goose Hace 20 días
I really thought it was Nate
Uesugi Kenshin
Uesugi Kenshin Hace 20 días
why did she tell them to uncross their hands? ●︿●
King Henry VIII
King Henry VIII Hace 22 días
Psychic was the only one that was wrong lmao
Sarah Hace 25 días
the key is just having them summarize the events and try to keep the narrative running smoothly to catch if they’re trying to remember the story they’ve made. pauses for awkwardness and word slip is a little different than someone actively trying to piece something together
Life of Lindi
Life of Lindi Hace 29 días
I felt like Dan was one of the liars cause it doesn’t make sense that multiple cops would start shooting at one person whilst there were many people putting their head out directing the cops.
Senna Taylor
Senna Taylor Hace un mes
Sorry not sorry, but I have a really low opinion of so-called "psychics."
tag banua
tag banua Hace un mes
Imagine the time spent of those guys standing..🥺
Emmanuel Restrepo
Emmanuel Restrepo Hace un mes
Scary how they can lie
Average Alien
Average Alien Hace un mes
So basically a scam artist vs an actual professional?
slinky minjaj
slinky minjaj Hace un mes
I thought it was Dan because initially he said, "I haven't told this story to many people..." and I thought that was an extremely personal sort of disclaimer and a bit too clever for a liar. And then he said that, "They don't cover the body like you'd think they would," and I don't think someone trying to weave a believable story would not give such a casual/opinionated statement
Seff McBizzle
Seff McBizzle Hace un mes
Are we not going to talk about how they put a toy car with lights in the intro?
K.E.H Hace un mes
i found i 13 year old gril hung in a room at a detention centre when i was 14
Improv Hace un mes
how did the psychic knew Dan had a gf?
Jazz Hace un mes
Me: it's Nate. PI: Dan Me: NATE Pyscic: Nate Me: Ya Nate Normal dude: Dan Me: IT'S NATE Answer: Dan Me: I STILL SAY IT'S NATE
SuperJerry14 Hace un mes
This proves psychics are fake
Satrick Ptar
Satrick Ptar Hace un mes
I'll probably say that I live in Jacksonville, California. They'll choose me for sure.
Emma Flory
Emma Flory Hace un mes
Ok but the physic should have just like read their palms and what not since she’s a physic and not asked questions like the other two
RunnMyIso Hace un mes
its funny how im reading the comments and everyone is saying how nate did really good. i beilieve that he did horribly because he kept looking away and i caught that immediately. like if u agree
Candied Lemons
Candied Lemons Hace un mes
I just fuckin spoiled it for myself😀 i shouldn’t have read the comments.
hitormisshuh Hace un mes
My guesses were dan and nate. They were both very detailed and their emotions in their actions and faces showed.
Paula Oh
Paula Oh Hace un mes
she's not a psychic. real psychics would pick up the energy without even talking to them and would instantly know
goth girl clique
goth girl clique Hace un mes
ok but when the guy said griffith park my mind went straight to sam and colby lol.
Nobal Zealot01
Nobal Zealot01 Hace un mes
Ha the phycic didn't get it right Beaten by a normie
I thought there were two people telling the truth and only one lying. I saw this thing completely wrong wtf.
Sub to me If you want idc
What got me the answer is that she doesn't seem sad like at all
Norys Norys
Norys Norys Hace un mes
Thumbnail: PI vs. Psychic Me: I don’t know what 3.14 has to do with Psychics, but alright • • And then I realized I’m an idiot
Chue Yang
Chue Yang Hace un mes
Magistrate does not work bi...
karissa gage
karissa gage Hace un mes
I think they meant two regular people and a pi
bean_soups Hace un mes
It's almost as if the psychic was using content clues and copying what the deactivate was saying
Karalyna Brooks
Karalyna Brooks Hace un mes
I noticed that the lady who said it was her uncle said to the PI that it was in the winter and to the physic that it was spring break
Kenny G Rafael
Kenny G Rafael Hace 2 meses
science vs pseudoscience
Kai Eld
Kai Eld Hace 2 meses
Nate was is crazy good at storytelling
Ana Zumarraga
Ana Zumarraga Hace 2 meses
Did nobody knew it was dan bc of the “warning” at the beginning? Like, that disclaimer was the one that made the “spoiler”
Gengar Hace 2 meses
Dan is a teacher he was in another video
Malin M
Malin M Hace 2 meses
I thought it was Nate. He used flexible language, described the event fluently and in different ways everytime , whereas I noticed that the others would use the same exact words throughout the interviews, as if they rehearsed it. The woman, (D'Vaughn, Devon?) wasn't really believable. The only slip up I noticed with Nate was, that he didn't know, how old je was at the time, but he knew it was in January. He could have easily said or calculated, whether he was 23 or 24 when he found the body
J&N Hace 2 meses
Devon said that it was winter when she saw her uncle but when later the said it was during spring break which doesn’t make sense.
