Private Investigator Vs. Psychic: Can You Tell Who Has Seen A Dead Body?

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Who actually saw a corpse and who's lying?
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Police Patrol Car at Scene of Emergency (Optical Lens Defocus)
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Hanging Swaying lamp on dark room. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in slow motion.
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16 nov 2019






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Keezy K
Keezy K Hace 9 horas
Ok I’m at 17:02 and if i guess this right i believe I’m a psychic lol i think it’s Dan
Emma Brass
Emma Brass Hace 15 horas
"Hi, my name is Mia and I'm a professional bullshitter"
Alexis Maestas
Alexis Maestas Hace 16 horas
Damn. I thought it was Nate.
John Vest
John Vest Hace 22 horas
Hello I'm a professional at make believe and I'll be testing my skills against a private investigator
Aaron Lord
Aaron Lord Hace un día
“It mostly smelled like WaTeR” 💦 😂 13:31
Brenden Perry
Brenden Perry Hace un día
This Dan guy is a liberal... it was heartbreaking... IT WAS A DAMN ARMED ROBBERY
Mackenzie Anderson
Mackenzie Anderson Hace un día
mia kind of sounds like Laura Prepon
ImBlushin Hace un día
The woman said “my dads sister” but then told the other guy, “my moms brother”
Ja Ma My
Ja Ma My Hace un día
Nate doesn't enjoy lying. The amount of blinking, redness in the cheeks; chair dragging and hand moving let's you know he's not ok being there lying like that. But I must say he got me intrigued. I was like: either he was traumatised by that experience or it is a really bad liar 😂
Molly King
Molly King Hace 2 días
Based on their stories I would have guessed Nate but seeing the way dan was responding, fidgeting and stuff in the back while the others were talking makes me think it’s probably him. He just looks so uncomfortable
Chaos & Mayhem
Chaos & Mayhem Hace 2 días
I knew it was Dan. Just by the fact that the viewer discretion warning stated this video would describe an actual shooting and Dan was the only participant that described a shooting.
Eden Bayli Latour
Eden Bayli Latour Hace 2 días
If you study body language you can tell almost immediately who’s lying.
krysa boyce
krysa boyce Hace 2 días
That woman couldn’t keep her story straight my goodness
Kassie May
Kassie May Hace 2 días
I really do believe in psychics because I've had unexplainable things happen to me due to strong intuition. But so many "psychics" are liars and only in it for the money. "Psychics" like these are what make society think psychics can't be trusted.
Sebastian Moore
Sebastian Moore Hace 2 días
Hypothermia in LA? It's so obvious Nate was lying lmao.
Alex Gregg
Alex Gregg Hace 2 días
Feel like he was trying to throw them off by smiling while telling his story.
Vincent Varela
Vincent Varela Hace 2 días
Looks like he’s Shane Dawson
Jacob Franco
Jacob Franco Hace 2 días
The mystery of john lang the scariest unsolved true story!!!
Mars Marrison
Mars Marrison Hace 2 días
It’s interesting to see their lies develop and then become more comfortable in the extra details asked of them when telling the next person.
a xo
a xo Hace 2 días
So correct me if I'm wrong but the girl.. her uncle was her Dad's brother and the aunt was her Dad's sister but they weren't related?
SGRKing Hace 2 días
One’s the suspect, one’s the murderer, and one has a murderous relative.
Araya Light
Araya Light Hace 2 días
Give me a shot!
spacebound universe
spacebound universe Hace 2 días
Its so funny to see "psychics" fail almost 100% of the time. Lmao they alway have an excuse too like the didnt see it coming lol sounds like a normal mind to me.
Jessie Lawson
Jessie Lawson Hace 3 días
In other words, psychics are poo poo
Amir Abed
Amir Abed Hace 3 días
The black chick told the PI it was winter and told the other one that it was spring break 🤷‍♀️
U Wot M8?
U Wot M8? Hace 3 días
The psychic goes for the one that was clearly lying, what a surpirse...
marcos Hace 3 días
The girl was givin too many details, like you remember having pancakes and it was cloudy? Also the laughing cmon Id improvise a better lie. Long haired guy was pretty good.
Elena S.
Elena S. Hace 3 días
The warning at the beginning have it away
GatchaX Springs
GatchaX Springs Hace 3 días
The Private investigator gives me Jim hopper vibes 😅
Scott Free
Scott Free Hace 3 días
Dan had to many intricate details , police protocols and even hints of mental scaring (things you'd remember in a nightmare like "rain filling the agape deceased mouth etc". It was a no brainer.
katelynn quartson
katelynn quartson Hace 3 días
Was I the only one trying to play along with them? Yea? Cool that’s fine.
R B Hace 3 días
The shooting warning at the beginning gave it away
MondoSquad Hace 3 días
I guessed right. Around 19:57 is a good example showing how he was effected by this event. Also when he said "They don't cover the body like you'd imagine them to." I was thinking wow if he's lying, that would be a clever and bold thing to say. So sure of himself, he would have to be an amazing actor. The psychic though.. Not surprising, is still pretending like she can read minds. If you were actually psychic, you may not even need to ask any questions, maybe 1 each. 88 though?
Damon Chaumont
Damon Chaumont Hace 3 días
Should have been called "Private Investigator Vs. Regular Person Vs. Regular Person" That said, I still expected the psychic to get it right. Whether she's a conman or just an intuitive person who's a bit theatrical, I figured she'd be able to feel out who was telling the truth. I really expected everyone to get it right; the girl and long-haired guy kept quoting bullet points while tan blazer kept describing a hodgepodge of feelings and senses like someone recalling a memory does. I think the psychic wanted to believe tan blazer like the other two guessers, but threw herself off when she asked him if he remembered the topics on NPR he was listening to and he couldn't name any.
mina Hace 3 días
00:14 omg she sounds like Alex from orange is the new black
Cakes By The Lake Wheatley
Never watched something more boring in my life
Torii Gonzalez
Torii Gonzalez Hace 4 días
I thought it was long haired guy
Chris Hace 4 días
The psychic's voice sounds like James Charles
Sam Cain
Sam Cain Hace 4 días
Why do people still humor “psychics”
Kristeena M
Kristeena M Hace 4 días
As someone who has been through an experience of my own in this nature. Dan was an easy choice for me, you vant fake how it feels tbh.
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