Hannah Wayman
Hannah Wayman Hace 2 meses
The woman kept laughing, that was a huge giveaway
Sophie27987 Hace 2 meses
Zak Galifianakas did really well in this role.
Cassandra Evergreen
Cassandra Evergreen Hace 2 meses
Nate said he was on the way to a film set- made me think he's an actor and I was suspicious of him after that.
HëKtik Hace 2 meses
An investigator, a regular guy, and a scammer who manipulates and preys on people doing a competition together? Nice!
Jayswini Chowdhury
Jayswini Chowdhury Hace 2 meses
Mia and Nate's conversation... was so soft
Soy un PATO
Soy un PATO Hace 2 meses
Normal person more powerful than a psychic.
TizzyRose Hace 2 meses
This is a cool video but I feel bad for the person who saw the body
DoryCuteDog1 Hace 2 meses
The girl said it was in winter, but after she said it was in spring break!🧐
Conquer Neptune
Conquer Neptune Hace 2 meses
Physics are evil! Christ will not be proud of you! Repent and stray away from those demons you bring in your life.
J R Hace 2 meses
Who remembers eating pancakes at 7
The Fite Show (Toontown)
the vibe and body language of the people being questioned is completely different between the PI and the psychic's questioning
Denise Szewczuk
Denise Szewczuk Hace 2 meses
The girl said it was winter then it was during spring break and THEN she said she was 10-11 years old and then she said she was 7
Miss Zara
Miss Zara Hace 2 meses
I think it’s clever how the psychic asked the guy about songs on the radio because our brain makes associations with things around us and significant events
Cyber Hace 2 meses
If its Nate he's had a heck of a life
Solana Avila
Solana Avila Hace 2 meses
I know some of yall think psychis are fake which is fine but also yall don't seem to know how they work, is not a movie, no psychic will know your name before meeting you or read the story off your mind. that's hollywood take on psychics
Max Noyes
Max Noyes Hace 2 meses
con artist vs professional... seems like its pretty close to me edit: forgot the other dude
Dawn Feldberg
Dawn Feldberg Hace 2 meses
I got this weird feeling that that it was dan
Dominic Woryn
Dominic Woryn Hace 2 meses
The phycic reminds me of a female version of Snape from Harry Potter
Fallout Attic
Fallout Attic Hace 2 meses
My uncle died last Friday in his sleep, we still don't know the cause.
Jason Lam
Jason Lam Hace 2 meses
Sorry that happened. It's a normal part of life and death happens to everyone, but it's still pretty intense when a loved one passes. Hope you're well, take care of yourself. Be healthy and live your best life, I'm sure that's what your uncle would want you to do! Sending love to you.
Staka Duggan
Staka Duggan Hace 2 meses
as soon as he said florida I deducted it was him
Deemah Al-Harbi
Deemah Al-Harbi Hace 2 meses
devaune to the investigator: it was raining, probably winter devaune to the psychic: probably spring break
Bryan Walters
Bryan Walters Hace 2 meses
Can we do this with Carol Baskin PLS
Another Day In Space
Haha the psychic is the only one wrong!!!!
CryoTemp VR
CryoTemp VR Hace 2 meses
The girl was just figuring out random details without people telling her
Mipplii Hace 2 meses
There were only two people laughing the whole time- I think I'm right and I haven't finished the video. I think the guy that said stuff about "a robber getting shot by cops" isn't lying. Edit: I was correct. I'm no PI or something but I just thought that stuff that happened to him was more realistic than the others I guess
scrumble Hace 2 meses
7:43 LMAO are you sure about that?
Josalyn Blade
Josalyn Blade Hace 2 meses
did anyone else notice the wink?
Helross Hemlock
Helross Hemlock Hace 2 meses
It was Dan because a person telling the truth generally has a more open and expressive body language, (look at his hands) and he was the only person who had the least changes in his narrative.
Kamajiro Tempest
Kamajiro Tempest Hace 2 meses
Idk but the private investigator reminds me of Captain america
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